Chapter 6 – Chisoutsa: The Virgin War

It was a few days before Chisoutsa and Jiko were well enough before they visitors at the hideout. The Professor was the pair in bed while Chisoutsa woke up to see him. She had still remembered the battle he had with Censilo that saved them. She leaned up on the bed while the Professor moved forward and smiled.

“You feeling better?” he asked her.

“I’m feeling better now. I saw the battle and hear what you said,” she answered.

The Professor turned silent and made a wry smile, “What did you hear?”

“That you knew Censilo before I knew him. Is that true?”

“Yes. It was when I was teaching back years ago. He was working for companies and going up the ladder as a powerful figure. We bruised shoulders a couple times about issues,” Professor Walken answered.

“Why didn’t you tell this? You knew he was part of my life,” Chisoutsa asked.

“I didn’t know. I though if I told you would think he was your creator but I didn’t know he was this evil. To self create a life like yours. You just need your rest and Censilo will be back for sure.

The Professor and Chisoutsa didn’t speak again for a while. They weren’t pleased with each other. Alan and Hayco past the room and entered a study room where Yuri and Muri was working.

“Sorry girls didn’t know you two were here,” Alan said.

“That’s ok. Hello there Hayco. What are you two doing?” Muri asked.

“We are here to talk to Hayco about what he remembers. Now Hayco do you remember much about why you created?” Alan asked him.

“He was very interested in me when I was first created and he did lots of testing on me. But as time went on he lost interest in me and forgot me,” Hayco answered.

“What things did he do to you?”

“He put a few things in my hard drive, which is my brain to humans,” Hayco said.

“There wouldn’t be a way of getting inside it?” Alan asked.

“No there isn’t sadly. All the files I can read there doesn’t say much,” Hayco answered.

Alan looked down and told him he was free to go to roam around the hideout. Hayco walk out of the room. Muri looked at Alan and smiled.

“Expecting to get some information out of him?” she asked him.

“There must be a reason why Censilo made him. There’s more to him then meets the eye,” Alan answered.

“You’ll find it Alan. He might remember something later on,” Muri said.

“I hope he does,” Alan said thinking away to himself.

Kanto West was at the ground level of the Demon Productions. A armed group of men was with him when he rubbed his gun by his side. He turned to his men and pointed the gun at them.

“Remember, I want this to be quick and effective. The dumb thing about Hityo is that doesn’t have bodyguards on his work level. Go for it,” Kanto told his group and they marched off ahead of him while he followed them.

The group of men entered the office room where Hityo was working and he quickly jumped from his seat and looked at Kanto coming in.

“What’s this?” Hityo cried.

“Time to say goodbye Hityo. You have always pulled me back from the things I wanted to do. Now I have the power to take over Demon Productions and take this place to the success it should be,” Kanto said.

“You’re insane. You will be stopped by others. You don’t know how to run a large business,” Hityo cried.

“If you saying Chisoutsa will come around and beat me. You are wrong. She won’t be here. She’s too busy beating off that Censilo guy. While he’s on the loose I will be able to do what pleases me,” Kanto said.

“I might be gone but you will follow me if you take over this business,” Hityo warned him.

“Take care of him,” Kanto said to his men.

They opened fire at Hityo and he ran into corner before he fell to the ground. Kanto walked over and check Hityo. He nodded and turned to his men.

“Good job everyone. He’s gone. We now own Demon Productions,” Kanto smiled at the group.

Kanto walked over to Hityo’s office and sat in his chair. He looked through the budgets and threw some papers at his men. Then he continued to go through before speaking, “Go and produce more of our new drug. Make sure that everybody in the City of Demons has a sample of it!’ he cried.

The late afternoon came and Charles was slipping a wine when Professor Walken came into the room at the hideout zone.

“How you’re feeling?” Charles asked.

“I’m good now. Now why did you join the Government Square knowing the past you had with them?” Professor Walken said cutting to the chase.

“There was a different Prime Leader back then and things are getting better. Don’t start about how you feel about the current Prime Leader,” Charles answered.

“He’s an idiot. He doesn’t care about the City that much,” Professor Walken said.

“Jonathan, I know he isn’t that interested in some of the city’s affairs but I know at the back of his mind he wants things to improve so he can stay in power. The longer Censilo is around, the less likely the Government Square will make it as a true government,” Charles explained.

“Maybe I’m wrong about him. I don’t want you to be hurt again. Getting kicked out again. What was the reason about bring in Miyomoto and those girls in?”

“The girls are smart and Miyomoto is a tough nut. There is also Chisoutsa and Jiko who can fight for us. We’re not getting younger Jonathan and you know that. You were lucky to have the upper hand against Censilo in that last battle. You know your special power is wearing on you. Maybe one day you will need to leave Chisoutsa for the ending,” Charles said.

“I can’t leave her in this mess. I can only advise and help her when I can.”

“That Hayco is interesting. Alan’s been trying to work him out,” Charles said changing the subject.

“He is an interesting kid. He knows something but won’t say,” Professor Walken replied.

“He’s a robot. He only knows as much as his hard disc tells him,” Charles said.

The Professor wandered over to the fridge in the corner and grabbed out a cane of soft drink, “He’ll be handy. He’s safe from Censilo, that’s the main. Where is he now?”

“I don’t know,” answered Charles.

Hayco was wandering the hideout and popped his head in to see Chisoutsa and Jiko resting in their beds. He smiled and walked in and sat down next to Chisoutsa.

“I like to say thank you for saving me. You didn’t really need to come and save me,” Hayco said.

“That’s ok. It’s part of my job,” Chisoutsa answered.

“What is your job? Saving people?”

“Beating the demon of the city, Censilo and doing the odd sorts,” she answered.

“Yes our creator. He’s isn’t a nice guy is he?”

“Nah he’s a shit head,” she answered.

Jiko’s head turned and said hi to the young kid, “Hello Hayco how are ya?” he asked him.

“I’m good. I’m recharged now and feeling better. You look better then before. Lucky for you that Professor Walken was there. He’s a handy guy,” Hayco said.

“Yeah he’s a good guy.”

“You Chisoutsa’s partner,” Hayco asked him.

Jiko sighed a little and was surprised, “Work partner,” he answered.

“Yeah he works with us,” Chisoutsa added.

“It’s nice to meet such nice people like you two. I better be going and I’ll see you two. Rest up now,” Hayco said.

He walked out of the room and Jiko turned to Chisoutsa, “He’s a nice guy. Very pleasure person. I can’t believe Censilo could make someone like him.”

“Maybe he’s a nice guy inside that cruel soul of his,” Chisoutsa replied.

Kuzuki came by the door and nodded and walked in. Jiko leaned up in his bed.

“I’m checking on how you two are going. I think Chisoutsa is looking good. Why don’t you two get up and go for a walk? See how the legs are,” she said to the two of them.

“That would be great,” Jiko said.

“I sick of this stupid bed. I need to get out somewhere,” murmured Chisoutsa.

“Well up you get then,” Kuzuki said smiling.

Chisoutsa sat up out of the bed and walked slowly out of the door. Jiko got up and came to Kuzuki by her side, “Will she be ok?” he asked.

“Oh Jiko of course she will be. She’s a tough girl,” she answered.

Jiko nodded and wandered out of the room.

Chisoutsa appeared outside near a park where she walked down the road. She was feeling better. Her injuries had healed quickly thanks to the beauty of her nature that Censilo created. She spotted Hayco down at the swings and she walked down and looked at him. He was tired looking and he moved his leg and it squeezed.

“Hi there,” she said.

Hayco got a fright thinking he was by himself and looked up, “Oh hi. Sorry about my leg. I don’t like the noise of it,” he said.

Chisoutsa sat down on the other swing and Hayco turned to her.

“Why don’t you like it squeezing?” she asked.

“It’s not normal for a boy to squeeze. I want to be fit in with others,” Hayco answered.

“Fit in with whom?”

“Fit in with other kids my age, with everyone. You know we are much alike in many ways,” Hayco told Chisoutsa.

“What do you mean?” Chisoutsa asked.

“We try hard to fit in. You may not but I see it sometimes. We were both made for a purpose. Not out of love. I want to be real boy, a real young teenager. Be able to go and kick a ball without losing power and going dead. What do you dream of?” Hayco asked Chisoutsa.

Chisoutsa stared into space and looked back at him, “I don’t have a dream,” she answered.

“What will you do if Censilo is defeated? What will you do afterwards?”

“I don’t know. I’ve never thought about it.” She answered

“Everyone has a dream, I believe in that. You should have a think about it from time to time,” Hayco told her.

Chisoutsa gave a thought about it and the Professor never spoke to her about dreams and goals. He was more as a mentor in battle and fighting against the darkness of her past. Hayco was showing her other parts of life to think about. Hayco stood and he looked at his hands. Chisoutsa watched on and he walked off by himself. She kept on watching him until he disappeared back to the hideout and looked back at the ground at the swing set.

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