Final Chapter – The Alien of the Phoenix 2

Daniel and Jack was watching over the black truck unsure of what to do next. a white car rolled into the weight in centre and two people appeared with one taking off his sunglasses, “You always need me when you are stuck in a corner.” said the person.

“Morning Hayden. I’m not stuck just thinking,” Daniel replied not turning back to see him.

“Anya, you know Daniel and Jack here and there’s a truck driver. My oh my I can see you have a truck with two dead bodies and a testing section to remove limps from it. What’s your theory?” Hayden asked walking up to stand next to Daniel and Jack.

“Black eyed children broke out from being kidnapped. Government is cleaning up bodies from alien testing sites,” Daniel suggested to him.

“We saw a alien testing site did we Hayden?” Anya Hayden’s assistant noted to him.

“That’s why I called you in Hayden. I remembered your first case with Anya about the ghost train followed by the testing site,” Jack said to Hayden.

“The best part was that Anya didn’t quit once and she’s still working for me. Yes I saw the alien testing site and removed everything there.”

“You removed one but there are many to be found,” Daniel reminded Hayden.

“Daniel, the digging into this is reaching a point in your investigations. By the look of your case, you have to look at the dead end road and if this invisible technology is there. I think you know what is going to happen.”

Daniel turned to Jack closing his eyes, “We have to go there and find the secret government bunker. This is our chance.”

“Ok, we better go now while it is still quiet. Hayden, can you tell Doug and Sonia what is happening? Let’s go then,” Jack said.

Daniel and Jack walked off to Jack’s car while Hayden turned to Bruce, “I bet you are very confused at what’s happening here.”

“Yeah I’ve been confused ever since this started. So one alien was made by humans and aliens and the other set of aliens are hybrids made by aliens themselves,” Bruce answered.

“Well yes both are hybrids. It’s confusing now but all parties are coming together at that site where Daniel and Jack are going to now. You can go on with your business now. I can clean up this area with Anya before I tell my friends what’s going on. Thanks for your help. This was very handy to know,” explained  Hayden thanking him for his aid.

Bruce smiled, “Still don’t quite get everything but see all you boys another time,” he started walking back to his truck when he waved for Anya to come close to him.

“Right we need to move this truck out of the way and remove everything inside. Make it look like any old truck. After that we will go and tell Doug and Sonia what is going on.”

“Are they going to be in any real danger Hayden?” Anya asked him.

“Yes they will be but it’s their fight like our fight was when we did the ghost train case,” Hayden answered showing concern on his face.

Daniel and Jack stood at the start of the dirt road that lead to the dead end. Jack looked at the road and pointed out some clearing near the end of the road to the left.

“The trucks have to park themselves somewhere and I think it’s there. This bunker or base, whatever it is has to be underground. People trekking in this area could easily bump into it if it was invisible wouldn’t they,” Jack asked Daniel.

“You’re right. I gotta keep a breather on me. Never thought this would be happening to us,”Daniel said.

Jack noticed some noise and pulled Daniel back with him towards the trees. They saw blurry images of a figures appearing from some bush land with a two doors showing up. A truck appeared from no where as one body was pulled off by the worker.

“No markings on his clothes. Inner circle people I guess. How the hell do we get inside?” Daniel asked.

“I’m not sure but we have to figure…” Before Jack could finish what he was saying he touched Daniel to get him to turn around from the tree. The pair turned and saw two teenagers with hoodies on.

“Don’t move Daniel,” Jack warned him

Their hoodies dropped down and their pure black eyes shined.

“Why are you here? Are you trying to take us back to where you want us to be?” The two of them asked.

“I can’t move my body, what’s going on,” cried Jack.

“Don’t worry Jack. We don’t mean any harm. We are good people. Listen to me,” Daniel begged them.

Jack sighed and dropped to the ground fainting and Daniel jumped to help him leaning down to him. The two black eyed hybrids turned to Daniel moving their heads.

“You are not meant to move.Your mind is being protected. Who else is here?” They asked out.

“I am here. I can finally see you now,” called the voice from behind them.

The pair turned around to see a young child who had narrowed dark eyes and a large head that was bald.

Daniel’s face turned to fear, “Holy shit, it’s the alien child. You found me!”

“Go away you two. I will not harm you unless you harm these two people. The humans in the basement will hurt you if they find you. Go now,” the alien child told.

The two of them looked at each other and turned back to the alien child, “we respect your request. We will go but we don’t like you,” they said as they walked away from the scene.

For the first being Daniel Phoenix and the alien child stood face to face. Daniel had no idea what to say to him after all thee months of investigating and risking so much for one alien. All of his years of hard work had come to this. The discovery of a true and real hybrid alien.

“You brought me here didn’t you. What has happened to my friend here?”

“All they did was try to freeze his body but he fainted in the shock of all. I will help him soon but He will be invisible for the time being,” the alien child replied through his mind to Daniel.

He leaned down to Jacks body on the ground and held up a disc that discovered a yellow glow over the area surrounding Jack’s body and he disappeared. E alien child stood up again.

“The name I was given is called Tuza   It was given to me by the people who created me. I am a mix of human with grey alien in area far away from here. This is the frond time we have met. I saw you in the desert when I was in my UFO. It crashed due to the lack source power it needs to fly. I have escaped to try to leave the planet and I knew of you as a person who could help me. I can exchange vast information that will lead you to where tour true goal is. Why are we here and what do we want from humans,”

Daniel was still shocked that he found Tazu and wasn’t sure what else to say. His mind was spinning in a daze.

“Do you hold all the answers? Why do you want me to do here at this basement you call?” He asked him.

“I do not hold all the answers that you seek but I can direct you to where it truly matters. Inside the basement it is known that the energy source I seek is here so I can power a UFO to seek a better home for myself.”

“But you have no UFO. I don’t understand. Have you ever flown these UFO’s before. What about the time you dropped that Starchild skull where I found it with Jack in the park?”

“Those wee clues to give you to find me. The other skull was the other one they created but died by the hands of the shadow government that no one knows of. I can feel the people that you call the men in black inside. I can sense them and that reptilian can sense me too. When I escaped the reptilian was injured by me by mistake and he is not able to shape shift very well. He wants dead but the humans might want to keep me alive for some reason. Please help me and I will direct you in your investigation quest,” Tazu asked Daniel.

“I will help you but you have to help me through there,” he answered Tazu.

“I understand. The disc here will help you be invisible whole you are inside the basement. We will search out the energy source and return outside. Come with me and you will learn what your humans really do behind your back,”

Daniel and Tazu wandered over to where the entrance was to the basement. It felt all too bizarre where had spent chasing aliens and UFO’s. Now he was actually working with one to discover more about his investigations. He was about to enter the real unknown world of the inner circle.

Hayden Norman made his promise by heading to Daniel’s house and asking Doug and Sonia to appear there as we’ll Hayden was inside the study room as Doug and Sonia came inside with Anya as Doug saw Hayden, “What’s going on? If you’re here something serious is happening? Where is Daniel?”

“Doug, Daniel has gone with Jack to the dead end road where they think a secret government bunker is. It is highly likely he will make contact with the alien child there. The alien child had been leading them to that spot from the very start of his investigations into this mystery,” Hayden replied to him.

“Why are we here and not there helping him? He’s in danger now. The two of them can’t handle the men in black and who ever is inside that place. I have told him to be careful but this time he has bitten more than he can chew,”

“Sonia, the place is invisible. I can’t see anyway of getting inside without some sort of green little man help. I know it must be really hard for you to hear this,” Anya replied trying to ease her stress.

“All we can do is sit and wait for now. Daniel is one of the best when it comes to this type of thing. I have faith he can do this. He has been waiting for this moment all of his life and today is his lucky day. So I’m going to get some lunch and drinks and we will wait and see what happens,” Hayden said.

Doug and Sonia went back upstairs to find some food to eat for lunch where Hayden sat down at Daniel’s computer to have a look at his latest cases. He saw a email appeared and looked at the name that it came from.

“Who is he? Vincent Lamour. Nice name but never heard from him,” he said to himself. He swinged around in his chair while Anya was looking at all the papers and notes littering Daniel’s study room.

“I can tell Daniel’s life is only about his work,” she commented.

“Yeah, he’s always been like that. He could never sit down and smell the roses. I hope he still has a chance of doing that. I really do,” Hayden said in a moment where he questioned Daniel’s chances with the inner circle.

There was a sense of coldness and walls of steel coming to light when Daniel and Tazu came inside the basement. Daniel’s eyes were wide open as the basement appeared to have small lab rooms with test rooms but no bodies. Tazu turned to Daniel, “Use the disc and find the energy source. They are known to be long blue tubes that glow lightly . Pour the liquids from the tubes into this glass. This glass will shrink the liquids making it easier to carry.”

Daniel was handed the glass bottle as he held on to it with dear life. He nodded his head and asked Tazu something back, “What are you going to do?”

“I’m going to make sure the men that chase you and me won’t harm us. Keep them at bay, in human words that is.”

“How long will this disc help me for?” Daniel asked Tazu.

“The disc will only last for a hour. I have been using it for some time and had to make sure your friend is safe and secure. Go now. We will meet again.”

Tazu disappeared around the corner of the underground basement and Daniel used the disc and became invisible to all. He slowly made his way through the corridors where rooms featured a stock pile of lab testings and bodies being picked up from around the local area. He reached for a door where two scientists were testing on one of the limbless bodies and touched the door handle. His heart was pounding fast as he turned it and crept through the tight opening crack he created for himself. He past his way through the door and gently closed it behind him. He walked over to the corner of the room watching them at play and not being seen at all.

“These bodies have been appearing more often sir haven’t they?” Asked one of the scientists.

“They haven’t bothered to search this area for a long time but local police have been picking up these bodies and it’s getting the public talking. They had to act now or some string might be left behind. They are concerned about the agreement clearly not been met about these bodies being taken,” replied the second scientist.

“Surely the agreement is still kept in faith. They must be someone else?  This is the third area we have worked in. Do you think they are working behind our back?”

“We are both working behind each other’s backs. We’ll be gone when the remaining bodies have been cleaned up. No one must know what we do. It’s important that we do this work,” said the second one.

Daniel wasn’t too sure what they meant by the agreement but kept quiet in the corner.  One of them saw a light appear one he side of the wall and they picked up a phone next to the blue light.

“Yes we are currently working on a body. No sir, nothing different about this one. Obviously they have taken body parts like us for hybrid experiments or something. Yes we can down to see you now if you wish. Ok we will see you then,” answered the first scientist.

“The heads from up above want a update?”

“Yeah, they want a update from us. I bet they are still spooked by those teenagers hanging around the area. I mean they must be walking proof that the agreement has been broken”

“Spooked but not worried about them, hey are not scared by some weak children who have funny eyes and some telepathy abilities. We’ll finish up here and go and see them,” spoke the second scientist.

Daniel watched them pack up their tools and placed a white cover over the body. They headed for the door as they opened it and closed it behind them. Daniel walked up to the body and pulled back the cover.

“Who is really doing this and why?” He wondered to himself. The disc that Tazu gave faded in colour and he noticed that he reappeared in sight to anyone that could see him.

“Damn he must have used most of its power on Jack. I have to be careful what I do and where I go.”

Daniel darted along the rooms looking at all the different strange objects he had not seen before and he came to what looked like a main meeting where Tazu saw the two Men in black in plain sight.

“Daniel Phoniex. I knew you would be here with him,” called out one of the Men in black.

“Maris, you threatened Doug and now you’re here with Tazu. All the pieces are together now. Now tell us what you know,” Daniel demanded of him.

“I’ll entertain you for now and tell you some of what I know but you won’t be leaving here,” Maris answered leaving Daniel feeling cold inside.

The answers were about to be told.

Daniel and Tazu had found Maris one of the men in black in the secret basement area in the forest out away from the eye of the public. Maris put his hands in his pockets smilling at the two of them.

“Where’s your unhuman friend of yours?” Daniel asked first.

“He’s around, in a meeting at the moment. Daniel when you starting digging for whatever truth you were seekingI didn’t think you would get this far but you surprised me. You might think you have reached the end but you have only digged through the first few layers. We’re been looking for Tazu for a while since he broke away from us. You do understand that a alien of his type can’t be wandering around like this.”

“What about the children, the black eyed children. They are walking around in plain sight,” Daniel asked.

“Some do escape from us but no one bothers to believe in what they are. Most people don’t believe in the paranormal and it suits us very well. “

“What is the agreement and who is in the inner circle?”

“The agreement is a contract set up by some sectors of aliens and human to work together for sa common cause. The inner circle knows some of these details. Everyone in the inner circle who tries to bring that information out in the open disappears so to speak. Now the questions is over.”

“No, wait,” Daniel cried waving his hands in the air, “What is this place? Is this the work that the agreement is all about?”

“There are many areas such as this in the country. They are all humans but only the real secret areas has both alien and human.  Oh look here is my friend behind you now. Now you know some of what is happening in this world right under their noses. But the rest of story won’t be told to you. Not now, not ever,” Maris answered pulling out a gun towards Daniel.

Tazu stepped forward to Maris and put out his arms, “Take me if you truly want me. Leave him out of it. He won’t be able to know more without me. Do you think anyone will believe what he has seen here.”

“I can take you now and shot Phoniex at the same time. You can’t bargin with…” Maris stopped when the lights in the rooms started to flicker on and off loudly. For some reason Tazu and the other men in the black, the reptilian looked worried, his true form appeared all of sudden as a black eyed child entered the room but there was something not good about him. A glowing spirit was felt from him. Maris noticed the two aliens was unsure of the creature before them. Daniel watched the black eyed child who was more like a teenager age.

Maris dropped the gun on the floor and he fell to the ground dazed and confused but for some reason Daniel the only human left was standing and still watching.

“What is that Tazu?” I asked him.

“He used to be human, he used to be alien but he is no longer either one of them,” Tazu grabbing my arm.

The black eyed teenager dropped his hoodie that he was wearing and stared at Daniel, “You are different. A missing piece of your life reveals the truth.Why don’t you just let me in?” the young man spoke to him.

“Why haven’t I fallen like Maris. Tell me,” Daniel asked as Tazu looked towards a exit door to escape the secret basement.

“You can’t let me inside your soul. The world is becoming darker and a war is coming. One for you and one for all of the worlds.” he spoke.

Tazu pushed Daniel out of the room and they escaped through a number of rooms and saw the main exit. They came to the doors and and shut it behind them. They ran through the forest and trees and the open road was coming up. Tazu stopped in his tracks and turned to Daniel.

“That was not real back there. He was a spirit,” he told Daniel.

“A hybrid human and alien that became a ghost. Was that why everyone is the room was worried about? They were unsure of how to approach it? I’ve never heard of such a thing. Do you understand what he meant by what he said?” he asked him.

“The message of the spirit I did not understand. By the reseach of my people about your dead spirits is that they can tell the future or maybe clues about your own past. For now I have to leave you. I have what I need to leave this world but I need to find my transport. I will see you again Daniel. You are special I can feelthat and that’s why I came to you.”

“You can come with me and you can be safe,” Daniel told Tazu.

“I won’t be safe and specially you. They won’t stop chasing you. We are both not safe now. The danger has set in. We need to leave here now. We have angered whoever lives here. Goodbye for now,” Tazu replied turning around and disappearing into the open road and turning invisble using one of the discs he had from eariler.

Daniel stood by the road side trying to take in the events of his day. He had the answers to some of his mysteries. That some people in the government or some higher power is working with aliens and the inner ciricle can reveal more of the story but at a high cost. He wandered off along the road thinking about what to do next.

Later in the night Daniel had arrived home with Sonia, Jack, and Doug waiting for him. Hayden and Ayna had left to return back home by the time he returned. Doug served coffee while Daniel explained about the events.

“So you finally found what you were looking for. The alien child and then you escaped and he left you. At least you found out the answers to what you were looking for. What was that riddle that strange teenager was saying to you,” Doug asked Daniel.

Daniel sipped his coffee on the louge and replied, ” You are different. A missing piece of your life reveals the truth.Why don’t you just let me in. That’s what he said. I have no idea about it.”

“Sounds like this spirit by what Hayden’s knowledge has told me is that he saw something in your past that you don’t know about.  Maybe the Witness can help you there,” Sonia spoke.

Jack shook his head over the whole affair thinking about it, “What was the last thing he told you?”

“He told me: You can’t let me inside your soul. The world is becoming darker and a war is coming. One for you and one for all of the worlds. Something about two wars. Two big events coming my way. The part about not letting him in is linked to what he said first. I think I need a break from this all,” Daniel answered feeling tired.

“That’s what I want from you Daniel. You can’t stress yourself out like this. It’s been a massive few days for all of us. This Tazu will find you again when he feels the time is right. I don’t think the men in black will come for us for a while. Not until we have another big move. What will you do during your break?” Sonia asked Daniel.

“Well stay at home and have a little holiday to myself but I will meet this Vincent Lamour character I read in my emails. He wants to meet me about something. Hang on, that name rings a bell. He was on a forum board I browse sometimes. I think he was working on something on a same case that I was. But for tonight I’ll be fine. I found a alien today. I can’t believe this day would come.”

“I still don’t believe it at times. I wish things were normal before all this happened,” Doug said to the group.

The group stayed together for the night and Daniel went to his study room and turned on his computer by himself in the dark room. He put on a coat to keep him warm and clicked on a case file on one of his hard drives.

“Dark towers spotted in different locations worldwide. Sighting describe the tower as the same on all accounts by people in different countries,” Daniel read out one of his notes.

“This is more interesting than I thought at first. What’s this message… the tower has appeared in recent times. Some people believe it’s the same tower. That’s not possible. Really. I’ll have to meet this Lamour soon. For now it’s goodnight for me,” Daniel said clicking off the monitor screen.

Daniel sat in the dark by himself thinking of everything that has happened to him, “It’s not over, it’s only the beginning,” he thought to himself.

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