Final Chapter – Origins of Chisoutsa

Jiko’s personality was still warped and changing to its normal form as he was planning to escape the Hyper Camp. For a while since he was created he was wondering about why he was created. What plans they had for him and what the future was in store for him. He was walking around the lab rooms early in the morning still shaking his head. He came into a weapons room and saw the rifles lined up to be used in future battles. He punched the glass and grabbed a couple of them and walked out quickly. Three silver machines stopped at the end of the hallway and spotted him. They were unsure what to do with Jiko. Jiko fired a number of shots at them and they fired back. One silver machine ran up to a security alarm and pressed it. 

Hew and Serti heard the noise and both came outside and suddenly ducked from the bullets of the silver machines and Jiko.

“You don’t need to duck! You’re dead!” Serti cried.

“Oh yeah, I still do that even after all these years,” Hew replied.

Hew floated towards Jiko and he tried to reason with him, “Busting yourself out of here will do you nothing. Censilo will make your life hard enough as it is.”

“Don’t you feel or know the dangers that this Censilo is creating? You should know,” Jiko cried.

“I know and there’s not much I can do,” Hew answered.

“Just stand up to him. I am and I’m leaving!” Jiko said walking through Hew and shooting down a couple more silver machines. He grabbed one and threw one towards a steel piping. A small fire came and Jiko past it towards the outside world. A shadow next to the fire appeared. Sarge watched Jiko escaping and she followed him outside. She found some trees and bushes next to the Hyper Camp and she ran off to hide in them. 

Hew and Serti watched the fire taking over the room and saw a dark shadow from behind them. Censilo appeared with a flashing staff of fire behind them. 

“Serti! Leave the Hyper Camp. I am tired of the two of you,” he cried. 

He raised his staff up high and fired a bolt of rainbow colors towards them. Serti blocked some of the power while Hew fell to the ground. 

“That should take of your memories. Now to sort out Jiko the weak creation of mine!” he shouted in anger.

Jiko was found running down the streets away from the Hyper Camp and found himself near the dirty smelling river that snaked itself around the gang lands. He turned around and saw Censilo following him.

“Get away from me Censilo. I know what you are planning,” he shouted at his creator. 

“You know nothing Jiko. The three of you failed to be trained quickly enough. I have spent many years planning this idea of using the very best and still you cannot see what greatness you could have been,” Censilo cried.

“You don’t care about us. You were just using us to get what you wanted. Aren’t you powerful enough to do this yourself?” Jiko asked Censilo.

“My powers are reduced in the First Life World and thus I need some backing in the form of you for example. However I have learnt I cannot depend on such weakness,” Censilo answered.

“You will never win Censilo. There will be someone who will come and prevent your plans.”

“Who will come and save The City of Demons? No one will. Not a soul cares about this place expect for me. Jiko, the goodness in this world is a fraction of the evil you see today. The good men of the old have passed away and it’s time for a change in the ranks of power.”

Censilo raised his staff and looked at Jiko for one last time, “It’s not often I use spells but for this case I will.” Another bolt of power shot at Jiko and he struggled to stay on his feet. His large body fell on the ground and Censilo had gone. 

Many hours have past and Censilo was discussing his exit plans from The City of Demons to the silver machines. He pointed to his staff explaining some details.

“The memories have erased because I don’t want some suspect deaths in the city for now. Already I feel a couple businesses are watchful about us. I have ordered a black van to remove and carry Hew back to the Death Lands. With Jiko and Sarge missing, we will remove Chisoutsa too. Without the skilled training and her slowness of learning, she will never be a threat to us. We will be away for a number of years to rebuild our power. We must make sure that no other lord figures are in the First Life World and to make sure that everything is right for the future. I will have my studies completed soon enough and I will have control of my city again,” Censilo explained to his silver machines.

Soon enough as said, the black van was loaded up while two figures were watching in the background. Sarge had met up with Serti about a plan to escape. The two of them watched the black van and decided to catch a ride with it.

“We are safe here you know Sarge. I don’t know what you are going to do with your life but I’m planning a quiet one whenever this van takes me. I’ll be shot by the Red Team or by Scienceworks for what I have done,” Serti.

“Let’s go and see where we end up,” Sarge said.

The two of them sneaked around the side of the van where Hew was taken in special golden chains so he wouldn’t be able to escape inside the van. The two of them entered the van while Hew was quiet on the ground still unable to move from the powerful memory spell. 

“Because he’s a ghost he won’t wake up until we arrive to where he lives. He’ll never remember us. Besides nothing will happen in the city now that Censilo has lost his three creations,” Serti said. 

Censilo watched the van disappearing and turned towards his half burnt Hyper Camp. The idea of perfect creations had been destroyed and he was unhappy about how his plan evolved in the end.

“Time to clean up the area,” he said.

He opened up a map that took out from his white pocket and pointed at a location called Lair of the Forsaken, “A good spot to keep some secrets buried. Until I need him again,” he whispered to himself.

The dark demon lord disappeared into his damaged headquarters hoping that he had faced his battles for now. However he was wrong…

The City of Demons had a light orange sky in the late afternoon when Professor Walken was in his vehicle in a car park lot when a figure appeared next to the car. The Professor opened the other door and in came the figure. 

“Hello there. You’re name is Alan Richards?” asked the Professor.

“Yeah that’s me,” Alan answered  nervously.

‘I’m sorry Alan, I know how hard it is for you to go behind your company’s back and the danger involved in it. However Alan I know that Scienceworks knows about the building of a new power figure. Do you know much about it?” Professor Walken asked Alan.

“Ummm Mr. Umezu said to someone about a building called the Hyper Camp where these robots called the silver machines lived. He was very worried about them cutting profits from him,” Alan answered.

“I think the owner of the silver machines who is named Censilo is not interested in money. He wants to take back his city,” Professor Walken explained.

“So everyone should be worried about this?” asked Alan.

“Not for now I would say. But in time he will be a danger to everyone, from the everyday cook to the business leader,” Professor Walken said.

Professor Walken took out his mobile phone and turned back to Alan who was sitting with a worried face. He was dressed in his white lab gown and moving his fingers about.

“I know it’s not a good time these dark times but I’m going to keep a tab on you. You might be useful for me in the future. I have read about the bullies of Scienceworks and it must be hard to work for them,” the Professor said.

“I don’t have any family here and its hard work for me. So I have to take whatever work is here,” Alan answered.

“I understand. Thanks for your help. I have a good idea where Censilo is hiding now.”

Alan opened up the car door and looked back at his new friend, “What are you going to do now?”

“Something,” the Professor answered.

The car drove away from the car park with Alan Richards’s concerned face in the background. He wished he never told the Professor that Censilo was at the Hyper Camp. 

Charles Thompson banged on his front door at his house waiting for the Professor to open it. He knocked again and then played with his pocket to get his keys. He came inside and called out for his friend.

“Jonathan! Where are you?” he cried out.

He looked around and the Professor’s car keys were missing and his laptop was gone, “Shit Jonathan, what the fuck did I tell you. Don’t go and find Censilo! Seriously that man is looking for death. He doesn’t have to try to save the world by himself,” Charles shouted out to himself in the lounge room.

He rushed to the phone next to the television and looked through the address book that the Professor left behind. He dialed for Shentile.

“Yes Shentile is that you? Good. I think Professor Walken is in danger. He’s gone after Censilo by himself. I have told him not to do it but he seems he doesn’t care,” Charles told the old mentor.

“I admire your care for your lifelong friend Mr. Thompson. However there are times in people’s lives where they need to learn by themselves. The future has not been written yet so we shouldn’t dismiss his success or failure. His destiny is in his hands,” Shentile answered.

“We’ll see if his thoughts match his smarts. Thanks, I’ll keep in touch,” Charles said putting the phone down. 

He placed his hand on his forehand in the corner of the room hoping that his friend will be fine. The dark shadow of the night was cornering him and the city alive.

The small light tried to shine throughout the Hyper Camp. The white lab rooms crossed with the blackness of the fire was like pattern when Censilo was controlling his main screen computer. He watched the screen of both the First and Second Life Worlds where he saw the maps of his demon empire.

“They questioned why I would leave it all for this city. Most of them don’t understand this is my home. Where and how I become a demon and the love I studied for, for all these years. This is the origin of my powers, where all the years that I dreamed of being something better than the mere criminal I was. They named this city after me. All the legendary stories of a demon lord living in this place, leaving his evil mark for all to be cured is true, yet so many don’t know who their leader was. The man, the creature, the soul that made this city stand out from all other lands of the First Life World. They will understand in time when I mark my return. When I come from the ashes from my death and from my journey from death itself, I will take my origin throne again,” Censilo said.

Outside the Hyper Camp a vehicle slowly drove next to it. Two black shoes climbed out and the figure turned around to pick up a silver dashing looking sword from inside the vehicle. It was the Professor who slowly glared at his own sword.

“Someone must look after the City of Demons and this world will be defended,” Professor Walken said with pride. 

He undone his buttons to his brown coat and entered the Hyper Camp. He waved his sword around through the lab rooms and saw the silver machines resting inside them. He paced himself towards the computer control room where he saw the sinister white suited demon. Censilo turned around and saw the face of Professor Jonathan Walken for the first time. 

“Your face looks strong and edger. I have this feeling that you are a strong fighter. You must be the student of the great mentor of mentors Shentile. You have come to battle me,” Censilo said.

“I have Censilo Fukatho. You are the demon lord of the city. Whatever you are doing is wrong and your plans will be stopped from today. I cannot let you to poison this city anymore. This city is in danger of becoming the most evil section of the world.  My life from an early age has been about helping people. I am bold and push myself to become the best that I can be. Now I will show to you that I am the best. Good will win over evil,” Professor Walken said. 

Censilo moved his hand within his white gown and moved out a dark black sword. He waved it towards the Professor. 

“Shall we play?” he called out to him.

“We shall Censilo, we shall,” Professor Walken answered him.

The two swords glowed with raw power as they clashed together as the two mighty figures were thrown back into the wall. Censilo woke up and released this was going to be much harder than he had thought of. The two charged back into the center of the control room and strike at each other. The Professor pushed hard moving his body into Censilo. Censilo kicked the Professor towards the stairs and Walken back flipped down the stairs towards the opening doorway to the Hyper Camp. Censilo jumped on the rails of the stairs and slid down towards him. Professor Walken used the handle of his sword and punched the side of Censilo. The demon lord fell down to the ground and the Professor ran outside down to the streets. 

“Come down Censilo now!” the Professor yelled out. 

A massive fireball of power flew from the Hyper Camp doorway and burst a building on the other side of the street on fire. Professor Walken turned around in fear as a crowd of people started to watch and run in panic. Censilo appeared from the fire and took off his glasses for a clean.

“You know Professor Walken you are a good catch of a student for Shentile. I thought there was no good in this world until I met you. It’s such a shame I have to kill you and rid the city of its savior,” Censilo cried out.

“Come and try it Censilo,” the Professor said out loud.

Censilo held out his sword to the back and raised his hand towards the Professor. He unleashed a beam of demon magic and thrashed the ground with fire and ice. The Professor deflected the beams with his sword as he slowly pushed his way towards him. The crowds of people watched the epic battle as Walken pressed hard on his sword to push back the raw power of the demon lord. Censilo’s hand started to turn red in pain as he moved in to his challenger. Walken saw the fire reflecting in Censilo’s glasses. The beam started to offshoot at building catching them on fire as the street gravel was burning. A number of cars and vans had stopped behind Walken as the stress in the Professor’s eyes was telling. Professor Walken swiped his sword and wrapped the beam of power onto the ground causing an explosion of fire in the city. Censilo and Walken blocked the wrath of the fire. 

“You are very impressive Professor Walken. That is easy to tell however I don’t like it when people destroy my city. You will fail in your quest to bring goodness to this place. Do you understand that?” Censilo shouted out walking up and down the street.

“I will never give in to you. Shentile has always said to fight for the good and for the people who depend on us to win. This is not your city this is the people’s city. Whatever you had in mind will not pass me,” Professor Walken shouted back.

Censilo moved his arms and moved up the gravel and ground up to use to attack Walken. He started to randomly attack the buildings and damaged building parts flew at the Professor Walken. One piece hit the Professor in the front and another in the side of him. He fell to the ground and he tried to reach out to his sword. Censilo moved towards the fallen savior and his might grew. Professor Walken was injured and closed his eyes willing himself on to fight it out to the end. He just grabbed his sword from the ground and slashed his way into Censilo’s back leg. The demon lord took a few steps back as the Professor Walken rallied himself up from the broken ground of the street. The two warriors fought on with a serious intense emotion. The fire was explosion everything in the city area. The blood was covered on Professor Walken as Censilo was moving back. They struggled together as the wrath of their swords was pushing against each other. Censilo’s eyes were burning red with demon magic as the student of Shentile was pushing the demon lord away. Censilo was hit in the arm where he dropped to the ground. 

“Leave this city now or face death,” Professor Walken shouted.

“Never!” Censilo yelled out kicking the Professor away from him.

A group of guards appeared from the cars and vans with a business leader appearing to watch the battle unfold. Professor Walken was tiring and Censilo walked towards him. 

“You will never beat a demon lord Jonathan Walken. The light is dying in this city and your fate will meet death. 

The heavy fire was burning around the two of them when the group of guards entered behind Professor Walken. The face image of Mr. Umezu was seen from behind however Walken couldn’t see because of the smoke and fire. Censilo twisted his sword towards the Professor and the face of pure evil strike the Professor. The black dark sword lit up in power and thrash right through Jonathan Walken’s leg and a massive cry of pain was heard throughout the City of Demons. The fire burst open high into the air. 

Far away from the action, Charles Thompson heard the noises and the fires and rushed outside of his house, “My god what has happened?” he asked himself.

Even at the Government Square a group of guards of the Prime Leader ran outside with the head leader himself seeing the fire.

“He was right all along,” the Prime Leader said in sorrow.

Professor Walken cried in pain as the sword electrified him deep inside the muscles of his leg. He pulled the sword out of his leg himself and the crowd in the background turned away from the sickness of the image. Mr. Umezu showed a face of fear and fright. 

“You couldn’t fight me like a real warrior. You had to cut me down to kill me on bended knees!” the Professor said screaming in pain.

“Anything to win Professor Walken, I will do anything to win at all costs. Now…,” Censilo called out picking up his sword and aiming it at the Professor, “Your death has arrived. The bloodline of good in this world will end in you!” he cried as he raised up his sword. 

A gunshot fired from behind the Professor and hit the sword out of Censilo’s hands and the sword fell to the ground. 

“Back away now. The Kaiser United and Scienceworks want this area cleaned. You are the evil of this city and we want you gone,” Mr. Umezu cried out. 

“So you have done some homework on me. Your business will not stand against me,” Censilo replied.

Take your sword and go. We don’t want you here. You have caused enough damage here,” Mr. Umezu threatened Censilo.

The Kaiser United moved forward armed with machine guns. Censilo picked up his sword and cleaned his glasses again in front of the dying Professor Walken and a brave faced Mr. Umezu. 

“I will do what you wish me to do. This is not over. This is a taste of what is to come. When I return from my rest and studies, this city will be conquered by me and taken over by the shadow of the true master of this land. Be it all on your heads. You will all die by this sword. You will all bow down to the demon of the city,” Censilo said with a booming voice pointing at the Scienceworks crew and the crowds around him behind the flames. 

The demon lord disappeared into the flames and the Kaiser United was set to work on putting out the fires. Mr. Umezu looked around the area as a guard run up to his leader, “Sir, the injured man is gone,” he said.

“Not to worry. Either that guy lives or dies. I didn’t want my city to be burnt by some demon or whoever he wishes to be called by,” Mr. Umezu said.

He turned around and looked at the smoke in the sky, “Looks like Alan was right. There was a big battle here. I wonder how he knew that,” Mr. Umezu asked himself. 

The bitter coldness of the night was killing Professor Walken as he limped along the streets of the City of Demons where kept on falling to the ground with blood draining out of him. He slid into a ally way in sheer pain and rolled over onto the ground. His eyes touched the ground and watched the water from the waste river steaming into his clothes. 

“I have failed Shentile and everyone. I will never be of anything or anyone. All my dreams have been damaged forever. My pride has killed me in the end and my heart will forever be in pieces. Nothing will ever fix the sorrow that burns inside of me,” Professor Walken said crying in pain. 

He stayed on the ground in the waste water when he turned on his back and looked at the sky waiting for death to come. He breathed deeply and closed his eyes for a moment when he heard sight and a noise from behind him. He clawed himself up from the ground and moved towards a dumpster near where was lying. He put both of hands on the top of the dumpster and pushed himself up to see what the noise was. He gave a cry as his bleeding leg was shaking in pain. He looked inside and saw a young girl lying in the garbage. He eyed a wrist bracelet and read the name out to himself.

“Chisoutsa,” he said.

For a moment in his time his hope was healed. He wondered who would dump a girl in a dumpster and he struggled when grabbed the girl and pulled her out of the dumpster and the two crashed onto the ground. He reached for his bleeding leg and saw the girl next to him. 

“Are you awake?” he asked her.

Chisoutsa moved a little but didn’t answer. Professor Walken turned his head to see a car down at the end. He carried the girl with all of his might towards the car. He smashed the car window in and pulled Chisoutsa into the car back seats. He went outside the car and grabbed a piece of wood in the ally way to use as a brake as his leg was not able to drive the car. He came back to the car and it drove off slowly outside of the city. It was the last time he would leave as a whole fighting being. 

The two damaged souls stopped at a motel outside of the city where they slept for the night. In the morning Professor Walken mended his leg and tried to walk on it from the bed to the doorway. He struggled and fell down. Chisoutsa appeared from her bed and helped up the Professor.

“Hello, did you help me last night?” she asked him.

“Ummm yes I did. I don’t who you are. You are named Chisoutsa?” asked the Professor.

“Thank you. I don’t know anything about my past or where I came from. Why did you help me?” she asked him.

Professor Walken stood back up and looked at Chisoutsa, “I seriously don’t know why but I had this feeling that I had to help you for some reason. I don’t know why I needed to but one day I might that out,” Professor Walken answered.

Chisoutsa turned around the Professor noticed two bullets stuck in her thigh and he was surprised, “You have been shot. Aren’t you in pain?” he asked amazed.

“No, I don’t feel any pain. Why, should I be in pain?” Chisoutsa asked.

“For most people yes, if you like there is breakfast coming to the door soon and I need to see my mentor about some issues. I will come back here and help you back to my home. It’s a long drive but you will like the comfy home I own,” said the Professor with a smile. 

“Ok, that sounds good to me,” Chisoutsa smiled back.

Professor Walken headed outside the motel room while Chisoutsa waited for her breakfast. 

A pot of fine tasting tea was waiting for Professor Walken when he arrived at Lake Pure, the homeland of Shentile his mentor. He looked at the pot of tea and called out to Shentile, “You always know when I come to visit you,” he said. 

He sighed as he dropped down to the ground as his leg was bleeding again. Shentile came into his outside room with some cups.

“I’m sorry Shentile I failed you,” Professor Walken said with a heavy heart.

“You only fail when you believe it in your heart. I dare say you don’t believe it. The battle with Censilo was not the best thought of action; however this will change you forever and make you a better man for the future. These experiences you must remember and learn from. From what I can tell in your heart that you came out the wiser man than Censilo,” Shentile said. 

Shentile found some medicine and covered up Professor Walken’s bloodied leg. Walken pushed himself up to drink some tea as they sat on the ground as the wind played the music of Lake Pure.

“I was trained by you to be a savior to this world. Now I am nothing. After my battle I found his girl dumped in the ally way. She had two gun shots in her thigh and she never noticed it. Her name is Chisoutsa,” said Professor Walken.

“Chisoutsa is an interesting case. Maybe this is your reward from your battle. Out of the darkness comes a fine light of hope,” Shentile said.

“But I failed and rushed into things. I never listened to you or Charles,” Walken said.

“Dear Jonathan, you did not fail. You are now taking a new direction in life. This Chisoutsa you speak of could be trained as your own student.”

“I’m not a teacher of fighting. I’m too young for this.”

Shentile stood up again and walked into his house. He came back out with a special brown walking cane and sat back down. He held it out to Jonathan and opened it up to show a sword.

“Jonathan, you are no longer the fighter. You are now the mentor,” Shentile slowly spoke handing over the cane to Jonathan Walken. 

The Professor stood up again with his new cane by his side and looked over the beautiful waterfront that Shentile lived near.

“There’s something about Chisoutsa that sparked hope inside me Shentile. I don’t why but I will help her train and find out about her past. Wherever in this world it lies,” Professor Walken said.

“I had the same feeling when I first saw you with your parents in the marketplace here. I was right and I think you are right too with Chisoutsa. Take as long as you like with her. Never train too quickly and even you will learn from her,” Shentile said. 

Professor Walken thanked his mentor for his present and headed back to the motel. He came out of the car and Chisoutsa saw him with the new cane.

“Hello there Professor, how are you?” she asked.

“I’m feeling better. Let’s go home and have some lunch,” the Professor smiled.

“What are we going to do when we get home?” she asked wondering.

“I thought I might do some training with you. You sound like me in some respects. But we will take our time. This leg is going to be hurting for a while,” Professor Walken said.

The two of them smiled at each other. Both of them didn’t know each other well but felt safe for some reason. The car drove away from the motel back to the Professor’s home. The future is still yet to be written for Chisoutsa while the darkness of the world fell into a sleep until the day it awakes again

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