Chapter 24 – Seasons of the Moon

The dark skies were in play across the Sky Castle where the ThunderDragon was sleeping. His eyes were closed and the huge dragon was moving in his sleep. The lord of the weather was a dream, quite a strange one too. The dream started with flashes of images of dark and shaded shadows. He heard voices, like a casting of a spell. A chill came upon the dragon and a chilling laugh followed.

The dragon started to wake up, hearing the words ‘to dream the impossible dream’. A lightning bolt struck near the castle and the dragon woke up with a fright in the dark. Now was he worried if his dream was a dream or not.

The ThunderDragon ordered everyone to come to the castle at once. Out of the human troopers, only Alfred was there. The dragon seemed to have been spooked by last night and was worried that he was cast upon that night.

“That Gladus attacked me last night. I am very ill for some reason. I think a spell was cast on me,” mourned the dragon.

“How do you feel?” said Alfred checking out the dragon’s heath. “It was in a dream I saw shadows, I know this Gladus walks in shadows,” admitted the dragon.

“I have heard these rumours before,” Alfred consoled him.

The ThunderDragon turned to Alfred, surprised.

“You know this vile animal. I had battled him over a crystal once before. It was a draw and the crystal was a loss to both of us,” the ThunderDragon explained to Alfred and the elements.

“To be honest ThunderDragon, myself and Celia have known this man before the problems of Morcar and Draken started,” admitted Alfred.

“He is a threat now and you did not tell us!” cried the ThunderDragon to Alfred.

“He wasn’t danger at all. He was there to sniff around for a fallen kingdom. He wasn’t going to do anything until Morcar was out of the way then he started to do his own business of evil,” Alfred explained to the ThunderDragon.

The lord of the weather quietened down and thought about it. He nodded and thought it was right.

“I understand what you did and what you thought. But now he is a concern and there are three evils to take care of. One has gone down and two are to go. This proves to be a very hard task to complete,” said the dragon.

The ThunderDragon fell down suddenly and the element woke up and saw the situation.

“What is wrong, dear leader?” asked a worried Wind. “I feel like I’m dying,” answered the dragon.

“This could be bad. There should a cure to this spell.. But I think Gladus may know the way to cure you,” said Alfred.

“Where is he?” asked the dragon walking up to the flying platoon. “He is at where Draken and Morcar use to base themselves,” said Alfred.

The ThunderDragon started to fly off as Alfred turned to the elements.

“I think you better follow him. Make sure he doesn’t lose it with Gladus,” he suggested as the elements called their dragonflies to company them.

Gladus was speaking to Draken about their new plan against the ThunderDragon. Gladus was trying to convince Draken that the plan was sound.

“For Pete’s sake Draken, the plan will work. No one has lived to tell the tale of the curse,” Gladus cried.

Draken was unsure because of the lost battle he was involved in with Morcar at the Seasons Island. He looked worriedly at Gladus and stared towards the sky.

“I lost with Morcar, you may lose too,” Draken warned him.

“I intend not to lose, because I never lose. That’s the difference between Morcar and me. You must trust me and understand my ways. Morcar failed because he is stupid idiot. He believed he could take on the whole group. He was wrong and you saw what happened to him in the end,” Gladus.

“I know,” answered the dragon.

“I’ll be watching over you Draken. Don’t get yourself into a mess like at the Season Island. You were pinned down by the dragonflies and that was the key reason Morcar was frozen. They kept you busy while they got their claws on Morcar,” Gladus explained to Draken.

“I won’t make a mistake like that again. I can’t afford it,” Draken answered.

“I know, because it will be your head they’ll be after next,” Gladus smiled at him.

Draken suddenly turned uneasily and thought about it.

Gladus then saw the image of ThunderDragon with the morning sun as he smiled.

“It seems I have a visitor,” he pointed out to Draken in the air.

The huge brave dragon landed on his feet as he gave a mad look at Gladus. Gladus‘s reaction was plain and watchful of the ThunderDragon.

“What seems to be the problem today?” asked Gladus. “You…You cast a spell on me. Why?” asked the ThunderDragon. “I didn’t. Maybe it was a ghost who did it” smirked Gladus.

“Don’t lie to me. You did it!” yelled the dragon as he blasted a fireball near the wizard.

“It could have been a ghost or it maybe, it was a dream,” smiled Gladus towards the leader of the weather.

Gladus and ThunderDragon’s eyes were fixed on each other. The ThunderDragon knew Gladus knew he cast the spell. It was a dream spell.

“You did it, Gladus, admit it at once. You cast the spell,” the ThunderDragon told Gladus.

“So I did then. I indeed cast the spell. I rolled the dice and took the chance!” snapped Gladus.

The dragonflies landed to watch the talk as Water and Ice got off their backs to get a better view.

“You will die Gladus,” warned the ThunderDragon.

Gladus turned to Draken as the dark dragon received a perceived smile upon the strange wizard’s face. He turned to the ThunderDragon.

He began to laugh and pointed at the sky, smiling at the ThunderDragon. “Not before you will,” said he.

The ThunderDragon gave a worried look and said. “What do you mean? Tell me what you know.”

“The spell will kill you at midnight. This was a spell by a wizard who worked for the devil personally. If you can complete the impossible dream then you live,” said Gladus.

“What is it,” called out the dragon.

“To make the sun shine at night!” yelled Gladus.

The sound of those words started to make the ThunderDragon spin inside his head. Gladus moved forward to confront the dragon.

“That’s right ThunderDragon! You make believe you’re so good and powerful. Prove to your element workers that you can make the sun shine at night” cried Gladus.

The ThunderDragon gave a god of defeat at Gladus then at the elements. “What do I see? The famous, unstoppable ThunderDragon is lost

for words now. You know why, elements? He can’t do it! Even the stubborn born ThunderDragon knows he can’t pull such a daring objective like that. All you can do is lie down and die,” threatened Gladus.

The ThunderDragon for the first time in his life was at a loss to do anything. He felt that he had lost. He turned around to face the elements, and moving off the ground as he flew away.

“There you have it, people of the world. The ThunderDragon is gone forever!” he cried madly.

“Let hate and despair rule the world. This is the impossible dream for the ThunderDragon and yet this is the dream come true for me and Draken.”

The elements followed the ThunderDragon and knew this was bad. Gladus watched them all leave as he had another idea.

“Let’s see if I can put the nail in the coffin for everyone,” he glared with excitement towards Draken who appeared spooked by the dream spell.

The ThunderDragon was sitting in his throne chair in shock as Ice and Water were aiding him. Earth saw that Alfred was alone. He walked over to talk.

“Where are Alexander and Celia,” Earth asked him.

“I wish I knew. Last I heard was Alex was looking for Celia somewhere in this world” answered Alfred sadly.

“They should be ok,” answered Earth hopefully. “I guess so,” said Alfred.

“ThunderDragon, maybe there is another way to break the spell,” said Water.

“You are wrong. I was wrong. I’m not the best. I can’t do everything. Specially this one, the day that I die is tonight,” said the dragon sadly.

“We have always known you were not perfect, ThunderDragon. We just never told you. Just in case you yell at us or blast fire at me,” said Ice.

“We believe in you, ThunderDragon. You are like a father to us. This Gladus guy isn’t that tough. He uses Draken to do his dirty work, like Morcar did,” said Fire.

“Out of all the silly things you say Fire. That was quite nice,” noted Ice.

“Why thank you,” said Fire giving a smile.

Ice was talking to Alfred about the problem and the signs from Alfred Ice was receiving were not good.

“The ThunderDragon is quite upset about it. Gladus has made this hard for him. He is making the dragon believe he can’t do it. He’s pitting the ThunderDragon’s mind against himself,” Alfred explained to Ice.

“Is it his mind who is playing the bad side,” Ice said confused.

“To me, Gladus has this way of bending the truth and making you think about things. His words are poison you can say,” Alfred said trying to help Ice.

“Do you really think I can do it?” asked the ThunderDragon.

“Yes you can. You are the lord of the weather. If you can change seasons, then you can change night times into daytime,” said Thunder. ThunderDragon closed his eyes then moved his head to Alfred for help. He opened his eyes as he spoke to him at once.

“What do you think, Alfred?” asked the ThunderDragon.

Alfred saw the elements then the ThunderDragon. His brain told him it was impossible but for that rare moment he went with his heart.

“You can the touch the sky, ThunderDragon with anything you want to do,” he smiled back with the answer.

“I can do it,” confessed the ThunderDragon.

He never smiled that much, only because he thought he had no family, until this day. He walked up to the flight platform as he flew off.

“I may need your help, elements” called out the dragon as the elements jumped right to it.

“We will help to our last breath,” said Wind. “I guess you want me as well?” asked Alfred.

The ThunderDragon smiled towards Alfred and nodded.

“Your help is always wanted here, Alfred the Old,” advised the leader of the weather.

Draken was in the middle of an important talk by Gladus on how not to corrupt plans that he made.

“You do not leave here without my orders. You must understand this, Draken. The elements are after you now,” Gladus instructed.

“I know. What about this dream spell? What can they do about it?” Draken asked Gladus.

“Knowing them, they will be stupid enough to try to make the sun shine at night. It is an impossible feat to do Draken,” Gladus said.

Draken sat down and gave a large yawn. He looked at Gladus and he watched him getting prepared for something.

“I thought we didn’t need to do anything else today Gladus. I thought we did pretty well?” yawned Draken.

“No, there’s a one thing left I need to do. You can rest here for tonight’s show. We might be in some good fortune tonight!” Gladus smiled.

“What do we need to do? What’s so special about tonight?” asked Draken.

Gladus’s eyes turned back and he smiled at him. Already thinking of success in his mind.

“The end of the ThunderDragon is tonight. It is the feat for all evil to be there. For us to rule the weather and to own the lands and seas of this earth. Finally we can do that and not make the mistakes that Morcar did,” Gladus said.

“And what are you doing now Gladus? Who are you to see today?” Draken asked him.

“To see how the young couple are going. It will be interesting to observe,” Gladus smiled.

The wizard faced the outside world and pulled his hood over his head and wandered off into a shadow.

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