Chapter 7 – The Author’s War

The battle cries of war was felt as well in Chisoutsa and the Walken’s universe  as the alien race was attacking the heart of the city while Allegheri and Jasper were fighting them off near the Scienceworks main building which was owned by Mr. Umezu. The old vampire and the young one was pushing into the building holding off the aliens.

“Man, I hate the look of those things and they are strong as,” Jasper said to Allegheri said.

“The army is in the city which will help keep them, at bay. We have enough experience from Censilo’s period as the Demon Lord here.

The two of them rushed into the meeting room where they supposed to catch up with Frithdar, Charles Thompson the Prime Leader and government leader of the City of Demons, and Alan Richard the head assistant to Mr. Umezu’s company.

“What’s going on boys?” Jasper said coming in reloading his shotgun he wearing beforehand.

“About sixty percent of the city has been overtaken by this alien race. My suggestions are that this is the main attacks from Valentine Blackburn after he removed most of the power sources in the city we have been grounded to a halt in terms of getting control of the city back. Like I told you on a radio the portal has opened on the rooftop of the building. Who do you want to take with you to fight the war where Chisoutsa and Lucas are?” Charles asked Allegheri.

“I would take Jasper, and you Charles. I think we need someone like you to help lead the numbers in the war. You were always in the cold fire when Chisoutsa needed a team and once again I think you will be useful,” Allegheri replied.

“What will Frithdar do and me?” Alan Richard asked them.

“Frithdar will aiding support to the Xtreme Squad as he done in the past and for you Richards you will be in control of running the wole city,” he said with a smile.

“Me? But I’m just a scientist. I don’t know much about war and battles,” he answered shocked at his promotion.

“ Mate, you’re the best scientist I know of. You created all the gadgets and evices for Chisoutsa and the Xtreme Squad and hell even Mr. Umezu left you Scienceworks to look after too. We all believe in you. Make it a day for the nerds in this world!” Jasper said messing up Alan’s hair with a wink.

“And Jasper lovingly put it, your position in this war is highly important. You’re re-positioning of the portal to the rooftop from the high sky is borderline magic on what you did. You are a great service and so is Frithdar too. The two of you will defend the city at all costs. Chisoutsa, the Professor and Lucas is counting on you as well as us,” Allegheri noted.

“It’s time to say our goodbyes and I hope it’s not the last we see of this world and of our friends and family. We need to make a run for portal as it’s not safe from the air battles. The alien ships will be watching our move towards the portal entrance into the central universe we need to get to,” Charles told the group.

The last goodbyes were made and Allegheri, Jasper, and Charles made their way up the lift to the rooftop area. Jasper readied his shotgun and Allegheri watched for any ground troop aliens on the rooftop.

“The area is clean for now but the ships are circling around the portal. It was clever that Alan hide the machine aspects that the Aliens couldn’t destroy the portal at all but the time is limited and this is rooftop is a long run to the end,” Allegheri commented on their run.

“Mr. Umezu had to make the rooftop bloody large didn’t he,” Jasper remarked on it too.

The three of them bolted out from the safe area of the lift with Jasper firing bullets at the ships. Dark blue laser beams fired at the rooftop creating massive holes in the rooftop that blew a hole deep enough to show the building level below them.

“If we miss our jumps we will fall down to the lower level and the whole rooftop was will destroyed to prevent to jump to the portal. We are about half way there and we gotta time this right or we won’t make it!” Charles shouted to the two other below the heavy noises of the space craft’s watching over them.

“Let’s go now!” Jasper shouted out.

They jumped near the portal as one of the ships fired a beam and destroyed the ground between them and portal. Allegheri skipped over it and crossed into the portal but Charles slipped over and nearly falling over the edge of the building if it wasn’t for Jasper grabbing his hand just in time.

“Fucking hell,” Jasper grunted trying to push Charles back up the side of the Scienceworks building. The space ships circled around again for a better position to launch another attack directly at them.

“Push up Charles, just push up the side one more time. I got ya man!” Japer shouted at him.

Charles gave a final pull up the side of the building and together the two rolled along the ground as the laser beam missing them by a meter or two.

“Let’s make a jump for it man. Let’s go now, you ready?” Jasper asked a injured Charles.

“Yes, let’s do it while I can keep on my legs,” he cried back in pain.

The space ship charged straight towards the two as they made the final dash and jumped over the hole damage of the building and into the portal. The portal started to close up and the three were safe and secure through the portal into the central universe away from the harm of the alien ships. The portal opened up again in the desert sending the three of them onto the desert ground next to the two universe group travelers with a heavy bang. Jasper stood up slowly with Allegheri as Charles sat on the ground looking over at Bill who was doing the same.

“Are we all here for the same reason? Portal hole, gonna fight a massive war. It just saves all the guesswork,” Duncan said to the City of Demons group.

“Yeah man, that’s about right. You know where we are?” Jasper asked Duncan.

“In the middle of nowhere but I think we want to go in that direction with the large warehouse looking thing there,” as Duncan pointed it out the time cruiser was driving out from it towards their way.

“That looks like Percy in the driving seat,” King Lion called out. ‘The time cruiser soon appeared in their area and the car stopped with Percy coming out the door.

“Bill, nice of you to join us. Got injured I see,” Percy grinned at Bill.

“Oh please don’t start with me already and yes I can treat myself because I’m a doctor I know I know. Why is this whole area turning black in the sky? There’s a few odd things about this universe,” Bill replied back.

“Things are not good. The control of the weather is turning the skies black and because of the trees disappearing there is a lack of air around us. Our time is slipping quickly,” Percy told the group.

“We have around twenty or so people here now and I hope these numbers will you and the rest. How is the entire whole working on this?” King Lion asked Percy.

“They are working well but there are doubts in the back of their minds. The Professor guy is unhappy with the slow process of movement and Roger the Barbarian is concerned by the lack of planning in the battling aspects. Chris and Wizard are trying their best to rope them all together,” Percy explained.

Allegheri stepped forward to King Lion and Percy with his own concerns too, “Our movement must begin now. I feel like this Blackburn we have all heard of is working on a quick kill method upon us all.”

“What does that mean exactly?” Levi asked Allegheri the Vampire.

“He doesn’t want us to be thinking too much about how to defeat him. He’s made us dance the whole way through this war so far. This is why he opened the portals open and had a game with us. He removed us from the nature worlds we come from, by removing us from the sources of strength of our homes he has weakened us all by doing so. We are all nearly broke in this world and we only our wits and experience. He wants us to fight and carry on while he rolls straight through all in the end,” Allegheri explained to everyone about the dangers of Blackburn.

“We have to move as Allegheri says. We do have a plan but it requires us to be put into groups to tackle the problems. Some of you can fit in the time cruisers and the others can walk. There will be plenty walking in the future,” Percy warned them.

The group members from their portal dash adventures started the walk over to the home base to learn about the new plan that they all hoped would give some ground in the war.

Inside the home base in the basement section stood the entire team that would start their move into the Author’s War against Valentine Blackburn. I with King Lion, Roger the Barbarian, Professor Walken and Daniel Phoenix were at the front of group discussing our options. There was sure to be different views on what need to be done.

“So we know the Quill Knife is the key to ending this war and so is Chris here. Valentine will make sure that Chris doesn’t get to the tower to use this object against him and his power is far greater than Chris’s. Our plan is to divide into groups and search out different issues to solve and to fight through. This desert is the only safe area in the world that we have now. The alien races have joined forces with Blackburn are in disguises here on this world as the creatures that fought us when we tried to get the Quill Knife,” King Lion said starting the meeting off.

“The alien races are highly dangerous and power. They are very strong with weapons and face to face combat. Even a Barbarian would struggle in these conditions. My information over the years of investigations will be able to help you guide through the workings of how to fight them. There are some methods easier than others,” Daniel Phoenix explained to the party.

“My band will go and seek how to stop the tower from moving. We will not be able to move anyone inside it while it is still moving around the planet. I will make sure it is stopped. Chisoutsa’s team will have Chris and Daniel Phoenix too. They must find a way stop the alien races from further destroying this world and limit the movements of the tower by gaining back more land. The final team led by King Lion and the Cyber family will be to fight the other lands stop the incoming power drains that Blackburn still is doing. They will also work on removing the time blocks and restore any remaining portals that are left” Roger the Barbarian said to the group reading from some notes that Wizard and I helped him with.

“We only have ourselves left and in a war not everyone will come back. Let us hope that what we do will change the face of all of our home universes and restore the peace we once had,” Professor Walken.

A hand rose up from the back of the room, “Why is my band doing the boring stopping the tower thing. Can’t the smart people here figure that one out. It just sounds as busy shit,” Duncan the Dwarf asked.

“So the smart people can’t fight is that right,” Cody Cyber asked him complaining.

“That’s fucking right and why is this woman so highly regarded as a fighter. She needs to carry a real weapon like a battleaxe or a broadsword like Roger and you need to add some weight too,” Duncan snapped looking at Chisoutsa.

“The fuck did you say to me?” Chisoutsa spoke back moving towards him.

“Calm the fuck down everyone seriously,” Jasper shouted pulling Chisoutsa back away from Duncan.

“Quiet dwarf or you will be facing me personally. Your tongue is not expected to talk here!” Roger said firmly towards Duncan.

I watched the drama unfold with everyone trying to keep each other from complaining about what tasks they had been given. None of them were used to having to together on this large scale. I turned to see one of the workbenches where Phoenix and Norman was investigating the Quill Knife where a cracked mirror was. The greys in my hair were increasing and a voice inside my head was whispering to me in shadows.

“They don’t want to fight for you. They want to watch the world burn instead of fighting for it. You can’t win, you just can’t win. Just give in and let me take what I truly what,” said the voice to me.

I tried to ignore it and turned back to everyone in the room, “This is want Blackburn wants. He wants us to be fighting like this all the time. If we keep on doing this we won’t get anywhere. You are all here because you are the best of the best, not just because you are my characters. We have to, “at that moment I dropped to knees and my eye sight grew paler. Wizard and Professor Walken rushed over to see if I was ok.

“What’s wrong? Are you hurting?” Wizard asked.

“It’s nothing, it really is nothing,” I replied.

“Sit him down, he’s not right. I hope I didn’t do anything wrong, “Duncan replied calming down from before. Bill walked past a concerned and worried looks on Chisoutsa and Lucas Walken where he came up to see me.

“Your hair, your eyes, they are changing quickly. There are signs of blindness in your eyes but it makes no sense. Someone here said to me that you were with Valentine alone. What did he do to you? What did he say to you?” he asked.

“He told me that my depression and anxiety issues will be shown to the world and that the weight of the war will be seen through me. It is something I can’t stop nor understand,” I told Bill.

The group in the room fell silent wondering how much weight I was carrying and not telling them. Vincent Lamour and Professor Walken watched on with interest.

“This might be very hard on, if this condition continues you will go blind and your body will feel like a truck unable to move. It is a cure he’s put on you and it something that no one can fight expect for you. We need you more than ever. You were a strong little boy when I met you and you need to be like again,” Bill reminded me.

“The weight of my condition has been on me for years now. Some of you may understand it,” I told Bill.

Professor Walken touched his leg and balanced his leg thinking of those words while Roger stood firm in his stance blocking out any emotions from his face.

“I have dealt with my depression for years, fighting it by myself and now the body will be showing it to all. What am I going to do with that? It’s hard enough to deal with it on the inside,” I said upset it.

“Please understand that are we all for our universes but we are bided by you and to you, not by this war but because we care you too. Each of us understands the pain you are going through because we are a part of you in some small way. We will all come together now and we will unite for you and for everyone here. We owe it to the people we protect,” Allegheri said coming out from the corner of the room.

“Come now Chris with Chisoutsa and we will end this war on our terms. Destroy the book and set our universes free of this darkness in our souls. You fought against Zare for us and the Legomen. Now we are returning the favor to you after all these years,” Wizard said to me.

I stood up again and looked at everyone who seemed now united and ready for war, “It’s time for the Author’s War to begin,” I said to them all and everyone rose their weapons high in the sky saluting everyone in the room.

The early morning had rose when the groups had been divided up and gone off on their own quests and for the first time in a long time the merry band of a Barbarian, Wizard, Elf, and Dwarf was back together. Their trekking took them to the mountain tops far away from the secure home base where even that was under threat by Blackburn’s forces. Walter used his staff to light the way throughout the way while Hayden Norman who was tagging along was walking last in place feeling the long walks.

“I take it you four are used to walking great miles. Something suggests to me there is something not safe about these parts,” Hayden called out from behind.

“You are right. Walking has always been something we have always done. Despite the tough war it is very nice for us to have wandering the lost lands with your three again,” Levi the elf replied cheerily to his band members.

“Yeah I guess being with the wizard is not too bad. You still piss me off sometimes,” Duncan said out to Walter.

“The feeling is the same here. I thought you had matured over the years but that stunt in the meeting room nearly had you killed by your own new friends,” Walter noted to Duncan.

“Why are we here in the mountains again and how is this to stop the tower from moving?” Duncan asked Roger.

“We had word from The ThunderDragon who is resting here that there is news about the control of the weather and how to return it to him. We also have to help him because if we do it will reduce Blackburn’s power source,” Roger said.

Walter pointed with his staff towards the top section of the mountain where the ThunderDragon was seen looking tired and pale.  The five of them walked up the snowy areas where the cold is becoming harder and the air thinning out.

“ThunderDragon, we are here now. Tell us what the latest news is,” Hayden asked.

He gingered rose from his resting spot and looked at the band and Hayden, “The death of elements have been transformed to Morcar and Draken. They are coming to deal with me for the final here when I am weak and nearing my own death. Because Blackburn has control of the weather he has been able to use the axis of the earth’s movement to move the tower to any position and this has caused great damage to the world. The blacking of the world is partly to do with the lost of control and of the evil book he has in his hands,” he told Hayden.

“Amazing, instead of the tower actually moving, he’s moving the planet along with the tower to keep his own power source strong.  This would very much limit this positing of the tower if we kill Morcar and Draken?”

“The crystals that were in the weather elements would be returned to me. That is why he drained the other universes so he could destroy the nature of this world and open portals whenever he felt like that. Now go and do as I say. I am tired and weak,” The ThunderDragon cried leaning down on his legs with his head tossing around.

“His head will served to you ThunderDragon. The snow fields will be red today,” Roger answered him flexing his muscle and taking out his broadsword.

The ground started to shake as Morcar appeared from the distance with Draken breathing fire on everything around the band in a flash.

“Hayden you come with me and Levi. Let Walter deal with the wizard and we’ll help with Draken,” Duncan said to Hayden grabbing his arm.

The three of them ran off towards the damaging Draken where Walter faced off with Morcar. Morcar fired a number of spell fire balls at him while Walter bounced them off his staff.

“You have to do better than that Morcar. Your dirty work with the soul breaker author is finished I tell you!”

“I was so happy when I saw the fall of the weather elements but still there arte blinded good people in this world and I’m still standing. Come fight me than!” he shouted charging towards Walter.

The two clashed their staffs at each other exchanging magical spells and lightening.  Morcar kicked Walter down as he eyed off the dying ThunderDragon in the distance as his true prize. Roger swung his sword at Draken in the air while he blasted streams of fire at him. He dodged a number of times and moved around the black dragon. Levi came out with Duncan and Hayden firing arrows at Draken’s back when he howled in pain. Roger saw a deep dark hole in the ground when it seemed a bottom pit cave was. He ran up the hill next to Draken and jumped on his back. Draken roared and drove smashing into the ground and into the bottom cave section. He flew down with the great speed inside the cave with Roger hanging on his back. The heavy wind blew back his long black hair as he struggled to push himself along Draken’s back with the one hand his broadsword in another. Draken started to bash his body to each side of the mountain cave to get Roger off his back.  He slowly moved the sword and cut into Draken’s back as he howled again blowing fire all around the cave. As the speed picked up again Roger slowly fell back down on his back and decided to stab at his right wing as Draken moved around in surprise and Roger fell off his back sending him down to the cave basement ground.  Draken landed on the ground with his injured wing and watched Roger swinging his word around at him.

“You are a strong one Barbarian. I will enjoy burning you alive,” Draken roared.

Draken moved in for the kill swinging his tail at Roger as he jumped over it and stabbed at him again. He dodged the burning fire sections when Draken decided to set the whole area on fire to keep Roger still and trapped in the cave. He swung his tail again and knocked Roger down at the last moment and raced up upon his body on the ground by pinning him with his large foot.

“Give off me now!” Roger shouted at him.

“No, I will crush you on where you fall barbarian. You were too stupid to defeat me do you hear me. Your friends won’t make it out here alive I will count on that!” Draken roared moving his head towards Roger.

Roger slashed his sword at Draken’s face as the dragon pulled up lifting his foot off him for a moment. Roger quickly leaped up over Draken’s neck and started slashing away at his neck. With one final move Roger struck his sword into Draken neck as the black dragon fell to the ground going limp and dead by the hands of the old barbarian. Roger dropped himself to the ground sore from the deadly encounter and looked at the trappings of the fire and the deep cave he was trapped inside. He lay on the ground almost waiting for death to come to him too.

The above the ground battle raged on as Walter, Levi and Duncan facing off against Morcar’s spells. Duncan threw his battle axe at Morcar’s side and cut into his body as Morcar fell down to his knees as Walter came up to him with his staff to his head.

“You have lost badly Morcar and Draken seems to be gone too. Give the fight now and return the crystals to restore the balance of the weather to the ThunderDragon,” he ordered him.

A voice from the background was heard, “Let me take care of him. He doesn’t deserve to serve me anymore ,” said the voice.

The four of them turned around in shock as Valentine Blackburn was standing in full view of them. Valentine held out his arm and stuck a mighty bolt of magical fire at Morcar setting him on a light and destroying him at the same time.  The ThunderDragon’s body suddenly recharged receiving upon the deaths of Morcar and Draken. He quickly rose from his resting with a angry look towards Blackburn.

“You don’t time to play with me. You have a barbarian trapped inside the cave who going to die if you don’t save. You better go and return the favor to him<” Valentine told the ThunderDragon.

The ThunderDragon smashed the side of the mountain ice with his wing and shot off across to the cave hole and flew down inside to save Roger the Barbarian. Valentine turned to Walter, Levi, Duncan, and Hayden Norman.

“The control of the weather is not needed anymore. You have successfully limited my tower’s position movements but that won’t stop my war. Your leader is weakening by the moment and there are no millions of aliens and creatures from my own dark twisted worlds that are flooding this world. I could kill you all with much ease but that wouldn’t serve my purpose,” he told the group.

“And what purpose is you’re at this moment?” Walter asked Valentine.

“Why waste the author’s book on small things like you four when there is a bigger piece to the war. I am nearing immortally through the author’s war book and there will be no stopping me when that happens. You must truly doubt a young man who is only protected by a power suit. How is that power suit working if your home base has next to no electricity? Where does that amazing amount of magic come from, I wonder?” Valentine told them.

“We believe in him and not you. That’s what we believe! Your word won’t be hurting us,” Duncan snapped at him.

“Just look into your author’s eyes and it reflects the war that unfolds. The breaking of one’s soul is the same as the breaking of the good in this world, of all the universes combined. He will not be able to walk to my tower to the deep halls of my library to the fire, dust and skulls of where the book lies for him to even try to struck the Quill knife into my immortally,” Valentine warned them all.

The group lowered their heads not trying to think of the struggles ahead and how overly powerful he was now.

“When the author falls all of his chess pieces will fall with too,” Valentine smiled at them and he disappeared into shadows as the ThunderDragon returned out of the cave with Roger on his back.

He lower himself to the ground and Roger stood down from the ThunderDragon’s back and rested for a moment. The ThunderDragon felt renewed but felt sorrow for the lost of his weather element brothers.

“I had treated my element brothers with a distance from my heart and I have failed them in protecting them. I shall be quiet and return to control by myself,” he told the group in front of him.

“No, come with us and join the war to redeem yourself. We share the same violent past. You have no cared about what you did in your history on this earth but it is time to show the heart and help us. You must join us,” Roger commanded of the ThunderDragon.

“To fight the war would mean to fight for the nature of this world. He has truly damaged much of that. I will join you and make sure that both of us do not walk the path of hate. Where do we go from here?” he asked Roger.

Hayden stepped forward next to Roger to help answer that question, “We can try to track down the tower itself and keep it trapped. A dragon that  can create earthquakes, fire, ice, water or anything has to be handy on our side,” Hayden said.

The group nodded and agreed on the move and the five of them climbed on his back and the ThunderDragon looked at the sky.

“I’ll make this day shine once more,” the ThunderDragon said before moving up into the sky and heading off to look for the moving tower.

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