Chapter 6 – The Legend of Evermore

Walter and Levi were still confused by Magus’s last statement.
“ I think Andrew would be useful in my kingdom,” suggested Magus
“ What for?” asked Andrew nothing but confused.
“ You see my father, King Chambers is a bad writer. His eyesight on paper is bad too. I
want you to be his writer and join us as team to stop the work of Graford the Chaos
Wizard. Therefore, you see we were here to protect the monastery and the kingdom from
Chaos magic” explained Magus.
“ What is this Chaos magic I keep hearing of my lord?” asked Andrew to the Archbishop.
“ It is evil magic, related to the devil” answered the Archbishop
“ Then you are good people. Can I go with them my lord?” asked a willing Andrew.
“ They have one wish and they want you. Then they shall get you,” answered the

A couple hours passed as the four adventurers setted out to return to the castle.
“ Goodbye Andrew, come back one day to the monastery” said the Archbishop as the four
disappeared from sight.

Meanwhile Graford heard the news that his young wizard had died while summoning
Godlead the custodian of Chaos magic.
“ Curse those adventurers! At lest Godlead gave me more power. Nevertheless, that young
wizard was good. They will pay for what they have done to me and the kingdom of Chaos.
The end of Evermore is closer than ever!” cried Graford as he still was in his witches hide
He ordered a group of Orcs to stop Walter and Levi from reaching the Evermore Castle.

Walter, Levi, Magus, and Andrew were walking towards the castle through the castle town
as Magus asked Andrew a question,
“ How is your friend at the Infirmary now?” asked Magus
“ Oh Stephen. He is fine now. He will return to the job of the lay brother,” answered
“ What’s a lay brother?” asked Levi.
“ A lay brother is a person who takes holy vows and lives in a monastery but is not
educated enough to be a monk yet in time,” answered Andrew.
The group continued their expedition until they saw the heard of Orcs appear around them.

“ Oh no, this is no good,” thought Andrew.
The Orcs ran up to kick down Walter and Levi as Magus and Andrew watched the attack.
Levi slashed his sword at the Orcs. The Orcs gave a funny look and attack him by
punching him. The pair knew they were not going to win this time.
“ Andrew! Run to the Evermore to tell the king we are here,” shouted Walter as Andrew
nodded and bolted off

King Chambers was still looking at Magus’s papers when Roger and Duncan was helping
him decide on the problems he had in the country.
“ Medical Center? Who on earth could create one of them?” asked Chambers to the nearest
“ I don’t know. I really don’t care” moaned Duncan.
“ I do Duncan. We must care for the sick and living” said Roger
“ It’s sick and dying stupid. We don’t look after the well people” snapped Duncan.
Then the Chancellor ran in with some news.
“ There’s a mad monk in the castle my lord,” he cried.
“ I’ll fix him. He can be the first one to try out the medical center,” said Duncan with a
cruel look.
Andrew ran into the throne as Chambers got up.
“ Who are you monk?” asked Chambers.
“Your friends Walter and Levi are in danger. They are being attacked in the Castle Town
Square by Graford’s monsters,” cried Andrew.
“ Let’s go Duncan!” cried Roger as the three ran out.
“ I keep saying this but Walter can’t defend himself. He’s like a two year old in battle”
laughed Duncan.

Roger and Duncan go to the scene, they raised their swords as the others saw them.
“ Great, some help!” cried an excited Levi.
The four of them took over the battle as magic beams swords and axes shoot across the
Town Square. All that was remaining was the bodies of Orcs and the blood on Roger’s
sword and on Dunce’s axe.
“ We did it,” said Walter.
“ About time you losers got here,” said Duncan as Walter gave a vile look back at him.

Walter and Levi told of the story of how they meet Andrew and defeated the evil wizard at
the monastery.

“ Very good my friends. You did well,” said Chambers.
The others were talking to Andrew for the first time as Magus told his father the reason
why he is here.
“ You know father that you can’t really read or write that well. Andrew here is an expert in
those fields. He helped us find and capture Graford’s wizard. Therefore, I thought he could
do well here in the castle” spoke Magus.
“ I can read and write very well! I’ve done school work in my time,” snapped Chambers.
He feels quite stupid with a special person to red and write for him.
“ King Chambers! that list Magus gave you took you three hours to understand,” cried
Duncan laughing.
“ Alright. Maybe I do need help with it. Andrew you’re hired,” said King Chambers.
Magus was happy to have Andrew on the team. Andrew was 20 as he was 18. Therefore,
he had a friend at his age to talk to for once. Then the Chancellor walked in with some
“ I have some sort of letter for Levi,” he said.
Levi grabbed it as he started to open it. Andrew looked at the chancellor to ask a question.
“ What is your name Chancellor?” asked Andrew.
“ William. Nobody has asked me for my name ever in this castle. Even the king doesn’t
care about me,” said William the Chancellor.
Andrew gave a sinful look at King Chambers as he lower his head in shame.
“ It’s a letter from my uncle!” cried an excited Levi.
“ Go on read it,” said Roger as Levi started to read it all.
“ Dear Levi,
I hope you are keeping well. I heard about your new job in Evermore. Fighting crime all
day sounds hard but good for the people who live there. I am having my wife’s birthday
party this week. I was hoping if you and your friends could come and see us both. I hope
you do come. From Uncle Stan” read Levi.
‘ Can we go? I love parties!” cried Duncan.
“ Seeing you have done well in battle. I guess you guys can go,” said King Chambers.
The band was excited to go on a holiday as they have been working hard for the last three
Stan and his wife lived in the country of Sonery. It was west to the land of Evermore.
Evermore was known as the great and mysterious land of time. Sonery was the land known
to Elves and teaching. Many brilliant teachers were born in that country.

Soon the band had arrived at the capital called Greenham. It was a peaceful area but the

schools were known like a war zone. Because many smart people, battle their minds
against each other at the schools here in Sonery. The band got to food store to buy some
“ The food quality is bad here” commented Duncan.
“ Yeah, Tilsing in the east are the food experts I’m afraid,” noted Levi.
Roger and Walter ate their sandwiches as Levi looked at the Sonery map.
“ Just twenty minutes to Uncle Stan’s house,” smiled Levi
Stan was close to him because his parents always did a lot of traveling. They were that
type of people. Levi couldn’t help that. When he moved out of home. Parents did a world
trip to see the world for themselves. Stan was a man who always wanted to stay in his
hometown. He was just as happy where he was. The band walked up to Stan’s garden gate
as Stan opened the door to see his nephew.
“ Levi, my little flute player” cried Stan as the two of them hugged
“ Little flute player. What’s that all about?” asked Walter.
“ Levi is a great flute player. He used to play to me when he was a kid. Those were the
days’ said Stan reminiscing.
The group was inside, as Stan’s wife Susan was fixing some drinks for the travelers.
So these are your friends?” asked Stan.
“ Yes. This is Walter, Duncan and Roger,” said Levi introducing them all.
“ What is your job at the castle?” asked Stan.
“ A crime fighter that is I think that’s what you call it” answered Levi.
“ That sounds dangerous,” thought Susan.
She was the typical woman. She was afraid of not being scared.
“ It’s ok with my friends and the king” said Levi.

“ Like the king would ever save us from anyone,” said Duncan as everyone in the band-
exchanged laughs around the table.

“ Guess what Levi? I still have your flute Levi. Will you play it again for us please?”
asked a willing Stan.
“ Oh will you play it for us Levi?” cried Duncan with an evil grin
“ Ok ok” answered Levi.
He was worried on how he was going to sound. He hasn’t played in seven years. He was
trying to remember the notes of a song. Stan handed the flute as everyone was waiting for
a note to come out.
“ Go on Levi, Champion!” said Duncan funny wise.
“ Shut up” snapped Walter.
Levi’s first attempt at the song was bad as Stan tossed his head a little as Duncan gave a

small laugh.
Then Levi started playing, the tune naturally came out. The band was surprised that Levi
had such a gift. Duncan was surprised too. The tune made the group snore off as he
stopped the song.
“ That was perfect Levi. You never forgot did you?” smiled Stan
“ Yeah, I still remembered” smiled back Levi.
Even he surprised himself at how he still remembered so easily. He only played a couple
more tunes until they had dinner and went to bed, because tomorrow was the big party for

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