Chapter 3 – The Author’s War

It was a quiet basement where the groups of the old Legomen, Xtreme Squad, Daniel Phoenix and Hayden Norman with Vincent Lamour was listening to the mystery man who claimed he knew the story of the author in the war. They were all sitting down while the large man watched over them.

“My name is Roger and I am a Barbarian. I have done many wrong things in my time but I redeemed myself through a band that saved a land called Evermore. Our history was destroyed by nuclear powers and we live in a world of small fancy devices but also swords and Kings,” he started

King Lion and Daniel Phoenix nodded and smiled at a interesting mixed world of his.  Roger was nervous because he wasn’t one for speeches. He was always barbarian of massive action and letting the talking to the other members of his small band.

“There are many myths and legends that we have seen over our time in Evermore and yes we had portal enter our world but it didn’t do a thing to us. We have nothing to give them. In our books the author in the war was said to be the greatest battle of all of our times. The one war that shows the fight inside and out. It will expose you for all to see. Everyone in this room and our universe is bound to one person. A person who writes and dreams of worlds away from his own.” Roger told the group.

“Some of what you have told us makes sense. The man in the tower brings us all together and this one person seems to be a writer. Are we just characters of a story?” Professor Walken asked Roger.

“No we are not. There are connections from this writer to us but not in creation. Most of the people around us have disappeared that we know of but there are still millions left in this world. What I can understand is that this war has been building for hundreds of years and it is coming to a head. The man in the tower was in pictures I saw with the elf friend of mine. There is a gathering for author’s convention at a special place in the city on the other side of this country. There he will appear to the writer that some of you know him,” Roger replied further.

Daniel Phoenix and Professor Walken turned around to the other members in the room, “You mean that people in this room know who this author is?” Professor Walken asked.

“Yes, when they meet him the pictures in the book told us he was just a boy. Today he has grown up and in the real world away from his past life with his old family,” Roger answered him.

King Lion and Wizard rose from their seats. They knew who the person was that they met all those years ago. It was me.

“We know who the boy was. I think it is best that I should go and tell him of this news without worrying him with these people here. This is tough news for anyone here. Just let me go and I will find him,” Wizard asked the group.

“If you know the boy who is a man today, you can go and find him. Be careful for the man in the tower is there too. He will want to find him too. Go now,” Roger told Wizard.

Wizard nodded to the rest of the group and left the room. There were small discussions in the room as Roger told more about the man in the tower would seek to destroy each of their worlds if they are unguarded. He told them there was an old universe portal they could use to send back people to help protect their world but it was unstable at times. Professor Walken suggested that some of them would return home to make sure that they spread the defenses and keep strong.  Dr. Cyber, Iron Hook, King Lion, and Mr. Umezu decided to return to rally the troops.

Mr. Umezu patted Chisoutsa on the back as he left the room to whisper something in her ear, “Don’t be a fool and just let the old wizard go by himself. You know what to do.” Chisoutsa was silence as the group left the room leaving only herself, Lucas Walken, Professor Walken, Daniel Phoenix, Hayden Norman, Roger the Barbarian, and Vincent Lamour left.

The author convention was alive with people discussing and talking at tables. Wizard had arrived at the door and looked around the room as he gave his invite tag to the man next to him. It was a large meeting room with many authors having small chats with each other and drinks were served by waiters. Wizard spotted me over a table which I was there myself. He wandered over in his light blue suit and sat down next to me.

“It’s a while Chris and I wonder to myself why you’re here,” he asked me.

I turned to him half surprised that he was here but in the past he always kept check on me during my life, “I could say the same about you. I got a free ticket to this event. I’m not really interested in the small talk but the food here is nice. That’s my bonus,” I answered him.

“There’s something I have to talk to you about it’s not good I’m afraid,” Wizard said turning around to look around the room and suddenly saw two known people at a back table. It was Chisoutsa and Lucas Walken standing watching the other tables possibly looking or spying on me and Wizard.

“I can’t believe they came here to spy on me,” Wizard answered myself tossing his head.

“Who is here?” I asked turning my head around to see both of them having a drink together and taking some food off a waiter.

“That’s not Chisoutsa and Lucas Walken I just saw. I mean I wrote about them but that’s not possible. I mean the only world I can see is yours Wizard,” I said confused.

“You’re about to see any of your known characters very quickly. You know about the portal you used when you lived in your flat when you were a child?”

“Yeah, the one that sent me to a different universe. Many children wouldn’t forget hat so fast,” I answered Wizard with sarcasm.

“Well these other worlds have portals too but recently there have been attacks on them all by an unknown source of power. All we know so far is that it’s a man who is a writer like you from long ago and he’s here in the same room,” Wizard.

“That explains why Chisoutsa is here. I hope she doesn’t start blowing things up. I should have written her a softer approach to these matters,” I said smiling to myself.

“She has her brother here and he seems like a logical person like you,” Wizard replied to me.

“Yeah he would have tagged along to make sure nothing bad happened,” I answered thinking to myself.

We discussed more about who was here and what people that I remembered from my past and I decided to have another drink. Chisoutsa and Lucas Walken noticed me walking away from Wizard and Chisoutsa pointed at me from the back of the room.

“That’s him. He looks small,” Chisoutsa said wondering about me.

“He’s a writer, he’s not a fitness person or fighter. Let’s just stay in the background and make sure that he and the Wizard is safe. It’s important and you don’t want to upset dad now do we,” Lucas reminded her.

“Yes I know Lucas. There are free drinks here so I can’t complain,” Chisoutsa answered sipping from her drink.

I walked over and picked up a drink from the front table of the room where I could see Wizard watching me from time to time and looking back at Chisoutsa and Lucas. I turned around when a shadowed figure past me by and a voice inside my head called out to me, “You know who I am and I know more of you than you know of yourself. I am the author in the war and so are you,” the voice said.

I turned my head around and lowered my arm with my drink to it trying to work out where the voice came from. I touched my chest and right arm abit shaky from the moment.

“What is the author in the war? Why do you want me? Why am I so special?” I asked the voice.

“I have chosen you to be something very special. The author in the war is the greatest figure of all existence. Come to my tower with the ones that you write about. The ones that you trust with your life and I will speak to you from the body and my soul,” replied the voice and in an instant everything felt normal again and I raised my arm with the drink again. I walked back over to Wizard and sat back down next to him.

“He contacted me through my head,” I told him.

“Like a voice in your mind?” he asked.

“Yeah. He told to come to the tower and bring the people who I write and trust the most with my own life.”

Wizard leaned in to me at the table and nodded, “I know you are nervous about this. You helped me along time ago with the Legomen when you were a child and I want to help you now in your own quest. Even if something you never asked for. I know I was your first character to be made. Just tell me who you want to appear at the tower with you and I will make sure that it happens. “

“I know that you would that for me. We battled Zare in the past and dealt with the odd crossover problem with my world but this is different. I can feel that this is going to be really hard for some reason. You just tell me where to meet you like always I suppose and we’ll see this person,” I replied.

Wizard stood up and put down his drink and looked around the room for last time, “I agree I think this is going to be very different to what we might expect.”

He disappeared off as it normally did around me as I stayed in my seat wondering what was going to happen to me and to anyone else.

The following night had come where Wizard and I met up at the side of the rocky cliffs but it wasn’t the location he told of that morning. The tower had moved location again, possibly to make it easier for me to travel but I didn’t know really. Wizard patted me on the shoulder and pointed out the tower in the distance.

“They are waiting with you just down the small pathway leading to the tower. They are looking forward to seeing you. They have many questions,” he tyold me.

“I’m not surprised I wouldn’t be happy being dragged along here in the cold and in the middle of nowhere. There’s not even any internet access in this area. There was no point bring the phone with me,” I complained.

“Back when we first you didn’t own a computer or a phone. Things were simpler back in our time,” Wizard reminded me as we walked along the narrow pathway.

I shuddered in the cold and put my hands in my pockets to keep them warm, “Just a few old exercise school books and a pen to keep me company. I never find some of those old stories. Maybe they are lost to time,” I said remembering them.

“Or just another universe waiting to be found. Many of the people were surprised of the different technologies they had. I think for everyone it’s been the idea of comparing different thoughts and ways of dealing with problems that has been the real challenge. Most of them are normally used to doing it themselves. In each of their worlds they are the heroes and this time they have to play along others to work this one out,” Wizard explained to me.

“Just like the Legomen at first. We had a bunch of pirates fighting us and then the Cyber family with their own ways of doing things. The funny thing Wizard was that Zare was the best person to keep us together despite what destruction he brought to us,” I said.

“You’re right and we have to see that it happens again. Thou that Chisoutsa was very heavy headed and that Barbarian looks very strong and tough. It might not as easy as first thought.”

We came up to the gathering where the others were waiting and there they were: Chisoutsa, Lucas Walken, Vincent Lamour, Roger the Barbarian, Daniel Phoenix, Hayden Norman, and Cody Cyber.

“I see that by Cody being here that there’s a portal somewhere?” I asked Wizard.

“The portal has improved its function due to Daniel and Percy Cyber having a tinker of it’s issues. It’s much quicker when have many smart people on the ground. Come and talk to them. They are your friends,” Wizard replied moving out his arm with his hand to get me to move to see them.

“They are more than just friends,” I said to myself coming up to see Cody Cyber one familiar face from my past.

“It’s great seeing you again Chris. We were both young the last time we met. Doesn’t time fly hey?” Cody smirked knowing the in joke he made.

“A Time Cruiser can always know when time flies,” I replied smiling to him.

Vincent came up smiling to me and brought out his hand shaking mine, “It’s a pleasure to meet you. We have heard some good stories from the King Lions that I was talking to you earlier today. It’s a part of me to know the background of stories and people.”

“You have a love of knowledge I know that. How’s the legs and the knees feeling on you?” I asked him.

“Well the pain comes and goes but life is too short to worry about those things,” he replied with a jolly smile.

“Same could be said with my knees. Is that you Phoenix and Norman?” I asked looking forward to seeing some cool investigators in my sights.

“That would be me. It’s great to meet you and hopefully you can fill us in on what’s the issue at hand. Vincent and I started researching this before anyone else knew what this was. It’s a cracking case to work on and I hope some of the pieces of the puzzle can be found,” Daniel Phoenix answered.

“Well, if I’m here than maybe I might beat you to the finish line. You were always slower than me when it came to solving paranormal cases,” Hayden grinned at Daniel.

Daniel waved his hands at Hayden for a moment, “If I remember I’m the expert on the aliens and UFO’s and you like ghosts and spirits. I remembered a few times that Sonia showed you up at Uni when you were worked together for a while,” Daniel pointed out.

Hayden smiled back brushing back his sleek black hair and adjusting his black jacket, “Maybe a couple times she did. Let’s not start that talk again. I’m here and ready to help in whatever you need me in. I wish I brought some of my equipment.”

I turned around to see the large and strong willed Roger the Barbarian watching me when I picked up the courage to greet him, “You’re here too. I’m really happy to see you finally. It’s been a long time since your last adventure?” I asked him.

“Duncan the dwaft is more interested in gold looting runs and Walter like to work in a small magic store for anything major to happen in adventures. I thought my days of bloodshed were over until now,” he answered with a commanding voice.

I stood back thinking about waving my hands trying to keep the thinking of death on a few levels, “I really hope for my sake there’s no bloodshed. I don’t have enough blood as it is. I’m about twenty percent of your size as it is,” I noted about myself.

“Even smaller with a better look, how is he going to stay alive in all of this?” said a voice from the background.

Chisoutsa stood up from standing on a rock watching the interactions and greetings. She clearly was impressed by the look of me and came down to have that better look of me.

“Sis, he’s fine. He’s currently the most protected person I know of. Don’t you think there’s better things to worry about,” Lucas Walken replied from behind her.

“Just like your father. Always making sure people are looking at the big picture of the problem,” I replied noticing.

“You know our father Professor Walken?” Chisoutsa asked me.

“I have written about him and all of you in the past,” I answered.

The group seemed puzzled and confused at what I said, “Does that mean that’s true. We are just characters from your stories and you direct us?” Daniel Phoenix asked.

I paused for a moment while the rest of them wanted to know the answer, “Maybe I’m not writing about characters at all. Maybe I’m writing about visions from a world I’ve never seen. Maybe it’s just the seeds that I plant where you grow and learn by yourselves or maybe there are universes out there that are just like the thoughts and worlds that I dream of. That there are worlds that are filled with things that I would love to explore and see and do. All of you can make any decisions in your lives and I don’t control that,” I told the group.

“We believe you Chris. We all make our own decisions. I’ve known him for twenty years and not always we have agreed on everything but we know we have gone many things together when we had to. Come now, it’s time to unmask the man in the tower,” Wizard replied to the group.

The mystery of the man in the tower was on the top of everyone’s mind and the group marched forward towards the tower gates. A dark purple and black gate was left opened, waiting for his visitors to come inside. We came through black dirt patches and rocks as we made our move into the tower itself. Vincent and Daniel noticed the library full of books and saw the blank pieces of papers falling down upon all us as we saw the figure sitting on what seemed to be throne with two objects by each of his sides. Chisoutsa loaded up her black eagle gun and Roger the Barbarian gripped onto his broadsword. Lucas Walken looked up at the roof of paintings of people covered in blood and some of them were praying to a brown book. He held his blue staff club in his hands preparing himself too. Hayden popped out Daniel’s scanner device and checked out the paintings on the roof.

“Stories of the past, memories unknown until now,” he spoke to himself.

I a single line we arrived at a long table where it kept the distance between us and him. The man in the tower’s long black coat shone on the throne and he didn’t seem concerned with the amount of strong people in the same room as him. But he gave a slight concern towards – the weakest link in the mighty chain. I stood in the middle of them all with Wizard to my right and Chisoutsa to my right. Lucas was next to her with Vincent and Cody Cyber while Daniel and Hayden stood next to Wizard in the line of defense. Each of their weapons and devices were placed on the table. The broadsword, the black eagle gun, Wizard’s wand, the scanner device, the Club staff, when Vincent kept onto his cane was all placed on that long brown table. There was silence for a few moments, people eyeing off the man in the tower. Anger at what he achieved in so little time, removing their power and control from their worlds without much of a fight and to some how he dared expected them to come in for a chat while their universes were weak and defenses up against the wall. He rose from the throne and walked down from it and gave a look at each of my characters and then finally me.

“My name is Valentine Blackburn. I come from the 1600’s and today I am not pleased at what see in this world. The state of the respect of writers worldwide has been reduced to ashes and dust. I am here from a deal I made with a book, a special book that controls the powers of all existence. I gave my blood, my life to it in exchange to awake in a time when the war would begin. You are the author in the war, chosen by the book to fight me, to give your life too for the war at hand,” Valentine introduced himself.

“Why was I chosen and why did you make the deal with this book?” I asked him. I couldn’t understand of all the great writers in this world it choose me, someone who wasn’t published, someone not famous.

“Your soul is damaged like mine. From a harden childhood to a tough adulthood. You struggle to understand where you belong at times and the point of living in a world that makes you unhappy,” Valentine replied with a calm voice.

Wizard’s head turned to me to see some pain in my face that what he said was true. It has been struggle to be on the road that I have lived.

“I was misunderstood in my time. I was a great author. A man who was listened to by the people. But these governments and even my Kingdom back than never truly knew how to rule with the creative mind that one needs. The book is called The Author’s War and I discovered it in my time. It can only used once and that is to call a war when all the universes are under attack. The deal I made was to give myself vast amounts of power and control at will, in exchange to have a war with someone to prove that I am worthy of these powers. If the victory is mine, everything that my soul and mind feels and touches will be under my control and my new world begins,” he explained to me and the others.

Roger the Barbarian slammed his fist on the table with anger, “You will not play games with who I protect. No one here will bow to these rules of this game of yours.”

Daniel Phonies noticed his scanner device was blinking while he saw me and Wizard trying to calm Roger down.

“So how do we know the winner of this war? The last man standing?”

“Last author standing,” Valentine answered.

The rooftop paintings glass had a large shadow moving over it when Lucas noticed it and the scanner device was blinking quicker. Valentine looked at the roof too and looked down back at me, “You have another person here and he’s very angry at me.”

Everyone picked up their weapons and charged for the front doors of the towers and came outside.  The grand large creature flew around the tower with fire and ice coming out of its mouth. I came outside to see what the noise was and noticed who it was quickly.

“Can you tell us who the hell is this thing?” Chisoutsa asked me.

“That’s the mighty ThunderDragon, the lord of the weather. Why is he here?” I asked myself while answering Chisoutsa’s question.

Lucas Walken stepped forward with Wizard and fired beams of magic towards the ThunderDragon trying to contain him. Chisoutsa fired shots at him while Daniel and Hayden took me a side.

“This is a weather dragon, you are telling us?” Hayden asked me.

“Yeah, he’s a very powerful one too. He controls and balances the weather elements in this world,” I answered him taking stepping away from the fire and ice hitting the tower and the ground. I shielded myself while Daniel used his scanner device.

“Let’s target him with something like toxic matters. If he’s connected the to the nature of the world than he won’t like what we will be doing to him,” Daniel said to him.

He shouted out to Wizard who was getting dragged into the battle deeper by the ThunderDragon, “Use toxic manner and poison him if you can!”  Wizard nodded and targeted his wand at the ThunderDragon’s wings. He sprayed the dragon’s massive moving wings with toxic and the old weather lord seized up and turned back at Wizard. Cody Cyber and Lucas Walken climbed up a rock to talk to the dragon as I noticed the tower was starting to disappear.

“He’s disappearing!” I shouted towards Chisoutsa and she turned back and fired shots at the tower but soon enough it was gone. The             Thunder Dragon dropped from the sky as everyone run out of his way as they hid behind the rocks and covered their eyes when the beast smashed into the ground hard and gave a angry roar that could heard for miles and miles away. Roger walked up and pointed his broadsword at the dragon, “Who are you and why you are here,” he demanded of the weather lord.

The ThunderDragon on the ground and Roger gave each other death looks. Both were very stubborn and unwilling to give up.

Seasons of the Future – Chapter 5 

The lord of the weather the ThunderDragon had been shot down from the sky from the mighty figure of Wizard from LegoLand. Roger the Barbarian and the ThunderDragon looked at each other for a answer when I came up in a pretty quiet and worrying look on my face.

“We know you are the ThunderDragon the lord of the weather and we know you do not mean any harm. We are here to protect this world. We just want to know why you are here,” I asked him.

The ThunderDragon rose up from the ground and shook off the toxic poisons that were on his wings. Roger put down his sword still watching him with caution.

“There have been weather patterns since this person has appeared. The scope and changes of the weather has come to my attention and I have decided to take matters into my own hands.”

“ThunderDragon, what about the weather elements? The six of them that follow your command. Wouldn’t they be here to help you with this?” I asked him.

“I don’t understand how you know that but they wouldn’t good enough to aid me in ridding of this evil. Only I the lord of the weather can defeat him,” he answered.

Lucas Walken tossed his head in amazement and whispered to Chisoutsa who was standing to her, “He’s got a bigger head than you when it comes to fighting.”

“Fuck you,” she answered blunted.

Wizard came up to the ThunderDragon trying to understand his position, “All of our worlds from far away have been affected by Valentine Blackburn. We must understand this and be on the same page. We need everyone here to help us. There are people here that will use force upon you if you don’t agree. That is because we don’t have the time to lose to fight within ourselves.”

The ThunderDragon seemed more calm towards Wizard, not because he was taken out of the sky by him but because he felt wisdom and respect from the old man.

“So be it. What is the position is wish you want to do with me?” he asked.

“I think we need to spill up for a while. Valentine hasn’t told us anything about his past or his true nature. There are plenty of things that were unsaid in that tower. Vincent and Daniel should go and explore his past while Roger and The ThunderDragon maybe with Cody and Percy Cyber about the problems of the weather. I and Chisoutsa might work on something. I don’t have all the answers I suppose,” I suggested to the group. Thou I wasn’t sure on what type of plans I had in mind. Everything felt scattered and it was on purpose by the author in the war.

“Come with me Chris. We’ll do what you want but we might need to do something with you. Something to aid you in this war against Valentine. The ThunderDragon should go with Roger, Hayden, and the two Cyber men to work on those issues. The three parties will make sure we find out as much as we can on him. Let’s move quickly and work well on this too,” Wizard told the group.

The entire group moved off into the three parties and would meet together at a later date.

It was a few days later that the condition of the ThunderDragon’s health has taken a turn for worse. Hayden Norman the researcher has discovered that four of his element brothers had fallen into a coma that had turned the weather patterns out of axie and the control of those weather elements have swung to Valentine’s hands. He had also learnt that the six dragonflies used by the elements of the weather had also fallen into this coma too suggesting that the planet was about to break apart due to the chaos nature of the weather in the future. Hayden and Percy Cyber sat down with the ThunderDragon at a nearby forest to understand what the problem was.

“A thousand year ago there was a different war called the war of the weather. Three great evils threaten the weather and control of our world and we put that to the sword long ago. I smell the taste of those creatures arising in this war of the authors. This is why I came to see the tower for myself. The damage he has done so far has been great and I will breathe through his soul for what it has done to me and my element brothers.  In these forests, the darkest points you will find the frozen bodies made by my spell. Those reason were based on protection. There were three good people, a knight, a princess and a old wizard like the one we have here who have done good. All of them are in this forest for one day to awake them. The time of these spells are nearly expired. I want you four to go inside to break the spells of the good ones. They can help us. Go now and explore the forest,” he told them.

Percy Cyber nodded to his son and picked up the potions, “These will do the trick. Over the years witnessing from Wizard’s craft we can summon their bodies to life.”

The four of them entered the forest area as Roger the Barbarian led the team, “This reminded me of my own band that I led many years ago. They were very good times for me and I learnt a lot about myself as a person,” he told the group.

“I was in my group and my son with this Xtreme Squad he’s in. It’s surprising how you can learn with people from different backgrounds in life. That’s what I learnt in my personal experiences,” Percy Cyber replied thinking of his time with the Legomen.

Roger raised his broadsword and pointed at the cave in the forest. The forest was a dark and blue eerie color. There was a suggestion that it had been cursed in the past and that it had never fully recovered from the power of evil.

“The cave here is where the good ones are. Further up the path is where the others are. You Cyber men take the longer path and we will check on these. They might be useful for us. Go!” he barked with the orders as Percy and Cody Cyber took off up the path way.

Roger cut down the spider webs and branches that blocked the path to the inner cave and Hayden had batch of the potions. He pulled out a second device scanner that he took from Daniel Phoenix to help with the investigations and noticed the bodies lying on soft beds frozen in time. Hayden pulled out one of the potions and looked at the young blonde princess trapped in time from a war she never asked for. He lowered the potion on the bed and sadness came across his face. He closed his eyes when Roger noticed he was upset.

“What’s wrong young man? Tell me,” he ordered.

“Roger, the bodies are dead. They have killed in time. Someone during the thousand years have come in and killed them through the spell somehow. The scanner tells me there’s nothing we can do,” he said using the device in defeat.

Roger pushed Hayden out of the way and rested his hands on the body of the dead princess, “So Princess Claire, Alexander the Knight and Alfred the Old have all been killed. Never to fulfill the war they were in. This does not please me,” Roger spoke with anger with his muscles flexing. He smashed the frozen body and turned to Hayden.

“Can you summon them as ghosts? You know of these things don’t you?” he asked him.

“It doesn’t work like that. Their souls have been gone for a long time. Whoever killed them ago long.”

“We will inform the ThunderDragon of this when we return. He will not be pleased like me,” Roger said in anger grabbing Hayden and taking them outside of the cave.

Percy and Cody Cyber arrived at the darkest area of the forest where the three creatures of evil were at. Cody Cyber with his back to front cap studied the area with his father and saw a large missing frozen section in the dirt.

“Dad, you said Hayden told you about a dragon called Draken were here as a frozen body was here? He’s missing, the other body of this Morcar is missing too dad,” Cody told him.

Percy came up next to him and noticed it for himself.

“I’m lucky I was this snow coat with me all the time, it’s terribly cold out here and unlike a forest I have ever seen. I feel like I’m being watched. You’re right those two bodies have been moved away from here. The footprints here suggest it wasn’t a long time ago. Where’s the third body, the guy called Gladus,” Percy asked.

Cody looked around and there was the body of Gladus with blood oozing out of him slowly. Cody leaned down on the ground to gain a better look of the body. It was half unfrozen and the body of him looked like he was killed a long time ago. Hi heart had been pulled out and removed but the rest of the body was intact. There was no suggestion of a struggle.

“Dad this is getting weird. Look at where the heart is missing. Why would anyone take the heart of someone and take the two other bodies?” he asked his father.

“Good question. We’ll have to report all of this back to the headquarters back at Daniel Phoenix’s house when this is completed. These trails are really different. These two bodies have been removed in recent times but this one with the heart missing it’s been done a long time ago, the blood is dry, some oozing suggests to me he was not human at all,” Percy replied studying the area.

Footprints were heard and both Percy and Cody quickly turned around to see Roger and Hayden coming up the pathway, “All bodies of ours have been killed. What about your end?” asked the Barbarian.

Percy placed his hands in his pocket kicking the dirt at one of the missing bodies, “Two are missing and the third has been killed with a missing heart. No other body parts have been removed.”

Hayden came up next to Percy and check over the bodies remembering from his past experiences, “This does remind me of a few cases of cults removing human body parts for rituals or magic in the past. The organ of the heart could be anything because it is a symbol of many things to many people and cultures. The funniest thing is why haven’t we been attacked or even a encounter with anyone to do with Valentine?” he asked.

Roger stood in the background sharpening his broadsword and watching up at thr forest trees, “It’s because he’s come and been here. There is no reason for him to be here. He wants more than just a patch of forest and few men. He wants to control something of merit, something that will cut deep in all of us.”

“He is right and we should go before something happens,” Percy suggested to the group. All had agreed on that point and made their made of the dark old forests that had not been to those staying frozen in time.

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