Final Chapter – Chisoutsa: The Undead Emperor

The journey in Soclice has taken a toll on everyone who had seen the destruction by the hand of Wararth. Lucas Walken and Frithdar lead the group along the streets with burned down buildings and people hiding in their homes. Wararth had made sure his power and fear strike in the minds of everyone. Frithdar pointed towards the deserted building where Kalund suggested the ghost of the Emperor might be hiding.

“We have to see what we can do to see him finally,” Frithdar said.

Together the group walked into the deserted building and Frithdar raised up both his hands, “Come forward ghost of the Emperor, the one who lives forever. The soul that was taken by Wararth, the voice in the air. Come forward and be free forever!” he shouted.

A violent clash of lightening was heard around the building and the ripped papers on the desks flew up in the air. Alan and Lucas turned around to see a image starting to appear.

“Come forward Emperor, time for you to appear” Lucas said to the image.

The image appeared into the ghost of the Emperor and he shook his head and rolled his neck and looked at the group, “Am I alive or dead. Can you all see me now,”

“Yes we can see you now Emperor,” said Lucas while Frithdar soften the spell and the room returned to its normal state.

“You must be the true Emperor, the one who’s soul was taken I believe. I was the one who did the DNA tests on your body,” Alan said to the Emperor.

“Yes, I am the true Emperor. I have been wandering my land for more twenty years and I thought I would be doomed forever. It is wonderful to see Stoin and Kalund again and be able to speak to them again. They have been the ones in the council he had the best heart and thought for Soclice,” The Emperor said.

“It is amazing to see you again dear Emperor. Our new friends have been working hard to try to bring Soclice back together again. We believe we can return you back to your body to help save Soclice,” Kalund explained.

“How would we do that, I have heard the whispers about a soul exchange from my spying you can say. I have been watching you all help so much than I haven’t been able to do anything.”

Lucas came up to the Emperor to explain about the Staff of Soclice, “We believe if you return to your body the staff will become unusable to Wararth and that would weaken his position over Soclice.”

The Emperor floated around the room pounding about the Staff of Soclice and its new found power. He turned back to the group in thought, “You know myself and the past emperors never thought the Staff of Soclice would actually have all these abilities. I mean we thought it is a myth after all this time. Why is it I never could use its power?” he asked.

“I think it’s just the simple case that no one knew. If people believe it’s a myth or legend than no one would ever try to really it and believe in it. Now that you know everything is going to be easier for you and that the great power that it has comes with the great responsibly,” Frithdar responded to the Emperor.

Stolin looked through the windows of the deserted building and looked at the Emperor, “I suppose we need to move on and meet up with Chisoutsa. I hope she is well after the church outing and what not.”

“Chisoutsa is strong, I’m sure she is fine. Once we get to the Emperor’s house we will have to be quick about returning you to your body. Both Lucas and I will hold off Wararth for as long we can,” Frithdar replied.

Meanwhile Chisoutsa’s state of mind was still in overdrive as she wandered through the streets of Soclice. She arrived at the court yards of the Emperor with borrowed clothes from one of the beach houses as she was sat down around the flower beds and statues of pat emperors. Her hands felt warm, burning of fire as she struggled with her new found powers. Over the horizon she saw Lucas leading the group as for the first time visional the ghost of the Emperor could be seen. She decided to head them off and go see Wararth on her own. She walked into the Emperor’s House with Wararth sitting in the throne watching on.

“Well well, you look under the weather Chisoutsa. Have we been getting in touch with one’s other side?” Wararth commented on Chisoutsa’s look.

“I’ve made some tough choices and your time here is ending Wararth,” Chisoutsa replied.

Wararth stood up from his throne seat and turned his head towards Chisoutsa, “These choices were hard for you to make. Even now your mind is struggling and failing before you. How does it feel for you to go around your father’s back. How disappointed will he feel in you?”

“How would you know that,” Chisoutsa asked.

“The expression is written on your face. Under all your darkness of the demon inside there is a part of you that questions your decision. I know why you did it. So come get him,” Wararth said with a cry in his voice.

Chisoutsa unleash fire in her hands and threw a couple bolts at the ghostly lord. Lucas and Frithdar entered the Emperor’s House with the ghost of the Emperor in hand and read the play.

“Chisoutsa, stay back and let’s do the body transfer,” Lucas shouted out.

Chisoutsa moved back from confronting Wararth who was firing up of power. The ghost of the Emperor held on to Chisoutsa’s hand as together as they ran around the back of the throne and she lifted up the tome of his body with force. She placed her hand on the chest of the dead emperor and her eyes and hands glowed a bright red. Wararth turned forward towards Lucas and Frithdar unleashing a blizzard upon the two of them. He shot around and grabbed the staff in hand and skull bashed Lucas continually. The ghost of the emperor slowly returned to his body and freed up Chisoutsa.

The power of the staff started to misfire for Wararth. He threw the staff away as soon as he saw the real Emperor appear back in his body after twenty years.

“Curses I should have known.” He growled to himself.

He increased his blizzard in the Emperor’s House where the Emperor held up the staff and a binding light flashed across the area. The light shook Wararth around and balanced enough to freeze Lucas and Frithdar in their paths. Chisoutsa and the Emperor together tried to push the blizzard back to Wararth while he disappeared from sight.

“Where he go?” Chisoutsa said moving around the room.

“I don’t know, let’s split up in the room. I’ll stay here next to the throne.” The Emperor said.

Wararth reappeared straight in front of Chisoutsa put his arm into her body and overtook her entire body, “Chisoutsa!” cried the Emperor.

Wararth inside Chisoutsa’s body turned around with a grin on her face, “Now this is real power.”

The Emperor of Soclice watched on with horror as Wararth the ghost lord had taken Chisoutsa’s body inside the Emperor’s house. Chisoutsa shook her body and Wararth’s voice came out.

“If I can’t defeat her for now I shall take her body and do what I please with it.”

“Release yourself from her body at once! The people of Soclice don’t want you here anymore than I do,” The Emperor ordered Wararth.

“You’re too old to handle me. With Chisoutsa under my power and her brother and the old wizard frozen there is no one here to help you anymore.” Wararth replied.

Wararth unleash another blizzard upon The Emperor and moved towards him. Outside of the Emperor’s House Alan Richards, Kalund, and Stolin were watching the battle when Alan banged his fist against the wall.

“We have to do something but I don’t know what!” he cried.

Stolin and Kalund met together for a small chat wondering what they could do to help tide their changes around. The both of them viewed Lucas and Frithdar’s frozen bodies and then the image of Chisoutsa being taken over by Wararth.

“I really can’t see anything that can help us now. I’m not a wizard and we can’t take on Wararth.” Kalund said in defeat.

“You know that demons are weak to ice and blizzards. Maybe that’s why Wararth is staying clear of his magic. We should try and block him in a blizzard,” Alan explained.

Stolin rubbed his beard and nodded, “How do we do that idea Alan?” he asked.

“Run in there and get The Emperor to force Wararth into a corner. Only idea I have,” Alan said.

The three of them nodded at the idea and decided to roll the dice on the plan. Alan came into the Empire’s House where Wararth were exchanging bolts of fire with the blizzard still buzzing around.

“Emperor, push him into the blizzard! He will weaken and might let go of Chisoutsa!” Alan cried out.

The Emperor shot out a electric ray towards Wararth from his staff and Wararth started moving back into the blizzard however when he was in the blizzard there was no effect. Alan, Stolin, and Kalund ran up to grab some axes found hung on the side of the throne room and decided to charge into Chisoutsa’s body.  Her body shook abit as Wararth noticed a pulling back from attacking her friends.

“All of you are trying in vain. Give up the fight and I will spare your lives,” Wararth noted.

The Emperor turned around from the battle and the moment. He walked up to the group with the staff of Soclice in hand. He looked over his elderly hands and the years he had been missing from his very own body. He closed his eyes hearing the wrath of Wararth in the background and the pain it had caused his own land. He looked up to the group with a tear in his eye. Alan, Stolin, and Kalund froze in their places for a moment. The Emperor pulled Stolin up to his mouth, “The empire is yours.” He said.

Alan grabbed the Emperor’s arm and looked at him with a glare in his eye, “What did you say?” he shouted.

“For all the goodness of the world, the one that walks forever was never me. Whatever path one takes, follow it even if it breaks your heart. Forgive me,” The Emperor said.

He turned around with the Staff of Soclice and charged towards Wararth within Chisoutsa’s body. He raised the staff end in the middle of the wild blizzard and daggered it in Chisoutsa’s body. The blizzard smashed away from Wararth  like a twister and the spells of the ghost lord were shattered within time. The windows in the Emperor’s House smashed to pieces and the guards who were in stone turned back to human form. They stood in shock as the Emperor’s House caved from the inside. The magic and madness stopped in a heartbeat and there was silence. Total silence.

The Government Square was in overdrive in the City of Demons when the news broke of the destruction of the Emperor’s House. News television took over the screens of everywhere where Charles Thompson the Prime Leader was watching in his office.

“There is breaking news of the end of civil war between Wararth the ghost lord who in recent reports told that he had taken the body of Chisoutsa, the famous savior of The City of Demons. People on the streets are reporting that the Emperor’s House is completely destroyed and that no one has survived. We will bring you more up to date news as it comes in,” the news report beamed.

Charles picked up his phone and called a number, “I want everyone army, police, and people over in Soclice at once. The City of Demons will answer its call. We must find these people at once!”

Crows of people were found helping to lift up dirt and rabble at the Emperor’s House when the Prime Leader arrived with Allegheri, Mr. Umzeu, and Professor Walken.  Charles went up to a senior army guard and questioned him, “What has happened and are there any survivors?”

“We have found who are there on the side there recovering with medical,” he answered.

Charles and Allegheri went up to see Stolin and Kalund on some seats dusty and bloodied, “What happened here? Who is alive?” Charles asked the pair.

“The Emperor, he saved us. I don’t know what happened next” Kalund answered.

Shouts were heard from inside the rubble as the army guards pulled out two people. Allegheri turned around to see Frithdar and Lucas appeared from the wreak and nudged the Professor. Professor Walken rushed up to see Lucas, “Son, are you ok. Where’s Chisoutsa. What happened?”

“We got frozen by Wararth and that is all I know.” Lucas answered.

Over in the corner five army guards found a moving body in the rabble and Mr. Umezu heard Alan’s voice, “Alan Richards, don’t you bloody die on me. That’s a order. Where are you?” he shouted from a distance. The army guards helped Alan up and Mr. Umezu helped dusting off his clothes and looked around the area.

“Chisoutsa’s body was taken over by Wararth. She’s over there somewhere,” Alan answered coughing on the dust. Mr. Umezu helped Alan along the room where Charles and a dozen army guard set upon the area where Chisoutsa was.  Professor Walken dug up the bricks with the guards as everyone chipped in to help. Charles was alerted by the army guards to come over to see a body found, “I’m afraid the Emperor is dead,” replied the guard.

Stolin and Kalund came across to see the body and were sadden to see their leader has lost his life again, “Maybe he knew this was going to happen in the end, “Stolin said to Kalund.

Professor Walken found a leg of Chisoutsa and the army guards and he rushed to pull her out of the mess. They carried her across the rubble and put her down in the court yard in with all the flowers which amazingly was still standing after the battle with Wararth. Alan came up and checked on her body with Allegheri and Allegheri grew in sorrow. He turned around to Chisoutsa’s father and grabbed his hand.

“She fought a hard battle and freed the Emperor’s soul. She and the Emperor are gone. They saved us all Jonathan,” Allegheri replied.

Jonathan Walken sat on the grass in a haze and touched Chisoutsa’s face and nothing appeared in his mind expect for his only daughter. Lucas, Frithdar, Mr. Umezu, Stolin, Alan, and Kalund stood around the Professor and Chisoutsa in the court yard.

“I knew this could happen many times in the past but I never thought this could happen. She ends up getting killed by the Emperor to defeat Wararth.” Spoke the Professor.

Charles stood next to Professor and leaned down to see his old friend in pain. Jonathan held Charles’s shoulder struggling to control his emotions, “I did this. I pushed her to be this person who would save the world. I tried to control her demon thoughts. I was wrong, so very wrong.”

Mr. Umezu leaned down and looked at Chisoutsa’s face. He noticed a odd green coloring in her eyes and looked up at Allegheri, “Old vampire, what’s this about?” he asked.

“I have never seen that coloring before. There’s no heartbeat but is there brain activity,” Allegheri said.

“We will return her back to Scienceworks for tests to see how she died. I want every possible test done on her to see what happened,” Charles instructed Alan and Mr. Umezu.

The two nodded as Professor Walken lay over his daughter’s body but Mr. Umezu had other thoughts about her death. Chisoutsa was indeed dead but the crafty businessman was not buying that she was gone forever.

“This is Chisoutsa we are talking about,” he whispered to Alan, “She couldn’t die based on this. Impossible to live through for other people but this is no originally girl we are talking. I will be making my own investigations into myself,” he explained further to Alan.

Frithdar stepped forward with an answer to the Chisoutsa’s condition. He leaned down to watch her strange green eyes flicker and looked at Professor Walken.

“The Ghost Lord has captured her soul however there was something that he didn’t plan on when he took over her body,” Frithdar said.

“What was that?” Professor Walken replied leaning down next to him studying Chisoutsa’s eyes.

“He’s a human and demon and he’s only taken the demon side. She can be saved,” Frithdar explained.

Frithdar walked around and grabbed Lucas by his side and instructed the crowd of people to stand back. Everyone took a few steps back from the ruins of the area while Frithdar spoke out about the spell he was planning to make.

“When the Ghost Lord took her body he wrapped his soul over the demon DNA aspect of her soul. Normally the eyes in this case are pure white but when I saw the eyes were green I thought of a rare teaching I wrote about ghosts taking over people’s souls to prevent death. The only catch in taking out the Wararth’s part is that Chisoutsa will actually become a pure human after the effect of the spell. This is the only way to save her so we must begin at once.”

Both Frithdar and Lucas raised ther arms above Chisoutsa’s body and the soul of the Ghost Lord shot up from her eyes. Lucas moved around the body and gave a quick push and the Ghost Lord’s soulflew off away from the area and disappeared. Chisoutsa woke up with a fright and Professor Walken rushed over to check on her.

“Surprisingly the spell itself isn’t that hard to preform it just that no one really knows the spell itself or the format to use it in,” Frithdar explained to the group.

Chisoutsa stood up with everyone around her and looking tired and woren out. She felt quite different and turned to Professor Walken and Mr. Umezu who was next to him, “I’m different. What happened to me?” she asked the pair.

“You don’t have the demon DNA in you anymore it was taken out to save your life Chisoutsa. You’re a normal human now. Ins’t it amazing?” the Professor answered.

“That’s right, part of the reason why the DNA was abled to be removed because it was the Ghost Lord and not any normal ghost that took your body and soul.” Frithdar replied.

“Well this is going to take some time to get used to. But now I’m pleased that everything here is finally over and that all the troubles of our world is behind us. I can actually have a normal life now,” Chisoutsa said to the group.

And with that group decided to return to the Beach Houses near the shore and take time to recover and think about the day’s events.

A few days had passed and it was time for everyone to return back home. However not everyone was heading home. Chisoutsa was with Professor Walken and Lucas while she spoke to them about her news.

“I want to stay here to live. It might not be forever but now I’m retiring from cleaning up every mess in this world and now I’m actually normal I can have a normal life now and get the idea of that too,” she said to the pair.

“And for myself and your mother Lucas we have decided to move away from The City of Demon and travel for a few years and settle into a quiet area once we are done with our travels. Since the times of Censilo the Demon Lord and problems that we have had before that I feel it’s time to spend more time with her and lead a quieter life like Chisoutsa.” Professor Walken added.

“Both of you are leaving? What will happen to The City of Demons now the two of you are gone?” Lucas asked the pair.

“You can take control of the city, which I mean look after. I’m sure you can handle that,” smiled Chisoutsa.

“And Frithdar is expected to stay in the city for some time. Charles is still Prime Leader for a couple more years and I even guess that Mr. Umezu will guide you as well seeming he has become a full time good guy in the past few years I suppose,” the Professor added.

Professor Walken noticed Allegheri in the background and looked over there, “I’ll be leaving you two alone. Allegheri is also moving back to the Vampire Deathlands to continue their own rebuilding as well as this joint here. Chisoutsa will some assistance work here too. To next time I will see you two again,” he replied and wandered down the stairs with his trusty cane.

All the visitors had returned home over the coming hours and it was just Chisoutsa Walken and Lucas Walken. Chisoutsa handed Lucas a beer as she smoked the last of Mr. Umezu’s cigars.

“You know Frithdar was impressive by your magic. You’re become a good wizard and fighter. Magic was something I couldn’t wrap my head around,” she noticed.

“Thanks Sis, I do have my father’s brains. That goes a long way,” Lucas answered sipping from his beer.

“I think The City of Demons is in good hands. Besides I can’t keep on fighting battles forever and I cleaned up the joint well enough for you,”

“You have but there’s always something new in the future,” Lucas reminded her.

“Let’s toast to the success and whatever future you may have now that’s the city is in your hands to look after,” Chisoutsa said.

The two of them knocked beer bottles and looked out over the beach for they knew a chapter was closing but the story still lives on.

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