Chapter 4 – Seasons of the Moon

The dinner party was in full swing as Alexander entered the room. There were many rich guests who dressed up in formal clothes. They acted posh too. Something Alexander hated, he hated stuck up people. Then he saw the light of his dreams enter the room. Celia walked in with a ghost-like ephemeral blue dress on, the knights guarding there glared at her power of beauty as her eyes lay on Alexander’s.

“You look good, Alexander. Not bad for a knight,” she smiled. “You look beautiful,” grinned Alexander appreciatively.

They drank their drinks together as Celia spoke. “So what are your goals in life Alexander?” “To be a guard and have a happy life.”

He was trying to be serious about the question as Celia gave a small laugh.

“What was that for?” smiled Alexander.

“I think you still think of our life. I am too, Alexander,” smiled Celia.

“I am thinking I guess” nodded Alexander as the two laughed together.

As they chatted, the castle doors opened slowly and a white mystery figure appeared in the room. The wind blew behind him and a faint white line of snow floated in the air. He was dressed in a white robe as he looked around the room. Alexander and Celia were dancing on the floor by now and the figure eyed the two. He passed by the couples and he edged himself to the two of them.

“Can I have the pleasure of this dance, my lady,” asked the man. “Sure ok,” said Alexander letting go of Celia and moving off.

He wasn’t the go go dancer and his feet were cramping him, his job contained a lot of standing around, a dance was probably the last thing on his mind to do.

The two started dancing as the other dancers stopped in amazement. The two flew around the floor like they were in the air. The mystery figure looked at the young princess as he was thinking of something to say. Alexander watched in amazement to see the two dancers.

“You’re quite the dancer,” smiled Celia.

“Practice makes perfect,” answered the mystery man.

The two continued to wow the royal and barons as he whispered in her ear.

“Do you know the man with the dark image?” asked the man.

“The only creep I know was Morcar, he was fired by my father,” she answered him.

“He is a danger to us all. To the weather,” he nuzzled her ear again. “Who are you?” asked Celia

“Something you will never know my lady. Just say I’m the heat of ice,” he said pausing then letting go. He moved away the same way he came in the door.

As he walked off she grabbed his hand as she saw it glow with ice on it. She let go with a fright as the mystery man quickly left the room. Alexander walked up to her to find out what happened.

“Who was he,” asked Alexander.

“Maybe that guy that Morcar kept on talking about. I remember he used to go on about that. The last couple months he talked to father about weather creators,” answered Celia, still in shock.

“I must go now, Alexander. But can I call you Alex?” asked Celia. “Sure,” answered Alexander.

“Here’s something to remember,” he said as she gave a soft kiss on the mouth, almost like snow touching the skin. His eyes glared at her as she disappeared from sight.

The morning came as Alfred was fixing his staff. He threw it at the ground as he cursed it.

“I can’t fix anything!” cried Alfred as he sat down to recollect his thoughts.

Celia walked in and Alfred looked at her.

“What do you want? Do you still believe I’m a crazy old fool?” asked Alfred.

“On most things, Alfred yes, but not on one thing no” answered Celia.

“On what?” asked Alfred.

“Remember the thing that you and Morcar were on about the weather makers. I think I danced with one of them.”

“Oh god, did you kiss him or anything more dare I say?”

“No! He left quickly. But he said he’s the heart of the ice and his hand turned icy.”

“You could have seen the element of Ice. Why the hell would he be at a dinner party? There must have been a good reason why. They never leave their homes much,”

“He was looking for Morcar. He said he is a threat to the weather in some way.”

“Then Morcar must be planning something now. I must think of what to do next, Celia,” said Alfred as he picked up his staff to mend it.

Meanwhile away from the Richardson Castle, to the south where only the skulls and bones of people lay was Morcar the wizard. He looked at the area as he opened his spell book. He chanted some words as the wind picked up. He glared into the sky as a huge image appeared. The image turned out to be a dark dragon as it landed on the ground looking at Morcar.

“Who seeks my power?” asked the dragon.

“The great wizard Morcar Draken, you are the dragon to aid me to rule the weather. We can help each other to stop Richardson and to control the weather forever,” said Morcar as the dragon gave a willing look in return.

“How did you find me here, Morcar? How much do you know of me?” asked Draken the dragon.

Morcar smiled and pointed a finger up in the air.

“Well, that’s a good question. I know your past as a lonely dragon of the earth. I know you had always wanted the role of leader of the weather. But the heavens gave it to another animal. I can help you win back what is rightfully yours. Together we can do that, what you think, powerful dragon?” asked Morcar.

“Your deal is sound. I shall accept your deal,” said Draken and Morcar gave a winning smile.

“The weather shall be mine in no time,” cried Morcar as he took out his spell book again.

He chanted out more words. As the skies grew dark and evil, the clouds of evil covered the area as it started to suck the energy from the earth. Morcar gave a smile to Draken as he returned with a promising look of success.

“The weather is now ours!” laughed Morcar. The skies glowed red. “What did you cast, Morcar?” asked Draken.

“A choker on the weather. We will see if the elements can stop this,” answered the ex-Richardson wizard.

Draken said nothing and warmed to the spell with a small smile. He knew he had a good friend in Morcar.

The night fell as the Richardson Castle was feeling Morcar’s spell on the world as the king called for Alexander and Alfred.

The pair entered into a battle zone. The king was not impressed with the scenes outside. The skies had grown blacker by the hour and he knew something was wrong.

“Can someone tell me what the hell is going on with the weather outside? Alfred!” snapped King Richardson.

“We think that it’s Morcar’s work. This is payback to us, for not understanding him,” answered Alfred.

“We do?” asked a confused Alex.

“What are you getting at? You believe Morcar’s wild claims?” asked the king.

“No, never,” lied Alfred looking at Alexander.

The king leaned over himself stressing out as he glared at Alexander. “You are going to investigate this problem now.”

“Where do I go?” asked the knight

“I don’t know. Ask Alfred,” he answered as he waved them away from the throne room.

Alfred looked quite uneasy; he didn’t feel like helping Alex on a quest. The pair walked back out of the room leaving the King still in a bad state.

Alexander looked worried about where to go. He looked at Alfred as he had an idea. As he was about to say it Princess Celia walked up to them to greet them.

“Hi Alexander how are you?” smiled Celia as Alexander’s face lit up.

“He’s fine. He’s going on a quest now,” volunteered Alfred to Celia.

“Is he?” queried Celia. “Am I?” asked Alexander.

“Yes. You are to find the element of Ice. The person that Celia danced with,” informed Alfred.

“I want to go with him. It could be dangerous,” said Celia

“No you can’t. You can’t defend yourself. You’re a girl, a princess, that’s all,” reminded Alexander.

“I’m the only person who has seen Ice’s face,” reminded the princess.

Alexander tossed his head as he walked off.

“Get my sword and shield ready” he called out to Celia.

Alfred didn’t want Celia on a dangerous mission in case something happened to her. She started to walk off as the wizard said.

“Does this boy mean more to you than the common flirt?” asked Alfred.

“Maybe,” said Celia blankly and she continued onwards.

She didn’t know what she thought of Alexander. She liked him but didn’t want leave him like she did with the other knights.

Alfred got the pair outside of the castle as he explained the mission criteria.

“Ice lives at the south pole of the world which is the bottom of the globe, I believe. There is a secret way of getting there without the hard snow or the long seas to contend with. An underground passage that may last for days on foot. It’s the only way of getting there, Alex, so you must do it for Richardson,” Alfred explained.

The wizard then led them outside of the castle towards the back of the castle. There was a dark route along the ocean edge, north of where Alex encountered his own mild adventure with the sea. Alfred told them to they should find the underground tunnel around there.

“Make sure you go unnoticed through the tunnels, I don’t want to hear troubles,” said Alfred to Alex and Celia.

Celia walked off to Alex’s horse and Alfred whispered in Alex’s ear. “Look after her. I don’t want anything bad to happen to her. She may worry me to pieces but she is a good girl,” he said and the knight nodded.

Alfred the Old turned to face Celia and the horse. He shook his arms and smiled.

“Could be cold down there or hot. Really depends doesn’t it?” smiled the wizard.

The two travellers waved goodbye to the wizard and they set off towards the tunnel.

“I hope they’re ok,” he said to himself.

Meanwhile back at the castle, King Richardson found out already that Princess Celia was with Alex.

“Why wasn’t I informed about this earlier?” asked the king. “You didn’t ask King Richardson,” answered Alfred.

He knew that was a stupid answer and Richardson was not happy.

“I want too see the two as soon as the pair get here and don’t you get smart with me Alfred the Old!” ordered Richardson.

Alfred nodded and walked out of the throne at a steady pace. He stopped at the corner of the castle and feared for them.

“Where are you, my children,” Alfred asked himself.

The young lovers found the tunnel and entered it near nightfall. Alex held his sword out and Celia kept close to him during the dark and haunting

pathway. It was hot and sticky and Alex was coughing with all the dust and dirt around the place.

“It’s so hard to see anything. We could get lost in here easily. This isn’t going to plan Celia,” noted Alex.

Alex grabbed an old branch from the ground and made a small flame from the top by hitting it against a wall. The flame shone brightly and they marched on into the dry and hot underground leading to the ice lands.

The air started to feel strong and they started to look dirty from the grimy and air that was now starting to rush. Alex watched in the distance and saw an opening. His eyes lit up and he grabbed Celia and rushed towards the opening.

“Come on this could be the way out of the underground!” he shouted happily.

Suddenly they stopped. The trail led them to a narrow path across an almost bottomless pit. Alex held his sword and flame up high and kept Celia back from him.

“Right, we must walk slowly in order not to fall to our deaths!” he cried and the two followed on.

They walked alone across the narrow bridge to the other side and the hot air started to rush in to the room. Suddenly Alex looked around the area and whispered something to himself.

“I have felt this before. I have seen this before!” he cried out. His flame lost its light.

He quickly turned to face Celia and suddenly slipped and fell off. He grabbed on to the edge with one hand on his sword and the other grasped for his life.

The wind picked up with speed and Celia looked on in horror at the knight. Her hair was blowing in the wind and Alex’s eyes grew in shock, seeing a familiar green lightning strike the corner.

“It’s the shadows!” he shouted as he threw his sword on the bridge


He looked down and saw there was ground now. A green lightning field rushed along the sides of the walls and echoed sounds. He grabbed hold of the path with his other hand and pushed himself up upon the narrow pathway again. Celia had his sword and helped him up on the pathway again.

“What shadows, Alex? What’s haunting these old undergrounds?” Celia asked.

“An evil that I saw before I met the Richardson Castle, shadows of a castle I saw,” Alex commented.

Celia turned away when Alex got back on his feet and she thought to herself.

“Could it be the shadow who was in father’s castle? The man from the deserts?” she asked him.

“Come on now we must keep on moving at once!” cried Alex without answering.

The young pair continued on their quest to find the palace of Ice, an element of the weather creators.

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