Chapter 6 – Seasons of the Moon

Alex’s hand planted on the wall at the end of the narrow bridge and sighed. They had survived until now. Now they knew the underground was haunted by a spirit or some magic but could not put the magic to the figure.

Celia was thinking of the strange wizard Gladus who could be the vile soul who would do such a thing. She turned to Alex in the hot fused underground and sighed.

“It could be Gladus. He is one of our concerns that Alfred was talking about days and days ago,” Celia told Alex.

“Like Morcar, a strange and twisted man. But why would he not want us to find the elements?” asked Alex.

“He wants us dead Alex; he doesn’t want us to find Ice at all. He wants us to fail!” cried Celia.

Alex straightens his sword up again and gave a look across to the burned out branch still in the middle of the narrow bridge. He looked upon the future, the journey towards the ice lands. He then turned to face Celia again.

“We must at least, come on!” cried Alex and they moved on towards the faint lights along the underground.

The young pair continued their way along hot and steamy pathways towards whatever end the paths will bring them. Suddenly at a point in their journey the paths turned cold, very cold and they stopped.

“Shhh!” cried Alex.

Whispers in the dark grew and the voice was heard within the walls and spooks of the cracks of the underground. Their eyes meet each other and they grew at the same time. The voices also started to grow. Alex slowly moved his sword behind them.

He smashed opened the walls and white ghostly characters appeared with swords and wizard staffs. Their eyes opened with the same green toxic gas moving around in their heads.

“Run!” shouted Alex towards Celia as he started his battle with the ghost wizards.

“Arrchhh!” shouted the knight knocking the wizards away fromhim.

He ran after the princess. The ghost wizard changed to a spear head shape and one was calling. “Through the shadow comes the darkness. The green lights will all go out. Nowhere to run from the dark skies the master shadow will bring and not even the stars will shine to outlast the day!” shouted the ghost wizard.

Alex kept on falling and getting up during his way through the icy paths. His face was growing cold and going purple. Alex reached a second opening and he slipped on the ground to find crafted ice poles around the opening. There in the middle was Celia, shining in the blue gown she wore on the journey. Alex turned around to find no one was following him. He sighed in relief and turned to face the ghost wizard surrounding Celia.

“Stay away from her!” he cried to them. He waved his sword at them from the ground.

Some of the ghost wizard grinned at his childish attempt to save the princess.

The young knight stood up tall and held his sword towards the ghost wizards. The wizards all turned to face the knight and held their staffs up high shinning a green globe. Celia stood in the middle of the circle looking terribly weak and tired. He charged towards the wizards and two of them crossed their staffs and shot a green arrow towards the knight and knocked him off his feet to the ground.

Alex laid on the ground and was losing his strength. He used his sword as a walking stick and each time fell to the ground. From the ground he looked at Celia again and her eyes were blinking. The ocean blue eyes that he loved were changing, the green lightning eyes of the shadows and the ghost wizard. They were taking over her mind and soul. He started to get back up and grew in anger. He grabbed his sword in anger and held it by his side.

“I will break the shackles of your spell if it takes all of my might!” shouted Alex and he charged towards the wizards.

This time he attacked into two of them and the wizards used their swords and staffs on Alex. Alex pointed his sword at the wizards and grabbed Celia. She came out of her spell and fell on Alex. He ran away from the ghost wizards with Celia on one shoulder. He kept on passing the icy paths and found a white light.

“Luck at last has served us!” cried Alex to himself.

He wandered around the paths and kept one eye behind to watch for the ghost wizards.

The light was now an exit out of the underground and Alex crossed into the snow and he fell on the ground, dropping Celia on the snow with him. The battle and journey was over. Alex and Celia stayed in the snow for a while to rest, not worrying about the possible attack from the ghost wizards. The snow softly fell on the young people and Alex moved a hand as he slowly moved his head up to reveal snow over his face and hair. He turned to his right to see Celia then to his left to see his sword.

Alex rested for a few more minutes before he decided to rise from his fall.

He grabbed his sword and then held Celia up and dusted the snow from her face. She started to wake up and Alex smiled.

“We made it. We got out of the underground. It’s snowing lightly at the moment. We’d better keep on moving. To find the palace and the ice man inside!” cried Alex happily.

The two gradually climbed up to their feet and moved along the snow. The pair took at least a couple hours to reach a hot spring. Alex walked over to the spring and started to drink a little of it.

“Better than frozen water,” smiled Alex at the princess.

Celia was still tired and stiff from the spell of the ghost wizards. Alex took off his backpack that Celia prepared and opened it up to see some food and clothes. It was early morning and they had little sleep. Alex sat on the edge of the hot spring and thought to himself. He looked inside the bag and rubbed his head.

“I thought I packed two pairs of trousers?’ he asked himself. “You did,” said a voice near him.

Alex turned to see Celia was in the hot spring enjoying the warmth and rest.

“Great, it’s good you’re having a fun time. We don’t have time to rest,” said Alex.

“Come on Alex, we’re both tired and we need rest. We haven’t slept yet,” she complained.

Alex was unwilling but gave in to her and sat down on the edge. Celia moved close to Alex and watched him. He crossed his arms and watched the water shyly.

“Why don’t you come in, it’s great? I bet no one’s ever found this place before,” she said.

“Well, I guess, why not,” Alex said and went to the bag to grab his shorts.

Alex appeared in his trousers. He removed his shirt and dipped himself into the hot spring next to Celia. She saw noticed the developed muscles of his chest.

“It feels good this spring. Never been in one before so I guess I can’t tell,” smiled Alex.

“Tell me,” started the princess “What were those ghosts about?” “I’m not too sure about them. Maybe it’s about that Gladus you mentioned before. Is he like Morcar?’

“Yes but even stranger,” answered Celia.

“It sounds like the work of either Morcar or Gladus. We just better watch ourselves for the journey back. Maybe the element of ice may know a better route back to Richardson,” commented Alex.

“Is it far to where he is now?” she asked him.

“I don’t know to be sure, but we will know when we see his place,” Alex answered.

“What was it like to talk to the element?” Alex asked her.

She smiled and thought about it. “He was charming but he was a mystery as well. He was a strange character too. Magical in another. Maybe all of them are like that,” she answered him.

“Magical, must be a charming guy,” thought Alex.

Celia smiled and moved next to Alex, placing a leg over his. Alex was surprised as she whispered in his ear.

“But you’re the charming one to me,” she smiled.

She kissed him and he felt she was as soft as snow. He didn’t want to continue but the tension was too strong for him and retuned with another.

He let his hands rest on her hips and she kissed him down to his chest. She had his shorts and under top from her blue gown when he placed his hands around her back to remove the under top. She aided him down and he kissed her breasts. Her blonde hair shone like the dawn of the sunlight hitting the hot spring. He drew her nipple into his mouth and she kissed the top of his head…

The snow started to come heavy upon the hot spring. The knight and princess were side by side in the spring, Alex watched the sky and looked back at his bag.

“It is time we moved off. We’d better seek shelter before the snowstorm hits,” Alex said.

The pair changed into new clothes and set off together towards a shelter they saw near a open clearing. They entered it and set their bag and Alex’s sword and food down as well.

“I hope this ice man lives near,” Celia said.

“I think he will be near, it’s pretty cold around here. Maybe towards the north is the way,” Alex told her.

“Let’s go and see if he is near to here,” Celia suggested. Alex nodded and the two left the area of the shelter.

The pair walked back into the snow as Celia’s face shone. She had only heard of snow and she always liked the idea of it. She started playing with it and threw it at Alexander.

“What do you prefer to be called, Alex or Alexander,” smiled Celia.

“Really depends on who the person is. People who don’t know me well enough, call me Alexander. But all of my friends and family call me Alex,” he said as he threw some snow back to her

“I like Alex better, short and sweet,” she thought.

They moved on and the clearing was huge, the snowstorm had started on them and the wind was picking up again. Alex and Celia were now holding a blanket over them to cover themselves from the storm. Celia’s eyes lit up and she smiled at Alex, she pointed at something in the distance.

“It’s the palace, the Ice palace!” she shouted happily.

Alex looked upwards from the ground and saw that, it was what they were traveling for. The icy castle was in sight; it was an amazing feeling to see it loom upon them from a mile away.

The storm crossed the same thing and Alex’s eyes closed up and Celia held Alex tight by the side. The blanket fell to the ground and Alex held his sword up. His eyes looked tired and upset when he saw the palace again.

“Is there no rest for the wicked,” he asked himself.

The smoking ice disappeared to reveal the eight ghost wizards with their staffs in the attack position. Alex stood away from Celia and placed himself in front of the ghost wizards. A feeling of power came upon Alexander as he came step by step closer to the ghosts of the shadow. He charged fearlessly into the ghost wizards and smashed into them. The wizard crossed staffs with the knight’s sword.

The knight twisted around pushing down three wizards. One caught Alex by the arm and threw him to the ground. Their gassy green eyes glowed with anger towards the young knight who had past their attacks until this moment.

“Our might shall overcome your skill young knight!” cried one wizard.

“Not without a battle well fought!” shouted Alex and he flipped himself up on his legs to smash a way through the wizards. Electrical streams of green covered the skies and Alexander backed away against the powers of the shadows. A sudden strike of lightning hit Alexander’s sword and it became unbearable to control it. The sword flew to the left and right, sending the knight into a fix.

“Alex, try and fight it!” cried Celia from behind.

Alex quickly turned to face one wizard and made a hit. The lightning came upon him and he cried in pain and fell to the ground. This surprised the ghost wizards who were standoffish towards the knight.

Across the other side of the battle at the palace, a figure in a window watched the battle with a hand upon his mouth in surprise and fear. He tossed his head and moved away from the window. Alex lowered his sword at the ghost wizards and shouted, “Who shall come before this sword now!” The Ghost wizards fled the battle and quickly flew towards the undergrounds again. The lovers were safe again. Alex sat down in a puff and Celia ran up and hugged him.

“You were great out there. How did you know about that trick?” she asked him.

“It was lucky, I didn’t know how to hit a ghost,” smiled Alex. He was always truthful.

The young lovers moved slowly to the front entrance when Celia remarked,

“Maybe we might have found the wrong ice palace,”

Alex half smiled and half frowned at her and they opened the two heavy doors and entered the element safe haven.

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