Final Chapter – Universe Guardian – Shadow of the Soulbreaker

Flyn and Nippy had take off again towards the stars and planets as they worked their way to finding Hadean the Soulbreaker. Flyn scanned his whereabouts on his network to figure what he’s been doing and any traces of magic or movement. He looked up to what it seemed to be a large rip in space showing off strange colors inside the hole. Flyn flew out of Nippy as the pair closed in on the hole. A lone figure flew out to see the pair. It was him.

“You’re the Universe Guardian. Created by the Spirital Guardians to watch over the universe and help it when it needs it. Once again Heva and Ise lets the humans do the heavy work while they sit back. Sitting back and watching the world is their speciality,” Hadean spoke out.

Flyn was starting to get nervous being around the Soulbreaker, “What is that behind you?”

“It’s a cut in reality from a secret pocket of a universe to the real one. I’m only restoring what was lost in the past. Once the planets are returned to where they truly become will than I will get what I need. I believe it’s time for you to go – if you like that or not,” Hadean called out

He raised and unleashed a wave of raw energy at the pair. They both was smashed out of the area flipping around in space like a bullet. Nippy and Fyn entered Earth’s orbit and Nippy was trying to slow itself down but was unable too. The pair fell through thick tree and bushland and landed loudly on the ground. Fyn was knocked out for a while until something touched his eyes. A bright green female figure was in the air watching over Fyn.

“I know who you are and how did you get here?” she asked.

Fyn was too weak and fell asleep again.

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