Chapter 27 – Seasons of the Moon

A large image appeared into the hole of a volcano and it shouted into it. “Wake up!” yelled the voice that shook the volcano castle of Fire’s keep.

“What was that?” cried a half tired Fire falling out of bed.

It was the ThunderDragon, he had thought of a plan to trap Draken. But he didn’t know about the presence of Gladus.

“I want you to get the other elements to my castle at once,” he cried.

Fire jogged out to the throne room of the volcano and then walked outside to greet the ThunderDragon.

“Why didn’t you get good boy scout Ice to do this?” asked Fire. “I want to see if you can do it,” said ThunderDragon.

“I can and I’ll do it” said Fire.

“I’ll be at the castle with the elements soon. Then you can tell us what this plan is about,” said Fire as he called for Firwing his dragonfly to come to him.

ThunderDragon watched him leave as he flapped his wings and headed back home. He looked inside the volcano home again and got ready to fly.

“This will prove to be tough indeed.” The ThunderDragon said to himself before take off.

Soon enough the elements arrived at the ThunderDragon Sky Castle again to hear of the dragon’s latest plan. The elements were lined like the small army they were and their leader was starting his meeting.

“Well you have seen how Morcar was frozen from. We will do the same to Draken now,” said ThunderDragon.

“That’s a problem,” called out a voice at the doorway to The ThunderDragon’s throne room.

“Alfred the wizard, how do you say that?” asked the lord of the weather.

“The spell of freezing will only last for 1000 years. That maybe a long time, but the day will come and he will return. He will be worse when he is released. I am warning you because Alex and I won’t be there n the future. I hope to God that the people you meet in the future can stop Morcar in his madness,” warned Alfred.

“Don’t worry old wizard. We will find a way to stop him by the time he is free again” answered the ThunderDragon.

The ThunderDragon may have been a thinker and very smart dragon, but he was a bit careless at times. He never thought time passed by much, but it did.

Alfred watched the ThunderDragon as he continued his talk. Despite the ThunderDragon’s caring words, he didn’t believe him.

“You elements will trap him in a land where dragons rule. In the east of Europe to the where Emperor’s rule the land. There are cold mountains there and that’s a good place to trap,” explained the dragon.

The elements thought the plan was sound but of course said to the dragon it was the greatest plan yet. What liars they were, indeed, just to keep in their master’s good books. They all walked out as Alfred eyed ThunderDragon down.

“I hope you know what you’re doing” commanded Alfred with a straight face.

“I do Alfred I do,” said the ThunderDragon as Alfred slowly walked out following the elements.

Gladus had a bad night sleep at Draken’s cave which the dragon used to share with Morcar. He had overcome his problems he received when the dream spell was foiled by the ThunderDragon.

He walked outside early in the morning to find no one around. The soul breaker looked around madly and shook his fist to himself. He has found out that the brainless dragon had taken off somewhere.

“Stupid dragon he is. He should tell me where he goes. How can I win without the powerful brainless dragon? He’ll get himself into trouble before he knows it. I have warned the fool again and again on this affair. He will end up like Morcar if he doesn’t watch himself,” thought Gladus. The wizard didn’t care that much, because he had things to do to help him get to beat the ThunderDragon. He wandered around the place where they lived for the short time. It was a dark and scary old inn and land. No light ever came into the area much and that was a good spot for what Gladus to live.

To the mountains of the eastern world and Draken was near the cold mountains thinking of what to do next and his time with his friend Morcar. Then he turned around to see six familiar dragonflies. After the freezing of Morcar he thought his chances were not good. Now with Gladus, he felt his chances were greatly improved. He saw a real leadership spirit in Gladus but also a much dark and twisted soul within him.

“No! How did they find me here in all the places of the world?” he shouted to himself. He didn’t want to be followed nor was he for a fight that day.

He flew faster as the dragonflies were in full speed. The dragonflies circled the dragon as Ice held an ice crossbow. It had special ice arrows that can have the same spell that froze Morcar solid. His eyes fixed on his target; he did not wish to miss a single shot at the dragon.

“Keep still, Artice,” cried Ice as he shot arrows at Draken.

“Don’t waste them. You only have 12 you know,” said Water as Ice remembered. “We’ll trap him if he wishes to escape!

“I shall remember that Water. Keep him trapped for me,”

Draken shot past everyone and the dragonflies sped up with speed towards the dark dragon. He kept on turning back making sure that the dragonflies weren’t too close.

Firwing and Wafall trapped the dragon as Ice took aim at Draken and shot another arrow.

“Got him” cried Ice as Draken roared in pain.

Draken’s wings grew angry and he pushed Cyclend and Earing out of the way in frustration.

“You need more than one” cried out Thunder.

Artice fired a ice beam at Draken to make the spell stronger. Ice held up his hand to the sky and closed his eyes. The skies grew dark as a violently wild blizzard started up.

“This not good” said Draken.

He kept on been missed by the dragonfly’s attacks and suddenly Draken had some sudden power as he bash Firwing and Cyclend into the mountain side.

“Yeah!” he cried in success to him passing Electron.

Draken then smashed Earing and Wafall out of the race as he flew throughout the air with his glowing eyes. Ice quickly reloaded his crossbow to shoot at the racing demon dragon on the run.

“Got him again,” he cried to himself as Draken shook in a quick fit. Then he blasted a huge fire beam at the last remaining dragonflies. The blast hit Electron in the head as he flew quickly into the side of the mountain.

“Cure the winds,” cried Ice as he flew faster than ever.

Artice was next to Draken as he continued to shoot arrows at the dragon. Then Draken smiled as he shot a quick dart of fire.

Draken kept on flying but was starting to feel the same feeling that Morcar felt. The feeling of being frozen alive was unbearable. His wings were now heavy and he was stiffening up in his legs. He tried to keep in the air but the ice was growing over his skin and he was watching, dreading the moments to come.

“One more shot will do it” cried Ice as he suddenly saw the fire blast. Artice lost control of power as she started to go down. Ice loaded his third last arrow as he jumped off the dragonfly, thousands of kilometres from the air as he shot the arrow at the dragon. It hit Draken in the back as he screamed in pain.

“No! You got me! How could I fall to the mountains? I’m the almighty powerful Draken!” he screamed as his voice caused an earthquake.

The earthquake caused a massive landslide that was heading to the five dragonflies from high in the mountains

“They could die!” cried Ice going down through the air.

Then Artice caught him in time as Artice smashed into the side of the mountain as they got back to land. Ice watched in horror as the landslide continued to gain chased after the fainted dragonflies. He watched in awe and quickly turned to Artice in defeat.

“We may have beaten Draken, but we could lose the dragonflies!” he cried.

Suddenly from the sky, a mega ice beam came thundering through the clouds as it froze the landslide. Ice’s ear heard the sound and watched the beam crystallise the landslide.

“ThunderDragon!” cried Ice happily as The ThunderDragon landed on the ground.

“I thought you might need the help. I was right again” he said. “As always” Ice grovelled.

Ice and ThunderDragon helped the other elements by helping the dragonflies.

“That was tough” said Thunder shaking the snow out of his ears. “Yes it was tough for you all and I’m proud of these hard working

elements. But remember we have one more left to do. One more to take care of,” the ThunderDragon said to them.

“Who, Gladus? He’s so weak. We could beat him easily, I bet you,” Fire answered conically.

“That doesn’t matter Fire. We shall find a way to deal with Gladus. Maybe we don’t need to freeze. Maybe we can talk him out of his dangerous way,” the ThunderDragon said.

ThunderDragon had sent Alfred to his castle to talk about Gladus. Alfred walked into his throne room as his back was sore. He wasn’t used to all the walking these days. He looked at the ThunderDragon as he spoke to him.

“This problem with Gladus is he a threat to us?” he asked Alfred. “Yes, he is, my lord” answered Alfred straightening up his back with his hand.

“Then we have to freeze him too,” said ThunderDragon.

He had changed his mind based on the fact he didn’t want this to drag on too long. The problems with Morcar and Draken had been prolonged long enough.

“Excuse me, ThunderDragon, but is that your only answer to problems?” asked Alfred scratching his head at the same statement over and over.

“It’s a quick and easy way to do it, Alfred” snapped the dragon. “Ok ok,” said Alfred tossing his head over it.

“What is he like?” asked the ThunderDragon.

“He can twist people’s minds with words. He’s very good like that. But really the wizard is a weak guy and needs to depend on stronger people to do his dirty work. That’s why he’s taken it on himself to control Draken after he lost Morcar with you in the battle” explained Alfred.

“Mmmm,” muttered the dragon as he looked around the place. “Where is he now?” asked the dragon again.

“I don’t know. Soon enough he’ll reappear. Especially now you’ve taken Draken away from the picture,” answered Alfred.

The dragon rubbed his chin with his short arm and hand. He thought about it then lean back in his huge throne chair. His throne had a hole in it to put his tail through.

“Very good Alfred. We are now in a good position,” the dragon said warmly about it.

Gladus was walking through the forest as the earth started to move. He turned around gave a smirk to himself. He knew one of the elements was trying to contact him.

“Oh is that the element of Earth speaking to dear old me. What news does the element of the dirt wish to tell me?” asked Gladus.

“Look what we did. Will you still be our friend once you see these images,” said the ground as it showed the frozen image of Draken in the mountain.

“Friends we have never been!” shouted Gladus watching the scenes.

“It’s not fair” he yelled.

“Who will fight your battles now? There is nowhere to run, Gladus. You are all alone!” asked Earth.

“I will fight for myself. You don’t need firepower to win wars. All you need is a mind big enough to stop the lot of you,” shouted Gladus as he kicked the ground hard and tried to keep his anger in.

Gladus watched the image disappear in the ground and he closed his eyes in wonder. He was alone at last, Morcar and Draken were both gone, put away for a thousand years. His chance of sole ruling could now happen, his true desire from the beginning.

“We shall see what the ThunderDragon has in store for me and he shall see what I have in store for me,” he smirked to himself in his foul and evil manner.

Gladus’s anger had grown intensely since the freezing of Draken. He had travelled to the area where the Richardson’s had been living since the end of their kingdom ship.

He came upon the inn of Richardson like lighting. People watched Gladus blinking on and off through his shadow disguise and it was glowing green instead of the normal ghostly white. He walked inside with a sword and waved it in front of Celia’s mother.

The Soul Breaker eye’s trapped the Queen and she was unable to move away from him. He moved closer and closer towards her.

“For the sake of your daughter, would you please tell me where they are? I have grown tired of playing games with foolish elements and false leaders. I want to find them at once,” begged the shadow revealing his form to Celia‘s mother.

“You are the devil inside. The dark snake within, you are the hate, the pure hate of this earth. How could a thing like you be created!” she yelled at Gladus.

The sword struck into her body. Her eyes went white and Gladus whispered in her ear while watching the blood running from her chest.

“The tears of her death wander from her body. So If I’m the pure hate, then who is the pure love?” he asked.

“I don’t like smart tongues. Pure coldness, I could warm to that,” he confessed to himself as he walked outside.

Gladus saw Richardson by himself. He quickly walked up and placed his sword at on neck.

“Old king, it’s time to destroy the knight. Like to visit the ThunderDragon?” he asked him.

“Why, enough has been done Gladus. I am tired. Go find another man to pressure,” Richardson cried.

Gladus grabbed Richardson’s neck and a slow purple glow went from Gladus’s hand to Richardson’s body. The old king’s eyes flashed purple and green and stared blankly into space.

“Death to Alexander,” answered Richardson blankly. Gladus has clouded his mind.

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