Chapter 5 – Chisoutsa: The Virgin War

Chisoutsa and Jiko were jogging behind the silver machine men who were heading in the direction of a lower room where the robot boy was. They went down some stairs and entered into a area and keyed in a code. The green door opened and they marched in. Chisoutsa and Jiko ran down and slipped in before the door fell shut. They hide behind an old tank where the silver machines stopped to see the robot resting on the control panel at the end of the room. His head was down and was dressed in rag clothes.

“There he is,” whispered Chisoutsa.

“What are they doing,” asked Jiko watching on.

One robot connected cords to the boy and started to charge him up. He played with the cords and threw them to the ground. Then he aimed his gun towards the boy. A shadow appeared behind the machine and was shot down to the ground. Chisoutsa had appeared from the tank with Jiko. The other machines rushed after them. Jiko came in and punched one down and grabbed another. He threw one across the room as Chisoutsa fired bullets at the remaining lot. One got away from them and Jiko watched him leave.

“He might go back and get Censilo,” cried Jiko.

“Be quiet. Don’t worry about him,” Chisoutsa said eying the robot boy.

She played with the cords and saw that it wasn’t working. She unplugged them and looked at the ends.

“I don’t know if it’s good or not,” she plugging them back in again.

Jiko kept on looking at the silver machines in the distance and Chisoutsa turned back to him.

“Go on, fight them!” cried Chisoutsa waving him off and he disappeared in a flash.

She turned back to the robot boy and touched his head. She gave up and started to walk back outside the room to Jiko. The eyes of the robot boy lit up and his head moved.

“Hello!” he piped up.

Chisoutsa froze and turned around to see the robot boy alive. She walked back to him and looked at him. His blue eyes and his slick black hair. He looked like a young teenager, just thirteen years old. His ragged clothes kept him warm.

“Hello there. Are you charged up now?” she asked.

“Yes I am, I still had some power left in me but this plug isn’t working very well,” he said smiling.

Chisoutsa half smiled and asked for his name, “You have a name?”

“Hayco that is my name. Do you have a name?” he asked.

“I’m Chisoutsa. Nice to meet you,” she said.

Hayco hopped down from the control panel and disconnected himself. He looked over in the other rooms where Jiko was fighting the silver machines.

“I remember those people, the silver things. But it’s been such a long time since I was last in the world. I have been disconnected for a long time,” said Hayco.

“We have to get you out of here fast,” Chisoutsa said to him.

They headed for the door and decided to help Jiko fight off the silver machines.

Two silver machines started to search near the Professor and Alan’s hideout. One moved his head in and saw Ala Richards. The Professor froze in his place. The machine grabbed his shirt and pulled Alan out as the Professor struggled to pull him back by his arm. Censilo spotted the noise and saw Alan and the Professor coming out of the crack.

“You finally decide to join us. Tie them up,” Censilo said ordering the machines.

They sat in the corner next to the control panel. Alan sat with a sad face while the Professor was fighting to untie himself.

“I’m surprised you came down here and got yourself here in one piece,” Censilo told the pair.

“The feeling is the same. We didn’t expect you to be here too,” Professor Walken replied.

Censilo looked up and saw the silver machines moving back from an attack. Chisoutsa and Jiko fought their way back to the main room hitting and kicking their way.

“Here comes the rest of the group,” Censilo cried out and Chisoutsa turned and saw the imprisoned Professor and Richards.

“Let them go!” shouted Chisoutsa.

“Nice to meet you again, still alive and kicking and so I am. I’m not giving them back. I don’t listen to you,” Censilo cried.

Hayco appeared behind Chisoutsa and Censilo saw him. Jiko stood forward and watched his evil master.

“Just give them back now Censilo,” shouted Jiko.

“Hayco, the robot boy is awake. Come to your master,” Censilo called out to him.

Hayco was silent and Jiko and Chisoutsa turned to him. The Professor watched on and Alan’s head spotted Hayco with much excitement.

“I can’t go with you Censilo. You left me here for years. You never came back for me. You promised me!” he cried.

“He left us too Hayco, don’t worry,” Jiko told Hayco.

Meanwhile Charles was heading Miyomoto, Kuzuki, Yuri and Muri to the Lair of the Forsaken. They found the wall hole that Jiko made earlier on in the day. Charles jogged up and pointed at it.

“This is where they are inside here. These guns should be handy. Censilo is in there so we must be very careful,” Charles said.

“We know how to use guns,” Muri said.

“How did you girls know?” Miyomoto asked wondering.

“We took courses in martial arts and gun use,” Yuri answered.

“Is there a bloody course or degree you haven’t done?” asked Charles.

“Ummm, maybe,” giggled Muri and the others giggled too.

Charles showed them in and followed behind them. They edge closer and closer to the scene where Censilo was confronted by Chisoutsa and Jiko. They came to the end where they only saw Censilo pointing at Chisoutsa and Jiko with Professor Walken and Alan in the corner. Miyomoto loaded his gun and watched the scene.

“I don’t think sitting here is going to do anything,” he said to the girls.

“I want that boy back now. I own him!” Censilo shouted back at Chisoutsa.

“No he’s with us,” Chisoutsa cried back.

“Since when she’s got a kid?” asked Kuzuki.

“She doesn’t. There must be someone else,” Charles answered confused.

“Let’s just gatecrash the party,” Yuri said to Miyomoto.

“Yeah that was my idea,” he answered her.

The rescue team ran out onto the field and started to fire at Censilo and the silver machines. Chisoutsa watched the others in shock and Jiko started to fight the machines again.

“What’s this!” she cried running down as she grabbed out her sword from her side.

Miyomoto ran to the Professor and Alan and untied them. Yuri and Muri started to fire bullets at the silver machines. They returned with their mega machine guns and blasted holes in the wall.

“Charles you found us the local car dealers to fight for us?” Professor Walken asked when Charles made it to them.

“Yeah the girls have a degree in martial arts too!” he answered.

“Motors heads, martial arts, mathematics, what else do they have in their resume,” Professor Walken wondered to himself.

The motor head girls surrounded Miyomoto, Professor Walken, Alan and Charles as they kept back the machines that were firing hard at them. Chisoutsa and Jiko took Hayco in the other direction while Yuri and Muri pulled the Professor and Alan out of the battle. They lead them all the way back to the wall hole when bodyguards were around the Prime Leader who was waiting for someone to come out.

“Come on Professor Walken, come with us,” he cried.

The group took off along the train tracks and back up to the train station platform. Charles came in late as he looked back and saw who was missing.

“Chisoutsa and Jiko are still inside. So are Miyomoto and Kuzuki,” cried out Charles.

“I’m getting too old for this,” murmured Professor Walken.

“Me too but if we can get of this mess then maybe things will be better. I have enlisted them to the team,” Charles said.

“You have?” wonder the Professor.

“And I’ve joined the government again,” Charles added.

“You did what? Are you insane after how they treated you,” Professor Walken cried.

“It was my choice and it’s the only way to save the city,’ Charles said.

“There is more ways then one. We have to talk about this when we get home,” Professor Walken said.

Chisoutsa and Jiko dodged the bullets of the silver machines when they arrived down a dark and eerie staircase in the Lair of the Forsaken. Hayco kept up the speed but his legs were squeaking and he was looking tired. Jiko saw in the distance a bunch of mad looking humans coming up.

“Who the hell are them?” he asked Chisoutsa.

“I don’t know. Hayco, come on we can help you if you are tired,” she answered him then turning to Hayco.

“It’s that bloody Hydra squad,” Jiko cried.

“Everyone must die!’ screamed one of them as they fired some of their pistols at Jiko.

“Back! Let’s go back!” Jiko shouted at Chisoutsa and Hayco.

They turned around to see the silver machines crashing into the room with their guns and bombs. They started to throw bombs at Chisoutsa and she ducked with Hayco.

“Get down everyone!” she screamed.

The silver machines and the Hydra squad smashed into each other and battled hard. Bodies were thrown across the room. One machine ripped the heads of the squad apart and ripped again. The small group kept low as they crawl away from the battle scene. They came to the main room where Miyomoto and Kuzuki were trapped by Censilo himself.

“Stay away from them,” cried Chisoutsa from behind showing her sword.

“Give me the boy or these people will die,” Censilo ordered Chisoutsa.

She wandered down with her sword and Censilo revealed his sword as they circled each other. Jiko murmured to Hayco, “I hope this fight doesn’t destroy half the city like last time.”

They dashed to the edge of the room and by past them to Miyomoto and Kuzuki.

“Take Hayco with you and we’re deal with Censilo here,” Jiko told them.

Miyomoto and Kuzuki took of with speed out the room while Jiko watched Chisoutsa make the first strike at Censilo. He shielded himself and stepped back and hit her back. Censilo closed his eyes and his sword glowed. He slashed a mega blow to Chisoutsa and she fell to the ground.

“Chisoutsa!” yelled Jiko and he started firing from his gun.

Censilo quickly turned around and his sword glowed again and created a black shield that covered his body. The sword fired a beam of power towards Jiko and knocked him down to the ground. Jiko was knocked out fore the count and Chisoutsa started to move again. Censilo paced himself up to her and planted his foot on her head. He did it again and thumped her in the back. He staked his sword in her back and she cried in pain. The black power destroyed her insides. The two was down for good.

Censilo smiled to himself. He had thought he had defeated the mighty Chisoutsa and the brave warrior Jiko. He cleaned his sword of Chisoutsa’s blood and there was a shadow behind him. He turned to see a old foe from the past.

“Professor Jonathan Walken. You have waited for a moment like this. To let your angry of the past be unleashed upon me,” Censilo said to the figure.

Chisoutsa was barely awake but could only hear them talk.

“You weren’t me and the other teachers in the city. You crippled my leg all those years ago and what you did to Chisoutsa was terrible. She’s now fighting to save her future and to stop you from ruling the city,” Professor Walken shouted.

“He knew him, why didn’t he tell me,” Chisoutsa whispered to herself in pain.

The Professor revealed his sword and Censilo stepped out with his sword. Walken grabbed Chisoutsa’s sword and had both swords to use against Censilo. The Centrax leader charged in to the professor and he slashed Censilo on the side. Censilo’s black sword shone again and his eyes were burning in delight at the Professor. Chisoutsa watched on with fear for her mentor. The black sword was somewhat magic and had a connection with its master. He lashed right at Professor Walken and the fire in Chisoutsa’s mentor appeared. Chisoutsa’s eyes widen as the Professor crossed the swords and shielded with ease. Censilo pushed harder with his might and the Professor held on and started to push on. A large energy blow appeared and started to shake the ground of the Lair of the Forsaken.

The ground started to shake where Charles and the Prime Leader were with the others. Hayco tried to balance and fell to the ground.

“What’s going on?” he cried in fear looking at the Prime Leader.

“He’s fighting Censilo, Jonathan is battling again!” cried Charles.

“I thought he owned a cane!” asked the Prime Leader.

“He does but you always back a champion,” Charles smiled at him.

The ground was still shaking while the Professor and Censilo continued to battle hard for victory. His leg was starting give him trouble as Censilo moved in for the kill. He pushed the Professor back and smashed him down to the ground. Professor Walken gave a deep breathe and jumped right up again and strike his sword towards with a white powerful beam at Censilo. He flew right over Chisoutsa and was smashed into the wall and was knocked out. Charles and Miyomoto rushed into the room and saw Chisoutsa and Jiko on the ground and helped them up. They carried them out and the Professor walked up to Censilo. He held him by the neck and whispered in her ear.

“You still have much to learn young one.”

He then took off after Charles and Miyomoto as he joined them at the train station.

“Chisoutsa was very weak and so is Jiko. We have to get them back to the hideout,” said Alan concerned.

Hayco came out of the group and watched Chisoutsa and Jiko. He lowered his head sadly as they were carried out of the train station

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