Chapter 3 – Chisoutsa: The City of Demons

The sweet engine of Professor Walken’s sleek black car purred along the streets in the early morning. The old mentor was watching the large number of Kaiser Unit men and Tesraptors poaching the streets alive. The car slowed down to the corner and he watched the men chatting to each other.

          “I hope this doesn’t go on forever. I’m sick and tired of guarding the streets like this,” said one of them.

          “There will be new men soon, Mr. Umezu said to us, remember,” said the other.

Professor Walken looked down and twisted his cane, which was parked down at the passenger seat and looked back up. He knew the numbers of them were high on the street and he had to warm Chisoutsa about this. The car drove off out of the area and he headed for home.


The Professor was at the bar lounge at the house where Chisoutsa wandered in the room with an over long shirt on. She opened the fridge and grabbed a beer out of the fridge.

          “Have you had breakfast downstairs?” asked Professor Walken.

          “This is it,” Chisoutsa pointed at the professor with the beer and opened it.

          “Your diet has taken a turn for the worse since we moved back here. Any reason why?” he asked her.

          “Not into breakfast at the moment. I want to find out more about my past but it’s a puzzle out there,” she answered sitting up at the bar.

          “It’s the puzzle game in the City of Demons . You have use the people and connect the pieces together to form the image. Your image is your past. These people may not know about your past personally but they will know other people who may know your past,” Professor Walken explained to his student.     

          “I’ll go to the Washu Spring tonight to see what’s there,” she said.

          “Watch out for the Kaiser Unit, they have your picture. Our friend Alan Richards told us last night,” the professor said.

          “They won’t find me there. They will be busy on the streets,” Chisoutsa answered.

Professor Walken walked over to the door and headed upstairs and Chisoutsa sat at the bar drinking.


Night had fallen and both the professor and Chisoutsa parted ways for the evening to attend to their own businesses. The black sleek car of the professor drove into the heart of the city. He looked at the business people at cafes having meetings. The area is clean and neat, unlike the outer section of the City where the gangs and the poor ruled. There were tall pine trees lined around the roundabout centre where the three huge business lords stand over the city. The car drove into the government Square which was a neat and oval shaped building. It was yellow and white on the outside and with other government officials fronting out for the night back to their homes. All dressed in black suits waiting for their cars. The professor stopped the car and came out to see them. He stopped one of the officials outside of the Government Square .

          “Do you know where the Prime leader is?” he asked.

          “Yes he’s still inside. Do you have a meeting?” the official asked back.

          “No, but he knows me,” the professor answered back and moving off.

He wandered inside and came to see the Prime Leader’s door opened. He banged his cane at the door and a figure woke up from his chair. He looked at the professor as he came into full view.

          “Jonathan Walken, such a long time since we meet,” said the Prime Leader.

          “Yes it is and you finally got what you wanted, the mayor of the city. Well done. What have you been doing?” he answered.

          “Running the city,” the Prime Leader answered as the professor closed the door behind him.

          “That meaning being a puppet for the business leaders,” Professor Walken answered.

          “Jonathan, what brings you here really? This isn’t a friendly chat I can tell. I will call security if you continue to waste my time. Drag out a legged injured man,” the Prime Leader smiled.

The professor walked up and drew out his cane top to reveal an old Japanese sword and held it to the Prime Leader. He fell back to his seat and his eyes widen at the professor.

          “You’re right, this isn’t a friendly chat,” Professor Walken answered.       


The Washu Spring opened for the night with its light blue lights and people forwarding into the dark building. On the other side of the street Chisoutsa was spying on anyone who could be part of the Kaiser Unit. She dressed in black boots and skintight black leather suit that had a zipper all the way up to his neck from her hips. She walked over slowly as the street lights flicked on and off half damaged. Inside the Spring building, there were lounges and drinking bars as a figure appeared at the side.

          “Hello there, you look new. What’s ya name,” smiled a young blonde woman.

          “I’m Chisoutsa, I’m looking for information and you are?” she asked back.

          “My name is Riyoko and I’m the owner of Washu Springs,” she smiled.

Riyoko was as tall as Chisoutsa and had long blonde sweet hair. She was in a green short skirt and revealing top. She showed Chisoutsa into the building and showed her upstairs. They came to the next level to another bar and spa baths where people were being entertained.

          “Here we have fun all the time. Everyone is relaxed here and we welcome you,” Riyoko explained.

          “Thank you Riyoko. I’ll grab a drink and look around,” Chisoutsa answered.

She wandered off towards as Riyoko smiled at her from the background and disappeared downstairs. She ordered a drink and started to chat to the bar worker.

          “Nice place here,” she said to him.

          “Yeah it is when you watch the spas from here,” grinned the bar man.

          “Do you know anything about a gang called the Red Team?” Chisoutsa asked.

          “Who’s asking?” he said handling drinks for another girl.

          “Just old me. I just hear that they know some information about the big businesses. What ya know?” she asked again.

          “The Red Team used to be a business themselves. They went bust a while back when the Centrax Corporation ended their projects with the other two businesses,” the bar man explained to her.

          “What projects?” she asked.

The bar man pointed with his eyes towards the end of the level and Chisoutsa turned around to see two security guards. She turned back to him.

          “Can’t talk. They don’t like inside talking about anything. Washu Spring is private like that. But three words for you, Halls of Destiny,” the bar man said and carried on back to work.

Chisoutsa took her drink to the spas, watched couples, and sipped her drink wondering the promises and mysteries of the Halls of Destiny.


Professor Walken wandered around the Prime Leader’s office and looked outside of the room out to the garden in the Government Square .

          “I like the tinned blue windows and the black steel bars. I guess you have to do that in case someone comes barreling in,” the professor said.

          “Yes they are used for protection. Scienceworks is very helpful to the government Jonathan. Now what the hell do you want?” asked the Prime Leader.

          “I want some facts and papers on my private student Chisoutsa. I found her four years ago dumped here in the City of Demons . Now I believe she was part of a testing or project by one of the big businesses. You should know something about that. You were still in power then,” Professor Walken asked.

          “I know nothing Jonathan about this Chisoutsa project. What’s so different about her?” he asked the professor.

          “Supernatural abilities, she’s got tough skin, she doesn’t tired down easily. It is very confusing for anyone to understand. Gases don’t affect her and any forms of drugs. You should know something Prime Leader and you must tell me,” cried the professor.

          “Shut up will you? Fine I’ll tell you something. A few years back there were projects done by all parties in the big businesses. Some were successful and some of them failed. There was a larger project, which resulted in billions of dollars being spent, but Scienceworks with Mr. Umezu got the shits about something and left, following by Demon Productions. Centrax continued to work on until it stopped all of a sudden and that was the end,” the Prime Leader said.

          “You as leader of the city should know what type of projects they were. Can you tell me more?” the professor said.

          “Jonathan you’re not stupid. Do you think we all sit down and play happy families? They tell you what to do. Look out to the City of Demons , there’s nothing good and it’s all ruled by the iron fists of greed and power,” the Prime Leader cried out.

There was a pause and the professor was thinking about the projects and ideas. He grabbed something out of his pocket and it was a needle.

          “What are you doing?” asked the Prime Leader.

          “I’m going to numb my leg so I can move freely for a while. I shouldn’t be taking drugs but the security guards are going to shot me if they get their hands on me,” the professor answered.

          “You’ll never find out the mystery of Chisoutsa. They will kill you before you get to the bottom of it,” the Prime Leader said.

Professor Walken turned around as the door banged hard with the guards on the other side, “Thank you for your kind words. I’ll be meeting with you again soon,” he said and the door cracked opened with the guards marching in.


The security guards pushed through the door, Walken thrashed his sword at first person, and he fell to the ground. He pushed into another and punched another into the wall. One guard wiped the blood from him and fired a few bullets at the professor and the mentor dodged them. He ran from the group and outside of the Government Square . Officials stopped to watch the professor run to his car and shut the door. He turned the key and put the floor down as the car speed out of the parking lot. The guard fired bullets at the car and Professor Walken disappeared from sight. They returned back to the Prime Leader to see if he was not injured.

          “Are you ok sir?” boomed one of the guards.

          “Yes I’m fine. We were just having a chat about thing,” said a disgusted Prime Leader.

          “Just leave everyone,” he cried at them and they all left the building leaving the mayor of the city alone again.

          “Who is this Chisoutsa you talk about Jonathan,” he asked himself.


With the escape of the professor back home it was late and Chisoutsa was still at the Washu Spring at the spa section. She watched couples passing by and the heat in the room was high from the hot waters. She unzipped her black suit down to let out some steam. She saw a young man in one of spas in a dark corner of the Washu Spring relaxing. She walked up to the man and he looked up and smiled at her.

          “You want to come in and see how warm this spa is,” he asked her.

          “How warm is it?” she asked back.

          “Come and find out,” he answered.

She stepped into the spa bath with him and went underwater. She came back up in front of him. The man had spiked hair and muscled body. He watched her moved her hair back.

          “Do you like it,” he smiled at her.

          “Yeah it’s nice but I can make it much warmer,” she answered.

The spa quickly became warmer and she stood up in the spa, unzipped her suit right down to her hips, and sipped off her clothes. The man pulled Chisoutsa down to kiss her neck. She moved quickly to help pull off his shorts and put herself on him. She placed her arms around him and pushed up and down on him kissing him slowly. She pulled back her head and closed her eyes in tension motions. He pulled her out of the spa and on the ground lean over her. He moved faster and harder until he released and leaned up.


He stood up and Chisoutsa followed up and stretched her body standing up. She wandered over to her clothes, picked up her watch, and put it on.

          “I haven’t seen you before girl, where you been at?” asked the man.

          “Nowhere, just new to the city. What about you?” Chisoutsa asked.

          “I’m a builder, been doing some work in the inner sector of the city,” he answered.

          “Do ya know much about the Red Team?” she asked.

          “Yeah I do, they just hang out a few blocks away from here. You wanna see them or something?”

          “Yeah later on,” Chisoutsa answered.

She walked back into the spa and rolled her head around and the man watched her sexuality tensed body flexing in the water.

          “You’re a pretty tight girl. You been going out lately?” he asked.

          “Not lately, I’ve been dying some action for a while. It has always been like that. When I get certain emotions, it’s so strong .   Whenever it is laughing, crying, exercising, sex. Anything. It must be part of DNA problems, what they did to me,” Chisoutsa said thinking and daydream.

          “The Red Team, that’s where I have to go next,” she said to herself.


Professor Walken’s car had taken a detour on his way home as his thoughts and wonders about the Halls of Destiny. His car stopped at the foot of the building in the dead of the night and stepped out of the car. He carried a torch into the building area where it was crystal white. His eyes darted around the area watching for any shadows. He came to a ground plate in the ground stating, “Halls of Destiny Library – Enter at your risk”. The professor with his cane leaned down and struggled to lift the ground plate over. After several attempts he achieved it and he straight out his arm.

          “I should be getting Chisoutsa to do the physical work. That’s why I did train her,” he murmured to himself.

He slowly slipped down the ladder with some pain in his leg again with the painkillers wearing out. He arrived at the foot of the underground area and took out his golden pocket watch, checked the time and returned it to his pocket. He waved his torch over the dark and creepy area as rats and mice roamed the grounds and walls. He took a step at a time to get closer to the Library where he dropped his torch. The torch broken with impact and his cane knocked into it causing him to fall to the ground. The bitter darkness poisoned his mind as he struggled to look for cane in the dark. He threw and pushed rats away from him. He crawled along the undergrounds of the library.

          “Is there someone in here? Help!” he cried out in pain.

Flashes of a blue light crossed the ground; the professor shook with worry and went on his back. Two blue creepy eyes lay on its prey. A grey dressed man appeared with blue-lighted glasses that highlight the intruder on the ground.

          “Who are you?” he cried out

          “I’m the Library! How dare you come here at the blackest of nights,” boomed the voice.

He walked down and turned some of the candles on so the professor could find his cane stand up again.

          “It’s very dark in here,” the professor said shaking.

          “They all say that when they first come. What do you want?” he asked.

          “I need information on recent projects that the businesses they have been doing. I believe they worked on someone called Chisoutsa,” answered the professor.

          “Well you better start researching,” said the librarian as he stretched out his hand to show lines of bookshelves lit with green and blue candle fires.

The professor half smiled and made his way to the bookshelves. The creepy librarian watched Professor Walken and started to read a book to himself.

          “Who is Chisoutsa,” he asked him.

          “She is my student, she is finding out her past in the City of Demons . We believe that one of the businesses know her past. What happened to her and who she is,” the professor answered from one of the shelves.

          “Its always a problem for the ground level city. You cannot trust a soul there. Then again you may not be asking the right questions,” the librarian said.

          “What do you mean,” the professor asked with his head stuck in a book.

          “You need to ask the right questions. The question of understand. They may not know who Chisoutsa was or where she came from, but I bet you they have heard of the legend of her,” the librarian explained.

The professor poked his head out from one of the shelves, “You know about the large projects?”

          “I have heard the rumors and the legend.”

Professor Walken walked up the librarian and the creepy figure flashed his blue lights at him.

          “Tell me the legend and the project,” the professor said softly.

The librarian’s blue lights flashed around the dark underground and be seen for miles.

          “There was a legend of a perfect human. One of the businesses was working on this project. It cost a lot of money and time. The perfect human was supposed to be a military fighter, stronger than any human and able to do superhuman feats,” he started and leaned his head towards the professor.

          “The project failed and the legend of the perfect human was gone. There was never any proof of this and none of the businesses has said about this project. The Government Square would have had some idea of it and what happened to the project in the end. However, they wouldn’t dare tell a soul. For death would knock on their soul,” the librarian whispered.

He turned his head away from the library and for a moment, it looked that the rats were listening. The professor swallowed hard and heard water dropping from different parts of the underground.

          “The Prime Leader knows more. I should have asked the right questions,” he said.

          “What is Chisoutsa like? Is she superhuman in some way?”

          “Yes she is. Her personally is interesting. Very strong emotions. Knowing her she found a bit of pleasure at the Washu Springs. Still the mystery goes on,” the professor said.

The Librarian turned back to him and smiled, “Indeed. Do come back when you have free time if you need more information. Do remember some of the books here are fake.”

          “Yes I’ll remember,” the professor nodded.


After the eventful night, it was a late start for Chisoutsa and Professor Walken at the house where Chisoutsa appeared in her underwear and top. The professor was reading the paper at the table and looked up.

          “Any information found?” he asked her.

          “I found where the Red Team are. What about you?” she answered.

          “Abused the mayor of the city and was scared to death by the creepiest librarian to mankind. But I know for sure the businesses and the government knows something. Have to ask the right questions,” the professor spoke.

          “Yes they should,” Chisoutsa said.

          “So who was the guy last night,” the professor said with his head down reading the headlines.

          “Ryan, don’t know him but it was hot and heavy. I love the Washu Springs, nice drinks too,” she answered grinning.

          “I’m sure you do. I think Alan Richards have some new weapons he has created. Just in time for your next mission,” the professor said.

          “For what mission,” she asked.

          “To get the Red Team and to get some people,” the professor said.

Chisoutsa stood at the table and smiled,

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