Chapter 8 – The Legend of Evermore

The band and the royal family were surprised to see Walter’s parents. They were traveling
around the country, as they wanted to visit their only son.
“ My little boy is growing up!” cried Walter’s mother as she pulled on Walter’s right
“ Stop it Dorothy. He’s a big boy now,” said his father.
‘ I know that Donald but he’s still that cute little boy of mine,” said Dorothy.
“ He’s so cute,” smiled Duncan as Walter punched him.
This was the best day in Duncan’s life. He wouldn’t let Walter forget this for a long time.
“ Let’s have a dinner to welcome Donald and Dorothy,” smiled King Chambers
“ Let’s welcome them little cute boy,” smiled Duncan with the lift of the eyebrow at

The dinner started as William the Chancellor was preparing the table. He liked the dinners,
as he was part of the royal family. He dressed in a blue suit, as he liked the colour blue. He
was the fan of the sky. Maybe that was the answer why. The dinner was set and the guests
were ready.
The band sat down next to Chambers and Magus.
“ I can read the notices,” said Andrew.
“ I’m not that bad!” snapped Chambers as he tried to read it.
He put it next to Andrew’s drink, which was a sign that he couldn’t read it and wanted him
to read it for him. That way he didn’t have to tell him in front of everybody.
“ So what are you up to?” asked Donald.
“ I’m protecting the world from evil. Crime fighting stuff” answered Walter.
“ That sounds fun,” said Dorothy.
“ Like to try it lady?” asked Duncan with a cruel face as Walter kicked him in the leg
under the table.
“ Well your mother and I want to say that your job is perfect for your skills in life,” said
“ You can use your magic and fighting skills,” said Dorothy.
“ What fighting skills?” asked Duncan as Roger gave a small laugh.

“ Shut up,” whispered Walter.
The dinner finished as the parents enjoyed the meal.
The next day arrived, as Walter’s parents were the type of people to go on jogs around
their home. They jogged around the castle, they didn’t notice a sinister figure watching in
the distance. Graford was watching the parents jog. He was hoping to try his new super
powers on the band as he spied on the couple.
“ That must be Walter and a woman. I shall turn them to stone. Then no one can help them
ever!” laughed Graford.
He quickly stood out in front of the two as he strikes out his grey beam of stone. He then
noticed that it wasn’t dear old Walter. As the couple turn as he looked at them.
“I got the wrong person. I had better exit before someone sees this,” thought Graford as he
covered himself in his coat and quickly setted off.

The band saw to their horror as Walter looked in fear at his parents.
“ What happened?” asked Walter.
“ You see they were turned to stone by some guy and you looking at them now,” said
Duncan with a smart return.
“ I know that stupid!” snapped Walter.
‘ There’s a easy solution to this” said Roger.
‘ What is it?” begged Walter.
“ Um you go to a special spring water in the Evermore Mountains. There you wet them to
unstone them,” explained Roger.
Poor Roger was bad on his English because Barbarians never were tutored in this field or
any school field while we are at it.

The band took the statues to the mountains, as the trip was long and hard. Statues were
very heavy and so were Walter’s parents indeed.
There was a big problem when they got there.
“ Oh Roger stupid. You didn’t tell me there was five thousand different springs at the
mountains,” cried Walter worried.
“ I thought I forgot something,” thought Roger.
“ It’s the blue spring. I’m sure it is,” noted Levi.
“ Good, let’s go,” said Walter.
The Evermore Mountains were a famous place for the big country. They were tall and
mysterious. You see much of Evermore’s past is in the dark. Because people didn’t know
how to write and drew badly. People of today are trying to unlock the past. King Chambers

is actually famous for a couple of discoveries. He isn’t the clown king all the time.
The band walked to the spring as Levi collected some water from the blue spring.
“ This should do the trick,” said Levi hoping it would happen
The band quickly returned to the Evermore Town Square where crowds of peasants were
looking at the detailed statues of Donald and Dorothy.
‘ Move away people. These statues are only Walter’s parent. Nothing special I tell you,”
cried Duncan.
“ Don’t start,” cried Walter as Duncan gave a smile to him.
Roger got the water and poured it over the statuses. The stone started to weaken as
everyone saw the skin of human appear once more. Donald and Dorothy had no idea what
really happened but the band had a good picture of things.
“ This work looks like Graford’s. He’s been quiet since the monastery case,” reminded
The group returned to the castle as they told the king about their morning adventure.
“ It sounds great. Go find some more stoned people,” laughed Chambers
He didn’t really care about the case because he was suffering fatigue. However, he had a
new case for the team to combat for now.
“ As you may not know, Mentor has returned home. So I shall tell you the missions to
complete,” stated King Chambers.
“ There is a man at the mountains called the Spiritual Doctor. He’s a smart but crazy
wizard. I want you to visit him to talk about the past of Evermore. Evermore doesn’t have
much of history in text, you see” said Chambers.
“ We will go to see him,” reassured Roger, as King Chambers was pleased.
“ Come on team let’s go,” he cried as the others nodded.
“ See you again. We will gone by the time you return” said Donald.
As Walter was the last band member to leave the castle, his father spoke to him.
“ You’ve picked a good friend there,” said Donald.
“ Who?” asked a confused Walter.
“ That Duncan kid,” answered Donald.
“ Oh whatever,” answered Walter.
Walter couldn’t see a friendship in it but his father could see it.

The journey to the mountains was tough. The members were cold and they took extra
clothes, only because William told them it is very cold up there. Walter and Levi felt the
cold more than Duncan and Roger did. They had more fat than the wizard and elf.
“ Where does this Spiritual Doctor live again?” asked Walter

“ He lives on the north west mountainside, the green looking one” answered Levi.
“ It’s a couple hours away. We can get there,” said Roger as Walter and Levi rugged
themselves up for the cold.
Soon the adventurers arrived at the mountain and they soon saw a problem. A big problem.
“ We can’t climb that. It’s too big,” moaned Duncan.
“ Plus we don’t have the tools to do it,” stated Walter.
“ There must be a way,” said Roger.
Then a stoke of genius came to Roger’s mind. That never happened that often but today
was his day.
“ Walter can use his magic, so can Levi. Levi can help too with the problem.
‘ I do have a old cloud spell that can take us up quite a bit” suggested Walter.
“ But my magic is famous at being slow” he added.
“ I’m good at speed Walter. My accuracy is bad, that’s all,” said Levi.
“ So let’s do it!” cried Roger as the band started the job.
Walter waved his hands around as a blue cloud appeared in front of him. He got on to try it
and it moved around the mountain bottom but at a slow rate it did. Then Levi poured some
red dust he had from his bag. The red dusts foated around the cloud so it moved faster
through the air. Roger and Duncan watched thrilled at the sight of the cloud with Walter
on it.
“ About time Walter made himself useful,” smiled Duncan still watching.
Walter helped Duncan on as Levi hopped on. Then the three helped the heavy Roger up as
the cloud moved up towards the top of the mountaintop.

“ Gee, it’s a great view from the top here” commented Walter.
“ The mountains are great from here. It’s nice to just watch them and think of nothing,”
said Levi.
The cloud kept up the speed despite the overload of passenages. Then the top of the
mountain was in view as the band’s faces lit up like a Christmas tree. There at the top of
the mountain was a yellow darken dungeon. The cloud moved down to the ground as the
band got out to get a better view of everything. No one knew who the Spiritual Doctor
was. Therefore, the team stayed together for the sake of protection. Roger ordered the band
to stay together and they entered the castle. It was dark and cold. It seems that no one had
used the place in a long time. The group moved on through into a hall with an old table
and some damaged chairs.
“There’s some old blood here,” said Duncan.
Then Walter spotted an old book in the corner of the hall. He picked it up to examine the

piece of literature.
“This was written by King Chambers when he was an child. Look at the date,” showed
Walter to the band as they nodded with authority.
Then Levi stuffed the book in his bag as they headed for the main courtroom. The
courtroom was old and not complete.
“ Get that book out again. Maybe Chambers wrote something about the castle” suggested
Walter as Levi grabbed it out again.
“ It reads that the Doctor only appears for the heroes of the world. You must prove
yourself a hero” spoke Levi .
Then Roger threw his sword to the ground and cried out “ Come and smell the blood of
Graford the wizard who we have attacked”
Then the wind picked up as the smoke covered the whole area of the courtroom.
“ Who is the band who serves against Graford?” asked the voice.
“ We do,” said Roger as the Spiritual Doctor appeared.
“ You have my attention now, what do you want from me” he said.
He dressed in ripped grey clothes, he dressed like a zombie, or like he was dead.
“ We are here to get information about the past of our world” asked Roger.
The doctor gave a funny face then a serious face. He walked up to Roger and looked at
Chamber’s manuscript. The book suddenly started to burn and Levi dropped it as the
doctor picked it up.
“ King Chambers sent you, didn’t he? I must give him the award of bravery to step back
into the castle again. H e was a stupid child when he dared me to a sword fight for some
information for the past of our world” said the Spiritual Doctor.
“ Yes he did,” answered Roger.
“ So you can pass the test I will give you?” asked the doctor.
The band was puzzled at what the doctor was saying. Did they have to do the same thing
as Chambers did when he was a child?
“ Our first contestant can be the short fat dwarf,” said the Spiritual Doctor.
Duncan gave a terrible look as Walter tried not to laugh at him. Duncan stepped up as the
Doctor’s eyes glowed white. He was reading Duncan’s mind and history.
“ You hate people who are faster and bigger than you?” asked the doctor.
“ No,” answered Duncan hiding the truth from him.
“ Then so be it!” cried the doctor as the wind picked up again and the ground shock
Duncan looked around in shock as a huge stone giant appeared in front of him.
“ Your task is to destroy it. Pretty simple I say!” laughed the doctor as Duncan looked in fear.

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