Final Chapter – The Legend of Evermore

The morning sun rose over Evermore once again. As Chambers got up from the ground as he
saw everyone still asleep or knocked out, One or the other. He ran to shake everyone and the
band members got up slowly.
“ Where am I?” asked Duncan.
“ You stopped Graford and Satan all in the same night!” cried Chambers in rejoicing.
Then Morgan and Shelly got up followed by William and Magus.
“ We won” said Morgan looking at the burn marks on the fields by the portal tunnel.
“ I have to say this, we did a good job picking out the band. By posters!” laughed William as
Chamber gave a laugh as well.
The members decided to go home to the castle. They went on foot.
At the castle they forgot about the damage that Graford’s dragons did and the people who died
in the attack.
“ What about my home. It’s dead!” cried Chambers upset.
“ Maybe Levi and I can do something” smiled Walter as they waved their hands around the
Sweet smells of flowers came through the castle and the castle was transformed into a brand
new castle. The colours of the castle changed as the buildings and rooms were all restored.
The Evermore Castle had returned in one piece.
“ Would you believed a year ago I was crashing into garbage bins using magic” laughed Levi.
“ I think this magic makes you two look silly to me,” laughed Duncan.
“ That’s the same sentence that you used that got you into the feud with Walter at the start of
the band” reminded Roger as Duncan gave a sad look.
“ I remember,” he said remembering.
“It’s great having friends and family with you. I know, really friendship is the most important
thing in life. This is the happiest time of my life” smiled Levi as Andrew and Stephan gave
smiles back at him.
“ I can start a new life here and show the people of today the jobs we can do to keep this
world as one. Not destroy it again,” said Morgan.
“ Hang on! There’s one thing I want to ask King Chambers,” asked Duncan.
“ What’s that?’ asked Chambers.
“ When are we are going to get paid?” asked Duncan.
“ Oh!” answered Chambers.
He had forgotten to give any money to the band at all for all their heroic trips.
“ Where’s the fame and the glory. The showgirls and the new T.V you promised? Where’s all
the gold coins in the land you promised too!’ snapped Duncan.
“ You promised him A brand new T.V that theystopped making six hundred years ago?”
asked a surprised Morgan.
“ I had to promise him something he really wanted,” said Chambers.
The band and King Chambers went into a money scrap fight over cash, fame, and the TV.
Night fell and Chambers was outside the castle on the fields looking at the stars. He looked at
them as he wondered if he was a good king in the war with Graford. Them William came up
to him with a small surprise.

“ Chambers. You impressed me a lot. You showed the world you had what it took to be a
king. You guided the band through many battles and have won. I proud of you and your father
would be proud of you too” said William.
“ Thanks. I just find sometimes. Even with the power and the fame, there’s still something
missing. Do you understand?” asked Chambers.
“ Yes I do. This is why I found this person in Evermore who was worried about her son and I
think you too” said William as he pointed to the mystery figure walking to Chambers.
“ Emanuel?” he asked himself.
“ It’s me, Edward Chambers. You have been doing some amazing things in the past year.
Now you’re king. I’m sure Evermore will be safe with you in power” she said.
“ Why did you leave?” asked Chambers.
“ We were too young and we needed to learn about life. You learned a lot about being king
and I learned a lot about family and what’s most important in life. Do you think we can start
once more and watch our son Magus Chambers grow into the next king?” asked Emanuel.
Chambers looked at William for advice. William gave a small nod as he looked back at
“ Ok. Let’s do it. Let’s start again” he smiled and the two hugged.
The three got moving back inside, as they didn’t feel safe at nighttime in the dark due to their
last night’s adventure. But someone was watching, someone who once breathed the air of
Evermore. The ghost image of Mentor walked up to the point of the field hill as he looked at
the castle, then at the stars.
“The band are not heroes now. They are legends. The legends of Evermore” he spoke softly as
he walked off slowly and disappeared from the land…
“Let us see in others
Not their little imperfections,
But let us find the good things
That arouse our best affections”

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