Chapter 4 – Chisoutsa: The Virgin War

The Saint Death train station was flicking on and off its lights. Alan Richards was working with his new device and Jiko was sitting down on the seat and reading the train timetables. Jiko was dressed in a green singlet and black long jeans. Alan was stopped with his device and looked at the timetable.

“We better not get run over by a train when we are trekking through the tunnels. If we time ourselves and find it quickly then we will be fine,” Alan said to Jiko.

“The others should be here soon. I don’t know about this Lair of the Forsaken. The name kind of says it all,” Jiko replied.

“Well you and Chisoutsa will be doing all the action work. I’m just here to find the weak spots in the train tunnels and get you in. That’s my job,” Alan reminded him.

Soon enough, Chisoutsa appeared with the Professor and Charles. Alan showed Charles the device and called everyone into a circle.

“This device will be used to find weak spots and walls in the train tunnel. When the red light appears that means there is a weak spot. Quite simple it is. Anyone can use it,” Alan explained to the group.

“Are we all going in?” Chisoutsa asked the group.

“I’m not going. I have to see the Prime Leader again. He gave me a call before about something. You guys can go in,” Charles answered.

“Fine then, let’s go then,” Chisoutsa said to the group.

Charles headed for the upstairs and nodded to the group and disappeared. Chisoutsa rounded the group up and took them down the platform onto the train tracks. She loaded her gun and turned to Jiko.

“How often do the trains come?” she asked

“It arrives about every fifth teen minutes. We have to hide by the sides of the tracks when we hear one. So we better keep our ears open for it,” Jiko answered.

The group continued their journey into the train tunnels digging closer to the Lair of the Forsaken.

The Government Square shone in the light where Charles was waiting in the lounge room where the Prime Leader dined with meals during the day. The front door opened and the Prime Leader entered with a couple advisors by his side and they sat down across from Charles.

“Is there a point in this discussion we are about to have?” Charles asked first.

“There is Charles. Welcome back. As you know we used to be in the same party when you were in government. The old government was still in power when you were forced out. Lucky for me, I was too tough and cruel to be kicked out. They liked me, the only one in our party. I want you to come back and I can protect you. Things have changed, the gangs are losing their power and the businesses are ruled by one. By Censilo, where Chisoutsa has a good chance of beating him,” the Prime Leader spoke.

Charles leaned back in his chair and widened his eyes to the thought of returning to government life.

“I got a nice payment check when I left. Why would I want to return? Plus there is no certainly that Chisoutsa can defeat Censilo,” Charles answered the Prime Leader.

“We need people like you. Try and fix this mess. You will be paid very well. Some gangs are changing and going as we speak,” said the Prime Leader.

“What do you mean by that? What have you found out recently?” asked Charles.

“Junji Toko and the Tesraptors have been wiped out by Censilo and his silver machines. That’s the name of them which I found out early this morning. A lesser known group called the Red Team has left the city for good but they hide something that was made by Censilo in the Lair of the Forsaken,” the Prime Leader explained.

“He would be heading in the direction of them as we speak. This is bad, I have to warn them,” Charles said.

“There isn’t much we can do. The phones don’t work down there and if we followed Censilo will crush us on his way to the Lair of the Forsaken.”

“What can I do now?” asked Charles.

“Join the government and be with us. The thing they are looking for is a robot that is able to do things. Not sure what but it has to do with Censilo’s new plan which we have no information on at the moment,” the Prime Leader answered.

“If it’s a way to help the city rebuild then I will do so,” answered Charles sadly.

“It’s good to hear you are with us again,” said the Prime Leader.

The train tunnels were cold as ice when Chisoutsa and the group arrived at a cross section of the tracks. Alan scanned the walls as no red light appeared and he turned back to Chisoutsa.

“There’s nothing here. It’s terrible. We just seem to not able to find anything good enough,” Alan complained.

“Keep looking. There must be a spot somewhere,” Chisoutsa told Alan.

There was soft noises in both directions of the cross track when the Professor heard it himself. He hopped over the tracks with his cane and rested on the side of the wall and whispered to Jiko.

“Did you hear that?” he asked him.

“Hear what.”

“There’s something coming,” Professor Walken said.

Chisoutsa picked up the noise and turned to the group, “That’s not a noise, there’s two trains coming. Watch out!” she shouted.

Alan turned one direction and saw a train bearing down on them. The other train heading was for him. He jumped out of the way and the others hugged the wall as the trains raced past them.

“Hold on!” Chisoutsa shouted to everyone.

She held on to Alan’s arm and kept him steady until the trains past them. She turned and saw them moving onwards away from them and walked back on the tracks.

“Don’t get run over again,” she said to Alan.

“There was two at once. This is crazy walking where the trains are,” Alan cried walking off from the group.

He wandered along with the device in his hand until it started to show the red light.

“Hey look the light,” Professor Walken pointed out.

“It’s working I knew it would,” Alan said pointing the device to the wall.

Professor Walken turned to Jiko, “In that bag I have Charles planted some bombs he used to make when he was younger. Grab them out and we can use them,” he said to him.

Jiko followed as he was told and plant them to the wall. He moved everyone back as far as they could in the train tunnel. Jiko held out the remote control and clicked the button. Large amounts of rock and steel blew away from the wall and hit the group. Everyone covered their faces and hide from it. Heavy dust appeared as Chisoutsa turned back to the blast and walked to the wall. She waved the dust away to see if it did the job. The blast revealed a smaller tunnel which it looked it had been built a long time ago.

“Looks like we found our way,” Chisoutsa said.

Alan popped up behind her and rubbed his hands in gleam. He came out with a video device and gave it to Chisoutsa.

“It’s your new toy I forgot to give you. It allows you to have discussions with people from far distances. It works similar to the one in the Black Vixen,” Alan said.

“Hope it comes in handy,” Chisoutsa said.

Chisoutsa led the way inside the secret tunnel. Jiko gave out lamps to the group and traveled for a hour until they arrived at the end of tunnel.

“It’s still cold in here, strange,” Alan said to the group.

They came out to see an old green colored underground building. There were bodies of old Hydra men and silver machines defeated at their hands. Chisoutsa walked up to a silver machine and Alan Richards inspected the body.

“It’s been dead for a long time. It’s the first time I have been able to get close to one. Their designs are highly useful,” Alan found out.

“What do you mean by useful?” asked Jiko.

“Very hard to crush. The steel and metal are strong. The computer chips used are also very well made. Censilo knew what he was doing. The question is now, what does this place hold?” Alan explained.

They looked up to see old television widescreens broken and hundreds of switches and power connections at a control centre down the track from them.

“Let’s go and see what they are,” Chisoutsa said to Alan.

The group walked up to the control centre. It was large and it had not been used for a long time. There were pictures of machines on the screens above. Decked out in a slime green colour the area was. There was a buzz in Chisoutsa’s pocket and she took out the video device. She turned it on. It was the Librarian on the other end.

“How did you find this device contact?” she asked him.

“I have ways of finding people. I see you’re in the Lair of the Forsaken. Let me have a look through this,” the Librarian answered.

Chisoutsa held out the video device and moved it over the old screens and control panels.

“The Lair of Forsaken was the final place for you Chisoutsa and Jiko. You were meant to be added robot parts to you to improve the power. However Censilo was too upset of the project and threw the two of you away before it happened. But he kept some projects alive, specially the robots and the silver machines. There was something that he wanted but could not get it out of him,” the Librarian said.

“He’s coming here,” said Chisoutsa.

“This is sounding better and better. We’re not prepared for this,” Alan noted.

“We are. If he comes we have to fight,” Chisoutsa told Alan.

“We are not Chisoutsa. We were coming to explore this place and then leave. Not fight Censilo and all of his silver machines. We are going to be killed in this,” Alan complained.

“Shut your mouth Alan. I have everything in control,” Chisoutsa said storming off.

Alan crossed his arms and the Professor watched over them. He looked at the control panels and saw a shinning light down the path. He spotted four silver machines marching their way towards them.

“Silver machines are coming. We need to hide,” cried the Professor to group.

Chisoutsa turned around and pointed to a crack in the wall in the corner where they could hide. Alan and Professor Walken came in the crack first followed by Jiko and then Chisoutsa. They watched the silver machines lining up and Censilo coming out of the tunnel to the Lair of the Forsaken.

“They should be here. Search for them at once. I will take some machines to find the robot boy,” Censilo said.

“Robot boy?” Chisoutsa asked the group.

“I don’t know,” Alan answered.

The Professor had Chisoutsa’s video device and the Librarian was still there.

“Librarian, do you know anything about a robot boy?” he asked him.

“No I don’t. But do tell me because it sounds very interesting and might help you on your quests,” he answered before cutting off.

Chisoutsa grabbed Jiko’s arm and looked at him, “Come with me to see the robot boy. See why Censilo wants him,” she said.

“I’ll come,” Jiko answered.

Chisoutsa and Jiko headed off from the hideout and kept Professor Walken and Alan hidden from harm. The Professor took Chisoutsa’s video device and send a video message to Charles.

“We need more help here Alan. Censilo’s corning us off too quickly. This is getting too dangerous,” the Professor said.

The message flashed on Charles’s phone in his pocket as the Prime Leader turned his head when he was reading some documents. Charles grabbed his phone out and a message appeared.

“We need some aid down here. Censilo is on the loose and Chisoutsa and Jiko are off looking for a robot. We don’t have much time,” said the Professor before it cut off.

“Was that them?” asked the Prime Leader.

“Yeah things are bad down there. I don’t know who to turn to now. We only have Chisoutsa and Jiko fighting in our team. We need to have more then that,” Charles answered.

“There must be someone you can contact,” the Prime Leader cried.

“I wonder if those Miyomoto mob might be useful,” Charles thought to himself.

“We can go in style when we pick up your friends. Use the government official cars,” the Prime Leader said.

“I have the address let’s move it now,” Charles said.

Several government cars rolled up to the Miyomoto Motors garage. Jet black designed and a number of bodyguards appeared outside of the car. The Prime Leader was working on tracking meter set up just before.

“We have tracked the meter on Chisoutsa’s video device phone. It’s about twenty miles away from the Saint Death train station,” the Prime Leader told Charles.

Charles stepped out of the car and headed into the garage. Miyomoto came out as the girls were in his office.

“What’s this all about Charles?” he asked.

“The Prime Leader and I are requesting you come to help us save Chisoutsa and the group. Also to include you and girls in the Chisoutsa team for good,” Charles said.

“The girls don’t know how to battle or fight,” Miyomoto said.

“It’s an order now, you don’t have a choice. Just do it,” cried the Prime Leader from behind Charles.

The girl came out and saw what was going on, “Hey what’s going on?” asked Muri.

“They want us to go and help Chisoutsa and the others,” Miyomoto told them.

“We can help. We know how to get dirty,” smiled Yuri.

Miyomoto looked at the girls and nodded at the Prime Leader.

“We will go and help you. Where are they?” he asked.

“The Lair of the Forsaken,” Charles answered.

“Don’t know that place,” said Yuri.

Charles and the Prime Leader discussed with them the plan and took them away to the train station. The rode in the car as Charles looked at his phone and worried for his friends and old friend the Professor.

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