Chapter 26 – Seasons of the Moon

Celia walked towards Alex at the inn when the knight said hello to her that morning.

“Hi” he smiled, but he passed with a mad look.

The Queen walked outside the inn as Alex spoke to her. He was worried about what went wrong.

“What’s wrong with her? Did something happen to her?” asked Alex.

“I don’t know. I don’t think it’s you. We have been through a very rough time since the castle was destroyed by the wizard who walks in shadows,” she answered.

Alex was worried about what he had done so he decided to go to Ice for help.

It was near the forest where Alex met up with Ice again. Ice was with Artice again and Alex came to him after alighting from his horse.

“Hello there, Alex. Is there a problem I can see in your eyes?” smiled Ice. “So why are you here? Should you be with Celia?”

“That’s the problem Ice” said Alex. “Is it now?” Ice asked thoughtfully.

“Yes. She doesn’t want to talk to me,” he said. “Why. Why do you think that is so?” asked Ice.

“I don’t know. Last night we, you know, maybe she was upset about that. Maybe she didn’t want to do it,” thought Alex.

Ice walked around Alexander thinking to himself.

“I see I see. I don’t think it’s that. It could be something very simple or something you left out in your words,” thought the Ice element.

“Was it something you did, to make her turn away?” he asked the knight.

“I didn’t do anything wrong by her. I have supported her all the way. I didn’t do anything to her that she didn’t want to do. I didn’t say a thing,” said Alex.

“You answered your own question. I thought it would be simple and it was,” said Ice.

“What do you mean? I didn’t say anything?” asked Alex.

“Have you ever said that you loved her?” asked Ice. “No…” answered Alex worried.

“She can’t see through what you don’t say, Alexander. You must tell her. Don’t keep her heart waiting any longer. It maybe just simple words for some but the sound of hearing it from their beloved one is truly satisfying,” advised Ice.

Alex turned around to face the destroyed Richardson Castle in the distance. He turned back to Ice and smiled.

“Thank you, Ice. I shall do that,” cried Alex as he leaped back on his horse and rushed off into the grasses plains around to the inns.

“Love, after living eternally, it can still teach you things,” smiled Ice.

Alexander the knight arrived at the inns and left his horse outside and rushed into the inn where Celia and her parents were. There was Richardson with an upset look. The old man looked upon Alex for a question.

“What’s wrong?” asked Alex worried.

“She’s gone. Because of you!” yelled Richardson her father.

“She left hours ago. We don’t know why, but she was upset and confused” said her mother.

“Oh no. No!” cried Alex defeated.

“I must find her!” he cried as he ran out of the inn again. He grabbed his horse and rode off like a bullet into the night.

Alexander the knight had heard news from Celia’s mother that she had taken off somewhere over the deserts. All he knew was she was upset about something. He was worried and decided to chase after her if someone was to happen. He knew what to say to her, to make everything right again. He hoped…

Alex travelled with the rose he had been with since he brought it at the horse stable with his father. Either Alex or Celia knew about the new dangers of the ThunderDragon dream spell. They had been kept out of the picture by the smart wizard to keep the elements and the leader of the weather alone.

For days now Alex had been searching for Celia for all over the lands. He finally saw her in the distance. He didn’t call out just in case she took off again. He slowly got to her and grabbed her.

“Hey!” he cried as Celia saw him and tried to run.

“You can’t keep on running, Celia. Tell me your problem,” ordered Alex.

“It’s you that’s the problem,” cried Celia.

“What’s wrong?” asked the young knight worried. “Did that night mean anything to you?”

“It did. It meant everything,” said Alex.

“You didn’t say anything. Just like he told me,” said Celia. “Who said that? Tell me” cried Alex.

“Gladus,” she answered.

You listened to him. He is lying. Don’t ever trust him,” told Alex. “You never told me if you love me” she said.

“I do. I…do” he said.

He tried to say the words but he couldn’t for some reason. They seemed to had choke halfway inside him. It seemed to be tough to him for some reason.

Suddenly the ground shook as an image of a picture appeared on the ground. Alex and Celia looked at the image. It showed a sick ThunderDragon and six dragonflies heading to the skies as Alex was worried by the look of the lord of the weather.

It was a message from the element of Earth. It looked as if the ThunderDragon was dazed, thinking about something important but the young pair didn’t know what it was and the problems which clouded the lord of the weather’s mind.

“He looks so sick. What happened?” said Alex wondering.

“I have to return to father and the elements. Don’t you dare think I’m returning for you, Alexander,” said Celia as she got on her horse and took off.

“Oh Celia. If only I had the guts to say what my heart desires,” sighed Alex as he leaned on his faithful horse.

The ThunderDragon had arrived at the spot where he thought he could do the impossible thing. He glared at the moon as he thought of what to do. It was just outside of the zone of the earth. His eyes were soft and glowed at times in fear.

“How can I begin?” he thought to himself.

He looked at the moon again as he looked back at the elements. “I can do it,” he kept on saying to himself.

Alex and Celia had arrived at scene where the ThunderDragon was shown in the picture they found together. Alex alighted from his horse and glared up at the sky.

“I can’t see him but I hope he’s ok,” hoped Alex. “He should be,” answered Celia.

“What is going on with this?” asked Alex out.

“He will die at midnight if he can’t make the sun shine at night” cried a voice.

The couple turned around to see the image of Gladus.

“Have you been talking to Celia about me” confronted Alex. “Don’t have the time for questions. I’m far too busy getting rid of Thunder what’s his face but someone is here to see you,” smiled Gladus as he walked off to watch the ThunderDragon at work.

“Father,” said Celia looking at her father.

“Get away form Alex. He is full of lies,” cried Richardson as he hit Alex from to the ground. “You’re coming with me, Celia. Away from this monster!”

“You are the lie, Richardson. What have you become in your time?” asked Alex.

“Someone who cares for his children,” snapped Richardson. “You have gone mad for real,” said Alex.

“I have not,” shouted Richardson.

“Gladus has clouded your mind. He is the cause of our problems,” Alex said to Richardson.

Gladus watched the pair fighting as he saw the time go to waste.

“Five mins. ThunderDragon and your life will be at an end,” smiled Gladus looking at the doomed dragon.

Gladus walked over to the fighting pair as he made a newsbreak.

“In about, three mins the ThunderDragon dies at midnight. I will be crowned the new king of the weather. I think that’s fair after you froze Morcar like that,” boasted Gladus.

Draken had flown down to greet Gladus and was ready for the spell to work.

“I’m here for the effort of the spell,” Draken cried.

He finally felt that he was winning for sure as he counted the final moments.

“I can’t help you ThunderDragon,” cried out Alex. “I’m am only human. What can I do,” he cried out.

“I’m hopeless too,” said a very saddened Celia as Gladus watched the sky with a happy face.

The ThunderDragon saw the elements as they were clueless on what to do. He was on the final minute as he looked at the Earth.

He remembered about the past and the present. Of the good times he was on the earth. He had to believe in himself to do this and it was his duty to protect the weather from evil such as Gladus.

The world seemed still to the ThunderDragon, as if time had stopped for a moment. He closed his eyes and remembered the flowers, the snow, the grasses, the deserts, the oceans and the lands. He remembered the joy on the faces of the children he met, the battles and the hardship he fought to keep this earth alive. This day could not be the end of this world. He fought too hard for this,. He opened his eyes and spoke to himself.

“If there is a lord, please guide me. It is not my time; my time is when the Earth dies. It is not today.”

He poured out his entire loving heart to the moon as Alex and the humans, Gladus and the elements watched. He saw some light appear as he flew towards the ground. The world seemed to move at slow motion, the ThunderDragon fell to the ground.

“The Earth is now still for the sun to shine,” he said.

“Amazing. The Earth circles and he has stopped it from doing that,” admined Fire from the air.

The ThunderDragon blasted his final beam and last chance at the moon. Then a miracle happened, Alex opened his month, Gladus froze as a ghost. Richardson glowed with glory. The elements watched in excitement.

The beam started to move the moon away from the sun, as the sun started to shine at midnight. The light of the sun touched Gladus as he fell to the ground

“This light is so pure, it makes me so sick,” wept Gladus on the ground. Draken watched the sun and Gladus in awe. The soul breaker’s eyes grew a shining white in his eyes, he was sick, his body couldn’t take the wonder of the sun or the love it created.

Alfred met up with Alex as he saw the miracle. They glared at each other in wonder then at the sun.

“They are the creators of the weather. They were the seasons of the moon, which moved the moon for the world to see the light. How beautiful to see such a sight in my eyes. The Midnight Sun. How rare it will be,” smiled Alf

The midnight sun had touched the ThunderDragon with its light as it healed the old dragon with its rare power. The dragon shone in its light, revealed a pure whiteness inside the dragon. For a moment the dragon’s skin was overcome with a pure whiteness, as white as the clouds he crossed earlier in the night.

“He did it. I was wrong for once,” said Gladus.

“I have a second beauty on this planet to look at,” smiled Alex as looked at Celia as the other beauty. She did not hear such words.

The ThunderDragon blinked his eyes and for the rare occasion he gave a big smile to everyone. He knew it was one of those moments that he was to reassure forever. It was one of those moments that made life interesting.

“I did it. I did. It did the impossible. The impossible dream. I’m not invincible. I have faith that’s all. That is what you showed me elements, Alex, Celia, and Alfred. I am so thankful for my waiting for me to come around. I know I need to show more care and be a better person to my family the elements,” he smiled at them.

The dragon returned to the elements and they all crowded him and cheered him on. The ThunderDragon looked at Alfred coming with Alex and Celia by his side.

“I’m so pleased you did that. You have proven to everyone why you’re the true leader of the weather,” Alfred.

“Yes,” answered the ThunderDragon, “The faith in me has been restored and I am blessed to have such good friends by my side.”

Gladus looked foul and sick towards Draken as he stepped back in fear of his condition. He saw the true colour of Gladus which he did not like.

“What is wrong with you Gladus? What is going on with your mind?” Draken said fearfully.

Gladus turned to himself away from the dragon worriedly and growled to himself in pain.

“Such beauty that sickens my heart,” moaned Gladus as he walked off to lick his wounds and hone his skills.

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