Chapter 9 – Chisoutsa: The City of Demons

The mood was positive in the Chisoutsa camp when Alan Richards arrived at their house. He had come like always armed with pictures and diagrams of new ideas and designs to help Chisoutsa. But today was different. He had completed another prized item for Chisoutsa to use. He was proud of the Eagle gun but his next one would be even better. He laid out some designs of the car where Charles was viewing over. The Professor was reading a newspaper in the background with one ear out to listen.
            “This design will be perfect for Chisoutsa. I believe she will love it. It’s easy to drive and with the added feature which I ill explain when we se it will be great,” said a excited Alan.
            “It does seem promising this Alan. Was it hard to create it?” Charles asked.
            “Well when you have the main design padded down and the idea of what you are thinking. It’s not that hard. Trying to put all the technology into the car was a challenge. But I solved it all,” Alan answered.
            “Yes that would had been hard to do,” Charles commented.
            “Dos it burn much petrol,” asked the Professor in the background.
            “No it doesn’t. Which was something I wanted to achieve well,” Alan answered.
Chisoutsa was found on the lounge watching television when Jiko came in with a old chess board of the Professor’s. He opened the board and looked at the old dusty pieces. It hadn’t been used in ages.
            “It’s been a while since I played that board Jiko. You’re interested in it?’ the Professor called out to Jiko.
            “Yeah I’ve played it for a long time. It’s nice to play it again,” Jiko answered.
Chisoutsa turned her head and viewed the board pieces, “Looks boring to me,” she murmured.
            “You haven’t played it before. Have would you know?’ asked Jiko.
            “It isn’t her thing I guessing,” Professor Walken said in the background.
            “If you played a couple times you might like it,” Jiko said.
            “I don’t think so. It’s slow looking. I hate slow games,” told Chisoutsa.
Alan Richards gathered up his work pieces and put them back in his small black carry case. It wasn’t briefcase as it was smaller like an illustrator’s case of pictures. The Professor grabbed his car keys and flashed them in front of Chisoutsa. Jiko kept his head down watching his board of chess.
            “It’s time to see your new car. Let’s go,” said the Professor.
Chisoutsa removed herself from watching television and walked with Alan and Charles to the door.
            “Will you be ok here Jiko,” Charles asked.
            “I’ll be fine. Good luck with everything today,” Jiko answered.
The four exited the room leaving Jiko to ponder over his chess board working on new moves.

It was early in the morning when Chisoutsa and the others arrived to the Miyomoto Motors site. Alan and the Professor were the first inside where the car was still working giving the final touches for it. Inside Miyomoto and his co-workers were under the car and around it adding pieces to the car. Alan tried to get to a better picture of the nearly finished car but someone stopped him. It was a young girl dressed in a tight red outfit with a gold belt with the Miyomoto Motors symbol.
            “Hello Alan. Nice to see you again. You can’t see it yet. We are nearly finished,” she said.
            “Ok Muri. Did you enjoy making it?” Alan asked.
            “It was great fun. The girls and I enjoyed making it. I hope your friend Chisoutsa likes it,” Muri said.
            “I’m sure she will,” Alan said with a smile.
Chisoutsa and Charles came up behind and Alan saw two other young girls come up with Muri. One was a blonde and the other was a red headed girl. Muri was a black headed girl. They all greeted Chisoutsa and Charles with a large smile and gave them drinks at their office room.
            “It’s great to meet you Chisoutsa,” Nice to meet another girl interested in cars like us,” the blonde girl said to her.
            “Well this is Kuzuki the blonde girl and this is Yuri, our red head girl,” Muri said with half a cake in her mouth.
            “Nice to meet you all. You girls all work for Miyomoto?” Chisoutsa asked.
            “Yes we do. We love working for him it’s great fun all the time,” Kuzuki said.
            “It’s always a great a workout here with Miyomoto,” Yuri said and the girls started giggling and looking at each other.
Chisoutsa and Charles looked at each other puzzled at the girls.  Charles looked out the window of the office room and Muri kicked in the air conductor to get some air in.
            “When will they finish again?” the ex-government official asked.
            “Don’t worry about that,” Yuri said sitting Charles down and giving him a shoulder massage.
            “It won’t be too long. Don’t worry, relax,” smiled Yuri whispering in his ear.
Charles was starting to enjoy himself with the girls around him and Chisoutsa just smiled to herself when Professor Walken and Alan came inside to see them.
            “I find you’re not worried about the delay,” Professor Walken said to Charles with Yuri and Muri around him.
            “Well good things take time Jonathan. Like good wine. This side needs attention,” Charles answered the Professor while instructing Yuri.
The Professor knew he was lying and murmured to himself, “Airheads they are.”

The Professor picked up a newspaper by his side and started to read it. He guided himself to the business section and read up on the stock news for Centrax. Chisoutsa was nodding and chatting with Alan about the car details.
            “Centrax continues to be a mystery and with their leader missing. The demon of the City and this guy must be the same,” the Professor said out loud.
            “Well Chisoutsa and this guy have been missing for the same time period. They are both mystery people. Well like duh they are connected,” answered back Kuzuki.
Professor Walken lowered the paper and thought about it, “She’s right. How would you girls know things like that?”
            “We all go to uni Mr. Walken,” Muri answered him.
            “You’re joking aren’t you?” The Professor said.
            “No way, see the degrees on the wall. That’s not from Miyomoto. That’s from us girls,” Muri said pointing at them.
            “Yeah we just working our minds on these tricks the uni teachers give us. So wee like done two of these things and we gonna go for our third one together,” Kuzuki explained.
            “Fact is stranger then fiction,” said the Professor amazed.
            “It makes scene about that. But today should be about the car,” Charles said.
            “Yes talking about the car I think Miyomoto to Jiko outside. I wonder how he got here?” Alan wondered.

The group came out of the room and saw Jiko and Miyomoto discussing about the car.
            “I think that’s a great name for it,” Jiko answered Miyomoto.
The motor girls saw Jiko and Yuri’s eyes lit up and came up to him, “Hey there handsome how are ya?’ she asked.
            “Oh pretty good,” Jiko said smiling back at her.
Miyomoto stood forward next to the car and the girls lined up next to him.
            “Behave girls,” he said to them.
            “We will!” they sung in chorus.
            “This is Chisoutsa’s new car. Alan Richards is a pretty cool guy and we worked very well to get this beast working. This car is called the Black Vixen,” he said ripping off the blanket off the car revealing it.
The Black Vixen was a sweet and sleek black car. A low riding machine that talked to people when you looked at it.
            “I love you!” cried Chisoutsa running off and hugging the car.
            “I think she likes it,” Charles whispered to Professor Walken.
            “Mr. Richards put in a lot of stuff in there and even I don’t know everything that he made for it. But it runs very fast and it’s hot stuff,” Miyomoto said.
            “Yeah it’s pretty cool looking,” Jiko said looking at it.
            “I agree too. But what’s inside it. What does it do?” asked the Professor.
            “Well I better let Alan do that part,” Miyomoto said forwarding off from the group.
Chisoutsa and the Professor leaned in to hear what Alan Richards had to say while the others went off into their own groups. Miyomoto caught up with Kuzuki and Charles was discussing with Muri.
            “Clearly you’re the smartest one in the group,” Charles said to Muri.
            “Well I am I guess. I did make the top marks of the group,” Muri smiled playing with hair.
            “What other things do you build here at this place,” he asked wondering.
            “We can build almost anything but cars are the stuff we get off on. We can do like machines and motorbikes too,” answered Muri.
            “Sounds like fun. I worked as a government official until I went tout with a big pay check as we all do,” Charles said.
            “That sounds like fun to do,” Muri thought.
            “If you girls are all smart, why are you working in a place like this?” Charles asked.
            “We all just love cars and getting dirty. We like to be active and have fun with Miyomoto. We don’t like office work stuff,” Muri answered him.
            “Fair enough,” Charles answered now looking for another drink for himself.

Alan was again running around the Black Vixen and pointing at different places inside and outside of it. He ticked off things on a notepad for things that Chisoutsa needed to know before she drove it.
            “Inside on the dashboard computer, there are the guns and machine guns you have to use. Also there is a screen of everything around your car so you don’t run any innocent people down or objects,”
            “I could had done better about not running people down or killing them,” half grinned Chisoutsa at the Professor.
            “Yes go on Alan,” Professor Walken nodded at him.
            “Oh yes and the car is bullet proof and bomb proof unless they use like nuclear bomb or something, can’t save you there Chisoutsa. There a re heaps of weapons and gadgets which will used when the time is right Chisoutsa.”
            “I love the design of the car. It’s great stuff. Anything else I need to know,” Chisoutsa asked Alan.
            “Maybe,” Alan smiled to himself.

Jiko and Yuri were in the office room drinking while watching Alan prancing around the car like a showman. Jiko smiled at the sight and thought it was great to see it.
            “He’s really into his stuff isn’t he?” Yuri asked Jiko.
            “He sure is. That Eagle gun he made was great for Chisoutsa. Came in handy,” Jiko said.
            “My god you’re so tall. I’m short compared to you,” Yuri said to Jiko.
She stood up on the chair to reach his head, “That’s better,” she smiled.
She smelled his neck and popped her face next to his, “That’s a nice smile you have Jiko.”
She started to kiss and smell his neck. She licked part of his skin as a sudden shock ran through Jiko.
            “Not many women have touched you before?” she said noticing.
            “I am a giant freak I guess,” said Jiko quietly to her.
            “No you’re not. You may be tall and big but you’re cute and kind. You’re like a gentle giant,” Yuri smiled at him.
            “Oh I am,” he answered her.
            “Yeah it doesn’t matter where you come from. Don’t worry about that stuff you did in that funny hyper camp. You are who you are!” she cried at him.
            “I guess Chisoutsa is different from you,” she said to him.
            “Yeah very different I guess. We don’t have anything in common,” Jiko said.
            “Yeah you do, you just need to find the time to get to know her better. There will be times,” Yuri explained to him.
            “You’re right Yuri,” Jiko said.
She leaned in standing up on the chair and showed her breasts in his face.
            “Well we can’t stop there can we,” Yuri said.
She jumped up on Jiko and Jiko planted his face in between her breasts and kissed them and she cried and laughter. Miyomoto quickly opened the door and Yuri smiled at him and Jiko frozen in his spot.
            “Hey Miyomoto. We’re just passing the time!” Yuri cried.
            ‘Sorry,” said Jiko to Miyomoto.
            “That’s cool. It’s normally Kuzuki who gets most of the action. Good on ya Yuri! You can continue after Alan does his final speech on the car,” Miyomoto said.
He closed the door on them and Jiko looked puzzled at Yuri.

They soon returned to others where the Professor was chatting with Muri and Kuzuki about uni courses and Charles was watching Alan putting away his papers and getting a control panel out and sat it next to the car. He then stood on top of the car and clapped his hands to get everyone’s attention.
            “It’s great that’s everyone turned up for this. Plus I’m pleased that Miyomoto and his co-workers dfid a great job on it!” he cried.
            “They did, didn’t they,” Charles commented to Jiko.
Alan removed a remote control out from his big pocket and pressed his button, “Watch my final trick,” he smiled at the group.
The car glowed a green flash lights and it glowed green underneath it and it started to rise in the air with Alan on top beaming with a huge smile.
            “Fuck it flies too,” Charles said out not thinking.
            “It burns a lot of petrol but boy when you need it it’s the best thing to have! Not an every time thing for each mission. Only for those hard ones,” Alan said to the group.
            “I’m so in love with this car!” Chisoutsa smiled.
The Professor was watching outside of Miyomoto Motors with Muri and noticed the Centrax building was changed. He moved his cane close to him as a face of fear grew sightly.
            “Look Muri, the sign has been fixed. It’s been broken for years,” he said to her.
            “Is it a sign that he’s returned. This demon of the city?” she asked him.
            “Yes I think so,” the Professor said watching the others playing with the Black Vixen.
The sign was glowing over the city and the Professor eyed the building at the heart of the city. He knew the time was coming for a showdown with Chisoutsa’s past.

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