Final Chapter – Chisotsa: The City of Demons

The City of Demons has fallen under the spell of the evil Censilo Fukatho. A green dark thunderstorm had now covered the city and the silver machines were crushing the Kaiser Unit. Bolts of green lightening and powerful bombs started to hit houses and buildings. The Black Vixen flew away from the Centrax Building and missed the lightening bolts from the sky. The car gate crashed into the side of a building and it came to a quick stop. Alan and Charles were in the car and Charles came out to see the outside world.
            “We can’t save this city ourselves now. It’s down to just a couple who can,” Charles said out loud.
The Centrax Building was glowing and inside at the top level stood Censilo over his creation Chisoutsa. His flaming black sword at her neck and his shinning silver glasses showed a terror inside.
            “Censilo, you have finally returned and I have finally found you,” Chisoutsa said.
            “You have and with the help of your mentor and friends you got here in one piece. But I doubt your friends will live through this or you. The City is being taken over. You will all be taken prisoners and killed in due course,” Censilo said.
            “Why have you returned? Tell me about my past. I’ve been thinking over this for years. At least tell me before you try to kill me,” Chisoutsa cried.
Censilo moved his sword back and the light showed his eyes behind the sunglasses. Chisoutsa stood up again and watched Censilo’s every move. The Centrax master moved back and thought about the past.
            “All of your past, how you were made my dear Chisoutsa. You were meant to be special but you failed me,” Censilo said.
            “Tell me now!” she shouted at him.
He waved his sword near Chisoutsa and moved her back towards a corner in the Centrax building top level.
            “Your life has always been connected with me. Your destiny is in my hands. I took your DNA from your parent which I killed. I moulded you and twisted your soul. Turning you into a creature I desired. You were everything that I needed to control the Demon City. You failed to learn to fight, you were young and weak to me,” Censilo’s started his explanation of her past.
Chisoutsa was pinned to the wall and the fate of her parent was known now. She taken from them and transformed into the creature that she was today.

Jiko and the Professor were rushing as hard as they could out of the Centrax Building. The Professor was still injured and Jiko was helping him through the doors.
            “We must escape here at once,” Professor Walken cried out.
            “What about Chisoutsa? We can’t leave her here,” Jiko cried.
            “This is what she wanted. To battle her master and now she is. There is nothing we can do but to try to protect the city for innocent people!” snapped back Professor Walken.
The pair climbed out of the lift and the Centrax main doors opened. Jiko came outside first and saw the silver machines destroying the city. The machine’s green eyes watched and grinned with happiness over their stunning achievements. Their hard weapons pushed the Kaiser Unit back and Mr. Umezu and Hityo were taken to a car by some of the Unit men.
            “We must leave sir,” said one to Mr. Umezu.
            “Take us away then. We can’t do much here. I can tell that,” Mr. Umezu shouted out.
The car raced out of the area taking Hityo and Mr. Umezu from the Centrax Building area. The Professor followed Jiko out of the building and Jiko spotted the Black Vixen missing.
            “Where’s the car?” cried Jiko.
            “I wonder if the silver machines took it away,” cried Professor Walken.
Together they began to explore the area for the Black Vixen and running from the silver machine and the thunderstorm.

Chisoutsa was cut in the corner by the lord and master Censilo Fukatho. He grinned at her and she gave a dirty look at him.
            “What’s so funny,” she asked him.
            “You should be more relaxed Chisoutsa. You know you love the action and the lust of death,” he answered.
            “What do you mean?” she asked him.
            “You have been changed in everyway. You not know how to care or cry. Show love to the people who love you first.  You only know how to give psychically, you are strongly sexual. You show your care in touch and lustful ways. You wish you can love but deep inside you, your soul denies this,” he boomed.
His hand touched her face and flashes of the hyper camp struck her mind, “You are mine forever Chisoutsa. You will never survive without me, because I am your God!” he chilled in her ear.
            “This can’t be true. You can’t rule me!” she shouted at him.
            “Wishful thinking Chisoutsa, don’t be like that,” Censilo warned her with a serious look.
            “How could I fail you if you never taught me anything!” she cried at him.
            “You should have known something!  My beautiful silver machines, cold of steel and are powerful. They are far powerful then you I can tell you that Chisoutsa. I do not like to spend time on things for too long. I want things to work in a click and you didn’t,” Censilo answered.
            “What about Jiko. He was strong and he knew many things then me when we were younger,” Chisoutsa asked.
            “Jiko was too weak. He shown heart and care for others. He questioned why we did things and I hated it. But you are far stronger then him. You can hate and place fear in the far corners of the human soul. At least I got some things right with you,” Censilo answered her.
            “And these machines are set to destroy the city and you take over?” Chisoutsa said.
            “Yes. The plan is very simple and the other companies never planned for anything like this. The fools, every single one here. They thought nothing like this could happen and they fell down easily!” Censilo said.
            “It’s not over yet Censilo. You still have me to deal with,” Chisoutsa replied.
            “You would fight your own master. I like that idea Chisoutsa. See how good a teacher Professor Jonathan Walken was. You had to get a cripple to teach you,” Censilo smiled at her.
            “He’s not a cripple. He is a better teacher then you are. A better master and mentor!” Chisoutsa snapped back.
Censilo just grinned and his black sword glowed over Chisoutsa’s head.

Alan Richards and Charles Thompson were found in the dusty building trying to push the car out of a hole they flew in. Alan then heard a noise behind them and he jumped.
            “Who’s that?” he cried out loud.
            “It’s only us,” said a voice that made Charles turn his head.
Professor Walken and Jiko had found the Black Vixen and two friends as a bonus. The Professor looked at the Black Vixen and rubbed his chin.
            “I have seen the extended damage outside and it’s terrible!” he cried.
Jiko moved in to the car and started to push the car back out of the hole.
            “It’s handy when you have Jiko for these things,” joked Charles to Professor Walken.
            “Where is Chisoutsa?” asked Alan.
            “Inside the building where else,” Professor Walken answered.
            “Why did she want to go in there? Is she mad or something Jonathan?” Charles asked.
            “She wanted to do this for a long time. To confront the man who created her and ask why. We were only the map guide for her. Now her part of the job is here. To save the city from certain doom,” Jonathan Walken answered.
            “What can we do to help her?” Alan asked the Professor.
            “Not a lot. Censilo is running the show from the inside and only Chisoutsa can stop him from there. The silver machines are causing a lot of damage. We have to stop them somehow. Alan how is the state of the Black Vixen?” the Professor asked.
            “It’s working fine. Just a couple hits. I will turn some of the power levels back on,” Alan answering then heading around in the driver’s seat of the car.
The lights inside the Black Vixen turned on and Charles watched Jiko standing outside the building and watching the Centrax building. He wandered up to him for support.
            “You can’t do anything for now Jiko. You are needed here to help us,” Charles said to him.
            “I can’t stay here and watch her get beaten by the Demon of the City. I must help her,” Jiko cried.
            “You can’t Jiko. You must stay here and help us. Don’t follow to the Demon of the City too!” Charles cried at him.
            “No I can’t stay here Charles. I hope you understand Charles,” Jiko said before heading away from the damaged side of the building and disappearing.
The Professor was in the passenger seat of the Black Vixen when Charles returned with a disappointed face.
            “Jiko’s gone?” the Professor asked Charles.
            “How did you know?” Charles asked back.
            “I knew he would go and search for her. He is a fool, but a good fool to have,” Professor Walken said.
            “Jonathan we don’t have the fire power to stop these machines. The city is going to be crushed soon,” Charles said.
            “Just get in the back of the car why don’t you do that first,” the Professor asked him.
Charles got inside the car and the doors closed shut on the three people inside. Alan drove the car outside and pointed at the flying power meter, “We can’t fly for the next half hour. The meter is too low to use like I said to Chisoutsa. The Black Vixen has limited power when it comes to flight,” Alan explained to Professor Walken and Charles.
            “All we need to do is give Chisoutsa as much time as we can to stop Censilo. If Censilo is defeated and uses too much power to try to beat her then he will retreat from his city takeover. We need to fight off the silver machine for as long as we can. Maybe Jiko could help Chisoutsa beat off Censilo. The help could be handy for her,” the Professor explained to Charles inside the Black Vixen.
Alan drove the Black Vixen outside and an incoming message came on the video screen, “That’s strange how could it be?” Alan thought out loud.
The underground Librarian appeared on the video screen and Jonathan widened his eyes.
            “Good to see you weren’t scared of me this time around. I have some interesting information in this time of great peril,” the Librarian said.
            “What is it Librarian?” Professor Walken asked.
            “It is about the green globe. It is a chance to show Censilo that you are a team and not lone rangers in the city. It harbours a lot of power in the building which he feeds off. Destroy it with a powerful weapon and his added power will be lost. But sadly nothing can be done about his black sword. The sword that shields even the sunshine sun,” the Librarian called.
            “Thank you,” said Alan.
            “See you later in my Library Professor,” the Librarian said with Jonathan nodding as the video message turned off.
            “Well that’s going to help a lot. We don’t have a big weapon expect a flying shooting car,” reminded Charles.
            “We might be able to pull it off. The shields on the Black Vixen are great and we could use the power of the green globe and reverse it back on it to destroy it. We have to be very lucky to do this!” Alan told the group.
            “It’s our only choice then Alan and Charles. If we fail the city is destroy and Chisoutsa is surly to be killed by Censilo,” Professor Walken told them.
The Black Vixen drove around the area but the car couldn’t fly for about half a hour. Meaning Chisoutsa would have to handle Censilo for a while to come.

The building was sparking power and lightening inside the Centrax building and Jiko entered again to search for Chisoutsa. He carried a machine gun in one hand and a bomb in another. He reached the lift and tried to open it but it was tight shut. He punched his fist into the lift door and caused a hole and he pulled the steel doors open and stepped in. He clicked on the top level but wouldn’t light up for him.
            “Maybe Censilo doesn’t want me to come,” he thought out loud.
He caught the lift to the second top level and saw the dead silver machines on the ground. The green lightening outside of the tall haunting windows that Centrax owned. He walked over to the secret stairs and wandered up them to the next level. He saw Censilo cornering Chisoutsa with his flaming black sword. He stood out on the level and called out to Censilo.
            “Pick on someone your own size,” Jiko shouted out.
            “Jiko?” cried Chisoutsa.
            “The good natured Jiko, always here to help people in need. The stupid boy,” Censilo sneered.
            “We’re going to stop you. The machines will be beaten,’ Jiko said.
            “The Kaiser Unit can not stop them. So I don’t expect you to defeat them,’ Censilo replied.
He held out his sword towards Jiko and black and green beam of power shot out of the sword at Jiko. The power beam smashed all the windows on the top level and the energy was seen outside. The Professor and Alan looked in fear as the building in Censilo’s sheer power. Jiko was flown back by the power and fell out of the building and smashed down a couple levels into a side window and he was knocked out. Censilo turned back to Chisoutsa and she eyed him.
            “So much for his strength, and for you now Chisoutsa it’s time to see how good you are,” Censilo said to her.
Outside the building the Black Vixen’s power was back online and Alan quickly turned back on the flying meter line. The car took off up the building and the Professor watched the green globe.
            “Attack it now!” he cried and the Black Vixen shot a powerful blue beam towards it with bullets around it.
            “It’s not doing it well Jonathan. Is there some other way of doing it?” Charles asked the group.
            “I don’t know,” cried Alan panicking over the green globe.

Censilo stepped back up to the blue stage where Chisoutsa moved forward. He reached out for a sword by the side of the desk and threw it at Chisoutsa’s feet.
            “We can not judge by the skill of guns or bombs. They lack of skill I believe. We will judge by the talent of swordplay. Like the older days of the City of Demons,” Censilo boomed.
Chisoutsa grabbed the sword and positioned herself in front of Censilo. The Black Vixen flew around the top level and the Professor saw Chisoutsa and Censilo about to duel.
            “The battle of the City is now on,” he whispered to himself.
The Professor turned around in the car and looked at secret box in the car where he didn’t tell anyone about. He reached for it and revealed it to the group. It was a red flashing sword and Alan’s eyes lit up.
            “Where did you find that?” he asked.
            “I found it in some of the old levels at Centrax. It was a sword that Chisoutsa was supposed to use when she was going to take over the city under Censilo’s command. I think she might like this sword better. But you guys have to land me on the second top level,’ the Professor said.
            “What else did you take from there,” Charles asked him.
            “Some papers and some goodies but this isn’t the time or place. Land me now,” Professor Walken cried.
The Black Vixen quickly landed on the second level and flew into the broken windows and the Professor hoped out. He nodded at them and they flew away from the window.  Alan kept on watching the flying meter bar and hit the wheel.
            “I don’t know what to do. But there might be one option,” Alan said.
            “What’s that Alan? I don’t like the sound of this idea,” Charles said.
            “We can hit the green globe with the Black Vixen itself. We could possibly blow up with it. With max shields and gunning blazing. We could do it and save the city,” Alan said.
Charles put his head in his hands and looked back at Alan, “If we must then we have to do it.”

Inside the duel Censilo’s long suit cape shone in the light and he smashed into Chisoutsa. She fell to the ground and sword broken easily in two.
            “Nothing will stop me from ruling the Demon City. The city that I desired for all my life!” he cried out.
Suddenly a huge blue thunder hit Censilo in the back and he skittled along the ground on his feet and he held his sword out to shield the unknown power until it stopped. Censilo lowered his sword and Chisoutsa was shocked to see Professor Jonathan Walken with the blue flashing sword.
            “The mentor, you found her official sword. You’re a smart man Walken but you’re not good enough to take me on,” Censilo said.
            “I don’t need to. It’s not my battle. Go home and stop this madness upon the city!” the Professor shouted at Censilo.
            “Walken, you will fail in Chisoutsa like I did. I created her but she doesn’t stand a chance against me or the machines!” Censilo cried.
The Professor winked at Chisoutsa and threw the sword towards her. She grabbed and Censilo glowed his dark sword at the Professor and unleashed a charge of power at him. Professor Walken released his found cane and revealed his sword and crossed the sword and its case towards the power and it hit the Professor. The dark power surrounded him and Chisoutsa watched on eagerly. A yellow power glowed around the Professor and he threw the dark beam of power away from him. The Professor was a lot powerful then he said he was.
            “I’ll let Chisoutsa handle you now. If you can beat her then maybe you can beat me,’ grinned Professor Walken and Censilo sneered at that comment.
He disappeared down the stairs and Censilo turned back to Chisoutsa, “Let’s have this on now!” he shouted out loud charging in towards her.
They crossed swords a number of times and the green lightening and power whipped around the two of them. The blue and black magic swords thrashed at each other and Chisoutsa fought on hard at her creator. From the distance the Professor watched on with awe and Jiko a couple levels could see part of the battle. The Black Vixen drove around the building sky and Charles saw the battle fighting it out.
            “My god, the amount of power used is unbelievable! Censilo is the lord of the city and she is his creation indeed!” Charles shouted out amazed.
Chisoutsa gave out a cry with each strike with the sword at the dark creator. Censilo strike her arm and leg and she fell to the ground. She held on to her sword with all her might. Her eyes started to change to a dark devilish red and Censilo leaned over her. Outside the Black Vixen made a final turn around the building and aimed straight at the green globe.
            “Max shields on! Full energy power on! Charge!” Alan cried out and the Black Vixen blasted its way towards glowing blue and red and smashed the green globe to pieces. The Black Vixen lost complete power and Charles and Alan with the car fell from the sky over the back of the building. The Professor watched the car go down and cried out, “No! Alan, Charles you fools!”
Censilo quickly turned around to hear the green globe being destroyed.
            “It is impossible!” he shouted out loud.
Chisoutsa leaped from the ground and smashed Censilo away from her in a wall.
            “You’re not coming out of here alive!” she yelled at him.
            “How dare you speak to your creator like that? I created you so I destroy you!” he yelled back.
The pair fought on as they made their way to the roof of the Centrax building. Chisoutsa saw burned out parts of the Black Vixen and she thought of her friends. Censilo grinned at her worry.
            “Your friends seem to be more then in trouble. I can’t see anybody around here but just the two of us. The way you wanted it to be,” Censilo said.
The burning fire surrounded the two of them and they circled each other. Down below them where the silver machines had crushed the Kaiser Unit easily, the Professor found the badly damaged Black Vixen and two bodies laying in it. He ran down to open the car door and went to Charles first.
            “Charles! Can you hear me?” he cried.
He half nodded at him before fell back into his seat and the Professor looked around the run down city and tossed his head. The City of Demon’s shadow has returned and has given everyone the upset shake up that legend turned rumours have been said for so long. The Professor twisted his cane around his hand and thought about what needed to be done to beat Censilo for good.
            “I need to regroup and create a team,” he whispered.
He watched the rooftop where Chisoutsa and Censilo were battling in the fire. He had remembered Censilo from past events from the City of Demons and he rubbed his leg and looked at the Black Vixen again.
            “Your day will come Censilo,” he said to himself.

The rooftop was heating up as the fire was edging closer and closer to the fighting pair. Censilo watched his burning logo in the wreckage as Chisoutsa was tyring in the battle. He pushed Chisoutsa’s sword up with one arm and the fire finally circled them where no one could escape. She saw the fire getting at her legs and Censilo stared straight into her eyes.
            “I am impressed by your skill. For such a young age you have done well. Maybe I should have kept you. But you still have much to learn, not just in strength and power Chisoutsa,” Censilo said.
            “Your loss was my gain in the end Censilo. You know that,” Chisoutsa shouted back.
Censilo chuckled to himself with fixed up his silver glasses, “Your gain has been gambled for one last time.” He slashed his sword as Chisoutsa slashed back injuring the both of them at the same time. The Professor watched from below as he saw the two fell to the ground and he covered his mouth in shock.  Censilo slowly woke up with the fire over him and Chisoutsa. He moved his sword and it glowed red again. He was sweating and raised hi sword up and cracked the roof top and the pair fell down to the lower level as the fire ran wild on top of the Centrax building, He slowly rose and watched Chisoutsa lying on the ground tired and battered.
            “Until we met again Chisoutsa,” he spoke softly to her and he wandered off into the distance before disappearing.


It was until the fires had departed and the silver machines had moved on with Censilo to a secret location when Professor Walken found Chisoutsa resting by a wall. He gave a wry look as she turned his head towards him.
            “I couldn’t beat him,” she staring into space.
            “You did your best and you pushed him to the edge. He had to leave quickly or you would have taken him down with yourself,” he answered.
            “Where is everyone?” she asked him.
            “Some of them are fine and some are not. Now is not the time to worry. We have to prepare now that the real deal has arrived in the city.”
            “I’ll be ready for him next time,” Chisoutsa said lowering his head down bloodied and wasted.
            “And so the raging war of the city continues,” the Professor leaning down with his on her head.
The City had been burnt alive by the first battle of the evil demon of the city against the very creation that the demon made. Chisoutsa’s past has been revealed in it’s horror tale with Censilo and also her destiny revealed to over throne his maker and free the city from it’s chains of pain and sorrow.

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