Earth (My Home, My Heaven)

Earth, Earth

My home, My heaven

Can we save you, can we care once more

For all the wrongs we have done

Earth, Earth

I feel so bad the way we made you sad

The way we made you cried so badly


You taught us the mysteries of life

And the many histories of man


Why do I feel you always have the answers

To life’s little problems

You breathe your air and spin around

Innocently and contently

We get told to respect our elders

Then why can’t we respect you?


Was there a time when you were happy?

Did you think of all things you could do?

Do you think of them still?

Although what we’re done to you


I see the tears you cry

I feel the pain you go through

Because I feel them too


I wish I could tell the others time is running out

I wish I could show them all

My god Earth

How much more can you take?

Little Earth

I can only do so much

In all so little time

Thank you Earth, my home, my heaven

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