Final Chapter – Xtreme Squad 2

Allegheri was the first step forward to the angels and Nardia the goddess of the tower. Mr Umezu stood next to Lucas and Frithdar in the background where Nardia smiled towards the old vampire. She had dark black hair with a white glow to her in a white dress.

“Allegheri it has been a long time, almost since we were young has it not?” she asked him.

“It has been. I have seen you have now living away from the world sheltered in your tower. Why has the great angels of old come to this?”

Lucas nudged Frithdar tinting his head, “He knows her?” and Frithdar turned his head back to him, “I’m not surprised. He’s full of surprises.”

“The world is not safe anymore. It has been like this for a long time but don’t you think for a moment I don’t know what is happening outside of this space. The rise of Chisoutsa and this Xtreme Squad has changed the world we live in. I can feel inside of me there is change in the near future. A dark shadow of pure terror is coming and I am protecting my fellow followers,” Nardia spoke.

“What danger is this?” Allegheri asked.

“Lucas and the two of you will need to leave. Your lives are in danger here because of the dark angels. I request that you leave at once. Take the same route that you took to come here. Take Zarmal with you. He will be useful to you. Go now,” Nardia told them.

Lucas nodded to her and waved Mr Umezu and Frithdar off away from the hall room. The doors closed leaving Allegheri alone with the angels. He had a look of concern as the other angels moved back into the shadow to give the two some private words to share.

“The danger that you speak of is greater than what your friends will encounter today. There has a storm coming for this world for a number of years. It will cost lives,” she said looking straight at Allegheri’s eyes.

“My time is coming towards an end. You have seen it? It had to come one day,” Allegheri replied.

“I had to tell you this so you know what is coming. It is a danger far greater than what you can imagine and one that will take you beyond the universes of time and space.”

Allegheri stepped forward close to Nardia, “Why are you telling me this?”

She turned her head away from him, “Because I do care for you but every life had a full circle, a time to end and even mine too. I want you and everyone to have faith in the young ones. They is their turn to become the leaders of this world. This is why I gave Zarmal away from the tower of angels. I feel he is the right leader in the future but he is young and needs help to learn. Your friend Lucas and others can do that for me and for you too.  Just remember what I told you and prepare them for what will come. This…war will change everyone and everything.”

Allegheri lowered his head and remembered much of his life,” Have I been good? Have I done everything that I was asked for in this life?” he asked her.

“You protected your home town and travelled far and wide. You know in your soul what the answer is,” Nardia smiled.

Away from the dramas in the hall room Lucas was taking the three figures towards a large statue section in the tower of angels where he moved his club up and hushed everyone to be quiet.

“What’s wrong?” Mr Umezu asked behind him.

“Too many shadows on the ground. There’s more of them than the statues in the room. A number of angels are watching us,”

A fearful look on Zarmal’s face walking back, “The black angels,” he said to the group as the shadows appeared with a number flying down from the top of the roof. Lucas swang his magic blue club around the room while Frithdar fired fire balls at the black angels wings to try to damage them. Five black angels rushed in and grabbed Lucas and pinned him to the ground. Two others knocked Frithdar into one of the tall statue leaving him dazed and tired. A tall figure appeared to have a look at the leader of the Xtreme Squad.

“You don’t know me but my name is Ezekiel I turned away from the light of the angels because our goddess has become weak. She has shielded us from society and kept us prisoners in our own homes for far too long. Our black angels used to be white but we fell from the heavens to reality and we know the only way for the angels to take back our world, the world that we built hundreds of years ago is by force. She has given us no option,” spoke the figure.

Lucas looked up from the ground being pinned like an animal, “It was for your protection wasn’t it? To save you from the demons and vampires of this world?  She did it for all of your angels, did she not?” he asked him.

“We know how to protect ourselves and we will not listen to a human who doesn’t understand our way. Knock this creature out and take the old man Umezu. We have a unfinished business plan to work on. The other two can be left here. They won’t harm us,” Ezekiel said to the black angels.

One of the stronger black angels punched Lucas out and left the dazed Frithdar on the ground. Zarmal stood in shock unable to fight and defend well enough. A while after they had gone Allegheri came into the room to catch up the group and saw Zarmal tending to Lucas and Frithdar wounds. Allegheri looked around the room and spoke to the young angel.

“Mr Umezu has been taken away has he?” he asked.

“Yes sir. The black angels came in and took him away to their sector in the tower of angels. It’s guarded very well. I don’t know how we’re going to save your friend,” he answered with not much hope in his voice.

Lucas had recovered from his bashing and noticed his wounds had healed quickly, “How did that happened,” he wondered.

“Just a bit of angel magic you can say. That’s really all the skills I have. I’m just a healer really,” Zarmal explained.

Lucas slowly climbed to his feet using his club as a walking cane, “You might be very handy for us if that is your skill,” replied Lucas.

He put his ear piece from his pocket into his ear and called for Mamoru, “Mamoru, it’s time to call in the rest of the Xtreme Squad. All of them and the jeep too. We have to get back Mr Umezu from a group of rouge angels and I predict that it won’t be easy.”

“Roger that Lucas. I’ll give a report to Prime Leader Charles Thompson. I will also report to you about our visit when you return,”

Lucas turned to Allegheri and Frithdar, “We have to wait for the others before we move. They shouldn’t take that long,” he told them wondering to himself what he should do next

Mr. Umezu slipped a drink from a chair in a green lit hall way where Ezekiel was producing some papers to his angels. He folded up the maps and walked over and waved them in front of Mr. Umezu,” You know this is the maps that will free us from the Tower of Angels. For so many years we have been trapped here and tonight I believe our time has come.”

“What time has come? You haven’t even shown me the plans. Who build the Tower of Angels?” Mr. Umezu asked.

“We did and took our over a hundred years of hard work.”

“In where it would have taken anyone else a year to build. Are you just slow or stupid when it comes to building good stuff?” Mr. Umezu smartly asked.

“Quiet and shut your mouth! Would you like to see the plans then? The great plans we have in store for ourselves and the world?” Ezekiel angrily walked around the hall way and grabbed two golden maps and Mr. Umezu eyed them off when he pinned them to a work board.

“This Mr. Umezuis larger tower that I saw in my dreams. Ones that Nardia has seen too. I want you to look at and tell me have you seen this before?”

Mr. Umezu stood up and wandered over to see the designs. He noticed that the tower was larger than the Tower of Angels and that it glowed of a special blue power that he had never seen before, “I have seen anything like this in the world. The tower is taller than every building there is in The City of Demons. What do you want to do with this dream of yours?” Mr. Umezu asked.

“I want you to design this for us, become part of our team and you can return to the time in your life before the demon lord and have a control in the city you helped build and destroy all at the same time. We control the world and you reap the dollars, the riches and everything else. We might even give you the whole of the City of Demons if your work is impressive,” Ezekiel replied.

“I tried that the first time but someone, well some people got in my way. I’m not trying that again. If I do take ‘control’ of the City of Angels it won’t last long. Besides, what’s the other map?”

Ezekiel smiled and took out the other map, “Mr. Umezu, I know this character called Chisoutsa. It is just further plans to destroy the Tower of Angel and erase any of these poor memories that we have here where we suffered with nothing to do and decades of waiting time go past us. You will help us if you like it or not.”

Mr. Umezu frowned when Ezekiel was sorting out the maps and designs. The dark angel went into the other with his followers for discussion. He went through his suit again for a cigar and the only thing he found was his wallet and his camera. He thought for a moment and smiled again. He went around the desks and pulled out the gold maps that Ezekiel was carrying around with and discussing about. He took photos with his camera and then returned the maps back to where they belonged.

Ezekiel returned to the room and pushed up Mr Umezu from his seat, “Are you ready for the battle of freedom?”

“I will if I live through it,” Mr Umezu answered unhappily.

Jasper, Kuzuki and Yuri with Cody had arrived inside the Tower of Angels and had reached the point where Lucas and the others were. They came suited up with machine guns as Jasper patted Lucas on the back.

“So the quiet method of going in and sneaking around didn’t work hey? We’ll smoke out these angels in no time. Where are they?” he asked.

“First of all, we didn’t know about the black angels and second of all did you really need to bring all the fire power here?” Lucas asked him.

“Aren’t we called the Xtreme Squad for some reason? I mean we go in with small pistols and knives. We’ll just shoot them down from the air. It’ll be like bird shooting, you know?”

“We’ll work out the machine guns theory on the way in. We have a Plan B,” Yuri smiled easing Lucas’s tension.

“Fine, let’s go over here. They are based in one of the corners of the tower. Nardia has told us that they are trapped but well-guarded. We have to be on our toes for this.”

The Xtreme Squad reached a lone section of the hallway where Lucas and Jasper turned to Allegheri and Frithdar, “This is not your fight. I want you two to go back to Charles and take care of the city. I hope you understand that this is important that we don’t get too many people hurt. Zarmal is staying because he knows the tower and has some handy abilities of his own,” Lucas told Allegheri.

“I know where you are coming from. I think you’re right. I’ll see you later on,” Allegheri answered remembering his discussion with Nardia earlier.

The two of them disappeared down the hall way and Lucas turned around and pointed for Kuzuki and Yuri to move ahead and open fire inside the main room. The two women opened fired with flashes of lights appearing along the lines with black angels flying around the area. Lucas and Jasper rushed into the middle of the section where Ezekiel was Mr Umezu by the arm. Gun shots and beams of light were flying around as Lucas stepped forward towards the head of the black angels.

“I know you want freedom from this place and maybe we can give it to you but your idea of working with Mr Umezu will not be going ahead,” Lucas called out to Ezekiel.

“You don’t understand our position nor will you ever,” Ezekiel cried out pushing Mr Umezu along with him.

Yuri and Cody Cyber watched the machine fire show as Kuzuki and Jasper was pushed back by the flying black angels circling them. Cody took Yuri behind a side wall in the room.

“These little bombs is our Plan B. I think it might turn the tide. It’s a mix of work that Kuzuki and that my family used to play with in the past. Let’s try them out,” he suggested to them.

The two of them turned the corner of the wall and threw the small bombs over at a couple of the flying black angels in the air. A large amount of smoke appeared and their wings had stuck like glue and dropped to the ground.

“Super strong glue, it won’t hold down forever but it will even us up,” Codey explained to Yuri.

Kuzuki and Jasper pushed forward towards the injured black angels and grabbed them by the arms and hand cuffed them.

“You’re under arrest by the power of the Government Square of the City of Demons,” shouted Kuzuki towards the pair.

Jasper turned around at Cody, “Throw them bombs more at the air. There’s still more around in the corners!”

Lucas decided it was time to take a risk and jumped on Ezekiel before he could fly off. They wrestled on the ground as Mr Umezu took off jogging to the wall where Yuri and Cody was. He stared out towards the lights in the room where they were flicking on and off strangely.

“Does that look not right to you two? The lights in the tower have always looked solid. There are not connected to the power issues that I saw in the city a few nights ago.”

“The Tower of Angel isn’t affected by that. I don’t think so Mr Umezu,” Kuzuki answered.

A sudden boom of power lighted up the room and the remaining black angels dropped to the ground by the power. Lucas and Ezekiel turned around on the ground to see the shadow appear. It was Nardia.

“You will all stop at once! Xtreme Squad come and take Ezekiel away with you. He has caused much damage to the tower of angels here. There is a more pressing need I need to attend to,” Nardia called out in the room.

Jasper and the girls hand cuffed Ezekiel and took him away with the other black angels while Nardia stopped Lucas and Cody Cyber in their tracks to ask them something.

“I believe you need to see this,” she told the pair. Lucas and Cody looked at each other puzzled about why she needed them and how quickly she shut down the entire battle.

The three of them headed up to their private section where there was glass windows and statues of past angels stood around them. She turned to face the windows that faced The City of Demons and pointed out to them.

“Do you see these green and purple clouds gathering over your city? The storm circle that gathers over your tall buildings and people?” Nardia asked Lucas and Cody.

Lucas watched the storm circle building power and signs of glowing charge of lighting appearing. He was surprised to see that the storm has appeared this quickly and he turned back to Cody.

“You have been to other worlds before Cody, have you ever seen this? Do you know what this is?”

Cody straighten up his cap and look through the window. He rubbed his chin for a moment and looked at Lucas and Nardia, I’ve never seen this type of storm. I’ve seen strange weather events by magic but nothing of type. The scale of the storm is covering the whole city and you know how this city is, how wide spread the streets are.”

“I have seen this in my dreams. This storm gathering much land and it will bring many different people together. It is not a war that is coming, it is the war that is coming. The one that will shape the future of your world. I have feared that this would come and now you must take action. Go and find out what this is,” Nardia spoke to the pair.

“We’ll go now. I hope we will see you again,” Lucas said to Nardia.

Nardia nodded as Lucas and Cody headed off away from the statue section room where the angel turned to watch the storm where she closed her eyes.

Jasper had Kuzuki and Yuri to move ahead and go to the Xtreme Squad headquarters to find out more about this mysterious storm circle that had moved into the City of Demons. He climbed up onto the black jeep man handling Ezekiel and putting him down on the back seats.

“That should keep you tight and locked. Did you do this?” Jasper asked him.

“This magic and power is far beyond something that I can do and even of Nardia. But I do see dreams like her, not to a fuller extend that she can but I see short visions of what is to come. There’s a war coming, coming for you,” he smiled at Jasper.

“How much more do you know?”

“I know you like your women and I mean you like many of them but your past is in a shadow. Inside you hate yourself. Reminds me of a famous female that once saved this city from another but now smaller war compared to what is coming.”

Jasper eyed Ezekiel’s smile at him for a few moments and punched the side of his face and turned around and started the engine to the black jeep. Ezekiel smiled to himself for he knew a storm was brewing for all to see and all to feel.

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