Chapter 9 – Seasons of the Moon

The drawing of the ice sword began and Alex sat Celia by the side of the front doors of the castle.

“Stay here and I’ll see to the other knights,” he told her.

He went outside to see the dark night light up with fire, ice, water and wind. The creature gave goosebumps on all the knights who came near it. Alex got closer to the creature to find who it was. His face became concerned and puzzled with the shadows and images that came from the creature.

“It is a dragon, but not the one I saw before. It is not the ThunderDragon. Is there just one dragon in this world?” he mused.

He held out his sword as it started to glow blue with ice again. The knight paused behind him and he turned to face them. The castle doors opened and out burst Alfred towards the scene and he stopped, watching the knights behind. Was it that Alex looked like a leader in his homemade black and silver robe? Or his courage to stand against a beast that is a hundred men tall?

The sky was stormy and the lightning was bubbling along the sky. The clouds started to part to reflect the image of the creature.

“It’s a bloody dragon!’ shouted a knight from behind.

The dragon who was not the ThunderDragon was black and had red flaming eyes. The dragon caught Alex with his eye and watched him. He noticed the ice sword flashing and his eyes lit up. The dragon lashed out in front of Alex and pushed him to the ground. He shot a rain of ice and fire at the young knight. Alex faced the knights and yelled at them.

“Hold your armor up high and fight for Richardson Castle,” he yelled and held the ice sword towards the dark dragon.

The curtain was raised and the dragon was Draken, the one who met Morcar earlier in the last few days.

The dragon turned around to smash the castle gates in half. He blasted fire at the guards. Alex ran into a corner to get a better shot at the dragon. He threw spears at the dragon who was hanging on the castle wall. The dragon then looked at Alex as the young knight grew in fear. Then a new nshadow entered the battle field. Alex was watching it in the background. Alfred ran to the side of the battle and watched on.

“This knight impresses me each day with something new,” he said in amazement.

Alex’s face lit up as the ThunderDragon came into the castle area. He discharged an Thunder beam from his mouth as Draken the dragon yelled in pain. The knights started to slow down and watched the second combat the first one.

“Who are these dragons?” one asked another. “Myths that are true!” cried another.

The dragons circled each other around the central courtyard of Richardson Castle. Alfred ran across to Alexander and looked at the dragons.

“Is one of these the ThunderDragon?’ he asked the knight. “Yes, the other I saw never before,” answered Alex.

“This could be the work of Morcar but I don’t know. This dragon may want something else, not you but this ThunderDragon instead,” answered the old wizard.

The ThunderDragon smashed Draken to the ground as he gave a warning to him. The eyes were locked and the people of Richardson watched in amazement at the rare sight. The lightning struck again and the ThunderDragon watched it.

“Green, like before. There are many seeds of evil planted,” he thought to himself.

Draken leaned up and looked at the civilians who were scared of the beast. He then heard the ThunderDragon speak once more.

“What is your business here?” asked the ThunderDragon.

“Just helping in the name of a wizard. ThunderDragon should fear the worst from me,” grinned Draken.

“I fear no one on this earth including you. Go back to the land of the darkness where you come from,” cried the ThunderDragon.

“Not before I get what I came here for!” cried the dark dragon and threw himself up in the air. His body slammed into the ThunderDragon. People ran past the knights and Alex and Alfred in panic. Alfred saw Celia coming out from the battle and passed Alfred the fire sword.

“Give this to Alex, he may need it,” she said and the wizard nodded.

“Alex,” interrupted Alfred, “This may help you in defending the castle. Get the dragon from the area. Give him a scare!” cried Alfred and he darted off with Celia back to the castle doors.

Alex held the two swords together and created an ice beam then shot it from the sword. The ThunderDragon was having difficulty in hitting the dragon. Alex then made a plan to help the ThunderDragon. He ran over near to the two dragons and climbed up onto a small shop and pushed his way to the two dragons.

The knight held the fire sword tight and flashed out a fire blast from the sword and hit the dark dragon in the face.

“Arr,” stumbled the dragon in the air.

Alex watched the dark dragon being thumped by the ThunderDragon to the ground. Draken was losing the battle. Alex ran to the edge of the small shop, jumped down and cut Draken down to size. The dragon cried in pain and started to retreat from the castle.

“Never return here dragon, servant of the wizard,” cried the ThunderDragon and Draken had left.

Alex rested on a stool next to the small stop. He breathed heavily watching the ThunderDragon look around the area. People had spotted the rare dragon and he had to leave now. He flew up and suddenly scooped down and picked up Alex by his claw.

“What! Where are we going?” cried Alex.

Alfred and Celia ran outside to watch Alex being taken by the ThunderDragon.

“That’s the dragon that we saw yesterday!” she cried to Alfred. “So where is he taking him?” asked Alfred in wonder.

The ThunderDragon was flying over the woods where Alex saw a number of beings in the woods. The dragon circled the woods and slowly came to a stop in a clearing in the woods. Alex was dropped a metre to the ground and he landed on his bottom. In front of the knight were the six elements, all together for the first time.

The six elements of the weather appeared together with Ice and Fire already known to the knight. They were dressed in their coloured robes, each other designed differently from the other.

“Welcome, dear knight, I have heard a little from Ice,” smiled the element of Water shaking hands with the young man.

The ThunderDragon landed to Alexander’s left and rested on a large tree stump.

“As I promised you have all six swords to borrow to stop Draken and Morcar. You have our support and help young knight. I can see your kind heart through your armour,” said the ThunderDragon.

“Thank you,” said the four elements as they gave their swords toAlex.

“What do I do now?” asked the knight.

“It depends on where the road will take you, Alexander,” smiled Ice.

The ThunderDragon looked at the six swords and gave out an idea. “I have been thinking of a plan Alexander,” he started. “And what is that?” asked Alex.

“I have a plan that we can freeze them in time not kill them. It can work,” suggested the lord of the weather.

“That’s a good plan. That will keep them at bay. It’s a good idea,” thought Alex.

The ThunderDragon and the elements didn’t believe in killing. They were creators not destroyers. Alex was like that too. He is peace keeper in his nature.

“What will become of you elements and you, ThunderDragon?” asked Alex.

“We will continue to do what we do best, controlling the weather,” answered the ThunderDragon.

“What if I need aid, do you expect a knight to do everything by himself?” asked the knight of the dragon.

“No,” snapped the dragon, “I will send you Thunder, the element, to aid you if you are in trouble,” he answered.

Alex nodded and Thunder stepped out from the six to show himself. The ThunderDragon turned to face the sky and gave a stern look.

“Until next time young man goodbye,” said The ThunderDragon as he flew off into the skies.

The elements walked backed into the forest to disappear from sight. “Wow. They’re amazing,” thought Alex to himself

He got all the swords and put them in his huge back case as he walked on out of the forest.

At this point Alexander was quite happy about himself. He had finally earned all six swords of the elements and he could now try to start his own quest to stop Morcar but the scene was set to change when he returned to the castle.

It was dark and cold and the knight returned into the castle gates. A group of people were rebuilding in some of their houses damaged by Draken. Alex turned to go into the castle itself when a group of knights came outside with the King. The King was displeased with the battle that had taken place.

“Where did you go? You know something that I don’t. Tell me everything you know,” demanded the King.

The king was always very demanding and very protective of his daughter. But the hard life of being king had taken his heart away, the thing that his wife had loved once before. He appeared to be nice at first when Alex first met Richardson but as time went on he met the true character of the King.

“The case is under control now King Richardson, you have nothing to fear,” advised the young knight.

“Do I now,” the King replied.

The King’s eyes were filled with madness, wondering where Alex travels to on his journeys. He feared that the knights were plotting against him to take over the castle, however, for Alexander he was doing the very opposite.

“Do you now? I hope so for your sake. This spell is killing crops around the country, remember Alex,” warned the king as the two gave dirty looks.

“My lord, I will see Morcar soon and bring justice to all,” said Alex tiredly. The strain of the battles had made him weak and sleepy. The king was now a pain in the back for Alex. He liked his daughter, but he didn’t like him.

“I’m watching you, Alexander the Knight, do not fail me. That is something to keep in mind,” the King said and the group of guards followed him back into the castle.

In the background, Alfred the Old was watching. He came down and stood next to Alex and told him, “Go to bed and rest tired knight and tell me your tales in the morning. We have things to do and they must be done in speedy flight,” he and Alex walked up to the castle doors and went inside.

The morning came sooner than Alex expected, he dearly wanted more sleep but couldn’t. Alfred needed to be seen and heard in the morning. He woke and trolled outside his room in a grey shirt and grey pants, wandered over to Alfred’s room and went inside.

“Morning, tired and sleepy,” he smiled at him.

“Yes, I am. Let us start, it might wake me up,” he said as Alfred passed him a coffee.

“So the elements do exist?” asked Alfred to be sure.

“Yes. There is a leader called the ThunderDragon. I have these swords to use against Morcar and this other dragon,” answered Alex.

“Ok, ok,” said Alfred trying to think the whole story over.

“ThunderDragon. Who’s this other dragon that I saw last night?” asked Alfred.

“He’s a dark and evil looking type. The opposite of the ThunderDragon in many ways, that’s vibe I got from him,” answered Alex.

Alfred was now interested, he placed his cup of coffee on the table near his bookcase and started to search for a book. He skipped along the books with his fingers and murmuring words to himself.

“What are you looking for Alfred?” he asked the old wizard. “Well if the ThunderDragon is real. Then the book of Trunks is true on their case study 200 years ago,” mused Alfred. “The book of what?” asked Alex.

“This book tells the system of the weather controllers. It reads ‘ The leader of the weather or lord of the weather is the ThunderDragon. A very powerful dragon of the earth. Not many dragons live in this world so they are rare to see. Another dragon by the name of Draken, was supposed to help the ThunderDragon, but greed and power got to him in the end. A lot like the story of God and Satan and how Satan was sent out of heaven because of greed and power. The Seasons of the Sun they are called in our days, or Seasons of the Moon,” spoke Alfred.

The wizard found the book and passed it to the young knight. “Page Thirty-four,” noted the wizard.

Alex read some pages of it and he was interested by the statements of the book and how true it was.

He nodded as he thought about what to do next.

“Maybe I should learn more about these element people. I know that the Thunder one is around the castle, keeping an eye on me. That’s what the ThunderDragon said,” commented Alex.

“Good you may need some aid sooner or later. There is still work to be done,” said the wizard.

‘I’ll keep on reading this book then,” said Alex.

“Good idea, Alex. We really don’t know much about their past. So read up on the facts and tell me the good parts of it,” said Alfred.

“Why aren’t you reading the book yourself?” asked Alex

“I’ve got better things to do!” laughed Alfred as he walked out of his room.

Alex just tossed his head, shrugged his shoulders and continued to read the book.

“Go to your room where you can rest and read for a while,” Alfred said and Alex took the book and left the room to study the fine arts of the weather creators.

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