Chapter 4 – The Legend of Evermore

The band knew that Graford’s performance was genuine. Roger was the first to stand up.
“ Come on you idiots. Let’s see if King Chambers and Mentor picked the desirable ones;
from merely posters in the land” laughed Graford.
“ So that’s how you picked them,” said Mentor surprised.
“ Sorry…” said Chambers looking bad.
He had no experience in picking warriors so was his Chancellor too. Posters proved to be
quick and easy. Some one like a 10-year-old kid could do well.
Then Orcs, Fimirs, and Goblins appeared in the castle holding Chambers, Magus and
Mentor prisoners in their own home.
“ Try your best young warriors. I see the only way to show you that I am powerful, is in
force I ‘m afraid” said Graford.
“ Let the games began!” cried Graford as flying monsters charged in the castle.
“ What are they?” asked Levi worried.
“ Gargoyles. Malicious little monsters” said Roger.
“ They’re not small to me!” cried Duncan worried.
Graford blasted fireballs at the band as the group jumped out of the way.
Walter got up to see the problem as he; Graford again was causing trouble for his friends.
He walked out with his staff as he stood next to the group.
“ We’re better start then,” said Walter as the others nodded
The band headed off in two groups. Roger and Levi, Walter and Duncan. One smart and
weak and the following, one stupid and strong. Tough words but very true to their
The gargoyles flew towards Roger as he lifted up his sword to gash the bodies easier.
Suddenly one of the gargoyles bashed Roger to the ground as he was wounded. Levi
needed to act fast for himself and for Roger’s life.
“ Use that magic that Walter does. It’s good,” said Roger trying to get back up again.
Levi did not want to use magic. Every time he practiced, it ending in diastase.
Nevertheless, he needed to do something. Magic was his last option.
Then the gargoyles charged exhilaratingly into the weak players as Levi got his hands to
shield himself and Roger. A light blue shield comes into view to protect the two. The
gargoyles bashed themselves in the shields as they backed off.

Walter and Duncan had their hands full as Walter was still weak from the last battle with
Graford. He blasted gas at the beasts but he was losing power fast.
“ Maybe I can help with the crisis,” thought Duncan.
“ You can’t, you’re vulnerable as a dwarf” said Walter.
“ I’ll show you stupid,” snapped Duncan as he stormed off
Duncan might be undersized but he had thousands of tricks up his sheave.
The gargoyles bashed Walter around, as his power level was low.
“ This is bad,” thought Walter to himself.
Then Duncan was making a quick trap for the foes.
Suddenly a discharge of electricity rumbled the gargoyles as they smashed into the ground
as flies.
“ You did it,” said Walter astonished at Duncan as they danced around one of the imprints
of the castle floorings.
Then the two joined the others to find Graford and the prisoners.
The band ran rapidly as they made their way to the rooftop where the Evermore Shrine
was. It held the Evermore Sword, the only sword in the world that nearly congested
Graford in the past wars. Then the chancellor came into sight to them.
“ Guys, lucky I found you. Graford is at the rooftop with the others so I managed to steal
this worthy item for the barbarian to use. Seeing it is heavy, you’re perfect to use it,” said
the chancellor handing the model over.
It was the Evermore sword from the shrine.
“ Thank you” said Roger holding the sword like a feather.
Then a huge cry came from the top.
“ What was that!” cried Levi.
“ I think Graford found out someone obtained the Evermore Sword,” said the Chancellor.
The band then ran to the top of the castle where Graford stood alone.
“ You got here alive. Lucky you people are, aren’t you?” said Graford
“ This is it heroes. Only one side shall see the dawn of day. Now experience the magic of
Chaos!” yelled Graford.
The man glowed as he unleashed green balls at the band. Levi and Walter got their magic
together as they provided shields for everyone in the encounter. Roger saw Graford blast
beams at everything on sight as he ran to Duncan.
Graford’s cape glowed viciously as it displayed his angry feelings.
“ I want you to restrain Graford somehow. I must get even one blow of the sword,” said
“ Sure! It should be hard, but for the world. Yes I’ll do it,” said Duncan.

Duncan finally understood the meaning of friendship, he is really happy for once“ Where
was the money and fame before?” said Walter.
“ I care about people now, since I meet my best friends” smiled Duncan.
Even through Walter dislikes Duncan at times he does like the company of him.
Then Duncan created a magical trap that would only hold him for 15 seconds.
Then Graford saw the shrine and got an idea.
“ If I destroy the shrine, the kingdom will have no lord to look to. It is the holiest thing in
the land,” thought Graford.
Then Walter ran to Graford bashing him with his staff.
“ Back off Graford. You’ll have to try better than that old wizard!” Cried Walter.
Then Duncan threw the trap at Graford as Levi freed the prisoner from the magical cell,
that Graford made.
“ What’s that!” Yelled Graford in surprise.
The skies were green, as Graford was madder than ever. He was never this mad since the
showdown with Mentor.
Then Roger ran to him to slash through him, but the damage was small.
“ What!” cried Roger.
Then an exclaimation came from the prisoner’s camp.
“ You must all use your powers. Remember you are a group,” said Mentor.
Then the others joined Roger for the final blow.
Walter and Levi gathered up their energy as Duncan had a control to maximum the trap’s
effect on Graford. The sword beam took off as the shaft of light hit Graford.
The beam was powerful that the Shrine was glowing madly as it watched the showdown
“ Nooooooo!” screamed Graford as his body was starting to expire
The force was very powerful; even Roger was having trouble holding the sword in place.
Then a huge explosion lit up the castle and the whole land as Graford formed into a liquid
pool of acid.
Then the beam ended as Roger and the others ran up to see the fallen enemy.
“ So what do you say now? I’m not dead in the land of Chaos yet. Any last words
Graford?” asked at the Barbarian.
“ You’re screwed,” said the Barbarian as he threw the sword into his melting head, which
scattered his brains into pieces.
The band had been triumphant, in their first real battle against the leader of Chaos magic,
as the day had ended. Everyone was having a party, as the band was very proud of

“ I’m going to see those young princess’s that Magus is talking to. I must protect him you
know,” grinned Duncan walking off as Walter tossed in disgrace.
Then Mentor saw Roger and Walter as he talked.
“ Graford will need to use more Chaos magic to keep alive in the future. He is very weak
now, thanks to you. The future is bright for you now” he spoke.
“Will he return?” asked Roger.
“ If evil exists then he will” answered Mentor.
Then the chancellor ran in with a picture done by him.
“ This is portrait of all of us, done by me. Isn’t it great?” he said.
“What is called?” asked Roger.
“ Old silly Roger wants to know. What is it?” asked Levi.
“ I call the Legend of Evermore. It a story about the four of you” he answered.
“ I bet you no one will be reading this in hundreds of years, or seeing it, that’s a matter of
fact” laughed Duncan.
“ I wonder what Graford is doing now?” asked Levi.

That night Magus was worried of something as Walter walked in. He sat on the bed next
the new prince as he spoke.
“ What’s wrong Magus?” asked the wizard.
“ I don’t know about this new life. Am I really an prince?” asked Magus.
“ You are. Chambers is your father you know” said Walter.
“ Does he care about me? He only wanted me for his crowning” signed Magus.
“ There maybe times where he doesn’t show his love for you and you don’t have be upset
about that. Give him time and he will see what’s most important in life” said Walter as he
looked at Magus again.
“ Yeah. We’ll see” said the young prince as he looked at the ground.

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