Final Chapter – Xtreme Squad

The Xtreme Squad has returned to back to their home base. With the release of the Ghost Lord and the dangers of Sarge and Akuryou their plans to try to stop them had fallen apart. Lucas Walken had always known putting together a team was always going to be a hard road but he never thought it would be this difficult. He sat outside with Jasper and Charles Thompson the Prime Leader who was visiting them and in hiding due to the attacks on The City of Demons.

“You have to do something Lucas. Your Squad doesn’t look good in the eyes of people. You need to have results and fast. We can’t afford another damaged city because of the past. We have to keep this city under control at all costs,” Charles told Lucas. 

“With the three of them on the warpath this isn’t easy you know. Our funding and technology is limited. For some reason even Mr. Umezu hasn’t been to help us and I don’t know why,” Lucas replied.

Charles looked over to the river and around the city, “That’s really up to you now, now that your sister and your father isn’t around anymore. I have to go now but please do something about this crisis,” Charles said. 

Lucas felt dejected after the discussion and wandered down to the warehouse where Mamoru was working very hard on a plan.

“Lucas, I received a phone call from Mr. Umezu about an visitor to his office. You might like to check it out.” Mamoru said.

“I’ll take Jasper with me and how are you girls working on the black jeep?” he asked her.

“It’s working fine now but you need to put a lid on these three people that are running around with very quick. We are counting on you,” she reminded him like a mother would making sure he got the message. 

“I know, everyone is counting on me,” he answered.

Lucas Walken and Jasper arrived at Scienceworks and was directed by a security guard up to unknown level in the building that required eye scanning and a card scan. This section was not seen by Lucas or Jasper.

“What’s the go with all the power cables along in here? Is Mr. Umezu powering the whole city in here?” Jasper asked out loud.

“That’s what I would like to know,” Lucas wondered too. 

The came into the room and security guard pointed to Mr. Umezu and the figure near something that looked like a portal opening gate. He turned to leave the room when Lucas discovered what the strange purple designed portal gate was.

“Is that a universe portal gate? Are you serious? You know the government has made them illegal,” Lucas told off Mr. Umezu.

Mr. Umezu turned around with an unhappy face, “It’s hard to turn a profit when you go all legal. Besides this test project worked from the other side. Someone came through the portal and there he is!” Mr. Umezu said pointing at him. 

Lucas turned to see a young man with a back to front cap on him, blue jeans, and a white singlet. He nodded to him in a friendly way, “Hey, my name is Cody Cyber, I come from other world, I’m a explorer you could say, well used to be a time traveler too.”

“What are you doing here, like why?” Jasper asked him.

“I’ve left the family to explore different worlds for myself. I thought it was time to do something by myself. I heard I might have walked into a bit of a crisis here?” Cody answered. 

“We have and there’s really no way out of the problem and I’m still. Wait,” Lucas paused for a moment. 

“You won’t tell Charles or the Government about my project right?” Mr. Umezu asked.

“If you do what you’re told. This portal, we could use this to trap and send them away instead of trying to deal with them all at once,” Lucas.

“You’re talking about portal lock. You know if you use this my portal will destroy and Cody here won’t be able to go back home,” Mr. Umezu said. 

“I’m fine with that. Besides I intend to stay around for a while and learn about other worlds. One day there will be a way for me to return home but not now,” Cody replied.

“Well, let’s do this then,” Lucas told the three of them.

Lucas and Jasper came outside of the building to see Wararth and Sarge coming down the road, “The portal gate over there is open and Mr. Umezu and Cody has pushed it out to the side. We were right if we stepped outside they would find us,” Lucas said.

The Portal gate unleashed its power upon the two figures but as the portal gate nearly touched a second bolt of power appeared from nowhere and hit Sarge and Wararth making them disappear. Lucas and Jasper stood shocked and amazed not knowing what had just happened. Mr. Umezu and Cody Cyber came outside looking around the area too looking just as surprised. 

“Did that just happen? Wasn’t there supposed to be some massive battle but never happened?” Mr. Umezu asked.

“Something or someone took them out from other universe so whoever did this is watching us. We just don’t know who,” Cody mentioned to the group.

“We just have to wait until something happens and we’ll be there to find out,” Lucas said.

Nothing was told about Mr. Umezu’s portal gates, not even to the government and Akuryou has disappointed from the face of the earth. The mystery of where they went will be unknown to all…for now.  

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