Chapter 8 – Chisoutsa: The Virgin War

Times have changed over the coming new month. The small gangs have been removed by Censilo and the fear of him taking the city grows by the day. It was a cool morning when Mr. Umezu was waiting for Censilo as he inspecting the new nuclear plant build in the corner away from the eyes of the city. He sat in the head office upstairs slipping a glass of wine thinking about his own future. There was a guard inside with him.
   “As soon as this project is complete I want to leave the city for good. I don’t care what happens to the place anymore. Censilo is going to use this plant for evil. I know it,” Mr. Umezu.
   “Whatever you say boss,” answered the guard.
There was a pause in conversation for a minute until Censilo came to the door. The guard moved out of the room as the demon of the city sat down to talk to Mr. Umezu. He adjusted his silver glasses and gave a small smile towards him.
   “You have done a good job of this. It’s what I needed. The room down under stairs is good enough for what I need,” Censilo commented.
   “Yes. Most of the power goes into that room. What’s the plan for that?” Mr. Umezu asked.
   “It will be a surprise for Chisoutsa for when she comes here. Once inside I will have the advantage,”
   “Chances are both of you will be killed and half the city of demons. Do you want that?”
   “I have my own protection. Chisoutsa will need to find her own. Even with all the power she has. She will find trouble with this.”
   “I hope you do. You will have to get out of there in three minutes or you’re gone.”
Censilo stood up from his seat and took off his glasses. He touched the side of the wall and looked at Mr. Umzeu, “I can do that easily. Just watch me if you like. I make my own future soon enough.”
He walked out of the room and the guard came back inside to see Mr.Umezu.
   “All good,” Umezu said to him, “We can leave soon.”

Two figures stood in the middle of a university office room and another figure entered the room. It was the headmaster dressed in a brown pants and shirt and greeted one of them.
   “Professor Walken it’s been a while since you have been here. I got your call and I was interested to know why you want to teach again?” he asked.
   “I need to get away from my current life at the moment. Try to relax,” he answered, “Plus he’s in the same boat with me.”
   “And who are you?” asked the Headmaster.
   “Alan Richards. I work in science,” Alan answered shaking his hand.
   “Well we always welcome your type here at Madison University here. So am I welcome you onboard,” he said to the two of them.
   “Thank you for this. We shall be on our way,” said the Professor as they disappeared from the house.
Alan moved outside of the University and shook to himself, “Gee it’s cold at the moment. Why is that?”
   “I’m not sure, the weather maybe,” Walken answered smartly.
His phone went off on his phone and he picked it up. It was Charles on the other side.
   “Hello Charles, what’s the latest news?”
   “I have some news that Censilo is on the move with something. Could be big,” Charles told him.
   “Any idea on what it could be?”
   “Have no clue but he has been working with the last business leader Mr. Umzeu. He might know the answer.”
   “Thanks for the info,” answered Professor Walken clicking off the phone.
   “Looks like we might need to get Chisoutsa to get Umzeu to tell us some things,” he told Alan.
   “It’s always fun dealing with the ex boss” murmured Alan.
The pair decided to look around the University to get a idea of the buildings and where they might be teaching.

It was late in the evening and Chisoutsa was found at Tyrell’s bar drinking again and chatting with her pal. Tyrell was once again trying to get his oven working. He leaned up again and his greasy tea towel wiped over his head.
   “How’s that little robot fellow going?” he asked Chisoutsa.
   “He’s cool. He’s interesting but.”
   “In what way?”
   “He seems to know me well but we have only known each other for a short time.”
   “That can happen. It happened with us. He seems like a good chap to me. What about Censilo. You making sure he’s not causing any trouble?”
   “He hasn’t done anything yet. We are still waiting on him. He’ll make his move soon. I heard that the other businesses have disappeared. No drug making at all now. So I guess he is doing things in the background.”
   “Well you better watch out for anything strange,” said Tyrell watching over his other customers.
 Chisoutsa nodded while slipping her drink when she got a message on her phone from the Professor.
   “I have to go now Tyrell. I’ll see you later,” she cried as she darted out the door.
   “Bye Chisoutsa,” he answered turning back to his oven,” Now what to do with you oven”

It was late at night and the Professor was still up working on some uni papers before he started work the next day. Chisoutsa came in the door and saw him.
   “So you really doing this then?” she asked him.
   “Yes I am Chisoutsa. Starting teaching again will help ease my mind. We have some news on Censilo. He might be up to something,” he answered.
   “Like what?”
   “One person who might know is Mr. Umzeu of Scienceworks. He has been working with him lately. Don’t know on what but be sure you ask him tomorrow. Take Jiko with you,” said the Professor.
   “Also I need you to pick up some paperwork for me at the Madison University for me. I let some behind there. You can pick them up with Jiko. Education is a place you have never been to,” the Professor added.
Chisoutsa nodded and headed for her bedroom. She opened the door and saw a small figure in the corner fronting a mirror. She gently closed the door behind her.
   “Hayco, what are you doing here?”
   “This is what they call a mirror?”
She moved closer to him and watched him. Hayco touched his hair and slide his hand down his cheek.
   “Yes, it’s a reflection of who you are,”
   “All I see is a robot trying to be a boy. There’s nothing real about me Chisoutsa. Even the raw power of Censilo and you combined cannot change this,” Hayco spoke softly towards the mirror.
Chisoutsa lowered her head and thought about it. Hayco was a small boy build for a special purpose that no one knows about. He doesn’t even know why he was created for. He turned around and stepped out of the way of the mirror.
   “What do you see in the mirror Chisoutsa?” he asked her ghostly.
She looked into the mirror and she think of the Hyper Camp and her own purpose.
   “I see my own image,” she answered.
Hayco looked at Chisoutsa again and child like eye pubis grew, “You know what you see. There is more then a image to your life. Only you know what you see,”
She turned away from him and went to her bed. Hayco stood in the corner and turned himself off to sleep and save power. She spent some time watching Hayco from the bed.
   “Who am I really without Censilo?”
Jiko was wandering the halls of the Madison University as he looked at the students and people. He was never in this type of setting before like Chisoutsa. People their own age doing things they were never able to do. Lead a normal life.
   “It would be great to learn some of these degrees Chisoutsa. Maybe I could something like this one day?”
   “This is really Professor Walken’s world. I’m pretty bored by it all,” she answered him.
They came to the room however the door was locked. Chisoutsa was about pull out her gun to shot it open but Jiko stopped her.
   “Don’t get us kicked out now! There must be a teacher here somewhere.”
A woman came around the corner and saw the two trying to get into the Professor’s room. She stopped next to them and looked at Chisoutsa.
   “Hello, you two must look lost. Can I help you?”
   “We’re trying to break into the room to get some papers for the Professor,”
   “I knew there was a new professor here but I don’t know him yet. My name is Emily. Here I’ll help you,” she said.
She pulled out a knife from her pocket and clicked the door open with ease and it opened. Chisoutsa and Jiko were surprised by her method.
   “How did you know to do that?” she asked her.
   “I have learnt some trick from people in my time,” Emily answered.
The two thanked them and Jiko said to Chisoutsa to get the Professor other cane while they were in too, “Make sure that cane doesn’t stab you,” Jiko joked at her. Emily turned to herself with a worried face, “Stabbing cane. Not many people have that. I wonder.”
Chisoutsa and Jiko walked out the door and closed it. Emily waved goodbye and disappeared into the student hall. She looked in the canteen and remembered about the cane.
   “Jonathan? He can’t be here of all places. He just can’t be,” she said to herself.

A warm and bright morning met with Mr. Umezu as he was cleaning out his office and getting ready to leave the city. The Kasier Unit was loading up trucks and cars with weapons when two figures entered the building. A guard walked up to the head office and Mr. Umezu’s head turned around.
   “Chisoutsa and Jiko are here. They want to talk to you. What should we do? He asked.
   “Let them in. They won’t go out a fight if they aren’t allowed to see me.”
Jiko entered the room first and Chisoutsa wandered in after him. She looked around the room and smiled at Mr. Umezu.
   “You’re leaving us so early?” she said.
   “Yeah, getting out before anything gets worse.”
   “You can tell us what plans you have had with Censilo. We know you are working for him,” Jiko told the Scienceworks leader.
   “People always want something do they? A real pain the ass you two are. He’s a building a nuclear plant on the side of the city. Does that got you stumped?” asked Mr. Umezu.
   “It does for us. Why on earth is he making it for?” Chisoutsa asked.
   “It beats me. We got a fair price for making us. Well if I refused. I wouldn’t be standing here having this lovely chat to you two.”
   “How dangerous is it?” Jiko asked.
Mr. Umezu paused for a moment, “Like a normal plant is. If a meltdown happened, the whole area is nuked to death.”
   “We’ll be looking at this now thanks Umezu,” Chisoutsa grabbing Jiko by the arm and heading out the room.
Mr. Umezu and his guard watched them leave and the phone rang in Umezu’s black coat.
   “Hello, yes Censilo they did come and ask questions. Yes the girl will be in the nuclear special room very soon. Goodbye demon of the city,” Mr. Umezu throwing the phone into a waste basket. He called for the Kasier Unit and left his building for the last time.

The Black Vixen was parked near the plant where Chisoutsa and Jiko loaded weapons ready for anything to happen. The plant was amazedly open to the public. Chisoutsa entered through the front gates and slowly past the front doors inside. Jiko followed close behind her. It was quiet and eerily as she moved towards the special room.
   “You search around this corner I’ll go over here near the power grid. See if I can shut this thing off for good,” she whispered to him.
Jiko walked around quickly towards the corner with his weapon. In the near corner there was a object on the ground. A pair of silver glasses was found. Jiko leaned down to pick it up as a figure rose behind him with a sword glowing brightly.   
   “I’ve been meaning to find you here,” he said smashing Jiko to the ground. He was out cold as a light. He stepped over him and picked up his glasses.
   “So silly of me to lose these,” he smiled to himself while putting them on again.
Chisoutsa entered into the nuclear special room. It was rigged up with high power energies. It glowed a dangerous red, a color that she remembered long ago. She stepped on a cord and the door suddenly shut tight. She ran back to the door and tried to open it. She looked through her clothes for any weapons to help her but a figure rose behind her.
   “We’re both trapped in here Chisoutsa. You know that now,” spoke the figure.
   “Censilo!” She cried leaning on the door with her back.
Censilo quickly walked away from here up to a second level of the special room. He started to pull down levers and buttons.
   “You know this color too Chisoutsa. It’s the tests and powers that made you who you were, the almighty power Chisoutsa, the girl without a past or purpose. However you do have a weakness dear child. You were never able to mast the skills of Professor Walken. He is powerful but yet doesn’t have any of your extra talents given by me,” Censilo spoke out loud.
Chisoutsa moved forward toward her dark master of evil. Her eyes started to glow red, the same as the nuclear power.
   “Now how powerful will you be without the invincible tag!” he cried as he pulled down the final button.
The nuclear power shot Chisoutsa straight her and she creamed in pain falling to the ground. Her arms and legs became to weaken.
   “Your mind is weak Chisoutsa and now with no power inside you. You will fall to my sword and my ways. There is no image of you after this!” he cried out loud.
Chisoutsa become to see images of Censilo everywhere in the room. Her power was slowly leaving her forever.

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