Final Chapter – Chisoutsa: The Virgin War

A small party was found lurking towards Censilo’s demon throne. The leader stopped the party and turned to them.
   “I’m completely lost now. Seriously does anyone know where we are?’ he asked.
The Prime Leader walked up to the leader and grabbed the map from him. He started looking at it.
   “It’s all rubbish this Charles. Follow the noise I say. Keep on going upstairs. The Hyper Camp is the highest building in the City of Demon. In the last 20 hours it is now,” he told Charles.
Miyomoto, Kuzuki, Muri and Yuri were watching on with the Primer Leader and Charles fighting about which direction to take. Charles grabbed the map back from the Prime Leader and pointed at the Censilo throne room.
   “Let’s go there. See if anyone is there,” snapped Charles.
The party walked up towards the large doors while the noise of silver machines was moving higher to the top of the Hyper Camp. Charles and Miyomoto pushed open the doors to see Alan lying on the ground with the Professor and Emily helping him. Charles ran over to help Alan. Yuri and Muri followed.   
   “He’s been shot Charles,” Emily told him.
   “I know how to help him. Yuri and I will stay with him,” she said.
   “I will stay with the girls. It is time for you guys to move on to help Chisoutsa. She needs everything,” the Prime Leader said.
Alan was half wake and spoke to Professor Walken for a moment, “I’ve seen the entire Hyper Camp. It’s nearly impossible to reach the death level which is near the roof top. While Censilo was not looking I dropped a device down a hole. The hole leads to a old train station. The track goes upwards towards the death level. But the track is incomplete. Use the device to speed it up and smash through the roof that they made to block access to the top level.”
   “We can do that when we find Chisoutsa,” Charles replied.
The party left Alan and the others in the room and headed to find Chisoutsa to get after Censilo.

Chisoutsa was Jiko was walking around the Hyper Camp unknown what to do now. Still feeling the pain of Hayco’s loss she wandered around and stopped.
   “I don’t know how to do this now. Censilo still has the balls in his court,” she said.
   “You can do it. You have to turn your sorrow into power. Shentile and the Professor would say that,” Jiko replied.
   “We have to move on now. Let’s look for the Professor.”
The pair walked around the corner where the drop hole was where Alan said earlier. In the distance Jiko saw the other party and nudged Chisoutsa.
   “Look there they are,” he shouted.
The Professor and Emily saw Chisoutsa for the first time since the news that changed their world was revealed to them. The Professor pulled Emily to one side.
   “I don’t think we should tell her now,” Jonathan told her.
   “Why not? She needs to know,” Emily replied.
   “She’s coping bad enough with Hayco gone. Let’s tell her after we get out of here.”
   “Jonathan, there may never be a next time. Think about it,” she whispered to him.
   “Let’s stay quiet on this one.”
Chisoutsa came up to the Professor and Emily and looked at Charles, “Where have you been?”
   “We were with Censilo. Umm, Alan is with the Prime Leader and a couple of the motor girls,” answered Professor Walken trying to stay cool.
   “Alan made a plan to use a old train to break into the death level. Like how a rollercoaster works. You go up and then leave the rails and the train will. I don’t know what happens after that,” Charles told Chisoutsa and Jiko.
   “Great plan guys. We should be dead by the time we get to see Censilo,” Chisoutsa replied unhappily.
   “The only plan we have. We have to move now,” the Professor answered keeping his feelings inside.
The group walked to the hole and one by one people climbed down to the train station. They walked for a few miles and Emily was talking to Chisoutsa.
   “I know what happened to Hayco. I’m so sorry it had to happen,” she told her.
   “I could have saved him you know. But he showed me things that I need to do,” she said.
   “It’s hard to lose the ones you love,” Emily replied.
   “I have no family or anyone close to me now. Just the Professor and Jiko left. Everything has been taken away from me by Censilo,” Chisoutsa answered.
Emily wanted so badly to tell Chisoutsa she was her mother but she kept to Jonathan’s words, “I know how you feel.”
Charles found the device that Alan dropped and waved it up in the air,” I found it. The train’s just here. It’s easy to open the doors on these trains.”
The party walked on and climbed into the train. Most of them stayed in the first carriage while Chisoutsa, Jiko and Miyomoto were in the driver’s seat. The train started to move slowly and Miyomoto installed the device and turned it on.
   “The train’s gonna catch on fire after it break the speed limit they were built for,” Miyomoto warned the pair.
   “We better hold on when the train goes off the rails. It should fall on its side inside the top level, “Jiko said.
The special device started to send the train into overdrive. Professor Walken was with Emily while Charles was checking the other carriages. He walked down and viewed something moving them behind the train. It was a dark planted machine on rails with large machine guns on each side of it. He saw silver machines driving the beast.
   “We have a problem!” he cried out.
Chisoutsa and Jiko heard Charles’s cries and Jiko headed out back to see. He came walking down with a couple weapons and spoke to him.
   “What’s up?” he asked.
   “Look!” he cried.
Jiko saw the beast machines catching up towards the train and turned back to Charles, “Take this weapon and fire at it.”
Together the two fired at the beast machine. Three silver machines came out of the machine and fired bullets back at them. Professor Walken walked down to see Jiko and Charles and thought of a plan. He rushed back to the driver’s room where Chisoutsa and Miyomoto watching train started to heat up fast.
   “I have a plan to get rid of that machine following us,” he told them.
   “What’s that?’ asked Chisoutsa.
   “Someone needs to disconnect the last couple carriages and sent it crashing into the other train. That’s the only solution we have. Our train is running to fast and hot. If they fire bullets at I, we will all go up in smoke,” he explained his plan to her.
   “I’ll go and do that. You keep watch with Miyomoto,” Chisoutsa said.
The Professor stopped her and spoke to her closely, “You be careful ok.”
Chisoutsa was puzzled at his comments, “Ok I will.”
She jogged down the train carriages and arrived where Jiko and Charles were, “Move back up now!” she shouted at them.
Jiko and Charles pulled back as they crossed a couple carriages back. Chisoutsa pulled Charles to one side.
   “How do I disconnect the carriages?”
   “You have to go outside the train to do it. That’s far too dangerous,” Charles replied.
   “I have to do it. You take Jiko back to the driver’s room. I’ll meet you when the train stops,” she said.
Charles and Jiko trekked back to the front of train as Miyomoto pointed out the end of the track. Jiko watched through a window as Chisoutsa got out of the train with her gun in her teeth. She moved around to the side of train as she saw silver machines jumping onto the carriage and firing bullets at her. She fired back with one hand while the other held her hanging on to the train. She turned around saw the track ending. The train flew off the rails and totally horizontal in the air heading towards the death level.
She fell back and smashed her head against the train. The silver machines grabbed hold of her and she tried to push them back. She used her gun and smacked one off her. Everyone in the train fell back down the carriages. The Professor and Emily held on to the side poles. Jiko and Miyomoto held on to the control. Charles watched the train catch on fire. Jiko stepped back as the controls burst on fire.
Chisoutsa pushed the last silver machine back and worked on the carriage connection. She turned forward to see the death level up ahead. A figure arrived at the death level and pulled out a sword. Censilo was watching the train about to smash into the level. His eyes glowed behind his silver glasses and held out his sword. The wind picked up and his sword charged out a burning flame towards the train. Miyomoto was standing too close to the front of the train and was stuck by the flame and fell to the ground. Jiko rushed to him.
   “No. He’s dead!” he cried in shock.
He moved back to the next carriage and the Professor saw the shock in his face and headed for the driver’s room. Chisoutsa disconnected the train carriages and they fell towards the best machine. The machine explosive and Chisoutsa was blown by it. She fell straight into a window back inside the train. She saw the flames building up inside the train and rushed towards the driver’s room.
She saw Professor Walken taking out his sword as he saw Censilo watching on. Chisoutsa stepped towards him. Emily, Jiko and Charles came into the room. The Professor was waiting for Censilo’s next move. Censilo moved his sword down and another flaming beam arrived towards the train.
   “Hold on everyone. We need to get to the top level in one piece, especially Chisoutsa!” he cried to the group.
The flaming beam was blocked by Jonathan Walken’s sword and his face grew with anger towards Censilo as he pushed his sword pushed with all his might.
   “Professor, don’t do this. We have lost Hayco and now Miyomoto! I don’t want to lose you too!” she cried.
   “I need to do this for myself Chisoutsa!” the Professor cried out fixed on Censilo.
Chisoutsa touched Professor Walken and tried to move him back, “Come on now!” she shouted at him.
   “I’m your father and I want you to stand back now!” Walken shouted back.
Chisoutsa stood back in shock and Jiko and Charles turned to each other surprised. Professor Walken turned back to and pushed back the flaming beam back at Censilo. Censilo swiped the flame out of his way and walked away from the train coming at him. The train smashed through the ground and landed on its side. Everyone fell down and the train was still at last.

The air was still on the death level. The highest scope of the City of Demons can be seen here. The train was quiet as the flames disappeared. Censilo drawn his sword back in and watched the train. One figure rose from the train. Censilo smiled towards the figure. Chisoutsa walked off the train and stood towards him. She dropped her gun on the ground and withdrew a sword from her side.
   “You are strong like your father,” Censilo said.
   “It is true. Why did you say my parents were killed?” Chisoutsa asked.
Censilo walked over to a table with cups and devices on it, “I thought I did kill your parents. All I did was killed most of the other DNA donators.”
   “So you told the Professor today then. When you found out,” Chisoutsa said.
   “Yes when I found out. Emily is your mother too,” Censilo added.
Chisoutsa turned back to the train where Emily and Charles were helping the Professor out of the train and walked over to the side. Chisoutsa came over and saw Jonathan and Emily.
   “It is true then. You are my parents,” she said to them.
   “I’m sorry I didn’t tell you earlier. I wanted you to go into the final battle with your mind on it. I care about you too much,” Professor Walken said.
   “I’m glad that you two are my parents,” Chisoutsa said.
   “We are too Chisoutsa,” Emily added.
The blood ran down the walls and the lightening flashed outside of the City of Demons. Censilo called out to Chisoutsa.
   “It is so fitting that we battle for one last time. Out of my time in both the first and second life worlds, you were my greatest creation. I have worked my way back to this world in order to rule it and the second life world. I was killed in this world before. Lead a army in my next life then found my way back here. To right the wrongs I made before. To make sure that nothing stops in my way anymore,” Censilo said.
   “You failed before and you can do that again Censilo. You have to past me before you can get at anything this world has to offer,” Chisoutsa boomed.
   “I’m nearly invincible in this world. I know the Librarian knew information about my past. He is an old friend of the College in the second life. You will try to transport me back to the second life with a spell. But during my resurrection, that will be the hard part for you,” Censilo smiled.
Professor Walken pulled himself up from the ground standing next to Emily, Charles and Jiko. Chisoutsa walked over to the table where Censilo was on the other side. He slid a cup of blood across to her and he picked up his own cup of blood.
   “Here’s a nice cup of your blood in my hands. It’s a tradition we have with the Death Demons. To drink each other’s blood for a final battle,” Censilo said drinking Chisoutsa’s blood.
Chisoutsa drank Censilo’s blood and Censilo threw the cup on the ground and moved over to the centre of the death level. Chisoutsa moved as well to the other end and dropped the cup to the ground. Both drew out their swords and eyed each other.
   “Today is your chance to become the master or the failed student. For the City of Demons, Chisoutsa Walken,”
   “I will complete my destiny as the savior of the first life. For the City of the Demons, Censilo Fukatho,” Chisoutsa said.

Together they withdrew their swords and charged towards and pushed each other towards the other side. The wind blew hard and the lightening cracked inside the death level. Chisoutsa smashed herself into Censilo as he pulled and stroked back at her. They clashed swords together for a while moving around the death level. Censilo cut into Chisoutsa arm and she darted off behind some walls in the corner. Censilo moved around the wall and kept watch for her. She moved around the walls looking out for Censilo. She pulled out the piece of paper that the Librarian gave her about the spell and had a look.
   “There’s nothing on it!” she cried in shock.
She put it back in her pocket and turned around. She received a kick in the back and her sword feel out of hands and on the ground. Censilo kicked the sword right over ground to the other side and kicked Chisoutsa in the face. Blood dripped down from her face as she tried to get away from Censilo as he kept on kicking her down.
   “Shame you’re sword is gone,” he cried kicking her away into a wall.
Jiko watched on and saw the sword on the other of the ground and bolted over there. The Professor and Emily watched on and saw Chisoutsa struggling to get back up again. Jiko dived on the ground and grabbed the sword. Censilo whipped his sword around himself and a light shield appeared around him. Then he raised his sword up and the lightening start glow towards Jiko and Chisoutsa.
   “I do know some spells from the second life Chisoutsa. You haven’t even beaten me down for a chance to win,” Censilo grinned towards her.
Censilo turned to face Jiko as Chisoutsa watched on from the ground, “You can’t stop me Jiko. You are weak and much too much heart. That’s why I picked Chisoutsa over you!” he cried as he released another flaming beam at Jiko. Jiko tried to block it with the sword but was hit and sent to the wall. The sword and he fell to the ground. Chisoutsa pushed herself back up and headed over to Jiko. She pulled him up next to the wall and Jiko looked confused and injured. She kissed him on the lips and spoke to him, “Stay here and stay safe. You are the last person in this world I want gone.”
She took the sword from him and rose back to her feet facing Censilo. The demon of the city fired off flames towards Chisoutsa. She blocked them and marched closer in to him. The flames bounced back to him and weakened his shield. She run into him and smashed the shield and he fell to the ground. Censilo’s silver glasses broke and he grew angry. Chisoutsa slashed into his body, again and again. A lighting bolts strike Chisoutsa and she fell back to the ground.
Censilo was on the ground and the Professor and Emily stepped forward to watch, “I think he’s dead. That’s a bad thing,” Professor Walken said to his wife.
As Chisoutsa climbed back to her feet a huge power surge took over Censilo and Chisoutsa flew for meters in the air into a wall. Censilo rose into the air and his white suit turned red into the shades of his demon colors in the second life.
   “He’s a full demon god while he’s dead. Between the first and second life worlds,” shouted out the Professor.
The ground shook like mad and lava blown up through the cracks. The lightening strike everywhere in the room and Censilo came back on the ground. His sword was a flaming hell red. Chisoutsa rose from the ground yet again and her eyes changed to red and her sword glowed blue. The Professor and Emily rushed to Jiko and carried him around the room while the lightening started to kill them. One did hit them and the three fell to the ground. Jiko fell on his head and his eyes watched Chisoutsa fighting Censilo the lord of all demons. Chisoutsa took out the paper and look at it again. There was nothing on it. She turned the paper over to see the other side. It had words on it. “Look inside your right pocket” Chisoutsa was puzzled and reached into her pocket and the only thing she pulled out was the watch that Hayco gave her. All it had was the time and words printed over it.
   “This isn’t a transporter!” she screamed to herself.
Suddenly the watch glowed and the word transporter appeared on it. Chisoutsa eyes lit up. Her legs were getting burnt by the lava and the lightening was closing in on her. Censilo saw Professor Walken heading towards Chisoutsa for help and blasted a demon power shot towards him and smashed his cane and leg and he fell to the ground.
   “My leg is nearly cut in two. Arrrhhhh!” he screamed in pain.
Chisoutsa’s fear turned to her father, his leg was about to be cut in two. She turned to Censilo who charged himself up. Chisoutsa pulled back from him and positioned herself. Emily nursed Jonathan and held him in her arms. Jiko watched on in pain and grief. His time to tell how he felt about her was running out in seconds. Censilo unleashed his most powerful spell known to demons towards and Chisoutsa held out his sword as a shield. The power hit the sword and the entire City of Demons lit up in its deadly light. Everywhere in the City of Demon the light and power could be seen. People in the streets stopped to watch the battle high in the sky.  Censilo pushed even harder and Chisoutsa stood strong. Her eyes glowed red and moved closer to him. She held out the transporter device to him. A white beam shot out from the device and hit Censilo. The eyes in the room grew in fear as Chisoutsa nearly touched Censilo in full flight.
Chisoutsa’s sword touched Censilo’s sword and screamed out a war cry at him. A huge ball of demon power covered the two of them. The transporter device shot through Censilo and a huge explosion was unleashed between the two of them. Censilo’s body started to transport away from this world and Chisoutsa fell on the ground and the remaining demon spell struck her hard. The lava and lightening struck her number of times on the ground as Censilo disappeared into the second life world and was defeated by his creation. Chisoutsa was on the ground when the Professor pulled himself by his finger nails towards his daughter and lifted her head up. Jiko pull himself up and came towards her too. Emily came over as well. The lighting and the lava disappeared in a flash. Jonathan’s tears fell on Chisoutsa’s face as her lifeless body couldn’t breathe any longer.
   “You did what you wanted to do. I feel we have gained and lost the world all at once,” he cried putting his head on hers.
A number of visitors arrived on the scene since the final battle. Alan, Yuri and Muri made it though to the top now that Censilo was gone from the earth. Behind them Tyrell and Riyoko arrived when they saw the battle from down in the city. They had been told to come earlier by the Prime Leader who was also there.
   “Oh dear no,” said Tyrell quietly.
Jiko stood by himself, his chance was gone now. He looked down to see the transporter device and picked it up. He sat down next to Chisoutsa and held her close o her. Jonathan and Emily were lost for words. 
   “I never had the time to tell you that I loved you. All this time I never had the guts to say it. I thought you didn’t care about me that much. Now everything has been won and all is lost,” Jiko said shedding a tear. He dropped the device as Alan quizzed the Prime Leader over something.
   “That’s not what I think it is,” he said to him.
The device fell on Chisoutsa’s chest and the device shone the word “loved”. The device took over Chisoutsa’s body and her body turned white. The crowd stood back as the device opened itself up and to show four strange green pieces that glowed. Chisoutsa’s eyes lit up and turned to Jiko. Jiko’s mouth opened wide and the Professor and Emily slowly had smiles on their faces.
   “Not is all is lost Jiko. Because I love you too,” Chisoutsa said.
The two hugged and the crowd hugged each other in victory. Chisoutsa had been saved by the mystery device and the City of Demons was free from the evil demon of the city Censilo Fukatho. The two kissed and Chisoutsa rose to her feet still injured but alive.
   “How did Hayco’s device do the transport and now this? I have no idea,” Professor Walken said to the crowd.
   “I can tell you what that is,” Alan said walking in the middle of the crowd.
   “Hayco had made a device to help Chisoutsa on her travels. He must have found a way to read the Shentile scribbles to himself. However he saving Chisoutsa can only come from a special part of his robot body.”
   “What were the green pieces from,” Chisoutsa asked Alan.
   “From the left hand side of his chest,” Alan smiled to Chisoutsa.
Chisoutsa held the device and smiled to herself thinking of the deaths of Hayco and Miyomoto. There wouldn’t be any lose of lives anymore.
   “You never left me Hayco after all,” she smiled.

It was a few night after the epic battle of Chisoutsa and Censilo. The days in the City of Demons are much brighter again. People were back on the streets and there was a feeling in the air that there was future for the once dark and deadly city. Inside Professor Walken’s house was everyone having a drink and thinking on where they will go now.
   “I will still be teaching at the Uni and Emily will be there with me too,” Professor Walken smile with Emily under his arm.
   “You might need a wheelchair with that new leg injury,” laughed out Charles in the background.
   “I heard you’re back in government. Wasn’t that pay check big enough for you,” fired back the Professor.
   “No, it wasn’t for Charles. He feels ready for the experience again,” the Prime Leader replied.
The Prime Leader walked over to the Motor girls who were sad about their lost of their boss, “I know it’s been hard on you girls but if there’s anything I can do for you, the entire government is behind you for the help you have done to us.”
   “Thank you Prime Leader,” Yuri smiled at him.
   “Call me Thomas,” he answered back.
Chisoutsa walked in the group and had a large present for Tyrell with a sheet over it Jiko was there to watch too.
   “Come here Tyrell and remove the sheets from your present,” she said.
Tyrell came over and removed it as it revealed to be a new oven for his bar and grill, “My gosh, a new oven. Plus it’s very modern looking too!”
   “It’s got a special feature too!” cried out Charles.
   “What’s it got?” Tyrell asked.
   “The feature that it actually works and cooks,” laughed Chisoutsa patting Tyrell on the back.
   “And you have to kick it to work too. Oh thanks Chisoutsa and Jiko!” Tyrell smiled at the oven and the group.
   “So what are your plans Chisoutsa and Jiko?” Alan asked the couple.
   “I feel sad that this period is gone. I did love the battles and fights in the City of Demons but I feel I want to travel out the city to see what other adventures are out there for me and Jiko. I have learnt some much from the Professor, ummm I mean dad and I like to see what the rest of the world is like,” Chisoutsa answered.
   “Whatever your travels lead we will always support you,” Emily said to her daughter.   “You are always loved and I am proud of everything you have done in your life. You fought the battles with Censilo and most important of all, the ones inside you. You came out learning that emotion and understanding of people is really the key to your solutions and battles.” Professor Walken said with a warm and loving smile.
While the rest of the group was still drinking and chatting to each other, Chisoutsa and Jiko walked over to the park where Hayco used to play there by himself. They sat down on the seat and they hugged each other thinking about Hayco.
   “I wonder what life would have been like if he lived. I understood him because I wasn’t real myself,” Chisoutsa.
   “What you do mean?” asked Jiko.
   “I was real inside of me. I never wanted to express how I feel about things and people. I become real when I met you and Hayco. You two showed me the way in understanding about life. The Professor was damaged like I was until Emily came back and he learnt the same lessons too. It’s good to be free of my past. My future is whatever I want it to be,” she answered him.
   “I’m happy too. I wish that Hayco was still here with us too. He’s the symbol of believing and listening to what’s inside. He maybe a robot boy but he was human to us,” Jiko said.
   “For someone who’s dopey and thick at times you can come up with some good stuff,” joked Chisoutsa.
   “Hey!” Jiko cried.
Chisoutsa hugged into Jiko and looked at the swing set. She pictured Hayco playing on the swings and looked out to the city.
   “We will meet again,” she said herself.
Chisoutsa thought about her past, she was free at last to live her life. The City of Demons was able to live by itself. She looked at the swing set again and closed her eyes to sleep on Jiko. She was happy.

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