Chapter 7 – The Legend of Evermore

The morning rose as Duncan yawned and did some stretches. He walked into the dinner
room, as something looked quite wrong. The flute from Stan’s study desk was gone.
“ This isn’t good,” thought Duncan as he went to tell the others
Levi, Stan, and Susan were upset that the flute was missing. Who would want to steal an
old flute? No one knew the answer to the puzzling question.
“ We will find the flute for you Mr. Elf” said Roger.
Roger maybe a barbarian but he was very sweet and caring one too. He did not like people
upset about things.
“ Thanks Roger,” said Stan.
Roger teamed up with Walter as they went out to search the town for the flute.
“ This will be like looking for a needle in an haystack” commented Walter.
He didn’t like the idea of looking for a flute that was.
Roger looked around the town of Greenham and spotted two knights; they dressed in the
same clothes of Graford. Graford maybe a criminal and much hated, but many people in a
way loved him. They loved his power and someday wanted to follow in his footprints.
Roger always got a sick feeling when bad people were around. Like the special sense that
young children have. Young children cannot tell the differences between good and bad so
the sense is there to protect them.
“ They look weird’ commented Roger to Walter.
“ Graford followers,” noted Walter.
The pair walked up as the Graford followers jumped back.
” What do you want?” cried one of them.
“ You know where a flute is?” asked Roger.
“ No” said the follower as the other one laughed.

Roger grabbed the other one by the neck and raised him up from the ground.
“ Where is it!” he shouted.
“ In my pocket! Please don’t hurt me,” cried the follower.
Walter grabbed the flute out of the follower’s pocket.
“ Graford will get you for this!” they cried.
“ We are the champions you know. We beat him at the Evermore Castle” said Roger.
“ But you’re not a Legend like him are you?” asked the follower.
Roger tried to shake the last comment out of him. He knew they were only one time lucky
fighters. Nevertheless, he wanted to prove they were the best.
The pair walked off as they returned the flute back.
“ Thank you my friends. Have some tea and some cake the party has started,” smiled Stan.
People from the town were at the party where they talked and chatted about the weather
and the everlasting gossip in Greenham. In Greenham other then the education profile, the
town always had good gossip to share to travelers and people alike.
“ Look at Duncan there. Chatting up the girls of the town. They are twice the height of
Duncan,” said Walter with a disgraced face.

“ It is a party Walter. We must have fun” reminded Roger.
“ I guess so” answered Walter in defect.
The party soon ended as the band had to leave, back to the Evermore Castle.
Stan and Susan wished them luck on the battles against Graford as he gave a girt to Levi.
“ Keep the flute Levi. It is safer with you. You can always remember me with the flute.
Goodbye,” said Stan as Levi held the flute and waved goodbye to his uncle.

The trip back to Evermore was quicker than anyone expected. Maybe it was because they
were tied out because of the battles they did just before the trip to Sonery. They saw the
gates and as they walked into the castle, King Chambers was trying on some new outfits.
“ Hello all, does this outfit suit me for the ball next week?” he asked.
“ Yeah, but there’s one problem” said Duncan.
“ What’s that?” asked a concerned King Chambers.
“ Your face,” said Duncan as the others tried not to laugh about it
“ Ha Ha. Very funny Duncan,” said a hurt Chambers.
“ By the way Walter, there’s a couple visitor’s in the throne room. Care to see them?”
asked King Chambers.
“ Sure” answered Walter as he and the others walked into the throne room.
“ My little boy!” cried a woman as she dashed up to kiss and hugs him

“ Good to see you,” said the man behind the woman.
“ Mum, Dad?” said a very confused Walter.
Duncan rolled around the ground laughing his guts out at the wizard’s amusing parents.

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