She acted the part of an innocent girl

Walking through the curtains of the club

Her eyes met everyone in the room

They were trapped

Caught inside her web of sin

It felt so right but so strange too

As the men drifted towards the dangerous girl

She greets them with a seductive smile and a kiss

The heat in the club is intense

And the room starts to spin around

My heart was wandering in illusions

Catching false angels

As I moved in towards her

I close my eyes as I edged next to her

Her energy is pure lust

Her eyes met mine and we talk

Of Shakespeare and vodka

The attention turns away

And leads to our true topic

Of the Dangerous Girl

I grab her hand and blood bubbles inside me

We cross the dance floor and stand in the middle

The song begins and we dance

The dance of sins

And temptation

It’s a passion deep inside your soul

That you cannot ignore

This sinful girl takes you in

And whispers of a night of play

And passion’s insanity has pulled me in

Her lips are as smooth as silk

And her hair as black as the haunting night

Her eyes melt your heart and your morals

Her smile invites you for dessert

The Dangerous girl has taken me in

She wanders away and disappears from sight

Through the red curtains of the dark

I find her on the lounge where the moonlight shines upon

It feel so right but so strange too

But something’s you cannot control

I climb over her and feed my passions

I kiss her neck and drink on her sweat

Her head leans back and her red lips moves apart in awe

Her red dress moves down slowly and I watch with care

The insanity is pulling me in, faster and faster

The moonlight watches on where I stroke her breasts

Her sweet silk hands undo my shirt

And she sees the stress and madness she putted me through

She knows she is dangerous and this she does well

It is the madness, the moment of passion that fuels the Dangerous Girl

Through the curtains I feel the eyes of jealously

The men watch like hawks having lost their girl

She leans up and spreads herself open

My jeans are undone and her underwear falls to her knees

I see her aura, her lustful energy in sight

The dj’s spins the record around with the beat feeling heaver and heaver

My month touches her clit and she runs through her sleek black hair

I run around it and she lean back again and moans

The music starts to disappear and I feel we are alone

Deep and trapped into her web of sin

A piece of my soul has left me

Played as a fool by the Dangerous Girl

I knew it is dangerous to play with her

To feel the blood rush inside of us

But I loved it cause she’s dangerous

The thunder crackles outside and I watch in fear

Daggers appear in the girl’s eyes

The night of pleasure without protection

I am certainly doomed to hell

It was her plan after all

The curtains blow in the wind

My eyes are finally open to her sins

Two men past me by, I see her ghostly unfazed looks

Fixed on the Dangerous Girl, she invites them in

Inside her web of sins

They are poisoned, fixed on her firm breasts

And soft inner thighs, the aura of danger

The spider watches her prey

They are trapped inside the Dangerous Girl

She acted the part of an innocent girl

Her eyes, her face, her skin, is a sexual energy in motion

They were all trapped

Caught inside her web of sin, losing their souls forever…

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