Chapter 3 – The Alien of the Phoenix

The investigation into the UFO sighting over the dumping of objects had proven to be successful and possibly to the disbelief of Doug who works in a high position at NASA. The two objects had been moved away from the park area to a secret location of Daniel Phoenix’s choosing. For some reasons he did not trust NASA mostly and partly Doug to believe him on this case and decided to make sure the objects were protected from any harm. Daniel and Jack returned back to NASA to discuss to Doug about their next plan of attack on the UFO cases. Jack was waiting in the meeting room set up by Doug when Daniel and Doug came into the room with some morning tea and coffee for everyone.

“You know I thought you wouldn’t actually find anything but these two objects sound quite odd but I don’t believe it’s anything that is strange or alien like,” Doug replied.

“I knew you wouldn’t believe in the Starchild skull. Those testing’s are as well as the missile weapon should uncover that something is not right. I mean Doug what about the missile weapon. How on god’s earth can you explain finding that in a park is not normal?” Daniel questioned Doug.

“Someone must have taken it from somewhere else and dumped it in the park as well as this skull thing. The Starchild skull is a deformed child. Everyone know that one. The sad fact Daniel is that you didn’t find anything out of the original. After eight to nearly nine years nothing has come from your investigations. Maybe it’s time to quite while you are behind,” Doug replied.

Daniel bashed his fist on the meeting room table at Doug, “You said for me to find something and I did find something strange. You said to me that I wouldn’t be able to find shit in that park and I was right. Was I right or not?” he shouted.

“You were correct in that area,” answered Doug crossing his arms in disbelief. 

“So to continue my investigations I have done what you wanted me to do. I found something, it may not be what you think is ‘real proof’ but I did. So I should be allowed to keep on going or will you fire me again?” Daniel asked looking for a answer to keep his chances alive on the investigations.

Doug lifted an eyebrow and tossed his head, “Alright you can still keep on doing your investigations. I agree that you found something but it’s no smoking gun. Just keep looking. I have ordered your other friend Dr. Frank Carter to report news of your objects found to via web cam and written reports via email for me to read. He will send information to you too. This information will be sent to me via private email because I can’t let anyone here know what we are doing. You got that?” Doug answered.

“This is the first smart thing you have done in a long time Doug. Come on Jack I’m not in the mood for chatter now,” Daniel snapped and he walked out of the room angrily. 

“Sorry Doug. He’s just upset with the non-believers,” Jack replied to him leaving the room and following Daniel.

Jack jogged up to Daniel and tried to settle him down. Daniel wasn’t happy with all the times and battles he has had with Doug to make him believe in his work but every time something wouldn’t work out and end up damaging his chances.

“I have just had enough of him, really after all this time,” Daniel angrily responded. 

“Let’s forget about him and look at something else. What do you want to do next Daniel?” he asked him.

Daniel stopped in his tracks and put his hands on his hips for a moment, “We can look into the earliest known UFO case in 1897. The Texas UFO Incident that features a UFO smashing into a windmill and leaving the water there poisoned from the well that is currently there. Further research showed that was just an increase in aluminum, but I’m not really interested in the crash itself or the wind mill or water poison.” Daniel explained in a hurried form.

“What are you interested in then?” Jack asked curiously.

“That they buried the pilot of the UFO in a graveyard unmarked. No one’s dug the thing up and this could be our chance to uncover some flesh on a real alien. That might shut Doug up finally,” Daniel replied. 

“Are you telling me you want to illegally dig up someone’s grave to prove it’s an alien?”

“What am I expect to do? Follow the law and never get anything done? It’s in the name of research and we are doing no harm what so ever. The public want to hear the truth on these matters and I think it’s up to me to deliver that. Our next stop is Aurora, Texas.” Daniel said walking off towards the lifts.

In the past Jack was never quite sure what path Daniel was leading himself into and since the objects he found was indeed strange to have found this would have only excited and explained to him to dig deeper to depths that tight roped the line of what’s legal and what’s not. 

Late in the afternoon and Doug wandered into his office to see Geoff and the web cam setup via his computer. He sat his coca down on the desk and a screen appeared with Dr. Frank Carter. Doug adjusted the web cam to suit his position leaned back on his desk seat.

“Evening everyone I’m a friend of Daniel Phoenix who suggested these talked of objects to be kept with me for safety reasons. What object would you like me to discuss about in the science research I have conducted on them?” the doctor asked Doug.

Doug thought for a moment as Geoff sat next to him to view the web cam, “Give me this Starchild skull one first.” He answered.

“This skull after some research and some discussions does prove that it is related to the first Starchild skull in the many details and designs of it. The biochemical makeup is very much like the other. The testing revealed like the first that a mother DNA was found but the father is unknown. The age of the skull is 800 to 900 years old. It is possibly younger than the first and well known skull by UFO researchers such as Daniel himself,” Dr. Frank explained to Doug.

“There are many people like me who don’t believe this skull at all. Do you believe in this?” Doug asked.

“Like you Doug I only present the science facts and this was what I found. No more and no less. I would prefer it to be normal but after further testing’s with three other doctors and researchers the results were the same.”

Doug nodded in understanding and thought of the second object, “What about the missile weapon that was found. Daniel said it was modern warhead made about twenty years back. Can you shed some light into this one?” 

“The skull itself didn’t worry me in terms of how odd it was. Because there’s been another skull just like it but this object surprised me. The warhead was created about twenty years back. After some radiocarbon dating and trying to test the weapon to find out the age of it I was shocked,” Dr. Frank replied.

“What was the shocking part about it?”

“The dating of tests revealed the warhead was fired about 50 years ago, at least 30 years before it was invented.”

Doug pulled a strange face about the date of the warhead and tried to put a logical reasoning behind the find, “It is possible that the military had this technology for years before it was released for the public to see.”

“That was a possible area of reason I was thinking too but the technology would be too modern for the 1960’s or the 1950’s to be honest. That technology would have given the military an upper hand in the Korea War and future event from the 1960’s. Both objects are quite old and carry some weight in Daniel’s theories,” Dr Frank explained.

Geoff let out some air in thought about the discovery and wanted to know more, “Could you send me the reports too. This is pretty interesting news to hear.”

“I can do that for you Geoff. Doug what do you think about this?” Dr Frank Carter asked him.

For the first time part of Doug’s logical thoughts on UFO’s were starting to shake but he was still firm in his theory that these objects could be explained away.

“The warhead could be just not released by anyone by the time it was actually used in the public. The Starchild skull theory is still with the jury. I believe something more firm needs to be presented,” Doug answered.

Dr. Frank Carter said his goodbye on the web cam and Doug sat back on this seat gave a odd look to Geoff and wondered how far Daniel could get into the investigation. He knew that after eight years of failed investigations from him this is the first time something odd has been presented to him.

After the further disagreements between Doug and Daniel Phoenix, Daniel has decided to go deeper into his investigation by literally unearthing the oldest UFO case in the book. Daniel explained to Jack earlier that a UFO smashed through an old wind mill back in 1897 leaving pieces of the craft along the ground and the owner of the craft killed on impact. The two of them were flying on a plane to Texas as Daniel explained further to Jack about the case.

“The wreckage from the craft Jack was dumped in a well many years ago however latest investigations had showed that was moved from the well to somewhere else. The derby was removed in 1945 by the new owners of the land that followed a strange case of arthritis which the man claimed it was from the wreckage in the well itself.  While the last piece of information is very interesting to look into I’m going to be taking the course of the area that the alleged alien body was buried at the Aurora Cemetery. This could be the proof to show to Doug that what I have been doing all these years wasn’t in vain,” Daniel said.

“You mean the illegal operation of digging someone’s grave without the permission of the cemetery owners?” Jack kindly reminded him.

“We won’t remove the body itself. I just like to remove some DNA, take a few photos and replace the dirt and make it like it was never touched in the first place. It’s not as bad one thinks,” Daniel replied.

“You need an exhumation order from a judge to legally do this.”

“And where am I going to get one of those. I would have to drug a judge before he would even think of doing something like this. I need some shuteye so I can think more,” Daniel said 

It was another night and another investigation into the darkness for the UFO researchers. The pair had waited until it was pitch-black for them to enter the Aurora Cemetery to conduct their ‘legal research for mankind’. Daniel arrived with two shovels and a couple cameras. Also in his bag he had test tubes and some small boxes to take away anything of interest to him. Jack felt the sense of that eerie feeling he had received from the park investigation and picked up one of the shovels. 

“I’m only here to make sure you don’t get caught and thrown into jail. We have to do this quickly before someone finds us,” Jack noted to Daniel.

The pair started digging the grave based on the past research Daniel had looked into on where the grave would be at. It was an unmarked grave not too far from the other graves marked in the cemetery. Nearly two hours have passed since the digging started and both of them were getting tired. Daniel sat down with one foot in the grave while Jack brought out a couple drinks. They took a few sips of their drinks and rested.

“I wonder what sets apart the real cases from the fake one. I mean you must have come up against many cases that weren’t real Daniel,” Jack said.

“There are the cases that are hoaxes and then there are the ones that don’t add up or not enough proof to make anything of it. The real cases are the golden gems, very rare to piece together something and actually prove anything right. That’s what I’m always searching for, that truth you know.” Daniel answered.

Jack stood up to wipe the sweat from his face as Daniel grabbed the shovel again and started digging. After about ten minutes the shovel hit a wooden box and he went down on his hands and knees removing the dirt over the coffin. He placed his fingers over the side of the coffin and it seemed easy to open the top of the coffin lid open to see the head. For a few moments he placed his hands on the coffin waiting for something.

“What’s wrong Phoenix?” Jack asked.

He turned his head up from the grave, “I’m just thinking is this is the moment that I have been waiting for all this time? Real proof of something out there? To have in my hands all the proof that I need is quite unbelievable.”

Daniel closed his eyes and flipped open the coffin and opened his eyes again. He turned and blinked for a moment at the sight while Jack’s impression had his mouth wide opened. The body’s head was similar to their Starchild skull and Daniel flipped opened the rest of the coffin lid to expose a long neck and small body.

“What the fuck is wrong with its eye sockets in one. It’s massive,” Jack replied taking a few steps back.

“The body was small as reported over a hundred years ago and the skull is very large here. I think we are looking at a adult Grey skull here,” Daniel answered.

The large skull balanced on a thin spine with larger eye sockets that supported the thousands of claims of the descriptions of Greys in the decades gone by. However what the two noticed was that the skeleton was damaged to a high degree from the crashing of the UFO craft. Daniel took out the camera and took a number of photos of the skeleton. Jack rubbed his beard while keeping a look out for anyone around the area. Daniel paused and turned up at Jack.

“Are you getting the feeling that someone is watching us? I’ve been getting since we came here,” Daniel asked.

Jack looked around and turned back not feeling what Daniel was, “Nah there’s not a shadow here. I think you’re just worried about getting caught. Let’s wrap this up and return the grave to its normal state,” he answered.

The pair started to throw dirt back into the grave as Daniel put the camera safely into his pocket. Mysterious shadows appeared across the graveyard circling certain graves and watching over the pair dumping dirt into the grave site. Daniel felt a sudden chill over his body. He watched Jack working away while eyeing off the trees with moving shadows. He was thrilled that he had found the big prize but the question was at what price?

“Have I gone too far?” he said to himself in a whisper looking glary into the darkness. 

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