Chapter 8 – Chisoutsa: The City of Demons

The Kanto Mansion was quiet at last after the party. Nearly everyone had cleared and only some of the guests slept in another rooms or had past out at the swimming pool area. All were quiet expect for one person. Chisoutsa was half wake when she got out of the bed in the night. She slipped on some white shorts and quickly put back on her red bikini top. She wandered down to the study area where there was a computer at the desk. She moved the mouse and it flashed back on.


She opened up a number of files until she spotted an audio file send by Mr. Umezu. She clicked on it and it opened in another window browser.

          “Kanto,” it started out, “I am looking forward to our meeting later in the week about your ideas but remember that shipment costs are rising. The Government is making this difficult about this with their price rising. Our operations will be too hard to make a profit from Kanto. Selling weapons to the public is very important nowadays Kanto. So are drugs which based on your policies of your gang.  I will see you later about this,” said Mr. Umezu.

Chisoutsa was about to close the window when there was more to the message, “On yes I have met with the leader of Demon Production. We know you are working for them too but that’s does not worry me. However, I have heard word that the demon legend could be true. That his return is set. I will keep you posted about that soon,” he said and the audio ended.

Chisoutsa eyes wondered about the demon legend, “Who was the demon legend? Or who is he?” she whisper to herself.


She moved away from the computer and study room and came back to bed where Kanto was laying half wake. She slipped back into the covers and move up on Kanto’s body. He felt her bikini top softly fall down on his face as he woke up to see Chisoutsa. Her lustful grin beaming at him bare breasted as she stroke his hair.

          “You awake now honey,” she smiled at him.

Kanto smiled and turned Chisoutsa around in the bed with him on top. Chisoutsa quickly discarded her white shorts and threw them with her foot at the lamp. It knocked it and it smashed to the ground. Chisoutsa stretched out as Kanto pushed his way inside. The bed started to rock with Chisoutsa giving a cry in the background.


Away from the bedroom and to the computer room, the desktop lit itself up and switch on. A new e-mail appeared on the screen that was titled ‘The Demon has returned’. The e-mail opened itself up to reveal the whole message.

          “Kanto! I have heard news that the Demon has returned to our City. Could the legend be true?? Is he the evil that cannot be beaten? I hope it is not true and that the rumors are bullshit. I thought you would like to know,” it read leaving no name or e-mail address.

Kanto was resting on top of Chisoutsa when she remembered she had to go soon back to the Professor. She pushed Kanto off her, walked over to the desk, and lit a smoke. She was still pounding about the demon of the city and who it could be. Had she already met him? Is it a he or a something? All the questions were running in her head. Kanto had woken up and wandered out of bed to reach Chisoutsa. He rubbed his rough shaven face over Chisoutsa’s neck. She saw a gun in the desk earlier on and started to open the draw.

          “Feels so good, more,” she purred eyeing the drawer half opened.

He rubbed his hand over her bottom and she drew the gun towards her body. Kanto rubbed his fingers over her front and Chisoutsa grabbed his hand and guided him more inside. In a flash, she turned around with the gun and punched him down to the ground knocking him out and firing a bullet in his leg.


She walked over to the wardrobe and found some clothes to put on. The message of the e-mail was still getting her. What did all mean? She opened the doors to see two guards there and saw Kanto on the ground bleeding. She was unimpressed with the guards.

          “You could have given me enough time to hide him,” she said.

She was taken with the guards away from the bedroom and led down the stairs to a dark hallway where there was table and a couple tables. She sat down and the guards spoke to her.

          “Kanto will be here soon. After he is cleaned up,” one said.

          “I bet you’re wondering why I’m here,” Chisoutsa asked them.

          “We will find out when he gets here,” the other answered her.

Kanto came inside the room and smiled at her, “Smart girl you thought you were. You nearly got out alive Chisoutsa,” he said.

          “Shame hey. I could have done better then the leg shot,” she snapped back.

          “It’s all in the past now. What did you find out about me,” Kanto asked her.

          “That your drug ring is going to be very busy in the near future. Plus other things,” she answered.

          “That’s true about my drug ring and why would you Care, unless you’re in the same business as me,” Kanto said.

          “Who is the demon of the city? The guy that was in the audio from Mr. Umezu,” Chisoutsa asked.

There was silence from Kanto and a touch of fear when he heard those words. He turned around to a guard and whispered to him, “Download the message if it’s true.”

Kanto sat down on the seat and leaned towards her, “The question is do you know the demon of the city?”

          “No that’s why I’m asking you,” she answered.

          “No one knows who he is. He is a business leader and that is all.”

          “Well he isn’t the leader of Scienceworks. What about Demon Productions?”

          I personally know the leader of that business. We work in the same trade,” Kanto answered.

          “Then he must be the leader of Centrax. The mystery man. Anything else you know about him,” she asked.

          “Why should I telling you all this. What are you really looking for?”

          “I’m looking for my past. Where I came from,” Chisoutsa.

          “Too bad girl. You won’t find it here. All I know that is that the guy is back. We’ll be taking care of you from now on,” Kanto said to her.

They removed Chisoutsa from the room and took her out to the swimming pool area. She watched Kanto discussing to the guards while she remembered she had the mini gun with her. She eyed the group as she quickly used it to shot one of the guards and darted off back into the mansion. Kanto jogged to a table where he picked up a gun and walked into the mansion to face Chisoutsa.


Chisoutsa got to the phone and dialed and waited to be received.

          “Yes Charles, it’s me. I think I might some aid in getting out of here alive. Kanto is corning me out,” she whispered.

          “Sure, Jiko will come to help you,” Charles said.

          “Is Jiko ok after his task?” she asked.

          “Of course he is Chisoutsa. Now be gone,” Charles said hanging up on his end.

She hanged up too and turned around to see Kanto with his gun watching around his mansion. He turned around saw Chisoutsa in the corner and held the gun to her head.

          “Say goodnight my girl,” he grinned at her.

A large bomb went off outside the mansion and Kanto froze in his spot when Chisoutsa took advantage and punched Kanto down to the ground and grabbed. She ran outside to see Charles with a bomb trigger and Jiko holding down a couple guards near them. A group of thug guards ran out and started firing bullets at Chisoutsa and the small rescue team. Chisoutsa and Jiko teamed together and fired back while Charles tried to get them to exit the area.   

          “Get the car now!” Chisoutsa cried.

          “You need your own car or something,” Jiko mentioned to her returning bullets.

          “I’m getting one soon. Don’t know when,” Chisoutsa answered him.

Charles called them away from the action and they climbed in the car and speed off away from Kanto’s mansion. One guard ran up to Kanto and requested for further orders, “Shall we give chase to them?” he asked.

          “No. I have some problems of my own to see,” Kanto said.


Kanto wandered back into the mansion and headed for his computer where the audio message was still there. He played the message and only remembered the last couple lines, “I have heard word that the demon legend could be true. That his return is set. I will keep you posted about that soon,” he said and the audio ended.

          “Is he connected to this Chisoutsa girl? The man with the blinding talent and a evil that shadows the city. Why after all these years he’s back. He must want something from us,” Kanto said to himself.


Back in the car and Chisoutsa was wondering the same questions. She watched Jiko and Charles talking in the front seats of the car.

          “We should get back to Professor Walken ansd see what Chisoutsa got out of Kanto,” Jiko said.

          “Yes I hope there’s something good you got there. It was a tight one at the end. Lucky Jonathan got us to be in the area just in case you found yourself in deep trouble,” Charles said to Chisoutsa.

After half an hour the car arrived at Professor Walken’s house and the three came out in the undercover car park area that the Professor had.

          “I swear this house is getting better,” Jiko said to himself.

          “It’s like in that case,” Charles commented.

The Professor stood in the corner with his walking cane to his side and smiled at the group.

          “You look abit rushed everyone. I have drinks for all. What did you find out Chisoutsa?” he asked first.

          “Not much, apart from drug plans for the city. Who is the demon of the city?” she asked out quickly.

Professor Walken paused and looked at Charles for a comment, “Demon of the City?” he answered puzzled.

          “Demon of the City? I don’t know really. Who said this?” Charles asked.

          “Mr. Umezu in an e-mail audio to Kanto. He said that he had returned. He must be the leader of Centrax. He is supposed to be a business leader,” Chisoutsa explained.

          “Well now thinking about it I have heard of the legend story. Some figure leaving the city vowing to return for his master plan. It could be Centrax but no one believed the myth,” Charles said.

          “Something for the worse, legends turn to myth and that is why they are forgotten. We don’t know who this person is so we can’t pinpoint what he is. We must be open-minded about it,’ Professor Walken spoke about it.

          “The good thing is that Chisoutsa is safe and she got something out of it,” Jiko said to the group.


The Professor wandered over to his car and rubbed the front of it with his hand. Then he looked at Chisoutsa.

          “Your car will be tested and completed tomorrow. Alan Richards will be arriving with all his ideas and plans. I’m looking forward to this,” he said to her.

          “I can’t wait for this,” grinned Chisoutsa to herself.

          “Yep. I wanna come too if that’s ok. This new project by Alan should be his highlight yet. We should all go and see what its like,” Charles said.

          “Then it’s settled. We’ll all go and see the project tomorrow,” the Professor said to the group.

The Professor and Charles headed upstairs and Chisoutsa and Jiko were only in the car park area.

          “You nearly didn’t get out there alive today,” Jiko said.

          “But the main thing is I got out. I still win,” smiled Chisoutsa walking off following the Professor and Charles.

Jiko smiled to himself and nodded. He followed the others upstairs for drinks.

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