Chapter 6 – The Author’s War

The Quill Knife has been taken back to the underground base where I was surprised that the likes of Professor Walken, Hayden Norman, Daniel Phoenix and the Cyber family were hovering over the object with great interest. Chisoutsa was sitting with Roger the Barbarian and Mr. Umezu.

“You see all the smart people are over there and we do all action based stuff. Typically we just sit in the corner and wait for the next move,” Chisoutsa complained.

“I’m not part of this stupid group you’re talking about Chisoutsa. Your brother might be smarter but he can’t fight like you. Thou you were always trigger happy,” Mr. Umezu answered getting out a cigar.

“Trigger happy are you saying about me? Over the years I have cut back on my habit of shooting than asking questions.  Go ask the Professor or Lucas. They should vouch for me,” Chisoutsa replied snappily.

“This is truly a amazing object we found. I believe if the author in the war strikes the book with this knife the book will be destroyed. It almost sounds too easy,” Percy Cyber commented on the finding around the group.

Lcasu Walken nodded, “Well we have to get inside the tower which would have hundreds of thousands of soldiers and warriors.  The tower itself moves from location to location and we have a writer who is nearing on being invincible with a book that can command anything in your wildest dreams. It’s not that easy when you think about it in those terms,” he furthered added to the discussion.

“Sounds like we’re fucked,” Mr. Umezu said out loud from the background.

“We are not fucked. We just need a plan to work this out. Stop the tower from moving and guide Chris inside the tower without being seen,”Lucas replied back.

“You know Blackburn trapped us here for a reason. We can’t go back to my company and whip up technology. We are stuck here because he knows we are stuffed without the devices we rely on. My company business is like. lt to be a burning pile of shit because of this. You really think that the old vampire and Jasper is going to save the whole city and world? Even Chisoutsa couldn’t do it by herself and the Xtreme Squad dare I say took a while to learn how to do things right. We are all sitting ducks right now,” Mr. Umezu complained.

“What happened to being all positive and sticking together?” Percy Cyber asked turning around.

“You just have to see it from my own eyes. Let’s just bring a knife into the uncatchable tower and defeat a man who disappears in shadows. It’s becoming impossible because he is sucking all of our sources and giving us nothing to fight with,” he replied back.

“Let’s all calm down for a moment. I can understand Mr. Umezu. We have been left with nearly nothing to use. That’s what Blackburn wants to happens. In my investigations it always starts with nothing and you go searching for the clues and tools to help solve your case. We have to look at it like that,” Daniel said trying to calm everyone down.

I was in the other corner with V         incent Lamour and Wizard watching the group break down again. Wizard looked concerned about everyone not being on the same page, “ I just wish that some would at their history of the odds against them. Some of us have beaten the odds but this time for some reason they feel this is a challenge too hard for them,” Wizard noted.

“Everyone here has their calling cards and tricks when they are against these odds Wizard. What Blackburn has done is removed them and only let them have each other for support. I mean your Legomen is currently sliced and cut part all around your world and are breaking down as we speak. The same is happening here and in Chisoutsa’s world. Half of their Xtreme Squad is missing and Roger’s bravely and leadership is badly missing in his universe. Just remind them that they have the best minds and people they can find anywhere. Remind of where they have come before and where they stand today, Vincent explained to Wizard.

“Wise words Vincent I like that. Why don’t you Chris for a walk while I try to clean up this disagreement for now. Blackburn’s forces will be ready to close in now and we can’t do it without the support of everyone on the same page,” Wizard suggested.

While Wizard tried to calm down the problems and pressures of the group Vincent Lamour and I went to a local park found some distance away from the base. Vincent span around with his cane in the middle of the park with the floating leaves down on him.

“Autumn is my favorite season you know Chris. Is it was your favorite one too?” he asked me.

“Yes it is, how did you know?” I replied back to him.

“I did some readings about online when I was with Hayden and Daniel. You know when I feel worried or stressed in life I come to the park and remember all the things that I have done in my life,” Vincent told me.

I wandered next to him as we trolled down the pathway with the leaves covering everywhere. I thought about what he said and I remembered doing that myself but it was hard at times to forget about the everyday life and let your mind drift away to a blank page.

“For everyone in that room and for us too it has been very hard for people to come together in this nature. Most of them are used to running the show themselves and I guess maybe you thoughts these characters would get on better,” Vincent said.

“I was hoping it might be easier but it would be foolish of me to think that,” I replied back to him.

“Teaching for hundreds of years has shown me many different people from all cultures of backgrounds. Those people back at the base do have the single common goal in life. That is to protect the ones they love and to right the wrongs in life. They all carry some hurt, pain, and lost in their lives. The same can be spoken for you. The grey in your hair, what happened in the room when Blackburn approached you?” he asked.

“He said he would bring out darkness within me. The depression that I have had for most for most of my life it will show clearly on my body the wears and tears of it. I wonder if my pains and thoughts inside my head will take my life in the end. I really don’t the answer. Can a soul breaker do that to me,” I asked Vincent.

“You are in a strange moment. You may have written about the soul breakers in your books but Blackburn is the other author in this war and he is adding a darker and more dangerous element to the subjects you have written in the past. He is using your words to cut at you. I honestly don’t know how this will affect you and maybe it might cot your life. But you must the ray of light that shines through the darkest of souls. You love to learn and teach like me. You love to explore the world and the wonder around you. They are the things that Blackburn can’t take from you. Only you can let your soul and heart be given away. I have walked down parks and seen this scene a million times and it still gives me joy and happiness in my life. Autumn may come to winter but it is a season like spring. It’s a time of change, a time to take the good in your life, discard the bad and walk down the path of your choosing,” he said.

He turned around to face me and put his hands on my shoulders, “Never give in to life. Never turn to a point where the end of your life has more meaning than life itself. Look at my own life. I have tried everything to keep extending my time here from my science accident since I was a young teacher. I would love to live another five hundred years to see how humans will change and grow, what new adventures that I could do and what I can learn from others. The greatest lesson I have learnt from my many years is that you cannot learn everything and you cannot meet everyone.  When we die there will always been a chapter left unwritten, a novel never quite finished or a tale never quite told. I learnt that if you learnt everything in life than life would become boring. Like a good novel, you want to end your life wanting just a extra page to write or read. Keep your head high and proud of the people around you because they are very much like you. They believe in the goodness and they want the best in life no matter what struggles or paths they have taken. They have all come from different paths but they are united as one. Don’t listen to the words of Blackburn. He just wants to bring you down to his dark level of seeing the world in his eyes. Please remember this, it is all I can give. I’m not fighter, I’m just an educator like you,” Vincent said giving me his words of wisdom.

“Thank you Vincent. That means a lot to me that it came from you. You’re a close person like Wizard is to me. You seem to think on your same level. I can see the clouds are coming together in darkness and the weather is blackening. He has control of the weather and the ThunderDragon is weak from his powers. Everywhere you turn there is something that reminds me of Blackburn. He’s trying to get inside my head it is getting hard but I will remember your words when I need them the most.”

“Keep the memories of what it used and not what is just a passing phrase. This will pass if you don’t worry about the darkness,” Vincent reminded me.

We decided it was time to go back to the base to see how things had changed and hoped for a better outcome. When we arrived back Mr. Umezu looked relaxed at a table playing poker with Chisoutsa, Roger and Lucas Walken while the Cyber’s were nodding at each other over the Quill Knife.

“Is everything better now?”  I asked everyone.

“Things are better now Chris. We just really need to understand where people are coming from. We have to understand everyone’s concerns and fears. We all feel trapped in this war and I understand when people get upset. I have dealt with pirates and angry castle knights in my time,” he smiled at me reminding me of some of the banter issues between the Legomen from years ago.

“You were lucky to have Mr. Guard and Kevin as your loyal knights in your castle Wizard,” I told him.

“Yes I was and Kevin is doing very well running the Dragon Knights as we speak. I hope the war is not affecting him too badly. I do too feel the need to be at home where everyone else is. There is much pain around here but we will work through it. Percy just told me that the Quill Knife has the ability to destroy the book, confirmed by the unfinished notes that Harold gave to him through a letter,” Wizard told me.

“A letter from nearly a hundred years ago? How is that possible?” I asked him.

“A suggestion from Vulture to make the letter because of the time blocks in place. I’m still very surprised that he is on our side,” Wizard noted.

“Like Mr. Umezu he knows when to change sides to suit himself,” I replied back smiling to myself.

There was a few shouts from the other side of the base when Cody and Hayden came racing up to the poker table and the others were looking over the Quill Knife.

“I think the universe portals are opening up again but we can pull people through the portals and they would be trapped here,” Cody said.

“What we should do is pull out the rest of our friends and return them here. Make sure we have everyone here to take care of Blackburn and turn the tables on him. We just need to do this quickly,” Professor Walken said to everyone.

“Where do we do this?” Chisoutsa asked at the table.

“We will start with LeogLand, than Evermore and move to The City of Demons. The portal is going to cost plenty in terms of power usage but it’s required if we have to create any chance of challenging in this war,” Percy Cyber told the group.

“They should also know when the portal is open. The great thing with these things is that you can’t miss them. Large and noisy stuff these portals ,” spoke up Dr. Cyber seeming to get excited about seeing some old friends again.

The entire group decided to channel the home base’s power to help the portal choose the universe of LegoLand first and they were all hoping that their plans would be successful. For all of their sakes.

Tens of thousands of alien creatures have taken over the city section of LegoLand as the push to overcome the old Legomen was coming. The former Mayor Davis was in the Legmen Castle with King Lion, IronHook, Kevin, and Bill member of the special team were discussing the grim news.

“We have every man, woman, and child fighting in the city at the moment and the push is getting greater. Where do we go now?” Bill asked King Lion.

The red headed King looked over the castle designs to have a better picture of the costs they were losing to the alien invasion.

“These aliens who are coming for us is something that reminded me of a pasting discussion I had with Daniel Phoenix, the guy who does all the UFO alien stuff and he described these reptilians aliens very much like the ones we are facing now. Maybe Valentine Blackburn is using these aliens to put the fear in us and something to shake Daniel too. I just wish he spoke about any weakness’s.” King Lion replied to Bill.

“We are too old for this anymore. We should be all retired expect for maybe Bill and Kevin. We are not used to this anymore and they have caused more damage than you did with your crazy mission’s years ago,” Davis spoke out.

“Hey a few billion dollars here and there in exchange for world peace is a fair price Davis!” snapped back Iron Hook the pirate.

“The city government was never happy having fit the bills for the Legomen Castle. This will be the fifth time this castle has been smashed in twenty years,” Davis replied.

“You should note that this castle has stood firm for the past fourteen years. Since Zare was defeated peace has been here ever since,” Kevin reminded old Mayor Davis.

A figure came rushing down to the castle throne room and it was Sandra Cyber, “The portal is opening! Is there a chance the rest of family is coming home?” she asked the others.

“Unlikely Sandra but we someone must go through that portal to help the fight in Chris’s universe. I expect that’s the reason why it’s opened. Kevin and Iron Hook you are to command and lead the Legomen by your own orders to them. I’m taking Bill, Sandra with me away to the other universe. It is important that you fight to keep the castle safe. If we lose this all the hope will lost from the public. We are the symbol of peace and hope in our universe and I’m sure that you and all the Legmen have one last fight in us,” King Lions told them all.

Kevin smiled at King Lion and he became upset, “Say hello to everyone here in case things don’t work out. Please make sure you come back King Lion, it wouldn’t be the same without you or Wizard here,” he told him.

“Thank you Kevin Keep this place safe and I will return with the crown still on my head.”

“Bill, I look forward to seeing you again. You were the first member of the Legomen and I still remember the day you came into my office with Ben and Wizard. That day changed my life and the lives of everything in this world. Come back home when you are done,” Davis said to Bill with a wry smile.

“You were a very good mayor who believed in our idea to keep the city and outer world safe. I was young doctor back then and I have a few more grey hairs in me but they were the best of times for me. I will see you again you silly old mayor,” Bill said giving him a surprising hug.

The three of them came outside of the Legmen Castle with the armies of the aliens marching all over the city burning the building and attacking everyone in sight. Cars and objects were thrown into the air like toys and King Lion held out his golden sword towards the portal on the hill.

“Your family is on the other side and they are waiting for you. I bet they know you will be coming even if this too dangerous for a lady like you,” the King told her.

“My family knows who the boss of the Cyber’s is,” she answered grinning.

The black haired in the red outfit joined the two men in charging towards the alien invasion slashing into them as they made their way towards the universe portal brightly shown on the hill waiting for someone to cross the universes of time and space.

Bill carried a shotgun with him and fired a number of shot at the repetitions who were throwing acid attacks at the buildings to damage them and cause them to fall down on the people of the city. The three of them pushed inside a highway tunnel that leads it along the hill where the portal was. It was the quickest and likely to be the safest route  A alien jumped on Bill’s back as his shotgun dropped to the ground. Sandra raced and dived on the shotgun turning around and shooting the alien a number of times to get it off Bill. Bill fell to the ground hurt and tired from the attack.

“Are you alright Bill?” Sandra shouted at him.

“I hope so. I’m used to treating other for wounds and not myself! Just help me across to the start of the hill and I should be fine,” Bill replied trying to get the energy to get back on his feet again. King Lion slashed into more aliens coming after the trio as he saw a number of space cruisers coming in with a familiar black dragon.

“Look it’s the Space Police with Slick and the Bat Lord. They are helping us to the portal. Let’s go now before it closes on us!” he shouted back at Bill and Sandra.

They fought their way hard towards the end of the traffic tunnel and the bottom of the hill was met. One of the space cruisers came down when the door was opened on the side.

“King Lion! We take help you fight off the alien ships from the sky. Just make a run for it now alright! And please do say hello to Percy for me. I don’t waqnt him worrying about me,” Slick said from the doorway.

“I will do so Slick and keep the city safe at all costs. Take the orders from Kevin and Iron Hook!” King Lion replied back as Slick nodded and closed the doorway and the space cruiser rose up again to keep on the attack. Fire balls and laser beams were aimed at the three of them as they dodged and ran up the hill towards the portal. A large laser beam shot at the three sending them down a few meters away from the portal gateway.

“We are so close!” shouted Bill to King Lion.

“Hold Sandra’s hand and I hold yours and we will drag up the hill like hell!” he shouted back.

A gusty look appeared on the old King’s face as he pushed everyone up the final stages of the hill with over a fifth ships attacking the hill desperate to not let more of my friends come into my universe.  Fire balls and explosions smashed into the hill as King Lion touched the portal lights as it was sparking electricity everywhere.

“For the Kingdom, let us not fear the darkness!” he roared as the three of them crossed into the portal and a ball of light shot up into the sky as three traveled to my universe safely.

Slick and the space crusier police team cheered in celebration for a moment before the alien ship fired a number of fire balls at the portal gate and machine creating a massive explosion and sending the machine technology crashing to pieces. The Bat Lord flew around on the baclk dragon shooting down a number of alien ships as he and Slick watched in horror the only working portal gateway destroyed.

“My gosh, oh no!” Slick cried covering his mouth in despite.

“They can’t come back home, it’s gone. The portal after twenty years it’s been destroyed,” he cried dropping himself to the ship’s control seat.

“How will they ever come home. Is this the last I ever see of my old friends,” he said to himself in shock and sadness.

The death and destruction of LegoLand was not the only universes under threat, the Kingdom of Evermore was facing deathly options. Where Roger the Barbarian was missing and that the rest of the band was pushing their way around the castle ground fighting back the alien race that Blackburn had called upon to wipe out the rest of the characters. Levi and Walter were jumping the water banks shooting off beams of powerful magic towards the aliens moving into the castle ground. A number of special armed guards were with King Chambers the king of Evermore ready to attack anyone entering the room.

“Williams, my beautiful castle, it’s falling down to pieces. Is this all my fault? What have I done wrong?” he asked his trusted advisor.

“You haven’t done a thing wrong. This is a attack unlike anything we have seen. I have seen the portal open up again in the back rooms of the castle the one where Roger was sent to investigate these matters,” he answered him.

“Oh good, maybe Roger can return and help us all. God we need this more than anything,”: King Chambers cried in fear.

A loud noise from heard coming into the battled weary throne room, “I better be paid all the gold in Evermore for this latest war. It took you long enough to pay after our deeds in our first meeting to overcome Graford!”

“Ah Duncan my favorite dwarf, are you here to help us?” King Chambers asked him warmly.

“You only met one fucking dwarf in your life Chambers and you underpaid him, and it looks like you doing it again! Where the hell is that damn wizard and fairy elf?” Duncan cried holding up his battle axe.

Walter and Levi rushed into the throne with a number of aliens coming into the throne rooms. Walter brought a extra staff as he gave it to King Chambers, “For the sake of Evermore you must this transport staff to teleport you and everyone out of here. This castle has fallen,” Walter the wizard told him.

“But this is my castle. I have worked all my life to make this castle what it is. Don’t tell me it’s all over now” King Chambers cried in a panic.

“The castle may have fallen but the Kingdom will never when we are still alive. It is our word to you,”  Levi the elf told the King.

“Come now Edward, let’ get your wife and son ready to go with the teleport staff. You three should go through the portal and help Roger and his new friends. We will support you all the way with your quest over there,” William told the three of them.

“You know what Chambers before you leave. I’ll this for free. These creatures have unbelievable pissed me off. No one comes into my kingdom and starts this crap with me. Let’s go find Roger and kick the shit of this person who started this war!”

“For free it is! Go now or the portal might close quickly. I bid farewell for now!” King Chambers said as the three members of the band watched the King and his advisor go into the bedroom with the family and seeing the bolts and flashes of them disappearing outside of the castle safe and secure.

“Let’s move to the portal now!” Walter told Duncan and Levi.

“Don’t start thinking you’re the boss of the band now that Roger is missing. It’s taken you ten years to wait for this moment hasn’t it?” Duncan snapped at him.

“Be quiet you two. We don’t have time for you to fight again for a millionth time,” Levi cried and the three ducked down the hallway and turned to see the portal opening again with a string of aliens racing into the room behind. A storm of magic appear from Walter as Duncan head butted one of the alien enforcers and beheaded one of the aliens and smashed one of the others with the head of the dead. The three dashed to the portal and jumped straight into it as it quickly closed up after them.

Two bolts of portals opened up in dead desert when the LegoLand and the Evermore portals opened throwing both pairs into the ground and closing up quickly. Both groups from the universes were left confused and tired from the running from the alien races and slowly climbed back up on her feet expect from Bill who was still injured from his attack.

“There must be many wizards around from Chris’s known universes,” noted King Lions looking at Walter.

“From whom do you say and who are you three?” Walter asked.

“My name is King Lion an you three look like the band from what Roger the Barbarian has told me are you not?” asked the King.

“Yes, you know where he is and maybe where we are?” Walter asked.

“Looks our portals have taken us to the deserts. It might be close to where the home base, well where the others are planning on the war against Blackburn. I think they helped in opening the portals for people to come in to help. It’s just a gut feeling I have,” King Lions told the band members.

“That’s the same feeling I had when I heard the portal was open. Don’t you think it’s weird how we tend to think alike?” Levi asked King Lion.

“In a way it ‘s not that strange. You will learn a lot today I will say,” smiled the King.

“Fucking Blackburn! I can’t wait to teach him lesson. Our kingdom is in a million pieces and all our good work has been removed,” Duncan shouted in anger.

“Our home is just like yours, there’s a long line of angry people just like wanting a piece of the same man too. I can’t believe our portal was destroyed just as we left it. We won’t get a chance of returning home,” Bill answered with a heavy sigh.

“Can’t the time cruisers take us back home?” Sandra asked King Lion.

“I don’t know as you know they can only travel in time and not space. There is the chance that we might have to live here even if the war is won,” King Lion said.

“Live here? My god I hope it doesn’t happen. I mean I’m sure this place is nice and good but I like my own house and world thank you very much,” Duncan replied.

“Well aren’t you so charming,” smiled Walter at Duncan.

The two groups looked around the deserts area seeing a couple buildings in the distances away but it was a long walk in the heat but to their surprise the sky was blackening.

“The weather here has been lost control to Valentine Blackburn,” King Lion told the band.

“What? Even the weather is control by this guy. I’m surprised he hasn’t won the war yet. My god what hasn’t he destroyed yet? Really tell me,” Duncan asked.

“We are the only ones left standing and I have no kingdom left to rule if we are all stuck here forever. My son is back at home and all friends are there. I have risked everything and I feel like I lost everything win or lose in this war,” King Lion answered with his head lowered.

The two groups decided to camp out the area for now and wait for any signs of the rest of the entire group to find them. Tired and weary they rested for now.

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