Chapter 4 – Chisoutsa: The City of Demons

Chisoutsa was found in Alan Richard’s lab looking over his shoulder. Her yellow stripped black jacket touched him while he was busy.
           “I know you want to see what I’m doing but it’s a secret. Just give me a couple minutes,” Alan whispered to her.
The professor was watching in the distance, not as eager as Chisoutsa to see what the new weapons would be. He rubbed his neck as it hurt him from resting in a poor position. He used to fall sleep with his wine glass in his hand while the fire burnt out to another long night. Alan turned around to an excited Chisoutsa with beaming eyes at him.
          “This is a shoulder rocket launcher. Of course I’m not stupid enough to load it in here but you will have fun with him,” Alan handing her the weapon.
She looked at the weapon and inside and out of it. It was a black and green layered colour with a pull back trigger. It was a large weapon however easy for Chisoutsa to handle.
             “This toy,” Alan started, “Is your primary weapon. It’s called the Eagle, it fires bullets very quickly and one of its secret gadgets in it is the ability to change colour depending on your clothes. This way you can hide even easier in the dark,” he said.
      “This is great, I’m gonna love this one!” she cried excited. She stroked the pistol as if it was an animal and hugged it. The professor shook his head in wonder in the background.  She walked up to the professor and turned back to Alan.
       “Well thanks for the new weapons but I wanna get going and see what happens tonight,” she said to the scientist.
        “Good luck and beware of everything out there!” cried Alan watching the two leave the area.

Chisoutsa wandered out to the professor’s car and he looked over the car to her.
“That is just a weapon you know, not a real person,” he mentioned to her.
“But it’s gonna make me happy tonight. I wanna try them out and see what happens.
“Just remember that, that’s all. We should get back home for lunch before you start your first mission,” the professor said and soon the car took off with a burst of speed away from Alan’s hideout lab.

Chisoutsa was putting on her boots getting ready for her first mission. It had been a while since she has moved out on her own. Charles had visited the pair with a couple folders as he pieced together his own investigation of Chisoutsa’s past. The professor was reading some papers that Charles was handing out around the table. Chisoutsa entered the room strapping weapons over her back.
“There’s a rumour that a guy is living in the city who may knows abit about her past,” Charles said to the professor.
“There’s many people out there who would know something Charles,” the professor reminded him.
“Yes but I believe this person might be another person, like Chisoutsa. Have a look Jonathan.”
Jonathan paused and looked at some of the photos and rubbed his nose. He threw the photo down on the table, “I’m not sure Charles but we shall look into it more as more information is found,” he answered him.
Chisoutsa walked out the door and it closed after it. The professor looked at Charles and held a bottle up, “More wine?” Charles nodded in agreement.

It was two hours since Chisoutsa left the house to search for the Red Team. Her hands were tightening hard and she watched the streets for the Kaiser Unit and anyone who wanted to get in her way. She wandered into the building where the Red Team were supposed to be based. It was dark and smelly with green chemicals dripping from above the ceilings. A couple of Kaiser Unit men were watching over a stairs leading to the next level. She stepped out and fired a round of bullets at with the Eagle. The guards ran down and she blasted another round of bullets. The blood spat out of their bodies as they landed to the ground.
   “Hey you girl, get here!” yelled another Kaiser man from the distance.
Chisoutsa viewed a chain rope to the ceiling and climbed up it. The guard fired his machine gun at her and she swang the chain rope around the room. She swang back and came crashing forward into the guard. He fell down with her and she punched and kicked him and he landed to the ground. She punched a couple bullets in his back and he was down for good.

She came through the door at the other end of upper level and crossed through a room that was flooding of water. She came to a glass door and she punched the glass to pieces and opened it from the other side. She walked in to see the main room with the Red Team members inside. Chisoutsa smiled to herself thinking how easy it was until she viewed the other side of the room through the final door of twenty Kaiser Unit men keeping the Red Team crew prisoner.
   “Fuck,” she whispered to herself and rolled her head to think of how to get through the problem.
She put back her Eagle and watched the actions of the Kaiser men through the window. She slowly removed a matchbox and cigarette from her pocket. A small flame appeared over her face and she blew out smoke while studying the walking patterns of the men inside. She looked at the Eagle and thought of another idea. She held her cigarette in her mouth and grabbed out the rocket launcher. Smiling to herself, she started to load the weapon up and held her launcher in one hand and the Eagle in the other. She stood outside the door and came in charging through the door. It smashed opened and the army of Kaiser Men showered the room of bullets at Chisoutsa. She unloaded a couple rockets at a crowd of them. The ground soon turned bloody and Chisoutsa’s jacket was covered in blood.

The Red Team crew watched Chisoutsa skate around the floor with the Eagle targeting the reminder of the Kaiser Unit. Two of them grabbed hold of her and pinned her to the ground.
   “Got you girl. Tell us who the hell you are,” one cried at her.
There was no answer expect her flexing her muscles and pushing them off her. She turned around on the ground and shot the two dead. One of the Red Team crew approached her and smiled at her.
   “Such a nice girl like you helping. Aren’t you kind,” he was interrupted by her.
She raised her Eagle at her and shouted, “Get the fuck down!” and blew a cyclone of bullets at a group of guards targeting her. She then turned to another guard and she threw her gun away from her. She put up her fists up to her face and started to throw punches at the guard. The guard wobbled around and fell to the ground. The team was finally defeated. She walked up to collect her Eagle from the ground. It was covered in blood and she watched the gun slowly turn red to match its surrounding environment.
   “Sweet” she said to herself.
The Red Team crew was only four people in the end. It wasn’t the large gang that people had said it was.
   “Is this all there is,” Chisoutsa asked the group.
   “Yes there is young girl. What is your name,” spoke one in the group.
   “My name is Chisoutsa. I’ve been looking for you guys for a while. I need to find out about my past. I was hoping you would about it,” she explained to the group.
The four of them were short people and looked at each other for a possible answer to give her. They were dressed in lab coats with a red lightening logo of their old business. Chisoutsa sat down on a broken looking chair that was covered with green slime. She flexed her arm where there was a long cut where blood was dripping from.
   “Are you hurt?” asked one of them.
   “Nah, I don’t feel pain,” she answered watching the blood drain from her.
   “Do you need something to stop it bleeding?”
   “Never needed anything like that. It will heal, lost of blood doesn’t upset me,” she answered back again.
She lit up another smoke and puffed out ring circles at the group, “So tell me, what do you know about me? My friends say I was a DNA project a few years ago for one of the major business. Do ya think you can fill in the blanks?” she asked. 
   “All we know is that the DNA projects failed because the project humans weren’t right. It was a crisis problem with their leader. One of the leaders for those three businesses was the guy who started the project. There was a rumour that may be others like you if they are alive today. We are just four of us now sadly, spoke their leader.
   “Why wasn’t I right?” asked Chisoutsa.
   “I don’t know. You seemed pretty good out there with the Kaiser Unit. I can’t see why you were rejected like the others,” answered the Red Team Leader.
Chisoutsa leaned back in her chair and watched the four of them. She knew that was all they had, it wasn’t much but it could help later on in her search for the truth of her past.

It was quiet when Chisoutsa and her small group wandered the creepy steel tiles of the building towards freedom. The lab guys kept on looking around the room for fear to be captured or killed. They crossed a number of small tight rooms until a passage way was lit for them. Then along the small passage way was a red coded beamed, it was security for the area. At the end of the hallway were the switches to turn them off. Chisoutsa stood there for moment thinking about it. Her Eagle tapping to her thought waves.
   “I better do this now,” she said.
The Red Team watched Chisoutsa as she attached the Eagle to her and took off her yellow jacket to show just her red top. She started to move along them, she leaned down and crawled on her hands under the first couple beams. She then jumped up to the ceiling pipes and wandered over the next few by her arms. Then to the final one where she jumped right over by three to four metres to the finish spot.
   “I couldn’t do that,” commented one of the lab men to the others.
Chisoutsa came to the switch board however the electricity was sparking and it was damaged. There was no way to turn them off. She cracked her hands and started to punch and damage more of the switchboard until the red beams broke. Her knuckles started to bleed but she went harder and faster at it. It finally broke the red security beams and Chisoutsa saw the Red Team past through easily. She rubbed the blood on her clothes and look at the exit area.
   “I think we’ll be fine for now,” she said to them.
The leader stood forward to thank Chisoutsa for the rescue, “Not so many friendly people like you in the City of Demons. Thank you for your help today. I’m sorry that we don’t know about your past however your project wasn’t a complete failure,” he said to her.
   “What do you mean with the project?” Chisoutsa asked.
   “You see if your project was a complete failure, they wouldn’t have dumped just you. I mean where are the files and papers about the project? Normally people go back to the drawing to build an improved version of their failed piece. Whoever has them I bet would be doing that now,” the leader explained to Chisoutsa.
   “Yeah that’s pretty good what ya said,” Chisoutsa answered him.
   “You’re a good person Chisoutsa. I don’t know why you did fail with them. Maybe you were too young for what they wanted you to do.”
   “I don’t know, my mentor Professor Walken taught me be a killer from sixteen so I don’t think so,” she said.
   “The truth is in the City. I can tell you that. But not with us,” he said.
The Red Team waved goodbye to Chisoutsa as they parted their ways for now.

Late at night and Chisoutsa was having a drink at Tyrell’s grill where Tyrell was working on his forever breaking down oven of his.  Chisoutsa was half wake eyeing Tyrell. He stood up to crack his back in and smiled right at Chisoutsa and laughed at him.
   “I think it’s working now but don’t bet on it,” Tyrell said to Chisoutsa.
   “Have you thought of buying a new oven?” she asked him.
   “You know I can’t afford one. Not after the new tax increases from the Prime Leader,” cried Tyrell.
   “I could get ya a tax break for you,” grinned Chisoutsa from behind her drink.
Tyrell pointed at her half worried about the idea, “No you won’t. I know how you do your business young lady.”
   “But I’m not a lady,” said Chisoutsa devilry, “I’m a naughty girl.”
   “Yes I know you by now Chisoutsa. How did the Red Team go? Were they a group of dangerous thugs?” Tyrell asked.
   “Nah if you think four geeks in lab coats are dangerous then go ahead, think like that,” she answered.
   “Did they have any information about your past?”
   “Not really but they got me thinking about things.”
   “It’s always good to talk to different people. They can tend to view problems from another angle,” Tyrell noted.
Chisoutsa kept on drinking her drink while Tyrell cleaned some of the tables and thought about her past.
   “So your friend the professor, how does he know Charles Thompson? The ex-government guy?” he asked her.
   “He was in government during the time they meet. The Professor was working on some lab ideas for Science works but he’s the shits for working for businesses and he ended working for himself. Charles met him during one of his lab meetings. He was high up the ladder of government but quit from pressure from Centrax and Demon Productions. He could run for Prime Leader the way he was going,” Chisoutsa explained.
   ‘He seemed to be right guy for the job. He kina made things right in the City of Demons. But some people here don’t like that stuff and snuff them out. It’s the life we live here sadly,” Tyrell said.
   “One day it’ll be ok. I can do it,” said Chisoutsa.
Tyrell was quiet and smiled at Chisoutsa, “I don’t think even you can make a difference. The City of Demons is doomed to rot in hell,” he said.
Chisoutsa lit up a cigarette and headed for the front doors and waved at Tyrell.
   “Seeya later,” she smiled and left the room.
Tyrell waved backed and the doors closed. He turned around and pointed at his oven, “You better work tomorrow or you’re in big trouble matey!” he cried at it.

Chisoutsa walked down the road putting on her yellow jacket on and watching the path. She past a motor vehicle garage and she looked inside the joint. In large red and black writing the place was called Miyamoto Motors. It was light night shopping for the adventurous few who did shop in the darkness. There were still a few people hanging around the stores along the streets. Chisoutsa wandered into the area and a large sized motor worker appeared from the work shops. He was bare chest and his work jeans were dirty and greased. He had a tattoo of a dragon his back and looked firm.
   “Hello what do ya want?” he asked.
   “Umm, this is a motor place right?” she asked.
   “Ah shit yeah. If you look around you get the idea that it is,” he answered rudely.
   “What makes do ya do?” she asked.
   “We make the standard cars and machines right up to complete customs. Depends on the dough you have,” he answered.
   “Don’t worry bout the dough. I have that,” she answered.
She wandered around the motor shop and saw he did a lot of work by himself. Six to seven cars were in the making in his shop.
   “What’s ya name?” she asked him.
   “Just Miyamoto. What’s yours?”
   “Chisoutsa,” she said shaking hands.
   “I have a friend who’s good at making things. I’ll get him to design a hot car. You can make it?” she asked.
   “Girl I can make anything,” he answered.
Chisoutsa grinned at him, “Very well then. I’ll see ya later,” she said wandering. Miyamoto returned to his work.

It was dinnertime and the Professor and Charles were scanning dozens of photos on the table and Chisoutsa was watching in for the first time.
   “You guys have been looking at those for ages. Who’s in them?” she asked.
   “We believe it to be a mystery man. Someone who reported who was like you,” the professor answered.
   “Of course he didn’t believe me at first. But some arm turning and further proof helps,” Charles said looking at Jonathan Walken.
   “He has a way like that. Government people,” he said half smiling at him.
Chisoutsa looked at the pictures and looked at his figure, “He looks like a giant. Are you sure it’s the guy you’re searching for?” she asked the pair.
   “I’m sure Chisoutsa, this is going to take a while to get,” Charles.
The Professor turned the kettle of water on to serves some coffee. Charles was yawing at the photos and papers. This mystery man might know more then the Red Team or even who created them. Each photo had a clue and it was Charles and Jonathan’s task to solve it. It was going to be a long night

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