Chapter 5 – The Legend of Evermore

Graford’s body was badly smashed, melted it was. However, it would return to normal
form in the end. Because he was powerful and Chaos Magic keeps him alive. After the
band took him down, he was taken to the witch’s mountain lair. Three witches were caring
for him as the man was thinking of what to do.
“ I want to make contact with the custodian of the Chaos magic. I need more magic in
order to rid of Mentor’s new students,” said Graford.
“ You know Graford. Godlead only appears at the Evermore Monastery. You must contact

him within the place. You cannot bust into those places. Who knows what gods lie there?”
said one witch
Graford nodded as he decided to get a young trainer wizard to do the hard task for him. He
was a good and well-trained wizard for the task. He approached him as Graford sat up.
“ Your task is easy young wizard. You must work inside the monastery and summon our
lord Godlead. Keep to yourself alright?” said Graford.
The young warrior nodded and walked out of the lair.

The Evermore castle was in full swing, with a king and prince. The kingdom was looking
better than ever. King Chamber’s dream of being king had come true but what could do
with his new authority.
His son Magus approached him with a list full of things that Chambers could accomplish
to make the kingdom be a superior place.
“ Lower the taxes and make a medical center in the poorer towns. Create incomes for the
poor and the sick. Charge higher taxes to the rich. Specially to that rude baron who said
my fashion is a bad show to the younger people” intructed Magus.
“ I could do that,” thought Chambers.
“ You can, you’re the king” cried Magus.
Then a smile came to Chamber’s face, the word king.
“ Oh yes I keep forgetting I’m the king of the castle” smiled his father.
Magus tossed his head, gave the list to his father, and walked off. Magus walked into a
meeting with Mentor and the four heroes. He was talking of Graford’s latest strategy.
‘ I believe that Graford will try to contact Godlead” said Mentor.
“ Godlead who?” asked a confused Magus.
Magus was not the only confused member of the meeting.
“ Godlead as I said before to you, he is the keeper of the Chaos Magic” said Mentor giving
the details as everyone nodded.
“ The only way to get to him is to go to the Evermore Monastery. Someone needs to go
inside the place to keep out Graford’s men,” said Mentor.
There was a problem with that idea. Roger was excessively big to be a Monk and Duncan
was excessively short. Only Walter and Levi could get away, but someone else had ideas
of their own.
“ Why can’t I help? I am the perfect size too. Walter and Levi do look like a bit tall for
Monks too” suggest Magus.
“No Prince Magus. You are too young,” said Mentor.
“ Why not? The boy is smart and he can help us get in. They might not let us in because

we are tall,” said Walter looking at Magus
Mentor shook his head as he agreed it was the only option, they had at this point.

The three travelers waved off their friends as they moved off to the Monastery. Walter,
Levi, and Magus were in their monk disguise as they reached the front gates. An older
monk stared at Walter and Levi then at Magus.
“ Are you travelers?” asked the monk to Magus.
“ Yes. We are tired from the walk,” said Magus.
The group walked in as they went to a room where monks were praying. The Chapel was
the biggest house in the monastery. Usually there are six to ten church services during the
course of one day. Levi has heard of these facts and thought the whole monk life was quite
“ The Archbishop is here for two days. We are so blessed to have him in the monastery”
said the monk.
The Archbishop was the leader of the bishops, monks, nuns, and everything to do with
their religion.
The monk showed them to the guesthouse where food was ready for them to eat. Lucky for
the visitors there was a guesthouse. Only the richer monasteries could afford to have a
guesthouse and a good-looking chapel as well.
“ Please come to the Chapel where you can pray too” said the monk as he made his way
out of the guesthouse.
“ We got in safely,” said Magus.
“ Now to find Graford’s men,” said Walter.
They got to their room and they put on some monk’s habits as Levi complained on the
“ The pants are too short for me” he cried.
“ We can swap pants then” said Magus as they exchange pants.

After they had lunch they walked around the area, the monks all looked alike. However,
Graford’s men should be in the monastery by now. Magus passed the Infirmary as
someone stopped him.
“Hello, are you new here?” asked the monk.
“ Yes. Who are you?” asked back Magus.
“ My name is Abbot Andrew. You can call me Andrew for short” said Andrew.
“ Why are you in the Infirmary? Are you sick?” asked Magus.
“ My friend is ill. He has the flu. God will cure him as I have prayed for him,” said

“ By the way, there is a famous sermon happening with the Archbishop tonight, will you
come?” asked Andrew.
“ Sure” answered Magus.
Walter and Levi walked up as Andrew walked away.
“ So what’s going on?” asked Levi.
“ We have a sermon to go to” answered Magus.
“ We are no here to have fun” reminded Walter.
“ I know that. This way we can find what Graford is up to,” said Magus as Walter nodded.

Soon the three entered the Refectory to feed on the fresh foods that the monks have
prepared. The Refectory was a huge dining hall where all the monks ate in silence. This
monastery was different, you could talk but not too loudly or a lot. Just keeping to short
“ Nice food I must say” commented Walter.
“ They do a good job” answered Andrew.
Then bells rang as Levi jumped to his feet.
“ What was that?” cried Levi.
Andrew just laughed.
“ That is the bell to warn that the sermon is starting” laughed Andrew.
The four got up to go to the Chapel.

The Chapel was the building where the monks spend the most money to please God. The
four sat down as the Archbishop watched everyone.
He got to the stand, as everyone was quiet as a mouse.
“ My people, friends and brothers, This is a holy day, to remember the times; God has
been there for us. Through the times we have been sick and have bad times. He has always
been there and always will. Unless you break the Ten Commandments or the St. Benedict
rules. I hope you have Benedictions,” said the Archbishop.
“ I could go to sleep on this talk” yawned Levi.
“ Quiet” whispered Walter.
Sermons were great speeches that would encourage the people to live a better life and a
holier life as well.
Magus then saw the young wizard that Graford had sent. He got the sensation he wasn’t a
good person. He got these feeling from his father Chambers of course.
“ I think I found the guy. The second row, seventh monk” noted Magus to Walter as he

He whispered the word to Levi as he nodded also.
Most of the monks were enjoying the talk but Andrew didn’t. He was bored out of his
The sermon was over as the four return to their dormitories.

In the morning, the group had a plan to find the imposter monk and take him back to the
Evermore Castle. However, the plan didn’t work out well.
The imposter monk was praying to Godlead the custodian of Chaos Magic. The
Archbishop heard the evil words from his room as he went to investigate.
“ You evil man stop in the name of the lord!” cried the Archbishop
Then the wizard turned to him.
“ Never!” he cried as he bashed him to the ground.
Andrew heard the cry for help as he ran out to see the imposter.
“ Who are you?” asked Andrew.
The wizard blasted green beans at him as he screamed and ran around the Chapel. Magus
heard the screaming as he told Walter and Levi to come to Andrew’s aid.
The wizard looked at the heroes as he blasted fire at them all.
Walter created a shield to protect himself as the fireball bounced off back to him. The
young wizard chanted the words of Chaos as the image of Godlead appeared.
“ Graford want as more power my god! He needs it to destroy them!” cried the young
wizard pointing at Walter ad Levi.
“ You’re not monks, aren’t you?” asked Andrew.
“ No,” answered Magus hanging his head in shame.
“ Oh no,” said Andrew upset.
The image of Godlead nodded as he disappeared.
The wind picked up as Walter waved his hands to create a blue ball and blasted it at the
young wizard. The young wizard screamed as his head was taken off. The wizard was
The Archbishop got up to thank the travelers for saving him and the monastery.
“ I must give you a reward. What do you want?” asked the Archbishop.
Walter and Levi didn’t want anything but Magus had an idea. Andrew was still upset about
them lying to him about not being monks.
“ I want Andrew,” he called.
“ Me? Why me?” asked Andrew confused.

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