Chapter 8 – The Author’s War

The tens of thousands of alien armies had crossed into cities destroying, killing the public in their sights. The depths of the war were fully revealed to King Lion and his group moving to attack them. The Time Cruiser car raced around the street using their double barrel hyper beams blowing part dozen of aliens along the side streets.  The time ship was in the air moving around putting pressure on the alien ships to leave the cities alone. Wizard was leading with Cody Cyber, Sandra Cyber, and King Lion fighting through to center point building where an old portal was set up years ago. Sandra with her son Cody pushed their way through the hordes of aliens opening a small pathway for them to get inside. The four of them made it inside as King Lion bashed the doors tight and kept his back against the door so Cody and Sandra could work on the portal issues. Cody walked up the portal machines and started typing in codes and passwords.

“The time blocks can be reserved but it’s linked to the author’s war book. Which it must be destroyed in order to fully turnover the time blocking,” Cody shouted out to King Lion.

“That’s not what I wanted to hear. Can you do anything about the portals, can you open them up,” King Lion shouted back at Cody.

“Nah, it’s also linked to the author’s war book too.  I can detect other portal in universes, it’s quite advanced this portal for some reason. I can’t see one for LegoLand or the world where Chisoutsa and the Xtreme Squad comes from. Oddly enough the portal for Evermore could be worked on. Still it’s going to hard to do so. We have no time to do it too with the armies already here. We are trapped now,” Cody shouted back with his answer.

Wizard wandered up to the portal machines and looked back at King Lion, “ I’ll keep this area safe because if we don’t we won’t be able to go home. Get the rest of the Cyber’s to push back the armies as much as possible. We need to rally!” he shouted down at King Lion.

“We will do so,” King Lion said opening the door and coming out with Sandra and Cody coming with him to attack the armies. The Time Cruiser car swung around the corner firing its cannon beams at lines of aliens pushing up the streets.  The attacks grew in the sky as the alien forces turned their attention on the building with the single portal machine left in this universe. A dark shadow appeared behind a dozen alien ships as the figure fired fires ball, bolts of lightning and a winter storms towards. King Lion and Cody Cyber stopped in their tracks to see the amazing moment.

“Holy shit, what is that?” he shouted in total shock.

“That’s the ThunderDragon!” King Lion said happily seeing the backup team had arrived to help them out.

He angrily smashed into the alien ships as he lowered down to the top of the building and let the band members and Hayden Norman off.

“Go destroy those foes Roger!” The ThunderDragon roared at him.

“I will do it until the streets are cleaned of their blood,” Roger answered him turning around looking down at the alien races destroying the buildings around them.

“The King Lion here is protecting this building. We shall go and help them!” Levi told Roger and the band heading down the side of the building to join the King on the streets. A sudden boom hit the protecting building and the portal machines started to crash on Cody inside. He quickly looked up to see the building was collapsing on top of him.

“Oh shit no! Our only way home will be gone. We can’t lose this one!” he cried to himself. He jumped away from the collapsing building and he turned the corner as the falling portal was destroying all around. The look of sorrow and lost on the faces of all was seen. The dust and smoke was on their faces as they watched hopeless the only way home was getting destroyed. The ThunderDragon was successfully pushing back the ships but he was too late to stop the building was from killing off the portal.

“The portal is gone King Lion. There’s no one of returning home,” Wizard replied in shock.

A radio noise came through on the Time Cruiser that had stopped to the entire group where the destroyed building has fallen.

“There is a way Percy and it’s the only way son and please don’t fight with me on this” called in Dr. Cyber in the time navigator ship.

“What are you planning dad?” Percy asked when the band and the old Legomen group circled the Time Cruiser.

“If I can do a fake time travel jump it will it create a natural universe portal which you can add the ability to travel to different universes later on,” Dr. Cyber said.

“Dad, you can’t do that! If you do that with the time block on it will destroy the ship and you too! I’m ordering you not to do this and the King too!” Percy shouted at his father.

“Son, you can’t stop me on this. This is the only option left and as a Time Cruiser who created this caper I have the final order. Sandra and Cody, I’m doing this for too. I don’t want you to be in a world where you are away from your friends and family. This war shouldn’t impact on everyone who is fighting on this war,” Dr. Cyber shouted back on the radio.

“Don’t do this to me. We have never lost a life in the Legomen. We can try and do something, with still in the picture!” Percy shouted back becoming emotionally upset.

Dr. Cyber paused for a moment in his ship and remembered the days of his time traveling with his grandson Cody and his son and all the memories of the times with the Legomen. His tears started rolling down his face knowing this was truly this only option left and spoke into the radio.

“I loved all the memories I had with you all but what I’m doing is allowing you all to have further memories in your life. I loved every moment of my life and my family the most. Goodbye my son,” he said.

Percy and everyone looked at the sky with the time navigator turned towards the position where the destroyed portal was and shot out a time portal and the navigator drove straight into it. The alien ship moved away from it and the ThunderDragon stopped in his tracks in the mid air and saw the huge explosions to the navigator ship and with Dr. Cyber too inside. Sandra covered her mouth in shock as Cody fell to the ground in pain. Percy bashed hi head at the steering wheel of the time cruiser where the band lowered their heads in the lost of their new friend.

“He was a brave soul and did what was right for all. He will be remember and avenged,” Roger said to the group gripping his broadsword tightly with his anger of the loss.

“No, it wasn’t meant to be like this. We are lost in another universe with nothing and there’s are millions of them and only twenty of us. The hope is gone,” Percy said in tears over the loss of his father.

Wizard and King Lion hugged Sandra and Cody while Hayden leaned down next to Percy to try to help him deal with his loss.

“His spirit in the afterworld will be a strong and noble one. What he did Percy was gave us a way back home. For you and your family, that is something I have never seen in my life. You can’t give up now. Your father is counting on you now to bring your family home where they belong,” Hayden said trying to reason with Percy.

“I don’t know what to think now. I try to see the bright future but look around you. We have one time machine left that can’t travel in time anymore. Our weapons can’t match the alien forces and we have been divided and conquered by the author in the tower,” Percy replied.

Hayden sighed knowing the war was starting to crush the souls around him. He leaned up to see armies had changed their attention to destroying as much property as possible in the cities and towns worldwide. For some strange reason they had left the good fighters alone almost thinking they were not a threat to them anymore. Maybe they were right.

Mr. Umezu, Charles and myself were with each other in the third and final group heading towards the cities when the other groups were located. Chisoutsa’s Black Vixen and the known Xtreme Squad jeep was driving around shooting down the hundreds of forces attacking them. Jasper was using the machine guns picking off dozens of them while Chisoutsa was with Daniel Phoenix discussing the alien forces plan.

“I was thinking Chisoutsa when the ThunderDragon regains his full power we can use that to take down all the ships. The alien ships work off advanced electric designs and it relies on a balance on these to keep them in the air. Now we would normally use all the electricity and weather patterns in the world to achieve this on a massive scale and lucky for us we have the lord of the weather on our side,” Daniel explained to Chisoutsa.

“Will this actually work will be it fuck up on us?” she asked us.

“It should knock down most of the ships in the air giving us a way to the tower without any blockages along the way. Thou at the rate of Valentine replacing the ships and nearing this immortal stage he said via your radio just before it would create a small window of chance,” Daniel replied back.

“Oh great, from a certain bet to a small window of chance alright I guess we can try it seeming we have no other ideas happening, “Chisoutsa answered him.

The Xtreme Squad jeep raced past her as she noticed the ThunderDragon circling around the city section near them. Then a moment of surprise and terror was shown in front of her. The sun in the sky sudden turned black sending the earth to bitter coldness and the air was harder to breathe for unknown reason. There in the distance the tower was appearing before their eyes.

“Look Daniel, the tower is here! Why is it coming here?” Chisoutsa asked in wonder turning on her car lights and trying to see in the pit darkness.

“The movements have been limited to the tower and I think he’s ready to come on board himself well Valentine himself that is,” Daniel answered her.

The Black Vixen started driving on the road towards the tower when car started to stop abruptly and Chisoutsa smashed her fist on the side window.

“What the hell is going on now?”  she asked angrily.

She came out of the car and saw Lucas and Jasper coming down the road too. Daniel got out of the Black Vixen too to see the Legomen and Roger’s band joining up with Lucas and Jasper. Professor Walken, Charles, Mr. Umezu and I came out of the side streets and didn’t notice the shadow walking down from the twoer until it revealed itself.

“Valentine, run!” Charles shouted upon seeing him. My group turned and started to run as Valentine stretched out his arm and fired a bolt towards my back and I flew over the streets and into the side of the collapsed building wall.

Chisoutsa and Daniel rushed over to pick me up from the wall and I woke up with my head spinning and my power suit showing a yellow color.

“He’s a taken a large bite out of you. We have to move you away from here now!” Daniel cried.

I was shaken and socked and my head was pinning when the voice of Valentine was inside me again, “Come to me and I will end the war. You will see more loses of life if you do not listen to me,” he spoke to me.

“I’m not giving up yet,” I shouted out to Valentine.

“Your world is destroyed, the invasion is over Chris. Your characters have lost. Lives in the millions have been lost in all of your universes. The City of Demons and LegoLand has been conquered. They are now under my control. The scientist you trusted with your city is a prized prisoner of war and LegoLand fall after it with a pirate and a castle knight chained to the side of the burning castle they loved so dearly over the decades.  The Kingdom of Evermore is a in ashes and your King hides while his people continue to die. Is this really a war in process, it sounds to me that war is lost on your part. You are to blame for these loses,” Valentine shouted out to me.

He threw another bolt of beams at me and  I dropped to the ground again and my power suit was blinking red in danger. King Lion and Wizard headed over to me with Chisoutsa and Daniel Phoenix trying to protect me.

“Did you think your plan of using the ThunderDragon on the alien ships would work? Did you not think I would plan for these type of attacks? I have read your stories, I know what comes next for you. I know how you think, how you feel and understand for your characters. The author’s war book and I are now one. We want this war to end quickly. Why would I give you and your characters time to rebuild and use their abilities from their universes on me? I cut away everything from you all and everything that you hold dearly. The death of Dr. Cyber will be in vain as well as your other characters. I can shut down that portal when the war is finished and your life is gone. Come with me to the tower so I can put your blood into the book and seal my power over all creation and imagination,” Valentine commanded of me and my characters.

One person stood out in the middle of the streets blocking him and me in the crossfire. It was Professor Walken standing in the way of the most powerful author of all time.

“I will not let you harm my children again and I will not let come in here and destroy what is left of our universes,” Professor Walken told Valentine.

Wizard whispered in my ear while watching the confrontation, “Let’s try to re-charge your power suit one last time. King Lion has suggested you to take his golden sword and try to make a run for the tower itself. Destroy the book while Valentine is kept busy here.”

“No, I can’t do that while everyone is here. It’ll see straight through that. He knows the patterns that I write. I have to do something differently but I don’t know what,” I answered back to him.

“Valentine, fight me sword to sword. You are a writer of the past and you lived in the times when the sword was a primary weapon. Show me how good you are,” Professor Walken challenged him.

Valentine held out his hand and a sword appeared out of thin air. With his other hand he forced a shield around the two of them to prevent anyone coming to the Professor’s aid.  Chisoutsa and Lucas watched on with fear in their eyes.

“What is Jonathan doing for god sake!” Charles shouted in angry with his old friend.

King Lion also decided to have a whisper in my ear, “Valentine is going to destroy this whole area if he wins this fight. Take Roger, Chisoutsa, Vincent, and Wizard with you to the tower. We can’t all make it there. The war is raging on here and he will continue to kill more of the innocent here. You are the key now and you have to take charge,” he told me.

“I know. What I fear the most is what will happen when it’s just him and me,” I replied and King Lion bit his lip wondering the same question too.

Valentine and Professor Walken slashed at each in the battle match with the Professor suing the secret sword inside his cane and slowly moved around the area.

“The Quill Knife is more powerful than you know of do you not know of this Valentine?” the Professor taunted him.

“The Knife has special powers and I have read much of it, as well as about you?” Valentine replied back grinning.

“What about the future of these people, they can learn and grow, I have seen that in my son and daughter’s eyes. They were not the same people that I met years ago. Have you accounted for that, the changes that people make over time? The sorrows and the pains they see make them a stronger person than before. Do you not take into account these changes?”

“Your children are weak and use you as a cane. Your daughter couldn’t fight a war without her father by her side. The same could be said about others,” Valentine answering eyeing off Percy and Cody Cyber watching the battle in the background.

“It is not just the writer that helps grow the soul of their characters.  It is the characters that change the soul of the writer too and strengthens them. That is something you never saw in the war because you never changed as a person and as a writer. These people changed this man’s life and for the better!” Professor Walken shouted pointing at me.

A tear rolled down Charles face watching his friend dragging his injured leg of many years. He received that injured in a previous sword battle against Censilo the Demon Lord who would end up being defeated by Chisoutsa who was mentored by her father.

“Jonathan, don’t go doing this. I don’t want to watch this,” Charles said with Mr. Umezu and Allegheri becoming strained of emotion watching it unfold.

“His characters won’t change. This author is a damaged soul. He will forever be in the darkness of his depression. He will never see the light!” Valentine cried out reminding everyone.

He slashed at Professor Walken’s leg and he fell to the ground with blood pouring out of him. Chisoutsa and Lucas Walken rushed over banging on the force field shield blocking them to their father.

“Don’t you touch him. Don’t you do this to him, he’s my father!” she screamed at Valentine.

Valentine walked over Professor Walken’s body and the Professor looked up at him, “You have no soul and that is why your characters didn’t come to be in this war. We came because we are truly part of this man’s character. We are the sum of his parts and even if you kill him, his characters will live through forever. That is true immortally.”

“Than I will take his soul for my keeping,” Valentine answered striking his sword through Professor Walken’s heart and pulling it out again.

“No,” a quietly sounded Lucas Walken said dropping to his knees in shock.

“JONATHAN!” Charles screamed running over to him.

Valetine turned and started walking away disappearing into shadows and the shield was lifted. The world was only not dark to me but my eye sigh had nearly disappeared on me as my hair had turned fully grey and I fell to the ground when King Lions and Wizard helped me lie down.

“My body, something’s been taken away from e. Like a piece out of my soul. Oh god, what is happening,” I cried in pain.

“Relax, just lie down Chris. Just stay with us you have to be strong,” King Lion assured me.

Chisoutsa rushed over to her father and on the ground lifted his head on her lap.

“Why did you do that, why did you fight him when you knew you were going to lose?” she said crying into her father’s body.

“Oh Chisoutsa, Lucas. I wanted to show everyone that you have to stand up in life no matter how hard it gets and sometimes you will fall. We learnt and I think Chris learnt that we have taught him as much as he has taught us. We learn and grow everyday with or without him. We show each other new strengths and abilities everyday. They are not written in a page or in a book. They come from the soul and the heart,” he told her. Lucas came over and leaned down to his father ans the entire group gathered around him.

“Jonathan my old friend, you are stupid bastard for doing this. Who will be my best friend now? Who will have the drinks of wine and the long talks about life and protecting our homes now? I’m going to be very lonely without and others too,” Charles sobbed in disbelief.

Professor Walken turned to his two children and smiled at them, “My happiest days when we I first met you two. Lucas you were always like me. A thinking man and you were the only true leader of the Xtreme Squad because your sister suggested you to lead and protect The City of Demons. You have made me so proud of what you have achieved in your life. That you did everyone by yourself and putting together a amazing team to in the name of what’s right and what is fair to the people there. Even if the City has been taken over they know in their hearts that you are fighting for them and that the day will be won.

Chisoutsa, the day I found in a dumpsters was the most wonderful and interesting day of my life. The day I found out you were my daughter, a child that I never thought I would have changed me forever.  I know what depression does, I have lived those days and you have seen them too. You have to keep fighting because the rewards in life are unbelievable. I have taught you everything that I know of and as a father I love you two. This was my time. You just know it when it comes. I understand when Shentile my own mentor told me when your time is up.

Charles, keep an eyes on them. They will need you during this time. You are a truer friend than I could ever hope for. “

“Don’t leave me. I’m going to be alone forever. You can’t leave me now,” Chisoutsa begged him full of tears in her eyes.

“I’m sorry Chisoutsa. The best lesson I can teach you is to be brave by yourself and you walk freely without my hand. I love you,” Professor Walken said with his breathe closing his eyes.

Chisoutsa cried deeply over her lost father in the middle of the war torn universe. A number of tears had come from every one. Percy and Cody hugged each other remembering their lost one. Vincent, Daniel and Hayden were holding on to each other thinking of the lost lives everywhere. Lucas held on to Chisoutsa on the ground hugging her and trying to help her cope.

“We have to do this for him. We have to keep going on now. We can’t give up and turn back,” he kept on telling her.

I moved over to see Professor Walken and his image was moving around in my eye sight. My body was starting tighten with the weight of my curse upon me.

“Where do we go from here?” King Lion asked me.

“Valentine only wants one person and that is me. Chisoutsa, Roger and Wizard can take as close as possible but for everyone here you have to keep fighting here so the alien ships and the destruction can stop here. The portal now looks like it is opening and you should all go home and save your homes there. Once the three are done helping me, I will move into the library and try to stop him myself,” I answered him.

“You are sure you want to do this. What happens if something happened to you, the power suit is not unbeatable like I said before,” Mr. Umezu reminded me.

“Nothing is unbeatable. The man in the tower wants to see me and he will see me at the end of the war. The ThunderDragon’s powers could be able to break the portal blockages and the time blocks will be lifted,” I told them.

“How do you know this when we were told that until the war is over that these blockages will be lifted,” Allegheri the Vampire asked me.

“Valentine is fighting all the universes now and he wants to show you what little is there left. He has broken the souls of the characters now. Not everyone yet but we are closing in on the end game now. I hear his thoughts inside my head and I still don’t understand how and why,” I explained to them.

I looked at the pitch blackness of the world and the tower in the distance desiring me to come in and give myself up. When I went to the tower nothing had prepared me for what was inside.

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