Chapter 25 – Seasons of the Moon

Gladus was at the forest near where the inn was, where Richardson and his wife were. He looked at the flowers and the plants of the forest. He sat down as he saw a figure walking towards the forest. He got up again to get a better view of the person.

“What is it that I see? The dear old Celia?” he asked himself.

He hid behind a tree as she moved to where he sat. Celia always had the way to shine, even when Alex first met her. He saw something special. He was watchful, eyeing the girl and was thinking.

Celia stopped in her tracks and felt something come over her. The forest trees started to go into daze. The forest started to gel together. She turned and spun around in a panic. Then she saw the shadow, the fearful shadow of the earth. She held on to her heart as it started to beat rapidly.

The shadow revealed itself to be Gladus and the pain disappeared, for the time being.

“Hello, Celia. The sun is nice and bright today isn’t it,” smiled Gladus appearing from the tree.

“What do you want?” asked Celia wearily.

“Nothing, I’m here to have a bit of a chat if you don’t mind. I just want to have discussion with you. There’s nothing bad about that is there?” said Gladus.

“Depends on what you wish to talk about,” Celia answered him.

The forest trees came together and were buried to Celia’s eyes. She tried hard to keep her attention on Gladus but found it hard.

“So I see that you like that Alex. He is brave and good looking. But there’s more to a man than good looks and bravery” warned Gladus. Celia gave a smile about as Gladus put out his hand and touched her chin and smiled. His eyes dissolved into themselves revealing many colors to the girl’s surprise.

“I’ve seen that face many times. A night of passion you have had with your brave knight,” said Gladus.

Celia smiled again as Gladus started his famous debate. Problem with Gladus was he was a brilliant debater. He found it easy to change even the most stubborn of minds.

“I bet you it was good,” smiled Gladus giving a grin.

Gladus started to flicker into shadow and human form. Celia watched on with eager wondering about what was going to happen. She was worried.

“But does the young knight love you. That is the question we have today. And what answers do we have to offer?” said Gladus. The forest went quiet to hear the wizard’s words. “But I feel that a no is ringing in the forest.”

By now he was using magic as Celia heard the forest winds saying ‘ no, no, no’.

Celia faced Gladus suddenly as he continued. He closed his eyes and spoke to Celia through his mind.

“Well, has he said he loves you?”

The wind suddenly picked up stronger and stronger with each word Gladus spoke

“Well” said Celia.

“Answer me!” snapped Gladus. “No” answered Celia in defeat.

“I knew it. He doesn’t love you” said Gladus. “He does!” cried Celia.

“Does he now?” said Gladus with a soggy face.

“If he did. He would have told you by now. Wouldn’t he?” “He does I know it,” said Celia consciously.

“He could have used you. Did you ever think of that?” suggested Gladus.

“He would never.”

“Maybe Richardson was right. He was using your feelings badly” criticized Gladus.

“But why? He couldn’t do it to me.” “But he did. He did it,” said Gladus.

Celia started to feel sick in the stomach when she saw Gladus in the shadow light. His black hair was blowing in the wind and his hood as well. His staff stood next to him firing green. His eyes, indescribable.

“Look at you Celia. Could you honesty think someone could love you for your personality, for who you are? You’re a beautiful blonde headed girl. You have blue eyes like the ocean. Your figure, like a hourglass. You’re a perfect catch to any knight. That’s why when you ask the knights on a date they jump at it. They don’t see you as a person to love. They see you as a thing to seduce,” said Gladus.

Celia was in shock and close to tears. Maybe what he said was true. Was Alex just using her?

“Think about it, Celia. I’m right. The forest tells me that night is falling and that is the time to leave. I’ll see you around,” he smiled as he walked away through the forest.

The dark wizard seen left the forest and had returned to the inn where he was in earlier that afternoon in the forest. Gladus found another figure to watch over. He smiled as he saw who it was. It was Richardson his latest prey.

Richardson had been thinking about his new life not as a king. He was at a loss what he would be now. He was a disgraced king who sent his own kingdom to the butchers. He had tried to make amends with his wife but she was too upset about the passing days to talk to him. He knew his world had fallen and he was trying to make things right.

He was opened for talks. His mind was set, ready to be attacked from all corners. His emotions were at their lowest. One figure had that in mind, Gladus’s shadow strolled through the inn and passed the knight on his way to the fallen king.

The old man turned and was shaken to see the shadow in all its horror. Slowly it revealed to be Gladus the Soul Breaker.

“What a nice night it is. Isn’t it?” asked Gladus of Richardson. “Why are you here? You destroyer,” yelled Richardson.

Then Gladus smacked Richardson in the face as he looked at Gladus for real.

“I’m trying to help you!” snapped Gladus as Richardson went quiet. “Now may I begin?” asked Gladus.

Richardson nodded as the speaker started. The inn and the knight suddenly turned to shadows of horror too and Richardson grew in fear and stayed forced on Gladus.

“I wonder where Celia is now? Hmmm. Alex is missing too. Makes you wonder. It does for me,” said Gladus.

“Yes,” thought Richardson.

Richardson’s mind started to unfold onto Gladus’s dinner plate. Gladus was eating his mind alive, filling it with horror images and thoughts beyond what the word could spare.

“A little bird told me that Alex maybe using her for passion. She knows the truth now since I told her. Now she is running away from.

Alex. He is after his night of passion. His dessert What a great knight he is, is he?” continued Gladus as Richardson nodded.

“Do you think she has…you know,” asked Richardson.

Richardson felt the wind pick up around him and he was feeling he was about to fly. He was falling for the magic, the power and the evil.

“I don’t think it. I know it. She is a young and beautiful girl. She haves her wants and desires. Her desires are with men only. Ever think what she does when you’re not watching. She is such a good thing…” said Gladus.

Gladus knew he was getting to him. Richardson stroked his hand through his hair thinking of everything. He looked at his hand and jumped back in fright. They were turning into a shadow of Gladus.

“Celia has always been the flirt of the castle. Inviting the knights around the castle for a night of entertainment. Either ending in a kiss or what more Celia would want, is a night of seduction,” said Gladus.

Richardson tried not to listen but couldn’t. He was drawn to Gladus’s power, he was a slave to his words.

“I wonder what Alex and Celia would be doing if they met up again. Knowing Celia, she should fall for Alex’s waffle words. Then who knows what would happen with a knight who to ‘as they say, always wants to get it on’. And a young girl who always welcome a good man in her bed” lied Gladus.

He was really lying through his teeth but he was winning. He held Richardson still as he was walking around worried to bits. He whispered more as he spoke into his ear.

“A night of passion I see. Oh Alex touch me…Feel me Celia, the knight would say…”

Richardson began to spin, trying to forget the words of Gladus. Suddenly he started to see images of Alexander and Celia. The icy shadow of Gladus leaned against and pointed to the couple.

“Look what they’re doing Richardson. Look what he’s doing to your little flower? He’s deflowered her. She’s not a little girl anymore. You must revenge this for her. She couldn’t do anything about it. He’s a criminal,” urged Gladus.

Richardson’s face went white when Gladus spoke ‘criminal’ a green gas of poison came out of his mouth. His words of poison.

“Enough!” cried Richardson as he sat down on a log by the inn. Gladus knew he won by flying colours.

“What can I do about it? How can I stop this monster of a man ruining my daughter?” asked the former king.

“You can join me to stop Alexander from beating me. Help me to rule the world Richardson, just like any king’s dream. You can put Richardson legend back into the history. Image you are the king who not only rules his kingdom but the weather as well,” smiled Gladus.

Richardson looked at him blankly and replied, “Yes” like a slave. He turned around suddenly and tried to snap out of Gladus charming words.

“I can’t. You’re mad and you are evil. I can’t do this” said Richardson as he stood up and started to walk away.

“Richardson, remember this. If I lose to Alex and the elements, he will have her forever, all to himself for the keeping and you can’t let that happen can you? That thieving young knight gets away with your daughter, ruling the weather with the elements and destroying your own kingdom!” snapped Gladus.

Richardson paused walking as he leaned on the inn with his hand in shock. He fell onto a seat near the inn and gave in, he was too weak for Gladus. He didn’t even know what he was doing the whole time. He looked at Gladus and bit his lip in sorrow.

“What do you want me to do?” he asked in defeat.

He patted him on the shoulder and the wizard smiled to himself in wonder.

“The beginning of the end for Alexander the knight is about to begin. I know this, from the dangers they will face from me. They will never escape from me and you,” Gladus said.

“What about Celia? What will happen to her?” asked Richardson. “She will be looked after. She will be safe from the evil Alexander and that crazy Alfred the Old. We will make sure of that,” Gladus promised.

The wizard walked away from the king and watched him.

“This is going to be a feast of success tonight!” cried the wizard laughing.

The dark skies started to creep upon the world and Richardson watched on in despair.

”What will happen to our world I wonder?” the king thought to himself.

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