Final Chapter – Time Cruisers

The time cruisers had made it back to present day where they were giving chase to Vulture in his time machine hoping to catch him for good. Cody kept up the pace on Vulture flying through the sky lurking after Vulture. Vulture was in his machine looking back at them and decided to turn the heat up. 

“Let’s see if they like this!”he cried pushing a button and unleashing a series of bombs out the back of his time machine at Cody and Dr. Cyber. 

The time cruiser dodged and spun around in the air as the bombs passed them and exploded behind them. Cody drove the time machine up next to Vulture’s as he gave a look of fear. Cody opened the doors as he was about to jump onto the Vulture’s machine when red flashing lights appeared on the time cruiser. 

“What’s wrong with it? Is it breaking down again?” Cody cried half way out of the machine 

“No, it’s the signal that our time line is changing. Because we still have the blueprints with, the time line will change and make the machine disappear and likely make Vulture a ruler of some land. We have to abort the mission and return the blueprints back to where they belong,” Dr. Cyber explained. 

“But we can catch him now? This is the third time he will get away from us! He might never come back,” Cody protested with him. 

“He will come back one day and I can’t let you do this,” Dr. Cyber said pressing a few buttons and the time cruiser moved away and disappearing in a flash leaving Vulture to escape for good. It was their closest moment to catching him ever. 


The time cruiser had returned back to where Dr. Cyber could return the blueprints without bumping into his own self. He was outside with Cody next to the time machine as Cody was obviously disappointed. 

“I’m sorry we had to leave Vulture but you know I did it for the two of us. No time traveling for us anymore and likely the time line might have meant that you never existed! I used to go traveling with your father a long time and I miss that and it’s great that you are here with me. This is just the beginning of our journey. We have a few month until we met up with your father again so let’s have abit of fun in the meanwhile!” Dr. Cyber to him. 

“Sounds awesome to me,” Cody answered happily. 

The two of them headed back to the time cruiser while Dr. Cyber was thinking, “It might be best not to tell your mother I’m taking you on these missions. She’ll just get very upset with me,” Dr. Cyber said with a smile as the two of them climbed back into the time machine and headed off to another adventure. 

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