Chapter 7 – Chisoutsa: The City of Demons

It was a different morning for the house of Professor Walken and Chisoutsa as Alan Richards was visiting them for a change for a drink and another update to their missions they were planning. Chisoutsa was in her trademark yellow stripped and black jacket and the Professor was sipping some wine and watching the television for news of the Prime Leader.

          “He’s a bugger that leader we have. A bit of snotty character,” Alan commented.

          “Yes he is, especially in person,” the professor answered downing the last of his drink. He turned to Alan and viewed some items on the table. “These are the new goods for Chisoutsa?” he asked him.

          “Oh yes they are, come and I’ll show you!” he burst out remembering the reason why he came there for. He darted to the table and Chisoutsa was already there sitting down. Alan wrapped his over long lab coat around him and sat down with the pair.

          “This one is a secret gun, it’s so tiny you can’t see it from a distance,” Alan said flashing his first prized toy over Chisoutsa.

It was like a tiny water gun but it didn’t fire water, it fired real small bullets. The bullets were in the shape of pencil lead, small and easy to carry without being found out.

          “This next one,” piped Alan, “Is a homing button that will be needed to be place under your skin. It can’t be picked up by modern technology. Aren’t I clever? It also has an audio hard drive input to pick up those interesting conversations.”

Chisoutsa took the homing button and looked at it. Alan rubbed his chin and continued onwards.

          “You can’t use weapons and carry anything while you’re inside, you have to use your martial art skills which of course your mentor here has taught you everything that you need.”

Chisoutsa nodded and the Professor was silence and working out problems in his head as he normally did so. Alan stood up and dazed at the window looking over some of the houses in the City of Demons. “That should help you Chisoutsa. If you are found out, it’s up to yourself to bust yourself out of there. We can’t help you while you’re inside. Also the Professor and Jiko will be working on other missions while you’re busy,” Alan explained.

The Professor turned to Chisoutsa with similar advice, “Much of what Alan has said is true. You will be on your alone and you must use your wits to get through this.”

Alan looked at the Professor and snapped at him, “I’m completely true in everything I say. Chisoutsa, you needed to get information from the leader named Kanto Hote. He knows a lot about the Demon Production where they know a lot about Centrax. It’s all linked up in this City of ours. You have been placed as one of his girls to start work at his mansion, he normally hosts parties and who knows you may keep up information on other crimes we may like to know of.”

          “I get ya. It shouldn’t be too hard to do,” answered Chisoutsa.

Chisoutsa moved herself to the water sink and Alan whispered to the Professor, “What do we do with the Jiko guy?” he wondered.

          “We have something for him to do,” he answered.

Chisoutsa grabbed a long sharp knife and placed the homing button next to her from her pocket. She started to cut and slice some of her arm skin open and some blood fell into the sink. The skin folded opened and she grabbed the homing button and placed it inside her arm. She covered the button with her own skin and tightened and packed it in. She had turned to see Alan and the Professor at the front door.

          “We shall drop you off near the mansion and you can travel there yourself. I have other matters to attend to,” Professor Walken said.


It was after Chisoutsa was dropped off that Professor Walken opened up about his intentional plans with Jiko to Alan. His car was cruising down the long lone highway in the City of Demons with Alan working on some weapon sciences.

          “Jiko will be going to the Demon Production headquarters to gain some information there. We can use this info to back up from audio claims that Chisoutsa will pick up when she’s with Kanto,” the professor explained to Alan.

          “How do you think he will go?” Alan asked.

          “He should be fine. He’s a level thinker and does when not to blow and kill people at the right times. Something that Chisoutsa fails to grasp. She believes if she doesn’t have a pool of blood on her clothes then her job wasn’t complete.”

Alan rolled his eyes and looked out the car window thinking, “Such a charming girl and Jiko once thought she was a princess when she was young,” he said.

The professor could only smirk at the very thought, “Princess, the very least she is.”


The Professor and Alan had arrived at Jiko’s place which was a small and tiny unit. Alan greeted Jiko who appeared at the door smiling at the pair.

          “I don’t get many visitors to my new place,” he said to them.

          “I guess you wouldn’t if you don’t know many people in the City,” Alan answered.

Professor Walken came in the door and opened up a folder of papers and placed them on Jiko’s dinner table. Jiko looked at them and looked at Walken.

          “So it seems you want me to go into the Demons Production?” he asked.

          “Yes that’s your task and you will do it well. I’m sure of that,” Walken told him.

Jiko looked and studied at the photos and papers and tapped his finger on the table thinking of his first mission.


It was night when Chisoutsa arrived at Kanto Hote’s mansion. Colored with rich gold and white linings around the area she entered the place with a number of other young girls.   A young man came down to greet the girls and show them around.

          “Over in there is the wardrobe rooms. Come and put something better on and get to the pool outside. Everyone’s there is having a blast. Move it!” he cried at the group and the girls with Chisoutsa quickly giggled and got into the wardrobe.

          “I hope I won’t be wearing a fucking dress,” Chisoutsa murmured to herself.

Another girl came up to Chisoutsa and flipped through the swimwear clothes.

          “Isn’t this exciting? We’re finally here at Kanto Hote’s Mansion. I’ve waited years for this to happen,” she cried.

Chisoutsa gave a puzzled look at her, “Yeah same here too I guess.”

She grabbed a swimwear she fancied and took it inside one of the many changing rooms. She came out in a bright red bikini suit, looked at the other girls and rubbed in her homing button.


She came out to the swimming pool deck where most of everyone was. She picked up a drink from a passing waiter and saw in the distance in the corner a young man in a white gown discussing to another person. She listened in abit to hear them.

          “The demands are low nowadays Kanto, there isn’t much we can do. We might need to spread our wings in our production,” said the other man.

          “I don’t wanna to! Fuck the public. I don’t care about what they want! I will make them love what we give them. We will talk to Demon Productions about what we are planning and I hope they will agree and help us with our long term plans,” said the man on the banana chair.

          “Kanto, I know times are low but we need to make up the cash in the meanwhile,”

          “Listen to me, when my plans start to work we will become very popular with the young market again. I have my own ideas. Sit down and relax,” Kanto reasoned with his advisor.

Kanto reached over for his drink and downed it quickly. He looked around the party where others were chatting about their own drug infecting plans upon the youth of the City of Demons.

          “I think those new girls have arrived at last. About time too. Look we will discuss this tomorrow and I can give you some information about details of my plans,” Kanto said.

          “As you wish,” answered his advisor.

Kanto watched him leave and a small group of girls surrounded him and they become chatty while Chisoutsa thought about his plan.

          “I wonder if Demon Productions used their drugs on people at the hyper camp,” she wondered to herself.


Chisoutsa tapped her homing button and walked over to a banana chair that was next to Kanto. She wondered about what the Professor and Jiko were doing while she was away. She then saw Kanto coming down on his chair and stretched his body. He slipped off his gown and looked at Chisoutsa.

          “Who are you? Are you one of the new girls here?” he asked her.

Chisoutsa paused for a moment and turned to face him, “I sure am. You must be Kanto. I’ve always loved to meet you.”

Kanto smiled back and opened a box of colored pills and cigars. He pointed at them and Chisoutsa gladly reached over to grab a few pills and a cigar. She swallowed them with her drink and Kanto leaned over his chair to hers and lit her cigar. She leaned back into her chair and smoked her cigar long and heavy.

          “So what’s ya name girl?” asked Kanto.

          “I’m Chisoutsa,” she answered. She knew that he didn’t know her past or about her recent events with the Kaiser Unit.

          “These fuckin’ public people, I try to rebuild the drug scene and they’re not buying into it. Demon Productions aren’t doing things right anymore,” Kanto complained.

          “They gotta get a kick out of what they buy. A real rush, something that takes them away from reality,” Chisoutsa answered.

          “Yeah you’re right girl. We gotta make some good shit but the Demon Production is always worried about the price of making them. We gotta convince them,” Kanto said.

Kanto rolled his body over to his stomach and told Chisoutsa to come and rub some cream on him. She started around his shoulders and he relaxed quickly and smiled to himself as a puff of cigar blew out of him.

          “Why you think the young people aren’t buying up? Are they listening to those stupid ads that the Government Square runs every so often” Kanto asked her.

          “Nah they don’t listen to the Government. No one does anymore. You gotta make cool places to go to. Make places that people wanna go to,” she answered him.

She placed her hands lower on his back and Kanto chatted away and bitching about the Demon Productions.

          “Those businesses, they will be the death to us in the end. Every cunt has to make a living somehow and this is how I do my best work. There’s also Science works with their Kaiser Unit and they are pain in the ass too. And then there’s Centrax,” Kanto said pausing at the moment.

Chisoutsa hear the words Centrax and rubbed harder into muscled back and kissed her around the neck.

          “What were you saying,” she smiled at him.

          “Centrax, no one really knows much about. They do basely abit of everything that other gangs and businesses,” he answered.

“Do you know the leader of Centrax, the man who runs it,” she asked one more.

Kanto paused again and thought about it, “The leader rarely shows, however it is legend that he is the powerful man in the City, if not the world. His fear strikes ever the worst souls in this world.”

Chisoutsa thought about the leader and his possible connection to her and Kanto turned over and held Chisoutsa by the hips. She smiled and got off the chair and headed back for the mansion where Kanto followed her. Kanto saw Chisoutsa by the side of the large lounge room that was covered by blue glossy lounges and statues. Kanto pinned Chisoutsa at the wall with face against the wall and kissed around her neck. His hands closely pulled down her swim wear bottom and she turned around engaged in a long deep kiss.

          “I always believe you should mix business with pleasure,” she whispered to him.

          “One of my favorite policies here,” grinned Kanto.

A older aged man was standing in the light rain with a folder that was handed to Jiko outside of the Demon Productions building. Jiko nodded when he received and revealed his shotgun and loaded it.

          “I shall read them when I’m inside Charles,” Jiko said to him.

          “You better, the Professor and Alan would love to know some secrets of the Demon Productions. Be careful as always and watch your step,” Charles said.

          “Is Chisoutsa ok?” wonder Jiko.

          “She’ll be fine, don’t you worry. I’m more worried about you,” smiled Charles.

Charles waved goodbye in the light and got into his car and Jiko looked upon the building. It was a silver colored one different to the other businesses headquarters. He played in his pocket to reach out a special lock card that hacked into lock doors, another smart invention by the name of Alan Richards. He swiped the card and linked it to a small tracker machine that was connected to the card. The door soon unlock with a small puff of air rose up. Jiko rested his shotgun on his shoulder and wander into the place like a lone security guard.


He looked around the area and looked at a map of the building which Charles gave him in the folder. The first level contained the administration offices and the information that was handed to the public.   The second level and third contained some of the team leaders and that was where Jiko would find the majority of information needed to crack what the Production knew about Chisoutsa. He led himself to the lift area and spotted a group of guards talking up on the higher levels. He quieter down and put his shotgun in the back of his shirt. The lift door opened and the group of guards stopped when they saw Jiko.

          “Hello everyone,” he called out, the guards paused and looked at him funny.

          “I’ve decided to do this the peaceful way. I just need some secret information and I won’t even tell your leader where my team got the files from,” Jiko said calmly.

The guards looked at each other and raised their pistols at Jiko. Jiko stepped back into the lift and tossed his head, “At least I gave you a chance,” he murmured.

He unleashed his shotgun and picked off two guards before hiding behind the side of the lift. Jiko then ran inside the second level and jumped on the desks and kicked up all the papers and a shower of bullets suddenly aimed at him. He jumped and turned in the air and picked another two down. Landing with a thump he chased after the next door and shut it tight and found a stairway to the third level. He jogged up the stairs as the door was blasted open by one of the guard’s guns. Jiko paused at times to return shots and came to the third level door and kicked it down.


He crossed like lightening to the far end area where a group of filing cabinets were there. Heavy coded in silver and codes, Jiko placed a de-coder on it and awaiting the impending battle with the guards.   

          “Two minutes. Longer then I thought,” Jiko said breathing heavily looking at the de-coder’s timer.

He turned around the guards were corning him already with their leader against Jiko.

          “Give up whoever you are! You are not allowed here,” he cried.

          “Don’t tell me I’m the only criminal in this room,” Jiko said to them.

The leader grew angry at his words and fired at him. Jiko ducked as windows smashed and pot plants landed on him. He threw the pots at them and kept on looking at the de-coder.   He moved away from the corner and started push his way through them. He kicked one guard down and punched another by his side. The de-coder stopped and the filing cabinet opened. Jiko saw the last two guards coming for him and he jumped over the desk to the cabinet and threw in the files in a folder he saw on the desk. He kicked one of them across the room and grabbed the other and bashed him at the wall. He ran out of the third level with the files and wasn’t seen again there.


Professor Walken’s car arrived in time when Jiko came out of the Demon Productions building. Jiko saw the car and made a dash for it and the door opened for him. He jumped in to as the car took off with speed.

          “So you got what I needed?” Professor Walken asked him in the car.

          “Yes I did, the de-coder took longer then I expected,” Jiko answered him.

          “That wasn’t to worry. I thought you would do well and you did. There will be more dangerous times ahead for you and Chisoutsa,” the professor said to him.

Jiko leaned down on his seat to view the papers that he had taken. There were lists of contacts and meetings in the past couple months.

          “What are we looking for in these papers?” he asked.

The car came to a quick stop and the professor looked at the papers, “In the past Demon Productions did work with Centrax on the DNA children which now we know that you and Chisoutsa were part of the project. Chisoutsa was the special one but we don’t know why she was special. I mean you’re DNA changes are similar to hers. However it feels even Demon Productions doesn’t know about the hyper camp,” the professor spoke reading the papers.

          “So if none of the gangs or businesses know, who knows then?” Jiko asked.

“There is one business I fear who knows. The Centrax Corporation,” the professor said.

“Do you fear them?” asked Jiko wondering.

The professor half smiled and turned to face Jiko again, “No, I fear him”

Jiko looked at the papers which said Centrax Corporation. Were they key to their past?   

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