Final Chapter – Xtreme Squad 3

Censilo glared his eyes down at Chisoutsa and tossed his head at her body, “For now sleeps and she is now in control of her life and body. She was always a disappointment to me. It is time to take care of you much like how your father was taken care of.”

He shot off a round of dark demon magic towards Lucas. He batted them off with his blue club staff and moved back. Hayden and Anya ran over to Jasper and watched the action unfold in front of them.

“How powerful is Lucas’s blue staff of his?”

“Quite fucking powerful Hayden but you know,” Jasper answered.

Hayden pulled a worry look at Jasper, “But you know what Jasper? What does that mean?”

“He’s never had to face a demon lord before. That job was always left to Chisoutsa for the three evil lord we had in this world. The only one with experience is on the ground knocked out cold,” Jasper explained.

“Oh great, that’s not what we want to hear. Anya, I think we need to try to wake Chisoutsa up. She might not be able to fight much but could give some details on defending him,” Hayden told her.

“If this gets me back home in one piece than we have to do this,” Anya answered fearfully.

Lucas and Censilo exchanged more fires and shots at each as Lucas jumped over walls and dodged and moved himself closer to Censilo. The white coated demon smiled and began to push back knowing he needs to buy himself more time to recharge his powers. Lucas jumped high into the air and swang his club staff and smashed into Censilo rolling onto the ground and the demon lord taking a fall into one of the building holes that happened during the war.

Hayden and Anya started to push Chisoutsa around the ground trying like crazy to wake her up, “Come on Chisoutsa, wake up and help us!” Hayden cried.

Slowly but surely her eyes opened to the battle of Lucas and Censilo and she moved back in fear and shock.

“It’s alright. The demon DNA has left your body but Censilo is moving towards his full power. We need to find a way to stop him. What did you do to beat him? Any information would be really nice right now,” Hayden asked her.

Chisoutsa rubbed her head and watched Censilo climbing out of the hole.

“Just hit him in the head and chest. Just overpower him is the only way,” Chisoutsa answered with her head still buzzing.

“Well he’s doing that already. The best to come out of this is that you are free of your demon controlled past. If we can only survive this,” Hayden said.

Lucas ran towards the side of the burnt out building as fire started to build around the city streets. Dozens of people were running from the fires and Censilo. He watched them with sorrow in their eyes. That this was life they had become used to over the years. He too knew of the loss that his own family had gone through. He looked up at Censilo who was starting to transfer from his ghost form.

“I don’t want this city to be in war anymore and this battle can’t last any longer. It’s time to see my father,” he said holding tight his blue club staff.

Chisoutsa awoke more and started to stand up when she saw Lucas’s face change and began to charge towards Censilo.

“He’s going to kill myself to save us all. He’s not doing while I’m still here!” she cried.

Hayden froze and Anya pulled him back when Chisoutsa transformed into her demon form and flew straight into the battle of Lucas and Censilo. Censilo moved at Lucas as he did too with his blue club staff stretched out at him. The demon lord’s body transformed into his full power as Lucas stabbed his blue staff into his body and a sonic boom of destruction came out from the area. Everyone in the area was knocked out at once and the three figures in the battle were not seen at all.

The silence appeared all around the destroyed building and the ghostly sound of Hew appeared from the mess of the battle. He looked around the place to see Hayden and Anya laying on the ground and he floated over and touched them.

“Oh please wake up, it would be good if you could,” he cried.

The pair started to move and rolled over from their stomachs to their back. Hayden turned his head on the ground to see where Censilo was, “He’s gone. How did that happen?”

Anya turned her head too and noticed the blue staff club smashed into pieces, “Where’s Lucas. Is he gone?” she said quietly.

Jasper, Yuri, and Kuzuki appeared from under the rocks and pushed themselves up to their feet. Jasper half waved his gun around and dusted off his shirt and jeans rubbing his head.

“Where is he?” he asked.

“I think he died,” Hew answered with a heavy heart.

“He can’t be gone. He was supposed to lead us not die. Do you hear me!” Jasper cried.

Yuri noticed in the near distance a pair of wings up from the ground and she started to run towards her. Jasper and Hayden followed her too and she saw Chisoutsa on the ground face first. She and Jasper helped to pull her over and underneath her was Lucas protected from the blast that he gave to Censilo.

Hew watched in the background as a building crowd of people was coming out of the buildings and shelters to come see the Walken family who had saved them time and time again. Lucas awoke at the same time as Chisoutsa and he looked at her, “You saved me?” he asked confused.

“I don’t anyone else dying in this family. What you did was stupid, something that I would have tried to do,” Chisoutsa said half smiling at him.

Lucas and Chisoutsa helped each other up and turned around to see that the troops that Charles ordered were coming in to arrest the followers of Recon.

Hayden shook his head in amazement of the battle, “It didn’t last as long as I thought and his full form wasn’t going to take as long as I thought,. Your staff is destroyed, you may never have your powers again. Your time as a wizard could be over now. Why did you do that?”

“Because this city has been too much stress, too much pain, and all we went through that because of the Author’s War. Me and Chisoutsa can lead a normal life. My time as a leader of the Xtreme Squad,” Lucas smiled holding Chisoutsa by his side.

A voice from the distance called out to him, “But your true leadership has only began,”

It was Charles who arrived in the picture with a loudspeaker and a large crowd of the public was circling curious to see what the latest battle was all about.

“Come with me Lucas, we need to talk to this world now,” he told him.

Chisoutsa and Hayden gave puzzled looks at Lucas as he was confused as them too. Charles and Lucas walked out to the large crowd and started to use the loudspeaker.

“We are now at peace. The evil lords of our time are gone forever. We have lost loved ones just like you have and we will rebuild but this time there will be no war, no more tears. We will work together to reshape what the City of Demons will be like for us. The name of the city will remind us of the horrors of the past but it will not shake us in our belief that this city will rise again in a new way. This is your new Prime Leader Lucas Walken, son of Professor Johnathan and brother of Chisoutsa,” Charles cried out to the crowd.

Lucas’s eye darted around the crowd and looked at Charles in a surprised manner, “He is smart man just like his father, he can fight like his sister but his true calling was always leadership in the government square. He knows what is best for all and my task that I set out with my friend Professor Walken ended today with the defeat of Censilo for good and freeing of Chisoutsa’s life and soul. Give him time to work on growing as a leader and he will reward you with the city you deserve!” he shouted out to the crowd.

The crowd started to smile and chant and Chisoutsa ran up to Lucas and hugged him.

“I can’t believe you just made me the Prime Leader like that,” Lucas told Charles.

“Well, my task is truly over now and my age doesn’t allow me to be working years of rebuilding. With the war over and the older ones gone. It’s time for the younger ones to take over and lead the City of Demons into a better future. I believe that Chisoutsa you will be here in the city now that your fears of being a demon are gone now?”

Chisoutsa nodded, “I have to make sure that Lucas is doing his work now don’t I?” she answered with a grin.

“And this doesn’t mean if you go off on a adventure you can’t go around wreaking the place like the old times too. I’ll be watching you,” Lucas warned his sister with a smile.

The happy scenes was the first sign of a city ready to heal and become something new and something whole.

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