Chapter 9 – The Legend of Evermore

Duncan’s worst fear had arrived and this was the type of show that the Spiritual doctor
loved. He loved the fear in their eyes and the terror that strikes them hard. The band was in
a grand stand watching the fight as the doctor watched on.
“ Come on dwarf. Entertain us!” cried the doctor.
Duncan grabbed some traps, which were steel traps as he threw them around. However,
the stone giant smashed the traps with his feet and looked at the dwarf with an obnoxious
look. Duncan knew he needed more than the old trap to win this fight. All this for some
dumb information. That is what he thought. Then a stoke of genius came to him. He ran
around the giant top get him mad as the giant gave a fast chase. Then He grabbed a water
trap as he threw it at him. The water smashed into him as the skin was weakening. Then he
slashed through him as the beast smash himself to the ground. The doctor quickly got up
form the stand, as he was amazed at the work of the young dwarf.
“ Well done Duncan. Well now you know what this means. We need a new contestant!”
cried the doctor as the remaining three members tried not to be picked.
“ Elf get up here and look at me,” cried the doctor
Levi got up as the doctor stared into his eyes. Then he found what he was looking for.
“ You are a hater of magic. So let’s use some magic audience!” laughed the doctor and
Levi was transported into the stadium, as Duncan was return back to safe territory. There
in front of Levi was an old ghost dressed in white clothes much like the type of clothing
the doctor would pick.
“ This one is easy. Just stop him from getting to the grandstand in the time of 3mins. Oh
yes, you must use your magic too!” cried the doctor.
“ He’s not good at magic! Complained Roger.
“ Who cares. I don’t. This is a battle of the mind barbarian,” answered the doctor.
Levi basted a white beam to block the ghost from near him and the grandstand. However,
he ghost smashed it with his fists.
“ He can’t use his body, because I can’t!” complained Levi.
“ I only said you can’t stupid. Play continue!’ cried the doctor.
There was an hourglass floating in the middle of the courtroom to show the remaining
time. Levi glared at the hourglass as the ghost gave out a howling scream at the elf, then he
ran away from the ghost as he spun around on the spot. The band watched him as Walter
got dizzy from watching him.

“ What’s the elf up to?” asked the doctor as the band shook their heads, not knowing the
reason for this action.
Then Levi shot out his arms as purple sprays rushed out of his hands. The sprays paralyzed
the ghost as Levi used a green beam to finish the ghost off for good. The ghost fell to the
ground as the doctor shook his head.
“ Two down, two to go now” he smiled to Walter and Roger as Levi watched from below
the grandstand.
As Levi was transported back to the grandstand, the doctor chose the next victim.
“ The wizard can step up. See how good your fighting skills are. For this test, you can’t
use magic ok? You don’t have a choice you know,” said the doctor as Walter was
transported into the stadium.
A huge ugly monster appeared in front of Walter as he grew with fear.
“ Kill it Walter with your hands!” laughed the doctor as he backed himself to the wall in a
chuckle of fits.
The monster grabbed Walter up high as he threw him to the wall.
“ We may have a loser!” smiled the doctor madly; he wanted a loser all day by now.
Walter then woke himself up and ran to hit the monster down as he fell to the ground. He
then bashed the monster down repeatedly. He got back up as the monster fell to the ground
“ That’s not right! He’s so weak!” cried the doctor.
“ What makes your monsters then. Really weak?” asked Walter with smile.
“ Shut up Walter. Then the barbarian can step up to my challenge. Let’s see if you picked
the right leader then’ said the doctor.
“ We did,” said Levi fixing up his bag.
“ I’m the brains of the band really so I should of…” said Walter.
“…being a leader. Wrong, you’re weak as crap Walter,” said Duncan.
“ Thanks,” answered Walter with a sad face.
It was a cruel statement but a true one too in fact. Roger appeared on the stadium floor as
the doctor read the barbarian’s mind.
“ You hate wizards and smart guys. Interesting leader” smiled the doctor as a puzzle board
appeared in the middle of the stadium.
“ In 4mins you must spell the names of your friends and my name Spiritual Doctor, but a
wizard should keep you busy” smiled the doctor as the wizard appeared.
“ Your time starts now!” shouted the doctor as the barbarian ran to the spelling board.
Roger punched in the names of Levi and Walter then his name. However, the name
Duncan always stumped him badly.

“ You start with a D then a I or e?” he asked himself.
Duncan slapped his head in shame of his leader.
“ There’s one thing Walter’s right about. He can be dumb,” said Duncan.
Roger dodged the ice beams that the wizard was throwing at him as he started to type in
the letters of the doctor’s name.
“ Wrong! 1min to go Roger. You’re not a leader. You’re a failure!” cried the doctor.
Roger grew mad as smashed down the letters with his sword as the green lights lighted up.
“ He’s doing it!” cried Levi happily.
Roger smashed down the letter as the force cause the board to spark electricity. He threw
the sword at the wizard fell onto the board as the electricity blasted the board apart as the
Spiritual Doctor watch on in shock. The game was over.
“ You did it Roger. Well done leader. A great finish to a game too” said the doctor.
The doctor transported the band back to the ground as they sat on the floor to get a
breather from their games. Then the doctor waved his hand for his throne to rise from the
ground as he sat on it.
“ If you can defeat your worst fears than you can do anything” said the doctor.
“ So you were after information of the past. What past?” asked the Spiritual Doctor.
“ About Evermore and the world,” asked Roger.
“ Do you know what year it is band members?” asked the doctor.
“ 2678. Why?” asked Duncan.
“ Don’t you think it is weird that we only have history from the year 2097 onwards?”
asked the doctor.
“ I guess. Why is this?” asked Walter standing up again.
Four young wizards walked in with chairs so the band could sit eye level to the doctor, as
they exit the same way they came in.
“ Good question Walter. What happened in the year of 2097? Any guess’s?” asked the
“ I don’t know really” said Roger confused.
“ Would you believe that the technology of the year 2097 is eight times greater than ours
today. Therefore, what happened to a time of the greatest technology in human history?”
asked the doctor.
“ Um. Something bad” asked Levi.
“ Technology took over!” shouted the doctor.
The last statement made, the group jump back in shock.
“ This was a time where things called robots were invented. They had equal power in the
laws. So they did things their way. In a country called America, the first human robot

president was sworn in because of the assassination of the last president due to protests of
war. In 2095 the making of weapons were made by the robots and in the year of 2097 a
nuclear head was used,” explained the doctor.
The band didn’t know of nuclear but by the expression of the doctor, it wasn’t good.
“ The world was destroy, 88% of wildlife was destroy and 97% percent of human life was
destroyed” said the doctor.
It left no history record of the past 2000 years or life before it that is. There was only three
adults left and amazingly there was 128 children between the ages of 12 and 15. Problem
was the three adults were all men. Between the years of 2102 and 2389, children were
ordered to have sex for the sake of the human race. Many mothers died while in childbirth
because they were only 13 or the ages of 15 to 17. Underage sex was scrapped in the year
2541 when the population reached 10 000. Today the population is now 24 000. No one
knew why the nuclear went off and we will never know how or why. But it sent
technology back to the middle ages, one of the few history texts we know of” told the
doctor to the band.
“ Is they’re anything we can do to help this,” asked Roger.
“ There is one only way. There is a man called the TimeKeeper. It is rumored that he keeps
a time portal in his castle some where. However, the castle lies in the underground world.
Near the lands of Hell itself. The underground world is the home of the guard keeper of
Chaos. Godlead is a powerful warrior of his king Satan,” explained the doctor.
“ By the way do you know much about Mentor?” asked Walter.
The band did not know much about him like they did of Chambers and Magus.
“ Old Mentor is a good friend. Even he has his fears and his desires in life. But he is man
who prefers his life in the background of wars and teaches only the ones he thinks who
will be successful in life,” said the doctor.
The band got up as well as the doctor. The doctor shook hands with everyone.
“ I bet you Chambers said I was old and crazy. Nevertheless, you know I am not. I just like
a good show!” he laughed madly as the band gave a funny look at each other.
The band waved goodbye as the doctor waved back as he disappeared from sight as the
band tossed their heads.
“ We had to go through that to get some boring information,” said Duncan feeling ripped
The band walked back to the blue cloud as the cloud floated back down the mountain. The
cloud reached the bottom again as the band started to walk back to the Evermore Castle.
“ That stuff that the doctor said was scary” said Roger.
“ Yeah. The world was bad then,” said Walter.

“ Pretty screwed I say. Blowing up your own world. Stupid people I think” said Duncan as
the other nodded.

The band was near the Town Square as Levi heard a noise.
“ What’s that?” asked Levi worried.
The noise turned out to be a gang of men after the band. They were followers of Graford.
There was at lest 30 men as the band ran off. Roger fell to the ground as the other three
stopped to help him. However, the men tackled the others as Roger was taken away. Dust
covered the area, as the band was blind to the events happening to them. The dust
disappeared as their leader was missing.
“ He’s gone,” said Levi, as the three looked lost without their commanding leader.

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