New Story “Ninty Ninja and the Virtual Motherverse” set for Sept 14th

So after a long time not doing writings I thought it was time to get back into it and start off with a long project that hasn’t been made until now. Ninty Ninja as some will know is the mascot of the NNN Youtube channel and there was some talks in our Discord server (that you should all be joining for inside info and chat) about making some stories. I had thought about it over the years but the hard part how do you write a original character set in would be a mix of fanfiction worlds.

I feel like I have the problem sorted out and the last time this was done was back in 1995 with LegoLand – a mix of original characters based on toys. This time is different and you will see how I’ve done it with this story when it comes out.

After this story you will likely see new stories from older characters that most people who have watched this web site know about. Ninty Ninja’s first story comes out on Sept 14th.

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