Chapter 7 – Seasons of the Moon

The doors were easy to open as Celia and Alex saw the beauty of the palace. It was made in complete ice. Every piece of area was in ice. Celia touched the ice crafts on the poles as Alex investigated the palace. He saw pictures in the wall as he read the paintings his eyes lit up. He had an idea about the picture. An idea to use them and the objects in them.

“Celia, these swords are used to stop people from destroying the weather. If I get them all then I can stop Morcar and bring the weather back to normal,” he said.

Celia looked at the pictures and nodded. She observed Alex in a way she never looked at other men. She saw him as a person she could rely on. A true soul-mate. Maybe more. The thoughts were still floating around in her head.

“You can do it, Alex. Will these swords stop them?” asked Celia at him.

“I’m not too sure at the moment, but they are magical. I can pit magic against magic if need be,” Alex answered her.

The pair walked into what seemed to be a throne room. Alex looked at the throne as no one was there. Where was the ice man?

“Where is he?” asked Alex..

“Don’t know. Maybe he’s in the palace somewhere. This is a pretty big place. Bigger than father’s castle,” answered Celia.

Then a shadow of an ice blizzard walked passed them as Alex looked at it in amazement. The ice blizzard became the shape of a man as the image turned into flesh and bone. Celia smiled to see the mystery dancer, Alex walked up to investigate the man.

“I knew that you would come. Your kingdom is in danger I suppose. I shouldn’t have gone to the Richardson Castle, it was a risk but I needed to know more about Morcar. I also saw your battle on the snow grass against the ghost wizards. A mighty fine effort for a young knight,” said the man.

“Who are they?” Alex asked the ice man.

“They are servants of a pure evil order. They have recently been around in these parts, but I do not wish to touch them or even know them.

They appeared not to harm me. It is not my place or position to battle people,” said the ice man.

Alex’s head went down and the ice man stood up from his throne and rubbed his chin.

“There must be a reason to be here if you wander through the dangerous undergrounds to greet me. There is not much I can do but give wise words and experience of this world,” he said.

“Yes. It’s Morcar, the wizard. He used some sort of spell on the world,” said Alex.

“Yes the spell of weathers. The spell will suck the life of the weather. While it won’t kill the world, it will kill off the living. Making life hard for humans,” said the man.

Celia looked at the man. He was young and dressed in a white suit. He was innocent looking but caring in a way.

“Who are you?” asked Celia as the man looked back at the young girl.

“Ice. The element of Ice. You see, young princess, there are six elements that control the weather. Ice, Fire, Wind, Thunder, Water and Earth. We come around the world to change the seasons and spread the power of the earth to everything in sight,” said Ice as Celia smiled.

“I want to use your swords to stop Morcar. I can do it,” said Alex. “I’m afraid I can’t take your word. You can use it if you beat me in a battle. The other elements will hold you to a battle as you ask this question to them too,” said Ice as Alex nodded.

“Ok I’ll do it. I haven’t come all this way to pass down this test you bring me,” said Alex as Ice walked down to prepare for the battle. Celia was worried about the fight. Who was better? Ice the creator of ice or Alex a knight from Richardson. She watched him as Ice blasted an ice beam at his contestant from his hand. Alex ran around the throne room dodging the ice beams. Ice glared at Alex and he shot down a blizzard. Celia grew cold as Alex appeared from his hiding spot. Ice shattered ice towards him. He ran off from the ice and Alex kicked down Ice. Ice fell to the ground as Alex drew his sword at the nature maker. He held out his hand as Ice grabbed it. He got back up and he looked at the young knight.

“You’re like me. You hate fighting, but you’re good when you have too,” said Ice as Alex return his sword to its pocket.

“You can have the Ice Sword. But you need the other five swords if you want them,” suggested Ice.

Ice returned to his seat and grabbed the ice sword from behind and threw the sword towards Alex. He caught it with a deft action of this hand.

“I can tell you where the next element is. Fire the element, lives in one of the largest volcanoes in the world. I’m afraid that you need to travel the underground again in order to reach his domain,” Ice warned Celia and Alex

Celia looked unease and Ice watched her. “But fear not, the ice sword will have more effect against your foes and a knight like this one is perfect to protect princesses,.”

Celia gave a smile towards Ice to which he responded as well.

The back of the throne revealed tall rectangle windows that showed the images of the snow lands behind the ice palace. Ice in front of the windows was strong looking, a powerful figure in the lands of this world. A glowing power seemed to shine within him. His hands were in his robe and his face was full pride and of the work he had done to the world. The gift of ice he has given to the world.

Ice led them down through the hallway of pictures and Celia walked up to one she saw earlier.

“Who makes these pictures?” she asked Ice.

“All of the elements create pictures. We do them because we like to paint and also it tells a story and helps us to remember the past,” Ice explained.

“So what’s this story?” Celia asked the element gazing upon one. The picture showed a picture of a dragon and something he was carrying, a bag of some sort. In the background of the picture was a dark fogginess.

“This one tells the tale of our master when he dropped a bunch of books. Said something spooked him or someone was near him. But something serious,” Ice said.

Alex turned around to face them watching the picture and he was looking at the sword.

“Ice, do you believe these swords can beat the enemy at large?” he asked the element.

“I hope so,” he first answered “But I’m not too sure how powerful or skilful he is. They are only swords after all; it is the user who really controls the power of them.”

Ice reached the doorway of the palace and opened up one of the doors He saw the snowstorm had left a clearing in front of the palace.

“It is gone for now but I fear for the ghost wizards and for the underground again,” Ice said.

“We’ll be fine,” Alex answered Ice.

“It will be cold then very hot in the underground as you make your way to the volcano,” Ice said.

“Volcano? Oh no,” Celia thought out loud.

“We’ll be fine Celia. Just another walk for us,” Alex smiled at her. “The time for you to go is now. Be gone and I wish you well for the future,” Ice said as the two walked outside.

“The well wishes are the same for you too, Ice,” smiled Alex. “Goodbye!” cried Ice and Celia and Alex trekked back into the ice with the new found ice sword.

The door to the ice palace closed and Ice leaned on the door in wonder. “I will see you again, Ice sword,” he spoke to himself in thought.

He walked off along the hallway of picture stories and returned to his room.

The night was falling quickly on Celia and Alex as they were moving towards the second underground that led to the fire volcano. They entered the underground caves with more caution the second time round and stayed together for the first hour of the walk.

“It’s getting hotter by the hour. Watch out for anything suspicious,” warned Alex to the princess.

The icy paths slowly turned to a steaming hot path way which made the trek hard to even walk. They turned around bends and turns as they faced a tunnel down to an opening room. Alex slid down to the dirt and stepped himself into the room. The knight was greeted by the princess who wasn’t happy with the slide.

“This going to wreck my clothes,” she cried unhappily.

“You were the one who chose the wrong clothes. This is a long trek, you should have taken knight clothes or something,” Alex suggested to her.

“Knight Clothes I don’t think so!” she cried unwilling to accept that comment.

Alex walked over to the opening where Celia felt uneasy. The wind was blowing along the ground as she was watching it. Alex’s back was turned to her. He was looking at the other end. Suddenly Celia saw three green glowing staffs had appeared behind Alex’s back.

“Alex!” she shouted to him.

“What?” he cried, the staffs came thumping into his chest and he fell to the ground.

Celia was shouting in the background where the ghost wizards noticed the ice sword that Alex had with him. One tired to pick it up but the tried iciness of the sword struck him and he dropped it.

“Cold,” it said towards the sword.

Alex was half awake by now and was looking around the room. He saw the ice sword by the ghost wizards. He darted his eyes around the room and suddenly rolled over to the wizards and grabbed his sword. The ghosts crossed to the knight in surprise. He jumped up and struck one ghost as the ice effort got it down.

“This does work well!” he cried happily.

He moved around the wizards quickly as they struck with green waves of magic at him. He held the ice sword in front of him and it glowed of blue ice. The young knight cried and the sword unleashed a wave of ice at the wizards. A group of them fell to the ground when Alex moved over next to Celia.

“Get going on the pathway to Fire’s volcano,” cried the knight at the princess and she rushed off.

Alexander turned back to the wizards and they fought on with swords, magic and flashes of light. A group of staffs touched the ice sword and Alex reefed them off with an ice wave, sending the ghost wizards to the ground.

There was one last ghost wizard left and he bashed the young knight to the ground. His face was fearful and it grew in fear with each hit of his staff. Alex twisted and turned when he was on the ground. He flipped back up and grabbed the ghost‘s staff and smashed into it. The ghost disappeared and Alex was left alone at last.

Alex came out to the other and was greeted by Celia who was with the bag of goods.

“We keep on going from here?” she asked him.

“Yes, that’s what we’ll do. I’m not too sure if this comes out near the volcano or into the volcano,” Alex said.

The pair pressed on through the dangerous underground caves.

Several hours had passed since Alex defended the likes of the Ghost Wizards. But they weren’t the main problem after all. The heat and lack of food had made the young couple feel tired and weak towards their quest to the Fire element. Alex held on to Celia’s hand as they struggled against the odds towards the final stages of the underground caves. Alex started to stagger and wandered on his feet too tired to stop or to go on. He tripped on the rock of the underground and fell to the ground. Celia quickly came to his aid and tried to pick him up.

“How long is there to go, I wonder? It feels like a million years we have been here,” Alex croaked from his mouth.

“The end is near Alex. Don’t give up now. We’ll get there together. A team effort,” she answered him.

Celia picked Alex up from the ground and he stood on his two feet again. He dusted the dirt and rock from his clothes and looked at the underground passage and sighed.

“Maybe we’re get to the end of the tunnel. We can only find out one way,” he said to Celia and the two pressed through the heat, the fumes and odds against them.

They held on to each other tightly as they feared that danger was following them. The heat continued to rise and they covered their eyes from the falling dirt from the roof. The light at the end of the tunnel was sound as Celia pointed it out to Alex and he nodded happily.

“Finally, the way out is near. Maybe the element of Fire will give us a well earned rest,” thought the knight.

They ran up a steep slope towards the exit. Alex and Celia were sweating heavily as the heat was unbearable to the young pair. Alex climbed out of the underground to see the huge volcano in front of them.

“We’re at the foot of it Celia. We’ll have to walk up it somehow!” cried Alex as she was making her way out of the underground caves.

Her image appeared and saw the huge volcano spitting lava balls from the top. Alex was near her pointing at some stairs with his sword.

“Come now! Let’s go to the top at once!” he cried at her and they made their way to the stairs.

The scene was extremely dangerous and noisy. They pushed their way up the steep slopes of the volcano, along the way Alex saw the lava balls coming for them. Their eyes were red and watery with dirt covering their faces. A blot of lava started to fall onto the pair and Alex saw it at the last moment.

“Look out!” cried Alex and Celia took some stairs down as Alex slashed the lava with the ice sword. Alex held Celia’s hand and pushed on up the stairs, the ice sword glowing blue and white for protection. As they reached the final set of stairs to the top, a huge and terrorizing shadow came upon them. Alex threw a fearful look at Celia and she pulled the same face. The young knight turned to face a huge fire dragonfly on their case. The dragonfly roared in anger at them and started to blast fire beams at the couple.

“Stay behind me!” shouted the young knight and crossed fire with the ice of his sword.

Alex bent his knees and held his sword tight to create a power up in it and unleashed an ice wave at the dragonfly. He cried in pain. The heavy smoke of the lava was getting to the pair as they made the top together. Celia suddenly fell down and lay on the ground. Alex was darting from the lava to the dragonfly to the girl.

The top level revealed the narrow pathway to the front doors of the volcano castle and the dragonfly was gaining speed on the couple. Alex darted around the fuses of the smoke and the dragonfly targeting fire balls at the couple. He shielded himself and the princess with the sword and tossed his head. The sword brought up a light blue shield and the fire blasts bounced off the shield. Alex felt each blow as the sword moved back towards him. He then held it with both hands and arms and pushed the sword shield forward towards the dragonfly.

“This is going to be tough!” he cried.

He grabbed Celia and tossed her over his shoulder and started to run along the pathway using the ice sword as a shield. He waved the sword around his head madly as they crossed the halfway point. Suddenly the volcano started to shake and the knight turned to face a fire ball, the ball knocked him straight onto the ground near the front doors of the volcano castle. He quickly turned to Celia and the ice sword on the ground, the dragonfly flew up high and threw a rain of fire upon the couple.

He rolled over to the sword and flipped himself again and created an ice shield over the girl and himself to withstand the rain of fire. The ground shook heavier and Alex was caught off guard. He fell again and was hit hard. The sword blew out of his hands and he watched the dragonfly leap towards the princess.

“No!” he shouted out at the dragonfly.

He crossed his head over to the door where it was opening and revealed a man in a red robe who held out his arm towards the battle.

“Oh shit!” he yelled and covered over Celia’s body with his own to protect her.

However the shot appeared above the couple and the red man ran over passing the young pair and towards the dragonfly. The dragonfly was indeed held by the attack and flew down the volcano in a panic.

“You stupid fool, what have I told you about visitors? You are to tell me first and not burn them alive!” he cried.

The shaking was still violence and the fire man placed his hand on the ground. The shaking slowly came to a stop. Alex moved away from Celia and looked at the fire man.

“Sorry about that little kid. Stupid Firwing never comes to me when there are visitors. She just goes off and attacks anything that looks strange, different or weird,” the fire man said.

“You’re Fire, I expect,” Alex said standing up.

“Yes I am Fire. How on earth did you survive coming here and what on earth are you doing with Ice’s sword. That’s not your sword, buddy!” cried Fire.

“I earned it! I’m on a quest to breaking the spell of Morcar,” Alex explained to him.

“Before we chat about that, why don’t you get the poor girl off the dirt ground and we’ll rest her for a while. It’s no place for a young girl to be,” Fire suggested.

Alex and Fire helped Celia off the ground and they went inside the volcano castle and closed the doors.

Celia was resting with Alex on the seat in the Fire lord’s room. It was surprisingly warm not hot like outside. Alex was served with cold drinks but the Fire element helped himself to a steaming drink. He sat himself down at a chess board where Alex was sipping his drink and watching.

Alex saw the man in the red robe starting to yell at the board. “What’s the problem?” asked Alex.

“The element of Water got me in a game of Chess. He did this fancy move but I don’t know which damn piece he moved,” cried the upset man in red.

Celia was woken up from her sleep and watched the two men talking. “Are you the element of Fire?” she asked as Alex studied the chessboard.

“Yes. I shouldn’t be talking to normal humans really. That’s one thing I have to chat to you about. The knight and you. Also how on god’s earth did you get here?” asked Fire.

Alex sat closer to the board and was watching the pieces, trying to help the element out.

“This game is starting to bug me. It doesn’t matter, I think. I said to Water that the game would never take off around the world. Stupid game,” complained the element of Fire.

“Here’s the move,” smiled Alex as he moved the bishop to the other side of the board.

“That’s the move, thanks a lot. How did you do that so fast? Is there anything you want from me?” asked Fire

“I played with my father a couple times and yes, your Fire Sword,” said Alex.

“Now, now. I can’t just give you the mighty fire sword. It has to be earned by a tough battle, and so was bloody chess game. This game is never going to take off as a classic. Let alone a one hit wonder. You know what, stuff the rules and stuff bossy old Ice. You can have it. It’s a real feat to journey through the underground caves, plus with the princess you have there,” smiled Fire grabbing the sword and throwing it at him.

Alex received the sword and looked all over it. Fire smiled and watched the young knight.

“Where did you pick up the princess? In the ice lands?” he asked him.

“I didn’t pick her up. She came with me from the Richardson Castle,” answered Alex.

“Richardson Castle, nice place I heard. I bet you two went for a dip in that hot spring near Ice’s palace. Don’t think you were the first couple to get some action, if you know what I mean,” smiled Fire.

Alex’s face went full blown red in embarrassment and Fire laughed his guts up over it. He nudged the knight’s arm happily.

“I knew it! I just like to mess around with people’s minds. Don’t worry about me. That’s why Ice dislikes me sometimes. Okay most times,” Fire cracked along.

Alex was now uptight and worried about what to say next. Fire calmed down and thought about Morcar again.

“The Morcar guy, you met him too. Ice’s been on about this guy for a week or so I think,” Fire said.

“Yes, he is a threat to us all. I’m the person to try to stop him, I believe,” Alex spoke again normally.

“Well I hope you can just do that,” said Fire.

“We also came across the Ghost Wizards too,” Alex chatted on. “Ghost Wizards, hmmm. Seems like trouble likes to stick with you,” Fire commented.

“Yes, Ice said he doesn’t bother with things like that,” Alex said. “Ice never bothers with anything unless it gets personal. He is the element with the frozen heart. A tale we say about him. He’s a nice guy and all but on the other hand can show a cold side too. Especially about himself,” Fire explained to Alex.

Fire looked at the old bag that Alex had and stood up and pointed at it. “There is a great bath chamber down near the lava chambers are.

You can shower and I’ll fix these old clothes up for you. The least I can do for that silly dragonfly of mine,” Fire smiled.

Alex wandered down to the showers and Fire took the clothes away from the throne room. He was in the kitchen when he heard a small sound from the door way to the room.

“Where’s Alex?” asked the voice.

“Ahh, the princess is awake. The last time I had a princess was three hundred and four years ago. The knight is in the bath. I see you have had a good time during your first adventure,” said Fire.

“How do you know it’s my first adventure?” she asked him.

“First of all, you don’t wear funny looking gowns and dress on quests. I learned that from other people and tales. You may have been a hindrance along the way but you provide strength in the knight when all hope fails,” Fire said to Celia.

She sat on a seat near Fire where he was preparing meals for them. A rich looking chicken and salads were on the menu.

“I like hot chilly foods but not many people want that after coming up the pathway from the volcano,” laughed Fire.

Celia looked at the food and was thinking away to herself. Fire sat on the seat and watched her.

“So you and the knight get along well?” asked the element. “Yes we do,” she answered quietly.

“He seems to be man of loyalty and trust. He will do well in the name of justice and goodness, don’t you think?” Fire asked her.

“Yes, a friend of mine, Alfred the Old, also believes that. He told me about the legend of the elements. You create the weather, all the elements?” asked Celia.

“Yes we do. Different elements are needed for each season. Like myself is needed for summer and Ice for winter and Wind for autumn,” Fire answered her.

“Why is the weather bad at times and good in other places?”

Fire rubbed his chin and smiled. “We control and guide the weather along. We can’t control everything that happens. That is the way of nature; it is a thing more than a person. We can try to ease the effort but not prevent it or stop it,” Fire answered back.

Fire went on to prepare the meals as Celia smiled to herself at the meals. “This knight, Alexander, what do you think of him?” asked the


“He’s different from the others. He’s like a gentleman. He doesn’t take advantage of others. He’s shy in one way but strong and determined in other,” she answered.

“Have you met others?”

“Yes but they are all the same, into what they can get out of me, money from my father, lust and fame,” she answered.

Celia looked up at Fire and thought turned to reason then to answer. “He’s not like that. He just wants to do well in life and serve good.”

“What does he think about you?” asked Fire.

“I think he likes me. He’s never been in relationship, I think. Doesn’t think about himself,” she answered.

“A bit like Water and Ice I say,” answered Fire smiling.

Alex arrived in the room cleaned up and fresh. Fire smiled and passed him a plate of food.

“Have some, its great chicken this is,” Fire said to the knight as he took it from the element.

Alex and Celia walked over to the table where Fire was sitting at with the foods and drinks.

“I can take you to Water’s castle. If you want to get the next sword,” said Fire.

Alex looked at the time and thought of Celia, as he shook his head.

“No. I have to get home to the castle. Alfred would be full of sickness about us,” answered Alex.

“Don’t worry, Fire, we can go back the way we came here,” Celia answered.

“Oh, don’t worry about that. There’s a hot spring here,” Fire answered trying hard to keep a straight face.

Celia quickly turned to Alex for an answer.

“I didn’t say anything to him. He guessed it,” Alex answered her. “Don’t worry about it, just think you’re rewarding yourselves from the battle of the Ghost Wizards and the underground. In that case I should contact Ice about them, they sound pretty dangerous. The stupid element might get into trouble with them,” Fire answered happily.

“Is there another way of returning to Richardson Castle?” asked the knight.

“We can take Firwing. She’ll be ok now from the attack. I can take you to the edge of Richardson near the ocean edge, that one I think,” Fire suggested.

Alex stopped sipping his drink and thought about the ocean and the dark castle of pure evil. He put his drink down and looked at Celia.

“Is there a better way of getting there?” asked Alex.

“Sorry, I have to get to work soon, changing seasons of course and keeping an eye on some fires across the world. It’s not that far to the castle from there I believe. Just a good walk,” Fire answered.

Alexander the Knight kept the fears to himself and nodded his head. “We shall go with you when you are ready,” answered the knight.

“Very well, with those two swords you should be safe from anything,” Fire promised.

A couple of hours passed and Celia and Alex were ready to leave alongside the element of Fire. Firwing was on the edge of the volcano from the castle doors. Fire helped climb them upon the dragonfly and he came on with them

“Fly my little dragonfly and come with me!” Fire cried and the dragonfly pushed its wings down and up as it left the ground with a huge puff of dust and smoke. The dragonfly was flying through the air and Alex and Celia held on tightly worrying.

“It’s very high, don’t you think Fire?” asked Alex.

“Of course, it’s great up here. Smell the rich fresh air that this earth gives. I hope this will stay forever and not be taken away by toxics,” said Fire.

“The air is great up here I must say, do you agree too Celia?” Alex asked the princess.

“Great it’s great,” said a head-spinning princess still worried about the distance between air and ground.

Firwing the dragonfly saw the ocean edge and started to fly lower towards the spot. The wings started a small whirlwind below her and the dragonfly landed successfully. Alex and Celia quickly climbed off the dragonfly and Fire smiled upon them.

“Good luck to your quest and I must be off to explore the world yet again. May the very best of luck guide you through the very worst of darkness!” Fire cried and with that the dragonfly took off through the sky, leaving the young pair to travel the final leg back to the Richardson Castle.

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