Final Chapter – Madison Fern and the Beloved Forest

Madison Fern approached the white figure waiting by a large tree and the figure smiled towardss her. “It is Madison Fern, it has been a long time since you have been here. I, Yuboo the carer of the Beloved Forest and the fallen animals here greet you once again. You may have noticed one of your friends who visited you. It is good that they found you and you decided to come to see me,”

“I saw the bird and I came here. You know why it’s take me a long time to come back. How are they? My pets and animals?” she asked him.

“They are well and they wandering the Beloved Forest like they have for a long time. They do miss you and I know you feel the same. As much as you feel the lose, I feel the same sadness in the as they wait for you but they are happy with their new found friends while you live out your life doing what you need to do to help those in the living world.” Yuboo said

“What did you need of me. This is rather strange to call me out here. Is there a problem here? It’s not often the world of the living and the dead come together like this.”

“There’s not many places that the living and the dead can come together but this the nature of the Beloved Forest has. However there this forest changed since the last you have been here. A thousand years ago a dark presence came here and corrupted the color of this forest. Some of the forest has turned black and I wasn’t too sure what had caused it. Not until a few days ago. Take a deep look at some of the tree and plants around. It’s hard to notice but you will see what I have seen with your eyes.”

Madison looked at the plants and the trees around her and saw that the leaves were changing color and seasons all at once. The leaves turning to orange, than to the winter, than to spring, than back to winter.

“Its like all the seasons are change by the moment. This ins’t normal but this is not my magic nor part of my area. This is weather and nature based. I’m not the Lord of the weather. This is the work of the ThunderDragon. Hes; a stubborn old fool that one. Each time I have offered to help him he tells me to go away.”

Yuboo nodded, “Something is terribly wrong with him. He would not affect the planet like this unless someone else is doing this to him.”

Madison turned to Fyln waiting in the background and turned back to Yuboo.

“The Soulbreaker Hadean did this. He must have. That man there is the Universe Guardian. His powers given to him by the Spirtual Guardians. He was defeated by the Soulbreaker not very long ago. What can I do to stop him? Are you suggesting I should fight him for control of the weather?”

“No, I was hoping you can save him from himself. There is some other things you should know,” Yuboo said. He held out his hands and a small box appeared in his hands and the lid opened with six crystals.

“When the forest turned dark the six weather elements had a spell cast on them. Over time the spell killed them however their bodies returned to the crystals here for safe keeping. They were made for this very thing, to protect them from certain death. You must ressurect them to help you against the ThunderDragon. There was something called The Author’s War that happened a number of years ago. Some travellers came into my area to discover three bodies. One was killed by the spell over a period of time however they were wrong to believe the younger two bodies were gone. e they are together both alive and well, ” Yuboo said pointed out the pair sitting on a log near Flyn.

“Who are they?” Madison asked.

“They call themselves Alexander who was a knight back over a thousand years and Princess Claire the daughter of the Richardson Kingdom which has long since past away. They had helped the weather elements and The ThunderDragon over a past battle agains the Soulbreaker but he was someone else you can say,” Yuboo explained.

“The Soulbreaker used to use others to do his work. He took their minds and bodies and now he’s doing his work himself. I’ll taker the crystals and these two people with me. Thank you Yuboo for letting me know. How did you find all six of these crystals? They would have been hard to find all together.”

“Animals are very look at finding litle treasures when you go walking with them,” Yuboo smiled.

Madison smiled at him and nodded. She waved goodbye to him and she wandered down to Flyn.

“What did he say to you?” he asked wondering.

“The Soulbreaker has done something to the ThunderDragon. I guess you know about the Author’s War. When we return home you need to go and find the Spirtual Guardians and tell them what is happening. That he is actively causing trouble for everyone and a war is coming if they like it or not,” Madison said.

“Alright, I’ll go back and take Nippy back to my home. I’ll fix him and find the Spirtual Guardians. I’ll see you later,” Flyn said turning around and walking back home. Madison headed off and walked up to the knight and the princess sitting on the log together. She leaned down to see them.

“I;’m Madison Fern and I want to know everything that happened between you, the weather elements and the Soulbreaker. Your mission is not over Alexander and Claire,” she said to them.

Alexander looked up to her, “I know and I’m ready.”

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