Chapter 3 – The Legend of Evermore

The band was quickly sent on their way to the town. Chambers wants a brief expedition so
his crowning goes ahead. Rising moon is a famous place for churchgoers and some
wizards. Walter did like the place but the prices of food and magic were very high, too
much for the normal wizard.
“ Rising moon? Sounds weird,” thought Duncan.
“ Well you look bizarre!” snapped Walter at Duncan.
“ There’s the town village. Let’s ask around,” said Roger
The town was a peaceful region, like the Evermore Castle Town Square. However, not as
busy and crazy looking.
Walter and Duncan asked around as Levi got some lunch. He noticed some strangers

lurking around the alleyways.
“ Firmirs? It could be Graford’s work,” thought Levi.
Levi remembered these Fimirs when battling Graford, while trying to protect Mentor.
Roger walked around the place as he played with his sword. Walter appeared with some
“ We know where the kid is,” he said.
The band went to the detached house as Levi rejoined them. The house where the kid lived
was a deprived house; it had no real good rooms and bad on clothes and food.
“ I think Graford is on our trail,” said Levi trying to warn the other members.
“ Don’t worry young elf. I’m here!” joked the Dwarf as he walked on; No one took notice
of the young Elf’s warning.
They walked into the house as the child saw them. He was dressed in unattractive grey
clothes; which showed that the family was underprivileged.
“ Who the hell are you? Are you the clowns from the Evermore castle? For the festival?”
he said.
The band did not like his comment.
“ No we’re not. We are here for you. The new king wants you. He is your father you be
aware of,” said Walter.
“ My foster parent’s did say I was related to royalty in some way. My name is Magus,” he
said to the band.
“ Magus. Your father told us to take you home for the crowning of the king,” said Roger.
“ Why does he want me now. After all these years?” asked Magus.
“ Because he cares for you and wants you to have a good life in the castle” lied Levi.
“ Liar! He wants you because you are significant for him to be crowned,” said Duncan.
“ I guess I don’t a choice, don’t I? I shall go,” said Magus.
“ Good let’s get out of here” said Levi looking around the place.
The group walked back to the Town Square as no one was there. The area was cold and
mysterious much like the presence of Graford.
“ This is strange. Where is everyone, it’s market day?” said Magus confused.
Suddenly three Fimirs appeared from nowhere, they stared at the heroes as one grabbed a
swinging axe.
“ We have visitors Roger. Let’s give them the Evermore greeting, won’t we?” said Duncan
as Roger gave a smile back at him.
Then the two of them charged in as Walter and Levi protected Magus from suffering any
harm. Roger slashed through the Fimirs as one cut Roger on the leg. Duncan grabbed a
sword to chop one to pieces, he ran through madly to evoke many injuries. The Fimirs

backed off, as Magus was still worried.
“ What’s wrong?” said Walter with a worried face.
“ Where are the people? They are my friends and family. They could be in danger,”
thought Magus.
Magus was a boy who cared about the people of the towns and the cities. Not like his
father who cares more on being the King and looking good. For both of them, they had a
lot to learn to about looking after countries.
“ Do you hear any cries for help? No you don’t! Let’s go home!” snapped Duncan.
Duncan could be just plain insensitive for saying and doing things. Who knows why, it
was his character.
“ Just annoy the selfless Dwarf here. We’ve find them,” said Walter with a kind smile.
“ Fine then. Let us start this stupid find. Why don’t we” snapped the Dwarf walking off.
The band walked around the market place as Magus sensed something wrong.
“ The sculpture is cold. It’s always full of vigor,” said Magus with a vexed look.
Magus believed in Spiritual energy too. He believed in gods too but many people of this
world feared gods and did not worship any of them.
Then a figure appeared from the shadows as Graford appeared with his staff.
“ Well, well, well. If it isn’t our celebrities with the future king of Evermore. Pity that he
will never be king as I will have taken over by then” smiled Graford.
“ You won’t Graford. We are here to protect Magus and the world from Chaos magic!”
cried Roger the Barbarian.
“ You don’t have the dominance over what I have already, or the authority I shall have in
the future” said Graford.
“ Give the child to me or else” said Graford.
“ Or what?” asked Walter holding his staff firm.
“ Or witness a series of pain. A lot in fact” said Graford.
“ Bring it on stupid!” cried Duncan showing off.
Then Graford raised his staff as it strikes thunder at the heroes. All of the members fell to
the ground. It was hard to keep up with Graford’s intensity.
“ Magus. Why don’t you link up with us? You can be so powerful, better than the father
who forgot you!” cried Graford moving forward
“ Never! These are my friends!” cried Magus.
Then the heroes got back up ready for more.
“ If you choose to stand with the humans. Then you will die with the humans!” yelled
Graford as he bashed the child with his staff as Magus was knocked out.
“ That’s it!!” yelled Walter as he unleashed a powerful energy beam at Graford.

The beam was turning the skies sinister as it used the sun energy completely. The force
was pushing Graford away, as he grew disturbed of the force he was receiving. Graford’s
face was shaking; he was closing his eyes trying to forget what was hitting him. Then
Graford fell over as a huge explosion happened in the Town Square.
Walter moved up to him with red glowing eyes with staff on fire, but had no effect on him.
He was like invincible to anything on earth.
“ Now leave and learn this is no team to mess with!” yelled Walter
Graford got up weak from the attack as he stare at the band and vanished from site.
Then Walter fell to the ground as the others ran to him.
“ He’s weak. Let’s go!” cried Duncan as Levi and Roger carried him home.
Mentor and Prince Chambers were stunned by Walter’s mad attack on Graford.
“ Even I can’t get him that pissed off,” said Duncan
“ He’s enervated but he will ok,” said Levi.
“ I saw the sun go out. I didn’t know Walter did it or could do that!” cried Chambers
Walter was resting in his room as Roger was watching. Mentor came in Roger turned to
talk to him.
“ Why did he do this?” asked Roger.
“ This is the secret of his power. I guess he likes Magus in a way. Wizards like kids and
take them under their wing. It is they’re way of teaching them skills. I do the same thing
all the time. With Chambers and the other wizards I have trained in my time of life”
explained Mentor.
Roger then talked to Walter to see how he was.
“ I feel fine I guess. A bit funny in the head” said Walter.
“ That’s always been like that, funny in the head” said Duncan walking into the room
tossing his head.
That night Chambers was getting crowned; Mentor put the staff on both shoulders as
Chambers got up.
“All hail King Chambers. The 7

th king of Evermore!” cried Mentor

Magus watched the ceremony as Levi stood next to him.
“ He’s a good leader of course. Now you’re the prince of Evermore,” said Levi to Magus.
Magus was somewhat excited about being a prince, but could not see the benefits of being
one. This was all happening too fast to think roughly speaking.
Suddenly the roof of the castle blasted apart as everyone ran to shield them selves from the
stones. The roof was half destroyed as Roger tried to get a better look at the person who
conducted this crime. Graford entered the doorway of the castle with a dark flashing cape.

He was looking quite smart and serious at the same time.
“ This is it, heroes! You obligated a challenge. You’re going to get one!” yelled Graford.

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