Chapter 7 – Chisoutsa: The Virgin War

It was a dark and stormy night at the Centrax Building. Deep underground was the cold and cruel silver machines were created. Large machine arms moved heads and chest along and connected and wired them up. Censilo was found in the corner discussing to his new worker Mr. Umezu.

“This is how they are made. The best parts in the world are sent here to be build and created into the beautiful machines of mine,” Censilo told Mr. Umezu.

“These machines you have. With the nuclear power you need. What exactly are you going to do with it?” Mr. Umezu.

Censilo rubbed his silver glasses and looked at Mr. Umezu. The silver machines lined up near him. It was hot and steamy inside the large machines crushing and building new parts.

“Well that’s all in the papers which no one will know yet. I am still planning Mr. Umezu and you should be doing your own part,” Censilo answered.

“I heard about your battle with Professor Walken, Censilo. He still has some talent left,” Mr. Umezu said.

“He was lucky to beat me. He only did it for his student. That’s his weakness. It’s not over between us by a long shot,” Censilo answered.

Mr. Umezu looked back at the group of silver machines. He knew things were worse working for Censilo but he had no choice. He turned back to Censilo and asked about the robot boy.

“Do you need that robot back?” he asked.

“Not for now. He will be fine wherever he is,” Censilo answered softly.

Censilo walked away from Mr. Umezu heading for the back door. Mr. Umezu looked at the nuclear papers and popped his head up at the machines.

The Black Vixen drove up into a underground car park where Chisoutsa and Jiko were meeting Miyomoto and the girls. Chisoutsa was dressed in a black dress and Jiko in a brown singlet and army jeans. She looked at Jiko he was yawning his head again.

“You’re tired again. Gee you have had some sleep earlier before,’ she said to him.

“I know but I couldn’t sleep,” Jiko answered.

While Jiko walked around the Black Vixen waking up another car pulled up and Miyomoto came out with Yuri, Kuzuki and Muri. Chisoutsa turned around and smiled at them.

“It’s been a while since we’re had time off,” she said to them.

“Yeah same here. We don’t rest often enough,” Miyomoto said.

The group walked over to the stairs and came into the back door of the Washu Springs and Yuri slipped off her coat to reveal a white top and a revealing tight skirt.

“Ah the only time of the year when we’re not working or studying,” she said heading for the bar.

“I’m heading for the spa in the corner,” Muri said slipping off her coat.

“I’m going to sit down. Still half sleep,” Jiko said.

Jiko went to a seat at the lounge room and sat down. Miyomoto came in with a few drinks and sat them down on the table in front of them. He handed a drink to Jiko and he took it.

“So how’s your time with Chisoutsa?” Miyomoto asked him.

“Quiet, we’re been so busy with Censilo and all the others that we still don’t know each other well,” Jiko answered.

“So you still wanna do her?” Miyomoto asked downing a drink.

“No I don’t. Well I like her. She’s so different,” Jiko answered.

“She’s much like a guy in terms of thinking. You on the other hand ain’t much the tough guy. You look it though,” Miyomoto said.

“It’s hard to be tough like Chisoutsa,” Jiko explained.

“Why do you like her? I mean she’s not a real lady mate. She’s dark and you’re light. I mean she’s nice looking. Did you see her in the nude?” he asked.

“No,” Jiko answered taking a large drink, “But I wouldn’t upset if I did.”

“So why you like her?”

Jiko looked at his drink and thought about it, “She’s come from the same place I did and I understand her. She’s goodness in her that no one can see.”

“Lucky if you can. I can’t,” Miyomoto said.

He sipped his beer when he watched Kuzuki with a guy in the corner. He smiled to himself and thought of an idea.

Chisoutsa was at the bar with Yuri drinking with the barman. Riyoko appeared from the doorway and smiled at Chisoutsa and Yuri and appeared in silky red dress. She sat next to Chisoutsa and ordered a drink.

“It’s been a while since you been here,” Riyoko said.

“Yeah, the Professor and Charles suggested we get out and relax. This is the best place,” Chisoutsa answered.

“Nice to meet you Yuri. You girls should work here. You got the figures,” Riyoko smiled at Yuri.

“Oh we love our work with Miyomoto. Plus we’re students, we like to keep busy in our own way,” answered Yuri.

Riyoko looked around the room and saw Muri in the spa surrounded by a group of men. She was enjoying herself and having a drink. Then she saw Miyomoto coming over and sat next to Riyoko.

“Poor Jiko is feeling bad. He’s never gonna get Chisoutsa in the end. The way he’s going. I was hoping if you could help,” Miyomoto said.

“Anything for sweet Jiko, what can I do,” she grinned at him.

Miyomoto whispered in her ear and rubbed her side and she smiled at him. She wandered off from him and Chisoutsa and Miyomoto moved up to Chisoutsa.

“How’s your night?” he asked her.

“Pretty good, I remembered something that Hayco told me before, about having dreams and goals. I never thought about that,” she said.

“He’s seems to be getting to you,” Miyomoto said.

“No he’s not. He just says different things then the Professor says,” Chisoutsa said drinking.

“Nah, there couldn’t be a soft side to you Chisoutsa. No one’s close to ya. I’m gonna go back to Jiko,” he said wandering off from Chisoutsa.

Chisoutsa turned around to see Riyoko chatting to Jiko. She stayed fixed on the two of them.

“What is she doing?” she asked Yuri.

“I don’t know. I can’t even see the glass I’m holding,” she answered funnily.

She turned around and left her seat and Yuri watched her. Miyomoto sat in the corner while Kuzuki was cuddling and seducing a young male.

“She doesn’t care Jiko. You haven’t pushed her buttons yet,” Miyomoto smiled.

Chisoutsa eyed Jiko and Riyoko wander out to the stairs. Riyoko smiled and took his hand leading him away from the crowd of dancers and men. Chisoutsa turned back to Yuri holding a large bottle of whiskey and smiled back at Chisoutsa.

“Hey Chisoutsa what you wanna do now?” she asked.

“Just keep drinking. I’ll find something to do,” Chisoutsa answered thinking about Jiko and Riyoko.

Miyomoto leaned down to where Kuzuki lye on the lounge while her new friend was exploring her body.

“You know Miyomoto this springs place is great. But this guy isn’t so. His skills are low. I studied this at school,” Kuzuki said.

“In what class was this?” Miyomoto asked.

“The studies of the human body and sexual organs. Different people are turned on by different actions,” Kuzuki answered.

Her male friend leaned up to get a drink while Kuzuki hanged her head over the lounge end to Miyomoto.

“What have you done with Jiko?” she asked.

“He’s gone with Riyoko. Getting some quick lessons,” he answered.

“I see Chisoutsa giving some dirty looks around the springs. She doesn’t like him does she?” Kuzuki asked.

“She isn’t the cold bitch that most people say about her. Wait and see,” Miyomoto smiled back.

“Oh I love and gossip and stories. I’ll keep watch on this one,” she said.

“I wonder how that Censilo is keeping,” Miyomoto said out loud.

The dark study of Censilo Fukatho grew with lights of the city peeping into the room. Censilo stood at his desk alone in the dark watching a computer program with Hayco’s body parts explained. His fingers lightly touched the screen and circled the boy’s head. The silver glasses were placed on the desk and a deep thought appeared on his face.

“You know so much that others dream of knowing. You have such a care for others where people are wishing for it. A heart of gold was made for you to keep those secrets hidden inside your mind from others who wish to seek it. Thou, your heart will be strongest to heal even the darkest souls of the city. It may end up being the very thing that kills you in the end. A bittersweet ending to you my dear Hayco, the boy who wish he was real but at least his love was,” Censilo said softly to himself.

Mr. Umezu entered the room and saw Censilo alone in the dark. He saw the glasses on the desk.

“I hope I’m not disturbing you,” he said.

“You’re not. The boy must be found soon but I need those nuclear tanks made. I hope you will be successful,” Censilo said.

“I will be Mr. Fukatho,” Mr. Umezu said closing the door again.

Censilo turned back to his computer and watched Hayco’s image on the computer.

“You were very different from Chisoutsa. I made sure of that. But your lives are very much the same and your deaths will be similar too,” Censilo said with a firm voice.

It was past midnight when Chisoutsa and Muri were relaxing in the spa pool with the others. Miyomoto was resting in the water thinking of new car parts for the black Vixen. Chisoutsa was still thinking about Jiko and was bugging her off. Jiko and Riyoko wandered off to a small heater room where they entered. Riyoko wandered over and turned the heater to maximum. The room quickly became hot and steamy. A strong steamy burning feel was between the two. She started to feel around his army shorts and slipped her hand down his shorts.

“I hear you haven’t had much experience in this department,” Riyoko said to Jiko.

“I haven’t had the time or the right person,” Jiko answered.

“Well if there is that special someone you can always make the first move Jiko. Don’t be shy. You might surprise yourself if you did something out of character,” Riyoko suggested.

Jiko daydreamed about Chisoutsa and then turned back to Riyoko. She slipped off her shirt to the ground and started to feel him inside his shorts.

“I can help you get up to speed. Nothing like a good friend hey?” Riyoko said.

Jiko moved in on Riyoko and pushed her to the wall. He lifted off his shirt and she smiled at his chest.

“You’re quite large. I can’t see why anyone would be worried about that,” she commented.

Riyoko wandered over to a lounge in the heater room and ly down and Jiko came over and leaned on top of her. He pulled apart Riyoko’s top and dived into her warm hot breasts.

“Don’t be shy Jiko. You’re not different from the others. You think you maybe but you’re not,” Riyoko reminded him.

Jiko decided to listen for once and pushed his way inside the warm blooded blonde vixen. A slow and pleasure cry came from Riyoko as the two locked lips. The air became hot and sticky quickly as Jiko seduced the blonde babe of the Washu Springs. Riyoko’s sweaty body leaned up against Jiko’s and she whispered, “You won’t have any problems with anyone Jiko,” she purred.

She felt Goosebumps as she felt warm juices streaming inside her. Jiko leaned up on the lounge and withdrew. Riyoko came up from the lounge and moved her head between his legs. He moved his hand through her hair and she moved up to kiss him. She came off the lounge and went to the table in the corner and grabbed a cigar case and opened one. She threw one over to Jiko.

“You know I’m not clever like those motor head chicks downstairs down there but I know when someone’s got the hots for a girl,” Riyoko draining her cigar like mad.

“You mean me and Chisoutsa. Who doesn’t know?”

“Maybe that Professor guy and his chum friend, they have no clue when it comes that stuff. They’re too old now,” she laughed at him.

“What can I do to get her to see?” Jiko asked.

“I don’t think flowers are the way. Take a risk. She likes to get down and dirty at times. Use that. You never know what the future holds,” Riyoko said to him.

Jiko moved from the lounge and moved behind her and nudged his mouth around her neck and she relaxed.

“Just be you and have fun. If you show a side of you that’s jazzier she might become interested in you,” Riyoko reminded him.

Jiko pushed his way into her again and she gave a small sigh and he held her close to him. Riyoko just smiled as Jiko took control of her and she closed her eyes to the dark night of pleasure.

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