Chapter 3 – Chisoutsa: The Virgin War

Morning arrived for the City of Demons and the Professor and Chisoutsa took the trip to Charles’s house. It was a while since they first came to his place where they didn’t know anything. Things are now different and the playing field had changed. Charles was slipping his wine outside on the top roof where professor Walken joined him outside.

“I heard that Chisoutsa saw something about The Lair of the Forsaken. Would you know much about it?” Professor Walken asked him.

“I’m not sure but I know someone who was interested about that name,” Charles answered.

“Who was that?” Professor Walken asked.

“The Prime Leader,” grinned Charles.

“Isn’t he scared of me now?” asked the Professor.

“Well you did break into his place and threatened him, hmmm maybe Jonathan,” Charles answered.

“Should I visit him then?” he asked.

“We should visit him. Chisoutsa can do whatever she wants here for now. The Prime Leader will be in his government office. Keep you on a leash,” Charles grinned at Professor Walken.

“I’ll be a good boy,” the Professor answered while they went back inside the house.

Chisoutsa was watching television when the Professor and Charles prepared to leave to the Government Square. Charles put on a black suit and Chisoutsa leaned her head back to watch them.

“Where ya going?” she asked them.

“We are just going down the road for a while. Be back soon,” said Charles.

She just shrugged and leaned back to keep on watching more TV.

An old building in the edge of the city housed the Tesraptors, the once feared and dangerous gang. Nowadays the gang has slowed down and the leader Junji Toko was working on his next plan. However for him things were going to be changed a lot. A small noise came from outside and Junji was working on some weapons. The silver machines were surrounding the building and Censilo was at the entrance of the building and took out his sword. He slowly raised his sword and pointed it at the building. The silver machines eyes turned on and charged through the windows of the building. Junji turned around and was caught by surprise. He shouted out to his gang members and they charged into battle. They fired their guns and one started to throw bombs from behind the large boxes that scattered the building. Junji Toko took off towards the door until Censilo cornered him in the end. He came up and bashed him to the wall and held his sword to his neck.

“There is too much rubbish in this city. We need to cut down the competition,” Censilo said to him.

“You must be the famous Censilo, lord of the Centrax Business. Why should you be worried of me?” Junji asked him.

“I’m not scared. I’m tired of watching all these gangs and businesses running around chasing their own tails. Where I am the main person to be watched,” Censilo answered.

Censilo turned around to watch the silver machines as they pushed the gang members in a corner and fired their weapons on them.

“What do you want from me,” Junji shouted.

“Your head,” Censilo answered and shot him.

Junji fell to the ground dead and the silver machines moved around the building checking for anyone near by.

“Everything is fine sir,” said a silver machine in its robot voice.

Censilo nodded and turned to his machines, “Your task is completed. But the war on the City of Demon is not over. Chisoutsa must be killed. If you see her you will stop whatever you are doing and destroy her. She will try to stop us from ruling over the city, our city!” Censilo cried out.

He turned to face the building and showed his sword and held it in front of him. The sword shook in his hands and the black power was burning. The power of darkness was burning inside him and he made a cut in the side of the building. The sword came into the steel and started to burn fire. The silver machines watched in the background as the sword blasted the building into pieces. The blast blew scraps of metal and steel away from Censilo and his silver glasses shone in the light. He placed the tip of his sword on the ground and closed his eyes. He breathed in deeply and opened his eyes again. He placed his sword back in his side and turned to the silver machines.

“We go home,” he told the group and walked past them leaving the pieces of the building and the Tesraptors dead in the dust.

It was quiet afternoon in the Government Square, the Prime Leader was sorting out papers set by the Centrax Corporation. There was also a budget planner placed on his desk for days. He never had a look at it. There was a tap at the door.

“Yes come on in. I’m not busy at the moment,” he called out sipping tea and reading the paper.

In came Charles Thompson followed by Professor Walken who stayed in the background while Charles did all the talking.

“Or I might be busy now,” the Prime Leader answered looking at the Professor.

“We are here for some help. Some knowledge into a location in the city,” Charles started.

“You’re the good cop and Mr. Walken is the bad cop?” Prime Leader said rudely.

“We’re not here to threaten you,” Charles replied.

“Did you two start that trouble last week with Censilo? Nearly destroying the entire city on us?” Prime Leader asked the pair.

“We actually saved your city from a evil leader. You should be thanking us,” Professor Walken said stepping forward.

“Professor Walken saved the day did he? That Chisoutsa is a handy woman. Did she find her past in the end?”

“Yes she did.”

“Make sure she doesn’t lose it again. Now what’s this location you are looking for again?” the Prime Leader asked.

Charles handed him some papers and gave them to the Prime Leader while the Professor stood and watched the pair making sure he didn’t mess things up with the meeting.

“We found or the Professor found in the Centrax building papers about a location called The Lair of the Forsaken. We think it might have a strong connection with Censilo and the past and possibly the future of this city,” Charles explained to the Prime Leader.

“You might be a prick but your knowledge in government is very useful to us,” Professor Walken butted in, Charles turned around for a moment to give him a dirty look.

“I love your honestly Walken. Yes I have heard of the place and the rumours along with it,” answered the Prime Leader.

“Will you explain more to us please?” asked Charles.

“If you take that so called cane from the Professor. It’s a safely thing in the Government Square.”

“You wouldn’t take a cane from a crippled man,” asked the Professor.

“Yes I would take a cane from a crippled man and also candy from a baby,” answered the Prime Leader.

Charles took the cane from the Professor and Walken tossed his head.

“Very good, I can feel more at ease The Lair of the Forsaken is a place where even the toughest Kaiser Unit men wouldn’t dare touch,” the Prime Leader started.

“What else is there about it?”

“It once used to be the training ground for the Hydra squad.”

“Hydra squad, who are them?” asked the Professor.

“Well Mr. Walken they were used before those robot machines and people like Chisoutsa. They were just heavy build guys made into a army. Just like the Kaiser Unit. But Censilo left them in the Lair and set his new robots into there to use as a training ground for them, pretty much killing all the Hydra squad off. But there have been the rumours of some members still alive and living down there,” the Prime Leader explained to the pair.

“Has anyone tried to go down there?” Charles asked.

“Some have and none have come out alive. Insane people down there and the access route there is difficult,” the Prime Leader answered.

“Chisoutsa would love this place. Good training ground for her,” the Professor said.

“She might not last long down there. She may have beaten off Censilo for now. But the Lair of the Forsaken is known for the terror of the underground.”

“How would we get there?” Charles asked wondering.

“That’s a good question. Inside the train systems there are weak walls in some sections. The Government blocked most of the way to the lair away from public so nobody would get hurt. But if you are lucky to find a weak spot and blow up the wall, you can get inside,” the Prime Leader answered.

“We should get on to Alan about those weak spots in the walls. Do you have any blue prints of the train systems?” the Professor said.

“Yep, they are with the Librarian. He’s some crazy guy. You might know him,” the Prime Leader replied.

“Yeah I know him,” sighed Professor Walken thinking about his encounters with him.

“Is that all you want for now?” asked the Prime Leader grabbing hold of his paper.

“For now that is, we will be back if we need anything else,” Charles said.

Charles and the Professor stepped outside of the Government Square and they walked to the car. The Professor got his cane back from Charles.

“You can come and visit the Librarian with me. We can also bring Chisoutsa with us. She hasn’t met him yet. This should be a treat,” the Professor said to Charles.

Charles nodded and they climbed into the car and took off away back to his house where Chisoutsa was still waiting for him.

The night sky was falling on the three characters about to enter the underground library. Chisoutsa went underground first followed by Charles and the Professor. The dark eerie smell appeared to Chisoutsa as she touched the ground.

“This place is awful. No wonder why you hate coming here Professor,” noted Chisoutsa.

“The place may be awful but the library has helped us a lot and even the Librarian had his part in saving the city. I suspect he’s on our side but doesn’t like to be publicly say which side he’s on,” the Professor said to Chisoutsa.

The trio paced themselves towards the underground library where the blue eyed man appeared to them and looked at Charles and Chisoutsa.

“You bring friends this time. We have a little crowd here. What brings you this time?” asked the Librarian.

“We are looking for blueprints to the Lair of the Forsaken. This is Charles my old friend and Chisoutsa my student,” the Professor introduced them.

“Chisoutsa, I’ve heard much about you. Good to meet someone new. The Lair of the Forsaken, such a nice pick. Why are you going there?” asked the Librarian.

“Just to explore and see what’s there,” Professor Walken answered.

“So you have them or what?” asked Chisoutsa.

“Yes I do. Let me look for them,” the Librarian answered.

The Librarian wandered off while Chisoutsa whispered to Charles, “I got a call from Jiko and Alan earlier that they will be at Saint Death Train Station in under an hour. Alan’s made a device that can scan for weak sections in the train tunnel. I hope it works.”

“It should Chisoutsa. The blueprints will guide us through,” Charles answered her.

The Librarian returned with the blueprint of the train tunnels and handed it to Professor Walken.

“Jonathan, we better get going now,” Charles reminded him.

“We have to go now but thanks for your help again,” Professor Walken said.

The Librarian gave a scary grin at the trio and Chisoutsa moved back.

“It’s normal,” whispered the Professor to the other two.

They slowly made their way out of the library and came out of the hole inside the Halls of Destiny where it houses the infamous entrance to the dark underground library. Chisoutsa told them to hurry up and they took to the car and headed for the train station.

Late that night where the darkness fell over the city, the Librarian was resting in his desk reading a book when he heard a small noise. He froze and blinked twice. His blue lamp eye blinked and he studied the noise in his mind.

“Censilo you can come out. I know you are hiding,” the Librarian said out loud.

The Librarian stood up when Censilo did appear at the underground library taking off his silver glasses.

“How did you know it was me?” Censilo asked.

“Everyone has a pattern. It is such a honour to have you here Censilo. You threaten so much towards the City of Demons but yet you haven’t achieved a lot,” the Librarian dug at Censilo.

“Words with some truth in them. The future hasn’t been written yet,” Censilo replied.

“And so hasn’t Chisoutsa’s future been written yet,” the Librarian reminded him.

“I control her destiny. I created her.”

“You created but her destiny is in her hands and by the look in her eyes today she’s going to fight anyone who tries to take that away,” the Librarian said.

Censilo paused for a moment and looked at the books on the shelfs, “They were here? For what?” he asked.

“Blueprints for the Lair of the Forsaken,” the Librarian answered.

The Centrax leader put his head down and grinded his teeth at hearing that.

“You were after the same thing, were you? There must be something in here that you want?” asked the Librarian.

“Yes there is something important in here. They wouldn’t know what’s in there. I need it for my plans,” Censilo answered the Librarian.

“You might have to find them now won’t you?”

“Do you know where they went,” he asked.

“Oh yes, to the Lair of the Forsaken,” answered the Librarian.

Censilo slipped back on his silver glasses and run his hand through his long black hair. He looked around the area and remembered of older times.

“It’s been a while since I was here last, working on the project. Creating Chisoutsa. You were still here working with your books and knowledge. Why don’t you go up and see the world?” Censilo asked him.

“There’s nothing up there interesting Censilo. The fact is you rule the land above ground. I rule the land underground. We understand each other expect I don’t use force,” the Librarian answered him.

“I’ll find Chisoutsa and her friends. You could have made a better life for yourself but you missed out. They will be hunted and all will be killed in your land. If you like it or not,” Censilo grinned at him.

“Don’t forget knowledge is the greatest power we have,” the Librarian noted to Censilo.

Censilo smiled at him and turned around and clicked some buttons on his phone and phoned a Corporation worker.

“Find her,” he said and hung up.

Censilo turned to the Librarian and waved him off and headed for the ladder to the above world. The Librarian gave a thought about Chisoutsa and the Professor. He turned to watch the rats run around the waters near the library and pondered on his future.

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