Chapter 6 – Chisoutsa: The City of Demons

It was early morning and Chisoutsa was at Tyrell’s Bar and Grill for a meal. She eyed the Kaiser Unit who was watching everyone and everything in sight. Tyrell wandered in with her meal and gave it to her.

          “I see that you are wanted again,” Tyrell pointed out.

          “Can’t they piss off for once? I have to work on these guys soon. I’m seeing someone that I knew from my past today,” Chisoutsa answered.

          “Ah wonderful do you remember him,” Tyrell asked.

          “Of course not. I can’t remember shit,” she answered.

          “You’ll be happy when you meet him. I mean at least he knows how you went through your past. If he went to the same place as you told me.”

          “I’ll see about that. Besides I know there’ll be trouble for me soon. The more we dig the more danger they’ll be,” Chisoutsa sighed.

          “All part of the game I guess but you knew what you were getting into when you started all of this. Oh yes, I met that professor guy. Quite nice he was finding some large giant at one of the old buildings,” Tyrell remembered.

          “Yeah that must be him. I better be going now. But I’ll see you soon. What do you have on today?” she asked.

          “Same old thing Chisoutsa. Working and then fixing some board games I intend to play tonight,” he smiled.

Chisoutsa smiled back and wandered out of the store. She pulled out her gun and past the Kaiser Unit on watch and disappeared from them in the allies.


Jiko and Charles had arrived at the professor’s house and the professor was checking on Jiko’s health since he was living in a rooftop. Professor Walken checked his heart and weighted him and nodded.

          “Nothing wrong with you, you could go months before anything really bad happen to you. You’re six foot eight, weighting hundred and twenty kilos. No body fat I see and no health concerns. Pretty good,” the professor said to Jiko.

Jiko rested on the chair next to Charles and the professor thought about Chisoutsa.

          “She’ll be home soon Jiko and you two can meet. Charles and I will talk about what you two will need to do to get more information,” the professor said to Jiko.

The door opened and Chisoutsa came in and Jiko stood up to see her. She stopped and looked at him.

          “This is Jiko, Chisoutsa. He was with you in the hyper camp. Do you remember the hyper camp?” Professor Walken said first.

          “No I don’t remember. It’s nice to meet you finally Jiko,” she said shaking his hand.

          “Great to meet you too Chisoutsa. You were sixteen when you left the hyper camp. What happened then?” Jiko asked.

          “I was found by Professor Walken and then I trained with him for the next four years until I wanted to return to the city,” she answered.

          “Why do you want to know about your past? Would it be easier just to move on and live your life? That’s what I’m doing now,” Jiko said to her.

          “I want to know if I had a family or a parent. These things have been told by the professor. Even you have a family Jiko. Don’t you want to know what happened and get even with these people,” Chisoutsa cried.

          “I believe in a peaceful way of doing things. Only use your power for self defense or to help others,” Jiko said.

          “You can help me by kicking some ass,” Chisoutsa snapped back.

          “You weren’t the girl who I saw in the DNA chamber,” Jiko said to her.

He moved forward and fronted her and grabbed her hand. He lowered his head towards her and closed his eyes.

          “There was one strange gift I was given. I can see through closed minds, haunted memories. Let me see inside of you,” he whispered to her.

The professor and Charles watched in the background.


The images were blurred at first for Chisoutsa and then a clear picture came to her in the DNA chamber. A man in a blue causal jacket walked into the room with two doctors. He whispered to one and then the other.

          “Is she ready now? Is my special one ready?” he asked.

          “Yes sir she is,” said the doctor.

He punched in the keys and the chamber door side open. Inside were the young Chisoutsa and the people of the hyper camp.

          “Leave doctors. I will speak to her alone,” he answered them and he waved them out of the room.

The room door closed and he turned to Chisoutsa and smiled. He lifted her head with care, so young and so fair. She woke and answered him.

          “Who are you?” she said.

          “I am your father, know to all as that. You are Chisoutsa. My special one,” he answered her.

          “Why am I special?” Chisoutsa asked her father.

There was a pause from the shadow figure and he run his hand down her body and smiled at her.

          “It is a surprise Chisoutsa,” he answered her.

          “What is a surprise,” she asked him.

          “You will find out when it comes to you,” he grinned at her.

He looked at the chart of her progress.

          “You are so perfect, all what I dreamed of. All the operations and tests were successful,” the father smiled at her.

He leaned over to kiss her and lifted her head up again. He placed his hand down on her chest and she froze and continued to kiss. The father figure thought of his plans and ideas.

          “You are going to be very special for the city. You know that? You will help lead these people,” the father spoke.

          “Lead them to what,” she asked him.

The father figure smiled at her with an evil grin and a small laugh. In the background the professor and Charles heard the words from Chisoutsa and Jiko. They waited for the very moment to hear what Chisoutsa was created for.

          “Victory,” he finally answered.

          “Remember Chisoutsa you are nothing if you never success. Be brutal, be evil and listen to your father,” he kissed her on the lips and rose up again, “He knows what is best for his special one,” he grinned at her.

Chisoutsa let go of Jiko’s hand and banged into the corner wall and fell down.

          “Are you ok Chisoutsa?” asked Jiko.

          “I don’t know. Who is our father?” she asked him.

Professor Walken and Charles looked at each other in wonder and turned back to the young pair.


The Professor watched Chisoutsa and Jiko and thought about the hyper camp.

          “It’s one of the businesses for sure now. This isn’t the work of a gang. A gang may have links with the project. However they couldn’t do such a feat as described,” he noted.

          “Who is the figure who made Chisoutsa? That’s the case now,” Charles chipped in.

          “Why don’t the two of you go for a walk to sort things,” the professor said to the two.

Chisoutsa and Jiko both nodded and walked outside the house. The Professor and Charles sat down to rethink the images they heard from Chisoutsa and Jiko.

          “The hyper camp contained both of them. There would have been others there too,” the professor said.

          “Yeah finding the place would be cool. To see what looked like. I feel for Chisoutsa and Jiko,” said Charles.

          “Yes it has been an eventful day for her. To find out the first pieces of her past was a worry. I fear it will only get worse from here onwards. The deeper she digs, the bigger the dangers,” the professor said.

Charles sipped on his drink and watched the professor looked at his walking cane.

          “Yes, it will be a problem for her,” he said quietly.


It was evening when Chisoutsa and Jiko were walking along the busy streets. She was in her black top and white skirt and Jiko was in his light blue shirt and long white jeans that Charles picked out for him. It was strange for Chisoutsa to have someone like her and to know about her past with the hyper camp. Whatever it was. They stopped on one of the endless dusty and dirty streets when Chisoutsa sat on the back seat of what was a park bench.

          “So you know much about this hyper camp other then what I saw?” she asked first.

          “There are many stories but not related to you. I only saw you a couple times,” Jiko answered.

          “What did you do when you left,” Jiko asked.         

“I found by Professor Walken and was taken away from the City of Demon for a while. He studied and tried to understand me while training me in martial arts and weapon use. From sixteen to now I have training until I wanted to return here to find out who I was. Now the pieces are starting to come back together. Despite if I like what I hear or not,” Chisoutsa answered him.

“You were lucky to find a nice guy like Professor Walken. He looks out for you and cares about you,” Jiko said.

“Yeah I guess so. What about you? How did you left the hyper camp,” she asked.

“It was a while after you were removed that I left the area. I failed for some reason too. I found myself in a corner street in piles of rubbish. Then after that I moved myself to live up on the rooftop of the old building that the government used to own. I started drinking and smoking soon after and learnt a lot of knowledge from reading books and watching television. I kept myself pretty busy with that for a couple years. I knew I was different from the other young men. I was much large then them and could lift and do things that they couldn’t. I could bend steel and do exercises without getting tired. Then the stories started with the mystery   man. Who was he, what was he like. I stayed with myself until the professor found me,” Jiko said.

“It wasn’t long before I found I was different too,” Chisoutsa started, “I could punch and kick walls and not feel pain. I could cut my own skin and not feel a thing. I quickly learnt things easier then most people. I too was seen as a strange person like you. The Professor could never put a tab on why I was different. I don’t think I was the only person questioning my own past, the professor and now Charles are now interested to see what we find.”

The pair chatted more before leaving again for the train station. Chisoutsa grabbed a couple of ticket while passing Jiko a smoke.

          “I haven’t been to this station before,” Chisoutsa said to him

Jiko lit his smoke and pointed at the name, “Central Heat Station is the main station for the City. There has been a past of gang attacks here. Plus for the station we’re heading for.”

          “Yeah Saint Death Station, that’s the one I’ve been to,” Chisoutsa said.

They waited for a few minutes until the train slowly came in. The pair entered the train. The inside was silver and black, large amounts of spray jobs by teenagers. Most of the time the train’s lights go out for a while because of the poor funding by the Government Square.   Jiko’s hand held on the ceiling of the train while Chisoutsa lay down on the seats of the train thinking.

          “So I guess you’ve been to the many attractions in the City,” Jiko asked her.

          “Oh yeah, there are some cool places I should show ya,” Chisoutsa said.

          “You know there are about one hundred and fifth stations in the City. These stations are linked by the speed trains. At least about a thousand people die each year on them,” Jiko noted.

          “That’s a few deaths. I’ve put at least ten to that total. They did start the fight,” Chisoutsa mentioned.

Jiko looked at some of the carriages up ahead and saw a small group of men together. He tinted his head and thought about them.

          “They look quite like the ones I fought with when I met the professor,” he spoke.

Chisoutsa sat up on her seat and looked at the men and a disappointed face grew, “Those are Kaiser Men and they are going to find us on this train if we like it or not,” she said.

She stood up and headed off for the group and Jiko followed her. One of the men spotted Chisoutsa and he nudged a couple of the others and they turned on her and Jiko.

          “So goes the peaceful ride,” murmured Jiko to himself.

The middle door to the carriages opened and Chisoutsa marched in and smashed one guard down to the ground. Jiko followed through and grabbed one of the guards and smashed opened one of the side doors on the moving train. His head popped out of the door and it closed right on his neck. He moved the body out and showed Chisoutsa the headless body.

          “I like your style, it’s still quick and painless. Well not to him,” she commented.

The last two guards quickly ran off down the train and Chisoutsa jumped on one of them. Jiko caught the other and threw him into the side carriage door and slid down the door. The lone guard lay on the ground while she tried to get information out of him. She walked over to grab a steel pole from one of the carriage and came back to whip him in the side of his chest.

          “Why the hell are you around here for?” she cried.

He didn’t answer quickly enough and she started smash in his face with the steel pole. Jiko watched in the background knowing she was good at getting information out of people. A pool of blood was around the guard and she walked around him as you hear her step splashing in the warm blood. She grabbed his hand and held it to the ground, a glow of redness appeared in her eyes as Jiko remember something from her from the hyper camp. Her eyes would glow red for some reason, possibly she loses her temper, it was a sigh for the father to tell was she was prime to kill.


She landed the steel pole through his hand and he cried in sheer pain. She twisted it around and looked at him.

          “Tell me!” she cried.

Jiko stepped forward and nudged Chisoutsa out of the way, “As you can tell she’s quite bossy. You should tell us what your plans are before well something really bad happens,” he said to the guard.

          “Mr. Umezu is working with Science works. We were sent to take care of you so they can move on from their plans. People are fixing the City right,” he cried to Jiko.

          “Mr. Umezu is a known leader of the Science works,” Jiko noted to Chisoutsa.

          “I’ve dealt with them before. Alan Richards works for them despite what they don’t know about him,” she answered back.

Chisoutsa removed the steel pole and leaned over the guard’s body.

          “It’s too late to save ya now. You Kaiser Men keep away from me,” she cried striking the pole into his chest killing him.

Blood was covered over Chisoutsa’s white skirt and Jiko frowned at her, “Well we got something out of him before you got to him. These people are on the lookout for you and the professor. You better beware,” Jiko said.

          “And you too now you’re a part of us,” Chisoutsa reminded him.

The train soon stopped and the two hoped out and the train struggled on to another lone station.

          “Saint Death Station. One of the old famous stations in the City. I sometimes wander the stations to see what’s new,” Jiko, said looking around.

Chisoutsa walked up to a vending machine and got out a soft drink to have. She sat on the seat next to it and drank it whole. Jiko looked at the old advertisings on the walls and the beer bottles and newspapers that covered the floors.

          “We should go home and tell the others about what we found out,” Chisoutsa said.

          “We should. I think we will walk this time then take a train,” Jiko smiled at her.


Later that night the professor was discussing with Jiko and Charles about the encounter with the Kaiser Men on the train. Charles served tea and coffee to the pair.

          “I wonder what Science works are up to. Maybe Alan could fill in the blanks if we see him tomorrow,” the professor said.

          “Well Jonathan he may not know. He doesn’t like getting involved in their dirty works. Besides he’s too busy working for us now,” Charles reminded him.

          “That could be right. Besides they are bigger problems on the horizon. We are setting a plan for Chisoutsa to go undercover with the Secret Jays, the powerful drug gang,” the professor said to the group.

          “That will be fun,” Charles said.

          “Yeah she isn’t good at keeping things simple,” Jiko joked.

          “Don’t worry Jiko you will have your own task too. When I tell you that is,” the professor said.

Jiko leaned back in his seat and the three wandered into space about tomorrow’s delights.


Chisoutsa was found in the bathroom slipping down her bloodied clothes and entered a bath of hot water. She slipped down in it and came back up and grabbed a cool beer from behind her and crack it opened. It was difficult day for her to discover the first true pieces of her past but it was nice for her to meet someone who had been through it too. She slipped on her drink and wonder about Jiko. He was different from her in many ways. She didn’t like it at first but soon learnt to understand him. Like the professor understood her. She leaned up with drink as her breasts were exposed to the moonlight Rounded and firm they were and she downed the last of her drink and lowered back in the bath.

          “Jiko,” she whispered to herself in the night. 

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