Chapter 9 – The Author’s War

The portals were opened again and we were saying our goodbyes for now. Most of the characters, the people who had braved the hard battles wanted to return home to see what damages was caused and how they turn the war back in their favor. However I knew in the end what mattered was what would happen in the tower with me and Valentine. Percy Cyber shook my hand and smiled at me knowing me over the many years.

“Good luck to the end of this war and I know that everyone is will continue the war until its end,” Percy told me.

“I know your father will be watching over you and I know he was an amazing person to meet too. He did plenty of good for Time Cruisers and the Legomen,” I replied.

Percy nodded and head towards the portal while King Lion put his hand on my shoulder, “And so it’s time to say goodbye for now again. My time as a King is coming to a end and I am very pleased to have known you and many of these amazing people around me. You know it’s a nice feeling to know that there are others out there doing the same thing that we were doing years ago. I’m happy to know that,” King Lions said to me smiling.

“And maybe there are many worlds out there like that. The Legomen castle has fallen a few times but it’s always come back up again stronger than ever. I will make sure that something happens inside the tower,” I told him.

“Come visit us if you can one day.”

“I hope I can,” I replied and King Lion walked away with Percy and the rest of them.

It was quiet area where Chsioutsa, Roger, Wizard and myself was in the streets of the broken city. The wars had stopped and the pathway was cleared to the tower where Valentine truly wanted me to be the whole time. The games that he played to drive the universes into the ground, to move all the best that my characters could offer any in circles and ended up losing control of their homes had been successful. There were still others who lived in this world with Daniel Phoenix, Hayden Norman and Vincent Lamour ready to see their friends and how they coped through the damages.

“Hayden and I will be moving on to see our friends. I really hope Dough and Jake have weathered the storms. I supposed they have learnt the crazy times that I have brought to them and maybe that’s been character building for them!” joked Daniel.

I grinned nodding at the writer’s joke too, “I like Dough, it took a while to turn him into a believer of UFO’s hey?” I asked him.

“Yes, it took a long time, but he’s one of us now,” Daniel replied.

Vincent Lamour nodded to me and had a few quiet words to share, “Just remember our little talk in the park. There are many wonders and joys in this world and that’s the light that breaks apart the darkness. Just remember it please, that’s all I ask of you,” he whispered to me.

I nodded back at him still remembering some of his words but it was hard to see the light in all the war we had seen. Three of them waved goodbye and headed on their way and I turned to Wizard and Roger while eyeing off the tower in the distance.

“Where’s Chisoutsa?” I asked the pair.

“She is still deeply upset about her father’s passing. We should give some space and make our move to the tower later in the night or the morning,” Wizard replied.

“There’s no morning in this war. The sun has been blackening out and every moment is a dark one. The young girl will morn her lost for now but the dead want us to move on soon for us,” Roger commented.

The pair sat outside discussing about how to enter the tower safely as I searched out for Chisoutsa. She sat on the ground on the grass where broken pieces of a play ground set where it used to look like park. The park sat next to one of the old fallen building that we used as shelter for now.

“Your father was a mentor to all of us. Even in his final moment,” I said reaching out to Chisoutsa.

“He was everything to me. He taught me everything I knew. What do I do now? Where can I go now when this is all over?” she asked him.

“Your father taught you everything that he knew. He loved you a lot and his passing is going to hurt for a long time. He died fighting for he believed in. You run that risk everything you went out there yourself and so does everyone here. We have to finish this war somehow and you are important for me to reach the tower,” I replied to her.

Chisoutsa looked over at me and looked back at the broken swing set, “I guess you might know why I sitting in the park alone?” she asked me.

“This is the second major lost you have had. I remember Hayco the robot boy. He reminded you of a childhood you never had, a sense of joy and wonder that you couldn’t get from yourself,” I answered her nodding my head.

“Hayco, I don’t know how I was close to a robot.  I mean he wasn’t human but he was human to me. He showed me things in life that I couldn’t see before. Does that makes sense to you or something?” she asked him.

“You can find the strangest of friendships in different people. It’s a funny place, I mean universe we that we live in I suppose.”

“I spoke to Wizard earlier in the week and he said you had lost a parent too. Does it gets better over time after you lost her?” she asked me.

I thought back the years to the day I lost my own parent, “Overall it does get better but you have your days when it feels like yesterday you lost them. A distance memory comes back to meet you, something you see or hear, or remind that floods back all those times you had with a parent. We were like best friends when I was little and she knew a little about the Legomen, expect for the part when they were real and I would jump universes to visit them and see their world because my own world was very small,” I explained to her.

“These Legomen, were they like your first story or something because it sounds like some of the guys knew you for decades just chatting to them?”
“They were and Wizard was my first character you can say. They were the family that I never had. In the Legmen, I had brothers and sisters, uncles and aunts, mentors, and advisors on life. I learnt a lot from them and grew with them. After defeating Zare I lead a normal life being a writer than what’s happened here. Your father reminds me of King Lion. A strong character who had the best interests of everyone at heart. You have your bother and your friends who care for you. You have a lot to go home to,” I reminded Chisoutsa.

“What about you, do you have family or friends?” she asked.

“I keep to myself. I find my life is easier that way. I can’t hurt if I’m not close to people anymore.       Sometimes I don’t know if that’s by choice or by forces of life.  It’s just the way that life has panned out for me.”

Chisoutsa turned to me interested by my answer, “Isn’t that a terrible life to live by yourself and shield your life like that. I don’t know if I could do that myself. I know I tried that with Jiko and he moved away when we didn’t work out but at least I tried that area in my life.”

“It can be a lonely life to be honest but you can’t miss what you never had in life.”

“Is that why Valentine picked out you of all the authors over time? Because you are alone like him trapped in a tower yourself too? Maybe that’s why there’s that connection between the two of you and that you can hear his voice?” she wondered.

“There are still questions I have to ask myself in my life and even a writer doesn’t have all the answers. You and all the other just like seeds. I plant the idea of a character but it’s you yourself that takes the form and grow and change over time. It’s just amazing to see the changes over time. Looking at you how you have changed and seeing people like Bill and Cody Cyber grow up over time. I just hope for myself that maybe something new might happen to me. My future or yours hasn’t written yet and that’s the real story that we are writing. I just hope by the end of it it’s a interesting and a good story for others. “

Chisoutsa looked out at the dark skies thinking her father and all the battles that she had fought through and how she has grown over time.

“I hope my father is proud of me and that I can take on and become a mentor to someone in the future. I think that would be nice to do. I just hope I don’t find my own child in a dumpster,” she smiled thinking about how met Professor Walken.

“Yeah,” I smiled too, “That would have been a werid time for you when you first meet and had to learn and discover about your past and what your future held in the hands of the demon lord. You know I remembered how Mr. Umezu has changed a lot over the years. Instead of working a Demon Lord to kill you, he’s one of the senior supporters of you and helping me with the power suit. I’mn still yet puzzled by how this thing is actually powered seeming we don’t have any electricity or power sources to use. I don’t like the idea of being recharged by the ThunderDragon!” I joked with her.

“Nah fuck that, you might get overloaded and get killed by that. Everyone here has a goal of redeeming themselves, following a path set by themselves. I guess everyone has something that want in life but we are all the same people because of you in a small way like you keep on saying,” Chisoutsa noted.

“You’re right. That’s the beauty of it all, that every people is different and you learn something about them. Just like any universe that you can visit. Hmmm, thanks to Dr. Cyber you can go home,” I replied remembering the old doctor.

“If I ever do go home,” she answered unsure of everyone’s future here.

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