Chapter 9 – Chisoutsa: The Virgin War

A sore and tired body woke their eyes in front of a man watching over. He took her arm and checked for the pulse and rested it on the bed. Two other figures were in the background watching.
   “Just rest Chisoutsa you are in safe hands again,” said the first figure.
   “Alan, what happened?” she asked.
   “We were attacked by Censilo. You were caught inside a room with him for a while. I was knocked out cold,” Jiko answered her from her other side.
Professor Walken was there too looking over papers. He had a sadden look on his face and drop the papers on her bed. He turned to Alan and walked out of the room with him. He leaned on his cane and sat out on the ground with Alan.
   “How bad is it? How much has she lost?”
   “About 95 percent of special power has gone. She’s just like us now. She feels pain and isn’t as strong as she used to be,” Alan replied.
   “So the nuclear power reversed everything then?”
   “It appears it has. She could regain some of her power back but I doubt it. She now needs to be trained differently then from before. Censilo has all the cards Jonathan. We can’t beat him now in this position.”
Professor Walken tapped his cane on the ground and tossed his head, “I wish I never took her back here. This was the wrong decision. I should have stayed away from this.”
   “Do you want to tell her?”
   “Yes, it is my duty,” the Professor answered.
Chisoutsa was looking out the window and Jiko was watching her. He put his hand on her arm and smiled.
   “Why am I feeling more pain then normal?” she asked him.
   “I don’t know. It was a pretty bad attack on your body. It should be all fine Chisoutsa,” Jiko answered.
The Professor and Alan watched back into the room and both looked at her and Jiko. Walken sat down next to Chisoutsa and looked at her.
   “The news for you isn’t good. You have lost most of your power. You were greatly weaken by nuclear attack,” he begun.
   “But I’ll be fine won’t I? Jiko told me that,” she said looking at Jiko.
   “No you won’t Chisoutsa. You are just like us. You will feel pain and sadness. You can’t battle Censilo again.”
   “This can’t be true! I can beat him. I nearly did before. I can get better again, you know that,” she cried at him.
   “You nearly beat him when you had your edge, your power that was given to you in the Hyper Camp. The tests and all the DNA changes have been reversed because of this attack. Censilo must have figured a way of changing it. Even with the Professor’s training, you will surely die if you fought him again.” Alan said.
Chisoutsa looked at everyone’s faces. They all thought she couldn’t beat Censilo without her power and was angry. She wanted to prove to them that she can still fight and beat the demon of the city.
   “I want to be alone now to think. No one thinks I can do anything now,” she cried.
The Professor and Alan left the room. Jiko stood up and went to the door and turned back.
   “You’ll be fine. You will find a way out of this one,” he said before leaving.
Chisoutsa looked out of the window and thought about her future. She banged the bed with her fist and looked up to the roof anger.

Charles found Professor Walken outside and greeted him and heard about Chisoutsa’s progress. He saw his old friend was down and sad. He tried to cheer him up.
   “Go over to the Uni and do some paperwork. Get your mind over this. I know Chisoutsa will find a way to get over this. I think this might help her a lot in the end. You need to be positive through this time,” Charles told him.
   “I should do that Charles. Thank you. I will be back tonight and see how she is doing,” he said as he walked off alone.
It was a light afternoon at the Madison Uni with the leaves falling on the grass. The Professor entered the lunch room where students were eating and discussing. His mind wasn’t focused when he was served his food and turned around and bumped into someone else.
   “I’m sorry,” said the other person as their faces met.
   “Jonathan,” she said.
   “Emily,” he replied.
   “So this is where you have been all this time. Back in the City of Demons,” Emily said.
   “Not here all the time Emily. In other places too,” the Professor answered.
   “We need to talk Jonathan now,” she told him.
The Professor quickly moved away from her and held his cane close to his leg, “I can’t right now. I need to go and work on some papers. Another time Emily maybe you know,” he answered her before heading off.
   “I know you too well Jonathan,” Emily answered sadly.

Late that night Chisoutsa had healed well and was talking to Jiko and Charles at the table. They had been thinking about finding Mr. Umezu about any information on Censilo and what to do with Chisoutsa’s lost edge.
   “I have heard he’s in the Chinatown area. A place you haven’t been yet Chisoutsa. I think Jiko should take you while you are still weak. He should know something about Censilo’s plans,” Charles explained to them.
   “I can go with Chisoutsa. We need to be careful too. Many dangerous people around the area I have heard about,” Jiko said.
   “Let’s go then. I want to find out things now,” Chisoutsa said.
   “Remember to be careful Chisoutsa. I think Mr. Umzeu will be at one of the hotels. Have a look there first,” Charles told them.
Chisoutsa and Jiko walked out to the Black Vixen and Jiko hopped inside. He starting working on some weapons as Chisoutsa drove the car away towards Chinatown. The new area was bright and flashy.  There were many cars and people on the streets where they move towards a couple hotel blocks on the corner. Jiko nudged Chisoutsa and pointed to a couple guards of Mr. Umzeu entering a hotel. The Black Vixen quickly stopped and they parked away from them. The pair entered the hotel and Jiko looked around the area.
   “There’s a lift. We’ll hop in and see where he is. Just follow the guards,” Chisoutsa noted to Jiko.
The pair waited for the lift to come down as Jiko watched the numbers coming down. The doors opened and to their surprise stood Mr. Umzeu. He took a couple steps back and gave a defeated look.
   “Oh shit. Can’t I get away from anyone?” he asked them.
   “We’re not here to get you,” Jiko said.
   “Good. It wasn’t my task to kill you Chisoutsa. That’s Censilo’s job. You can come to my room and we’ll talk. I’m guessing that’s what you want to do,” Mr. Umzeu.
The three of them entered the room and Mr. Umzeu sat at a table and opened a pack of cigars and threw one to Chisoutsa. He lit his up and Chisoutsa followed.
   “I hope you’re here to beg about what to do about your lost edge. Your power or whatever Censilo installed inside of you from years ago,” He started.
   “That’s the main reason you know,” Chisoutsa answered.
   “The dumb thing about you Chisoutsa is you are searching for things that you have always had. The power you had gave you a edge but I believe that some extra training will replace that. You have the guts to battle anything that comes your way. You need to think that way and not worry about some gift Censilo gave you,” Mr. Umzeu explained.
   “But she is weaker now is she?” Jiko asked.
   “Well yes, she will feel pain a lot more and will react to certain things easier. But Censilo can’t take away the skills you have learnt and your smarts. He will have to deal with those problems when the time comes,” he answered Jiko.
   “So what happens now? What will Censilo do now?” Chisoutsa asked.
   “That robot boy is the key. All I know about him is he’s connected to the Hyper Camp, the place where you were created. Back in the day the broke in sperm banks and stole collections of data to find the best couple to create you. I believe he will return back there. But for you to get to the Hyper Camp will be very hard. There’s a couple areas to past to even set foot inside the camp. Now get lost and have a think about it. You know you can do it. You just lack the balls at the moment because you have no edge. Stop feeling sorry for yourself. Do what you do best,” Mr. Umzeu told Chisoutsa.
   “And what’s that?”
Mr. Umzeu took a drag out of his cigar and looked at Chisoutsa,” Being a top class bitch of a woman to kill. Have fun kitten,” grinned Mr. Umzeu.

Professor Walken and Charles Thompson stood at the table at Charles house looking over papers and notes. Walken was still thinking about his run in with Emily at the Uni when Chisoutsa and Jiko entered the room.
   “What did you find out from Mr. Umzeu?” Charles asked them first.
   “I need to do extra training,” she answered.
   “So there was nothing about getting your edge back? Well I believe it won’t make a difference. But I’m still worried about you going against Censilo,” the Professor said.
   “I can do it Professor. What about the training issue?” she asked him.
Professor Walken leaned on his cane and thought about it for a moment He nodded to himself and looked up to Chisoutsa. He straightened up his brown suit still thinking his own issues.
   “It’s time for you to visit Lake Pure to see my own mentor. He can teach you things that no one else can,” he told her.
   “Where is Lake Pure?” she answered him.
   “It’s outside of the City in a safe haven. It’s a beautiful getaway for you Chisoutsa. You will need it when you return here,” he answered.
   “You better get going then. Come on Jiko. We’ll go out and do our own thing. I need a rest myself,” Charles joked to him.
The two went outside the room and the Professor turned to Chisoutsa, “You will be safe at Lake Pure,” he told her.
The door opened and Hayco came in to see Chisoutsa. He pulled out a small watch he made for her and presented it to her.
   “I hear you are going away for a couple days. I was making this the last few days and I hope you will like it,” Hayco said.
It was a custom made hand watch for Chisoutsa to keep in her pocket. She smiled at him held it in her hand. Hayco suddenly hugged her and she didn’t know what to do. The Professor pretended to hug the air to show her and she copied with Hayco.
   “You will be fine ok Chisoutsa. I know you will be,” he said.
   “Thank you,” she answered quietly with an unknown feeling starting to burn inside her.
It was a unusual day for Tyrell as instead of Chisoutsa turning up to see him there was Jiko, Riyoko, and Charles. Tyrell kicked his oven as Charles watched him with a funny grin.
   “Alright people how are all?”
   “I’m good Tyrell. It’s nice to finally meet you after all this time,” Charles said.
   “Yeah it’s nice to meet you too. Chisoutsa is in for a tough time. It’s a shame for her. You used to work in government right?”
   “Yes I did. Got my large pay deal and left years ago. I couldn’t deal with the rubbish that the Primer Leader deals with. But it’s been easier without the business’s and gangs gone. Censilo is the last problem. A big problem,” Charles answered.
   “Where is she now? A river place or something?”
   “She’s at Lake Pure for some training.”
   “Ah yes that’s the place. Sounds like a nice area. Couldn’t be in the city?”
   “No, not this place,” Charles answered.
   “So you like a meal?” asked a smiling Tyrell.
Charles looked at his broken oven and leaned back in his seat, “I’ll have a drink” he answered with a high pitch tone.
   “Coming up!” answered Tyrell.
Riyoko sat on top of a corner while Jiko was having a drink. She dressed in a tight red top and white short skirt. She smoked at cigarette while looking at Jiko.
   “Have you told her yet?” she asked him.
   “Asked who what?” answered Jiko confused.
   “Tell Chisoutsa that you love her. You know,” she said.
   “No. She’s too busy with other things,” he answered.
   “There isn’t going to be many chances left. Odds are she’ll be dead if she does against Censilo. What will you do then?”
   “She won’t die.”
   “You need to tell now and not later. Time is running out for you,” Riyoko dragging on her cig.
Jiko looked down at his drink and thought about the future for Chisoutsa, “She won’t like what I have to say.”
   “How do you know that? I think she’s starting to change since her loss of power. Don’t put yourself down again Jiko. You are better then that.”
Jiko kept quiet and downed his drink and wondered how Chisoutsa was working with the Professor’s ancient mentor.

Later that night the wind and rain covered the Madison Uni with students taking shelter in the hall house. A hooded figure appeared at the door of Professor Walken’s teacher room. An item was placed over the door and a code is typed in. After a few seconds a green light appeared and the door opened. The hooded figure entered the room and started to go through papers and notes in Professor Walken’s office room. The intruder stopped at a picture of Chisoutsa and notes on her. The hood was pulled back to show Emily’s face.
   “She is the girl that Jonathan has been looking after. Is she the girl that legend tells that could defeat the demon of the city,” she whispered to herself.
He walked over to see a spare cane where she picked it up and withdrew the sword inside it. An special hidden weapon that few know of.
   “It’s time we meet Chisoutsa. Time for Jonathan to stop running from the past,” she said sliding the sword back into the cane again.

The warm bright sun was shinning over Lake Pure and the river was looking pure blue. Chisoutsa was still training with Shentile. The ancient Japanese mentor was holding a sword while Chisoutsa had the same weapon.
   “Chisoutsa your main issue is to channel your anger into power. That is your key to your success. However there is pain inside you that hasn’t been addressed,” Shentile said.
   “What pain?” she asked.
   “You feel no feelings or love. That is not true. You are protecting yourself from future pain. How Censilo killed your parent, changed the very soul of you to what he desired for his own ruling over the City of Demons is your pain. You fear that your own mentor Jonathan will be killed in the end. Hayco and Jiko are close to you I feel inside,” Shentile answered.
Chisoutsa remained quiet as Shentile raised his sword, “Let us begin today.” The two crossed swords high and low and Shentile started to corner Chisoutsa towards the river side.
   “You’re thinking about them are you?” he asked her.
   “No I’m not!” Chisoutsa shouted and Shentile cut at Chisoutsa and she fell into the river. She threw his sword away from her and cursed at herself.
   “You loved ones can also be your strengths Chisoutsa. You need to learn that. You must open from not outside but from the inside. Only then your true great power will be released. You have a inside talent you that is burning to be released but you refuse too. You are too cold to fight Censilo,” Shentile told her.
   “What the hell do I do then?” Chisoutsa shouted having no clue how to impress Shentile.
   “You listen to your deep insides. A place you have never been before. When Censilo created you he made sure you couldn’t do that. He did this in order to control you. Now, the curse has been lifted you must use this against him.”
   “How do I do that?”
   “It will happen to you, not here. You are done here. Your skills are very good. On your journey towards Censilo you will find out how. It is easier then you think. You remind me of a young Jonathan. He always wanted to get on with the job. But he grew up and become a wise mentor himself. You will be the same in time.
Chisoutsa got out of the river completely wet and Shentile gave a small smile to her. He handed her a white towel and look out towards the river.
   “Listen to the river. Feel how calm and cool it is. Remember to reach inside yourself and channel the power of your love and desires for the people you know and use that for the reason to defeat Censilo. Only then you will find the true happiness you have been searching for. Your search for your past was all about Censilo and how he created you. However the true search is to open your heart because the people you love are like butterflies. They are beautiful and carefree, but they can die in an instant. Don’t let those moments bring you down,” Shentile told her.
Chisoutsa paused for a moment and something came through to her inside, “I know why the Professor is a wise mentor.”

Ten days had past and Chisoutsa was due to return. The Professor with Charles and Jiko were at the battle station where they were planning their move on Censilo. Charles was playing with his pen and talking about the streets.
   “There are far more silver machines marching around the place in the streets nowadays. Censilo’s been building his army for a while now,” Charles said to Jiko.
   “I saw them too when Chisoutsa and I visited Chinatown, there were a few down there too,” Jiko replied.
   “We have to careful about the silver machines. Be sure to behave and find out what Censilo is planning. Hayco must be protected too. He is important to us,” Professor Walken said.
Two eyes were watching from the corner away from the Professor and the group. The hooded figure has returned much closer to the Professor. Emily watched another person entering the room.
   “That must be Chisoutsa,” said Emily to herself.
She moved out from her spot and walked right into the group. The Professor turned around and looked shocked to see her inside the station.
   “I remember you!” cried Charles to Emily.
   “Emily I told you I would talk to you another time,” said the Professor to her.
   “You have been saying that for years. It’s been six years and it’s time that you don’t run away from me,” Emily cried at him.
   “Who is she Professor?” Jiko asked him.
   “Don’t worry. This is not your business Jiko,” snapped the Professor starting to sweat.
   “Who is she Jonathan Walken?” demanded Chisoutsa at her mentor.
Professor Walken was fighting a losing battle. He looked at Emily and turned to Jiko, Charles and Chisoutsa.
   “She is my wife,” he answered them.
Chisoutsa’s face dropped with amazement and Jiko eyes widen. Charles tossed his heading remembering Emily from years ago. The professor looked at Emily and back at the group. The station was complete silence.

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