Chapter 4 – The Author’s War

I was taken by Wizard, Chisoutsa and Lucas over to an office building down in the city area inside one of the top levels. Chisoutsa and Lucas were playing cards while Wizard and I were with two new guests in the coming war ahead. Professor Walken and Mr. Umezu made the special travel to help me and the rest in some armor and weapon upgrades. Mr. Umezu walked across to a large table with something hidden under the table. He had his classic cigar in hand and lifted off the sheet to reveal a powered suit to everyone.

“There’s been some strong suggestions from Chisoutsa and others that you wouldn’t last in a fight for more than three minutes so we made something to help you with,” Mr. Umezu told the group.

“Three minutes. Come one, maybe half an hour I could get away with,” I replied with the latest dig from Chisoutsa.

Mr. Umezu pointed to the green light that appeared down the sides of the suit from the neck outline down to the feet. Two half circles flipped to the other side appeared on the front and back of the suit.

“The lights shows what strength the suit is at. Green is great, yellow is ok, red is bad, blinking red means you nearly fucked. No light means you are just left to your own body and not the suit. This lovely suit that cost me a freaking penny and a half removes the pain and damages that a normal body would have. This was an prototype from a couple years ago. It has not been tested and I have no clue on the side effects upon the wearer of it.”

I came up to touch the suit. It was really solid and strong looking and it was designed for my small build. The green light was very bright to see from a long distance, “How much did this cost?”

“About 600 million dollars,” Mr. Umezu answered.

“Shit, that’s a lot of money for a suit. Wouldn’t the lights on my suit paint me as a target?”

Professor Walken stepped in and leaned closer to me, “We have to make sure that you are protected first. We also need to make sure that we know how much health you are in a battle. Your role is more of a traveler with fighters, people who know what they are doing. I’m sure there will be tasks asked of you and tasks that you must do to reveal more of this figures we are fighting and this war,” he said to me.

“I just want this to begin and stop all this talk. It’s been killing me,” Chisoutsa complained from the other table with Lucas.

“You’ll get your chance soon enough. City of Demons is still readying for any attacks that will come,” Lucas replied to her.

Wizard was smiling in the corner and nudged me to put on the suit, “Put on the suit Chris and see how it fits.”

I opened up the suit and was surprised by how strong but light the martial was and Professor Walken helped close the back of the suit up. The green lights came back on where the suit was on me and I walked down the room and up again to have a feel of the suit.

“I call it the Life suit, simple name because that’s all it really does. You can recharge the suit but it does hurt when you do it with the suit on. It’s a side effect of the product. It will keep you alive much long than just a human body would. You will be targeted like hell when the all shit hits the fan,” Mr. Umezu explains having a drag of his cigar.

Wizard had become curious outside of the window noticing the trees and leaves on the ground and waved Professor Walken over to the window, “You know with the ThunderDragon and how his element brothers are dying. The trees are turning black and red, almost like the death of a planet is happening before our eyes. It’s quite so sad to see happening.”

“The latest word I got from your friend Percy is that most of the bodies that were frozen in time were killed or moved away. It’s quite a tragic story of how their war was never finished and they died in vain,” Professor Walken answered.

“The ThunderDragon will be a broken creature full of rage for what has happened.”

Professor Walken tapped his cane against the window thinking for a moment, “We don’t let the knight and princess die in vain. Their cause was the same as ours. To protect their world from a powerful figure. We will fight in their names.”

A blinding light shot across the window from the outside and both Wizard and Professor Walken turned their heads to see a huge fire ball dropped upon a building. The Professor turned around held up his cane in the air.

“We have company and its outside!” he shouted.

Chisoutsa and Lucas jumped out of their seats and rushed around the corner and down the stairs towards the front doors. Lucas loaded up with his blue club staff and Chisoutsa loaded her black eagle gun too. Mr. Umezu had transported the Black Vixen her known car and Lucas’s black jeep with the machine gun next to the building for easy access. Mr. Umezu came down with the rest of the group including myself.

“You stay with me and the Professor.” Wizard quickly said to me next to the front of the building.

“You know how to drive a jeep?” Chisoutsa shouted at Mr. Umezu.

“Many year back but I’ll get the hang of it,” grinned Mr. Umezu jogging over to the jeep and getting in the driver.

A shadowy figure appears from the dust and destruction that the creature in the sky was creating over the city.

“Morcar,” I said to myself with Wizard and Professor Walken as I backed my body against the wall to the building.

Lucas Walken hit his staff club on the ground giving a sturdy look to Morcar.

“A thousand years since I have been frozen, I and Draken the dragon are finally free. I’m very pleased that Gladus character is dead too. We work for a new lord and his power is unbelievably good to watch in full motion. I am here to waken this new world and bring the old ThunderDragon out to finish him off for once and for all!”

Morcar’s staff gave a mighty beam across to Lucas where he returned with his own and the two magical beams creating a ball of power in the middle. Mr. Umezu drove the black jeep around the streets as Draken made his impact destroying building and targeting the jeep by dropping fire balls on the roads.

“Let’s see how the Xtreme Squad machine gun works for me,” Chisoutsa smiled firing out rounds at Draken.

The machine gun swung around on the black jeep as Mr. Umezu turned a sharp corner where Draken started using his body smash tall skyscrapers over to hit the black jeep. Chisoutsa quickly turned around and fired back at Draken with the dust and smoke on her face. Draken flew down near the ground and gave chase to the black jeep. Over at the building where I was the magical beams shook the ground and both Lucas and Morcar fell over to the ground with heavy hits to their heads. Wizard pointed to the sky where he noticed a large ship in the sky heading towards the city, “Look it’s the Time Navigator! They should be able to contain Draken for now.” He turned back at me and grabbed me by the shoulder.

“Hey you haven’t moved me along since I was a child!” I complained to him.

“We have no time, we need to go and find the others. Chisoutsa and her group can look after things here. Beside we have somewhere to go for now,” Wizard cried out.

The two of us made our way away from the scene when I turned back and saw the black jeep heading in our direction where Draken was gaining chase on them. He banged the back of the jeep that sent Chisoutsa over to the front smashing her body into the windshield. The Time Navigator ship sped up and firing missiles at the dragon when out of the blue I stood still for a moment and in a instant the clouds in the sky turned black with lightening. Draken flew up high watching the clouds.

“He’s here” the black dragon murmured to himself.

The ThunderDragon appeared in a flash body slamming into Draken and sending him into a number of buildings into the distance. He gave out a roar that echoed throughout the city smashing all the windows around several blocks. Crowds of people started breaking out of their safety of their buildings in fear where the ThunderDragon and Draken meet up for the first time in a thousand years.

“You killed the ones that fought against you!” the ThunderDragon shot off his attack of words on Draken.

“It was not me that did the killing ThunderDragon. Our new friend did that,” Draken replied a little sore from the body blow from before.

“You will not leave here alive!” the ThunderDragon shouted back in anger.

“You haven’t learnt anything from the days of the Richardson             Kingdom have you?” shouted a voice from below.

Morcar dragged Lucas Walken’s body over the ground and slide him over to a half broken brick wall as he wandered to his old foe.

“Can you understand that this time you won’t win? Five of your element brothers have died in this war and the ice element is close to the end. Don’t you see that your power will be weaken and their powers will be returned to the crystals that we once upon a time tried to take for our own control,” Morcar explain to the ThunderDragon.

“The power of the crystals will return to me when the last of the elements have passed away.”

Morcar pointed his staff at the ThunderDragon with a message for him, “He wants to see you soon and he wants your control of the weather. He will not wait and he will not go down without a fight ThunderDragon. “

Draken flew around the buildings and picked up Morcar and he sat on his back, “We shall see you again” Morcar repeated flying off with Draken over the war torned streets of the city.

Professor Walken was found next to the main building giving Lucas a drink to help with his wounds while Mr. Umezu was helping Chisoutsa along with her sore head and chest as he put her down next to Lucas and turned to the Professor, “Where’s the writer and the Wizard?” he asked him.

Professor Walken pointed with his cane in the direction of where I went with Wizard, “They escaped the scene to protect him. They might have gone to see Vincent and Daniel Phoenix about their investigation into Valentine. I’m not sure to be honest. Both of them are very hurt,” he sighed looking at his children.

“They will be fine. Valentine has a plan with the weather and I think it’s going to be massive. He won’t come after us. There’s nothing here for him to conquer. Treat their wounds and move to a safe house. If there’s such a thing called safe around here,” Mr. Umezu replied.

“Where’s those time travelers?” Professor Walken asked.

“Yeah, where the hell did they go after the dragons disappeared? Shit the ThunderDragon is gone too. This is the worst group I have worked with. No one knows what they doing and everyone’s just doing their part to stuff things up. It’s a mess and we are trapped in another universe with a broken jeep and a car,” Mr. Umezu replied sounding defeated.

The Time Navigator had found us down the streets and had taken me and Wizard away from the dangers of the two great dragons of the world and moved off to see the Ice Palace where the last remaining element was still alive. It was a few hours of travel time where the ship docked down on the secret ice lands where I had pictured in my mind where this place would be from my writings. Wizard and I left the ship while the Cyber’s and Roger the Barbarian stay onboard checking on Vincent and Daniel Phoenix progress with fact hunting on Valentine Blackburn. The ice around the area was warmer than I had expect but still to me anything cold was always too cold for my tastes. Wizard and I entered the gates and came into the palace where it was eerily quiet. There was pictures hanging on the walls that showed the battles of long ago. I saw the images of the knight and princess in battle with the three old evils and remembered ther losts they had made along the way. We came to the main room where Ice was normally in and I turned to Wizard.

“Let me in by myself. I want to see him. I just feel I need to see him and what he is like,” I told him.

“I will be waiting for you if you need anything,” he smiled at me.

I turned around and walked into the palace main room to see Ice on his knees with his hands on a table looking out of the main windows into the horizon. I stood for a moment watching him, wondering what was on his mind in his final moments.

“I know why you are here,” he spoke out to me.

“I know your story, the author in the war. The man who knows me truly well and maybe too well for your own sake.”

He turned his face to a side and saw a tear rolling down his cheek. His white clothing of a light blue light coat was torn and he was dripping water, melting and losing his life all at once.

“Your heart is melting. You have felt emotion after all this time? Not even the soul breaker Gladus could have not done to this back in the war of the weather,” I replied concerned.

“I was the man with the frozen heart. I was the man who has lived a lonely life and now my final breathes will be taken without the joy of love I had secretly wanted all my time. Tell me when you look at me do you not see yourself?” he asked me.

I looked down away from his face, “No I don’t think so.”

“How can the lonely souls of us desire love and understanding if we truly had it? I was never given my own name in my life. A nameless soul who’s task was to help control and keep the weather safe from the souls that desire to wield it for their gain. I have failed in this. I am now empty inside and the black clouds are covering inside of me,” Ice replied breaking down to the ground. His face was shaking of fear and despair.

I hurried up to him and helped him rest against the table wall and looked into his soul, “You did all that you could and kept those forces of evil away for a thousand years. You were the key to stopping them and you did. You have served this world for millions of years. Your life was very special and meaningful. The ThunderDragon did care about you and the other elements,” I told him trying to help him see the light.

Ice placed his hands on my shoulders pausing for a moment, “When the darkness surrounds you and there’s no light. What do you do about it?”

“You’re suggesting that I have the same feeling as you?” I replied defensively.

“You didn’t want the Wizard to come in here and you wanted to see him by yourself. Did you just want to see how the story would end in real life? To see if your loneliness would protect you or destroy you in the end. Tell me was it all worth it in the end for me?”

I looked down again thinking of my own life and my own struggles. I did not have an answer for him. I didn’t know if my own life of trying to protect myself from others was worth it or not. He planted the seeds of doubt in me.

“I never understood why I lived the life that I did. Unlike the other element brothers of mine, I shielded myself from the pains of the world and took refugee from the world around me. I only did the things in life that I had to do. Now the doubts creep into my soul. It questions me on the choices that I have made. It is the choices that we make that decide who we are,” Ice told me.

“I said those words in the book that I wrote. It is the question that is asked in the minds of all. How do we ever know? How do I know the choices that I made were the best for me? Do the choices make any sense in the end?  Does it ever matter when you die in the end because there is nothing after life,” I asked him wanting know the answers for myself.

“No one knows the true answers to other one’s life. I have my regrets and my sorrows and only now I have only discovered them now losing the ones that I have cared and loved long ago. There was a small time in my life when I was happy and the world was small and joyful. There was no struggles, no challenges that were too big to handle. Today the world is facing many of these challenges and the darkness that will come after my soul has flowed out of my body will be very hard on your soul. Have you ever been happy in your life?”

I swallowed hard thinking of the answer to that question, “Once upon a time there was some happiness in my life when the clouds were cleared and the storms had not come. My darkness and my depression is a pain I cannot get rid of. It haunts me every day and I feel there’s nothing I do about it.”

Ice put his hand on my chest where my heart was and I saw his soul was leaving his body at that very moment. I was frozen.

“Open it, open it wide and learn it will hurt again but you must remember that the good will always out way the bad. Don’t let my life be the refection of your future.”

Ice’s hand slowly moved from my chest as he slumped to the ground and his last breathe was taken. I stood up thinking about his final moments.

“I don’t know if I can do that,” I said to him and walked away from his body.

I came outside of the main room and Wizard saw my worried face, “You look upset. What happened in there?”

“He’s gone. All six elements are gone now. It feels like a piece of me has been removed. I can’t explain it,” I replied quietly.

“Let them all rest in peace but not in vain. This war was always going to be hard on you and now you might understand that more. We have to go now and carry ourselves despite the pain,” Wizard said understandingly.

The two of us left the ice palace that was now quiet and empty forever.

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